Thursday, 9 April 2009

pills, pills, more pills , plastic tits, and shaved pubes, and... etc

The Folly of the World Pieter Breugel

I am reflecting on things I have read in the mainstream papers, and seen and heard in a very eye-opening -in more ways than one - documentary series that appeared on mainstream TV.

First the pills: I have been seeing articles about pills. Pills that can stop you from getting, and being fat, pills that can stop you shoplifting, and pills that can stop you smoking cigarettes...etcetera!

The scientific' explanation I read about 'anti-shoplifting' pills, is that they 'work' because they cut off the pleasure centres in the brain people experience when they do 'exciting' things like stealing from shops...

The pills cut off the pleasure centres?!!

I remember as a kid growing up in the 1960s, when the 'swinging' media/culture supported a naive hope in 'technological advances' of the future. There was this crazy idea that we would soon --'in the near future'-- be all dressed in silver space-age Lycra, and only need eat a pill, for our sustenance, just like the new heroes of the age, the Apollo astronauts were said to do in their little tin cans in space, rather than the 'problem' of having to prepare and eat a natural meal...............Isn't this all like some weird dream??
So the brave new future was to consist of buttons you press for instant service, and pills you swallow for instant service.'s HERE!
......Isn't it....great....?!

In the news recently was story of a woman who killed herself soon after going on 'anti-smoking' pills. Her family blame the pills because killing herself was not in her nature, so they said.

So to see direct what is going on: the pharmaceutical industry--being as immoral and corrupt as it is--in its profiteering need of forever expanding its business - their empire - will find more and more ways to fuck with our brains. With our bodyminds. Our souls. They won't give a damn about the real deep reasons people smoke, drink, shoplift, eat so much they become obese (if they don't like to), etc etc etc. They will see a 'need' and exploit it. Exploit the people who are told they have a problem, who are fed via their advertizing that all they need to do is pop a pill and hey presto, problem gone.

As I am exploring in other articles, we have seen how this industry exploits people with emotional and physical disturbances--which are labelled mental illnesses by their glorified and patronized salespeople, the psychiatrists, psychologists, teachers, the media, etc--and then they have their pills at the ready fresh off the press--'anti' this 'anti' that.
Can you see their big pill-making/packing machines churning them pills out? Shut your eyes and meditate on this! And at same time imagine the cash registers dinging too. $$$$£££££$$$$.... It's the same deal!
Time to wake up to what is going on people. Tell your friends!

I also saw a documentary about Internet porn, and how it may be effecting children. The female presenter went to a number of schools, and asked the kids--mostly adolescents--questions, and had them looking at pictures. Some distended and extended males penises, (first hardon I'd ever seen on mainstream telly actually), balls, vaginas, women's breasts.

The first programme involved real life models stripping off and seen on a large screen. First models, all women (and very very brave, because they could hear the reaction of the large youthful audience)--The women were all shapes and sizes, and some had large breasts, some smaller. All sizes.

It was already established from the beginning of this documentary that the average kid now will watch 90 minutes of Internet porn a week! And children as young as 11 are very familiar with Internet porn.
So their perception of the world and people is being shaped by porno-world--was the main assertion of the documentary-makers.

The lads in the audience were asked about the breasts of the women models, and most of the lads weren't happy with the natural bodies of the naked women, and said how inferior their breasts were in comparison to the tits they are used to on Internet porn. Yes, plastic tits. Barbie-doll tits.
These young lads viewed 'surgically improved tits' as superior to natural women's breasts!
But reluctantly , when pressed, did say how they liked the biggest natural breasts sported by one of the models, though not as much as falsies.

Later, a selection of lads were brought into a large room in the school and were confronted with an assortment of large life-sized photographs of women's breasts, and asked which ones they preferred. All headed straight for the only false ones there, the plastic tits!

What is even sadder is that later, a gaggle of girls also did! And they said that they want breasts like that, "because it's what the lads want".
Also sad to watch because the girls body language was betraying this shame for their natural bodies.

There was also shame about pubic hair. Being gay myself, I have seen this disdain for pubic hair in the gay community, especially since the 'AIDS/HIV' hoax of the early 1980s! And I have never ever accepted it. I love natural bodies.
I also remember a film by Derek Jarman, called Sebastian, a scene in which Roman homophobic soldiers, in their Baths, shave their bodies with mini scythe-shaped razors .

Some of the girls interviewed said they had shaved their private parts because of the expectations of their boyfriends, and got called derogatory names if they did not conform to peer pressure to do so.
The boys also shaved theirs, and when shown a gallery of unexcited male genitals, laughed at the ones most hairy and said they were 'untidy' and needed shaving.

Many of the teens were asked what kind of porn they'd seen, and all described very kinky sex scenes, including sex with animals.
Many parents, it was said in the programme, either are ignore-ant of, or cannot be bothered to get available software which would create safeguards protecting kids from Internet porn.
A funny/sad scene, in the docu., involved a collection of kids parents, etc, who claimed not to be aware what their youngens could view online, taken to a private cinema and shown what was legal to be shown (ie., they couldn't watch some of the scenes even their kids could watch), and the TV camera was pointed at this audience as they squirmed, and let out howls of shock at the porn scenes they were witnessing.

..............So, yeah. pills pills pills plastic tits, shaved pubes, and....etc. The 'scene' we are in reminds me of some of the scenes from Breugel's and Bosch's paintings, especially Breugel's The Folly of the World. The sense that everything is arse upwards and noone knows whats going on kind of feeling.