Friday 14 May 2021

 (((((((( TO ALL MY LOYAL FOLLOWERS. THANK YOU FOR KEEPING FOLLOWING MY BLOG. SORRY I HAVEN'T POSTED ANYTHING FOR A LONG SHILE. SOOO MUCH IS HAPPENING, OMG, AND I WAS BANNED FROM YOUTUBE, SO OFTEN I HAD BEGUN BEFORE THAT POSTING WHAT I THOUGHT WERE RELEVANT VIDEOS HERE. I SEE THE CENSORS HAVE BEEN BUSY WITH THE LAST TWO I POSTED. T Y P T C A L    EYYY? BUT ANYHOW I AM HOPING TO AGAIN BECOME MORE ACTIVE HERE. WE ALL NEED TO GET TOGETHER AGAINST THIS FKIN TYRANNY!!)))))  Below is me response to a meme which said how on one hand the powers that should NOT NOT be have made it against the law to experiment with 'illegal drugs' whilst on the other are trying to force ALL humans on planet Earth, INCLUDING children, babies, and unborn babies to be tested on with experimental injections known to cause great harm and even death to people!!!!!

so many people, so many humans, have not had the experience of experimenting with psychedelic drugs! Yesterday I found out that an author who reveals how anciently intrinsic and central are psychedelics in religion and mythology confessed he has not experimented with them himself!!
Decades of propaganda have warned people off. That they will go crazy etc. But the reality is that one can experience ecstatic sense of interconnection with nature and others. It is celebratory and DEEPLY healing. Nature is ALIVE, and we ARE nature, and psychedelics help you see and feel this directly.
This is because for many centuries, and since we personally grew up, the usual myths we get imposed on us, including the materialistic one, is that nature is 'fallen' or 'dead and mechanical', and so it becomes this disconnected setting. Yeah we will appreciate a lovely sunset, have fun on a beach, Autumn leaves, sunny days, but more and more people are lost in their gadgets. There is no sense of deep magical connection.
True there's supposed to be a psychedelic resurgence with POSSIBLE future psychedelic therapy, but a) it will cost an arm and a leg, and b) it is all about 'healing trauma' and the rituals the therapists use cut the recipient OFF from participation with the external, so they blindfold them and put music headphones on them, and have them recline and go 'inward' whilst one or two therapists sit with them.
Because our sick culture will not accept that nature is intelligent creative and alive, the mantra about psychedelics, which was stated from the UN in 1971 when they were deemed controlled drugs, and still is by officialdom, is they have 'no medicinal value'. So according to that sorry mindset, absolute ecstatic erotic connection with all the wonders of nature, and others, has no healing value...??
However, experimental injections which have been seen to seriously harm and evil kill some people have 'medicinal value'. EVEN for a so-called virus which has not even been proven to even exist because there's no evidence for its isolation. And the makers of these 'v ax e ens' will brag how they are for the intention of 'hacking into the software of life'. Here we have example of this limited mindset wanting to take over what Mother nature is infinitely more capable of!...we NEED NEED now to experiment with them. Why? because the cult want to turn us into cyborgs. they openly admit it. this means they want us thinking we are bio-computers who depend on the experts to bio-tech us, chip us to 'upgrade' us. and to do this the last thing they want is understanding we ARE nature, and nature is the very primordial WOMB of intelligence and creativity. they--the patriarchy have tried to suppress this in their myths.narratives going back millenia. Patriarchal myths which claim nature as an enemy, a trap, made by an evil god, fallen, and then into our modern era, dead and mechanical, and in the East and New Age idealism, as illusory. so all these myths seek to dis-connect us from nature, and we urgently need to wake up out of this evil spell now and re-connect!