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Exposing the Toxic Myths Behind all the Insanity in the World...

An image of a technocrat pulling the world’s weather levers appeared on the cover of Collier’s in 1954.
 Estate of Frederick Siebel

Senator Claiborne Pell – United States Senator for Rhode Island (1961 to 1997).
“Rainmaking as a weapon of war can only lead to the development of vastly more dangerous environmental techniques whose consequences may be unknown and may cause irreparable damage to our global environment. This is why the United States must move quickly to ban all environmental or geophysical modification techniques from the arsenals of war.”
Gilbert Gude – United States Congressman from Maryland Gilbert Gude testified the following before the Senate in 1972.
“We must also consider that the use of weather modification is potentially indiscriminate. Unlike other weapons, the winds and seas are not so direct-able that we can discriminate between one target and another. By their nature, they are area-wide weapons. We cannot flood only military targets or cause droughts in areas producing only military rations. The technology will be used against people regardless of their uniform or occupation. Weather modification will inevitably strike civilians harder than nearby military objectives.”
Also, “The issues of command and control, and the discrimination highlight another disturbing characteristic of weather modification, the difficulty of detection. Unlike other weapons, it may be possible to initiate military weather modification projects without being detected. In other words, the military results may not be visibly tied to the initiating party. This raises the possibility of clandestine use of geophysical warfare…” (my empahsis)

YES they can control the weather, but you are not gonna hear about any of this this on the fake news stream even though the technology which they weaponize for doing this exists.

We are seeing the strangest 'wild forest' fires. 'Mega fires'  the media and Hollywood is now calling them, which, we are told,  burn so hot they render rows of houses to dust without even touching the trees, and the cars get also completely roasted and yet plastic bins nearby stay intact!

We have seen terrible flooding happening in many places in the USA early 2019 onward, and in other places around the world, in places not used to such floods,  and there are the droughts, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes.

 BUT this is all being quickly blamed by the mass media on 'climate change', yet they never mention anything about geoengineering, weather modification, and weather warfare, though this info can be got by researching about it on the internet !!

 Well the media are owned by corporate giants who most certainly will not want them mentioning about this. Thus we must look for the truth in other places!

People are being inundated climate change alarmism all over the media, and by politicians, and little girls with pigtails, along with mass protest groups bringing big cities like London to a stop with dire warning we only have 11 years left if we do not reduce carbon drastically etc. It is all reminiscent of Christian eschatology warning about the 'End Times' and how sinners must 'Repent'. 'Climate Deniers' are the new heretics.

 None of this climate alarmism is based on actual science! Former CEO and President of the environmental group Greenpeace says all this doom-mongering is rather coming from government bought corrupted science:

Greenpeace Founder: Global Warming Hoax Pushed by Corrupt Scientists ‘Hooked on Government Grants’

"    It is the biggest lie since people thought the Earth was at the center of the universe. This is Galileo-type stuff. If you remember, Galileo discovered that the sun was at the center of the solar system and the Earth revolved around it. He was sentenced to death by the Catholic Church, and only because he recanted was he allowed to live in house arrest for the rest of his life.
    So this was around the beginning of what we call the Enlightenment, when science became the way in which we gained knowledge instead of using superstition and instead of using invisible demons and whatever else, we started to understand that you have to have observation of actual events and then you have to repeat those observations over and over again, and that is basically the scientific method.
“But this abomination that is occurring today in the climate issue is the biggest threat to the Enlightenment that has occurred since Galileo,” declared Moore. “Nothing else comes close to it. This is as bad a thing that has happened o science in the history of science.”
Moore concluded, “It’s taking over science with superstition and a kind of toxic combination of religion and political ideology. There is no truth to this."


To know the story, narrative, myth behind things is to understand the roots of people's actions.

Knowing the myth of a cult may not be able to suddenly get rid of a destructive cult, but it helps you not get either caught up in it, or thinking it may have some truth. You rather see through it. This is not meaning you are some person who knows everything and are superior, but rather you are open to critical thinking and questioning which authoritarians hate.

 Author ~ ity demands you believe completely in what the author of the narrative and his followers writes down, and speaks, does and presents.

The indoctrination of any authoritarian cult is always repetitive, and is propaganda, and so likewise there's nothing wrong with always exposing these cults also, and keep doing so.

They on one hand have their mass mind-control media, which is able to reach millions of people to control the myth/narrative,  and on the other hidden hand there be information about this advanced technology they have and is available, as is their horrendously insane Agenda 21/30 plans,  but a majority of people are steered away from knowing of it!

So what I see clearly is that all this insanity, the obsession in controlling the natural world, and other people, and species, has its roots in patriarchal solar myths, and this root of course branches out into supposedly different beliefs, yet if you look closer they are fundamentally the same. They all disdain nature, and seek to either escape it. and/or 'put it right' at some future time.

Orpheus, and the Orphic cult and Christianity:

The ancient Orphic Mysteries were the first mysteries to write their doctrine down, and were the first mystical school.

 Its man~god Orpheus was the mythical forerunner to Jesus.

 Both Orpheus and Jesus were connected with tame animals, and the goals of the cult, like Christianity, were the escape from nature, and death, to everlasting life in a spiritual home above.

 The Orphic doctrine claimed the physical body and nature were evil traps of the spirit, and only through purification could it finally escape.

 However the Orphic Mysteries differed from Christianity, which was a make it or break it in one life time , Hell or Heaven, whilst in the Orphic belief one could have a series of lifetimes until the 'spirit' was pure enough to return to the spiritual realm. This belief is dualistic, and creates a fear and guilt and shame about nature. And so does the Christian belief, because it presumes a 'fall' of nature from 'paradise' to a nature which is corrupted by death because of sinful human disobedience to 'God'. So we can see the same disdain for nature from both belief systems.

All the ancient solar mystery cults were of the same ilk.

Secular Materialism and the Myth of Consumerism: 

The prevailing sense of 'reality' most people have, especially in the West' is the reality that image on the right portrays. SHOPPING!

 In this myth the only thing that matters is productivity, consumerism, and acquiring profit and success.

 Failure in this world then is homelessness on its cold wet mean streets, usually, for the average worker this dreadful fate is only three paychecks away! The fear of it hangs over many people's heads.

In this materialist myth the natural world has no deep sense of mystery, has no life, consciousness, spirit, but is mindless, blind energy used for commodity and commerce, as are other species and humans.

 If people cannot cope with this narrative, and 'manifest behaviour' considered by its 'experts of psychology' to be unacceptable then they will get a label(s) of being 'mentally ill' and needing drugs and/or ECT to 'restore chemical balance'.

 This also goes for people warning about how the powers that be are using advanced technology to control the weather. or doing false flags, staged shootings. In fact any critical investigation of the prevailing myth and myth-makers will be judged to be 'conspiracy theory' and needing psychiatric medication to bring one back to 'normalcy', to the prevailing narrative.

The Myth of the Ruling Elite and the Goddess Myth which Ex-poses it:

How more wonderful and inspiring the myth that the Serpent and  Eve represents the Goddess and Mother Earth offering Adam the psychedelic fruit from the Tree of Life to eat freely, and ecstatically take part in the immersive celebration of nature. To laugh, dance, sing, and embrace all sensual pleasure and feel true interconnection with all~~~ 

I think there is a lot of confusion regarding many researchers into this subject of the occult elite/Cabal, because from what I have found looking into this subject online etc over the years, very few seem aware of a deeper mythos prior to solar paganism.

The usual researchers, I have found, fall into two camps, Christian or New Age, and both are blind to how their own beliefs stem from the very same patriarchal solar myths. I thus want to explain the occultist myth of the genesis 'creation myth' tale from a Goddess perspective:

 Authentic Goddess spirituality has its roots in lunar mythology, not solar, mythology. Once you understand this things will fall into place.
In solar beliefs the sun is the primary luminary, and it creates psychologically the concept of a dramatic difference between light and dark, so its myths will have the motif of light said to be good and superior in conflict with darkness demonized as bad and inferior.

However the moon as prime luminary reflects the play, and cyclic motions, of light and dark, and the light, as seen by the emergence of the new crescent, as meaning light emerges from darkness and mystery rather than the patriarchal dualistic dream of light banishing darkness altogether.

In the Luciferian version of the Garden of Eden myth, the Tree, Serpent etc, it is really the inversion of the Judean and Christian narrative. So 'God' becomes evil, and the snake, thought to be Lucifer/Satan by Christians, becomes the good angel of light, and liberator from the prison-warder 'god' for Luciferians and Satanists.

. The snake promises Eve and Adam that eating the forbidden fruit will make them 'gods', and them doing what 'God' had forbidden  makes the 'Him' freak out and curse them/humankind for future generations, and the snake is cursed, and blaming that sin for bringing death into paradise so nature is cursed also! So there is a lot of guilt making and shaming going on here which has gone on down the generations. Nature is now 'fallen' and only Jesus/God can restore it to its spiritual glory some time in the future. Death and darkness then will be banished.

But from the Goddess perspective this myth is rather the patriarchal defamation of the  Goddess, her symbols, and nature itself  via the use of the relatively new technology of text, the 'WORD' of 'God'!

In Goddess religion the garden is the Goddess, for she is the very metaphor of nature.

 The Tree was anciently associated with the Goddess as was the serpent, but like all symbols have many associations. So the serpent is also her son/lovers, the psychedelic fungi, which open the eyes into the mysteries of nature in celebration, because we are nature.
 The snake also symbolised the process of nature, life, death and regeneration, because it sloughs off
old skin and has new skin underneath. And the serpent always guarded Trees of Life (psychedelics) as a warning that they are powerful and if the eater takes them in an egoist way then this becomes self destruction which causes destruction for others and nature.

See how the patriarchal writers narrative is also ex-posed by demoting the Goddess to a mortal woman, Eve, and the male God bringing her from Adam. This is typical in patriarchal myths where they try and undermine the natural birthing prowess of the female by having the male in charge of birthing life.
The occultist interpretation of the myth thinks that it means that they , the 'initiated', can literally become 'gods', and using occult  knowledge and technology as a weapon against nature and the rest of humanity because they, as 'gods' know what is best for everyone else and nature. This is the epitome of ego-mania! AND it is tragically becoming more and more apparent in the real world through their actions.

 We are seeing them literally causing massive destruction all over the world with fire, floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, and spraying the air with toxic chemical/geoengineering. They are also planning to put 5G towers everywhere which radiate harmful microwaves. They care not that people have not been consulted and are against this, because their Agenda21/30 is all about complete control/'Full Spectrum Dominance" which will mean a massive reduction of the human population!

But the deeper lunar mythological meaning of 'becoming gods' was simply that the fungi could be personified as gods in myth as sons and lovers of the Goddess, meaning the open yielding to the ecstatic immersion in nature, not to conquer it as has come to be the sick intentions of the followers of the solar myths.

Of course we must challenge them every step of the way. There are far more of us then them. but the roots of what they believe has to be known about so we see right through their game. They use a controlling matrix of symbolism, and numerology, and gematria etc we need to become aware of too.  it is an obsession with applying numbers to letters, because in the Kabbalah is the belief 'God' created the world via combining numbers and letters and words, hence them seeing themselves as gods apply this as a matrix over everyone secretly. They create myths, stage events, and their numbers and symbolism riddle these rituals. Become aware ~~~