Sunday, 10 January 2010

War on Entheogens, The Alcohol Industry, 'Education', and Boredom and Creativity

The so-called war on drugs goes right to the heart of our problems. It is really war on entheogens, and creativity, and entheogens are --known anciently as--the fruit par excellence for inspiring creativity.

Sense of humour is also very much the herald and partner of creativity, as anyone who has ever taken a psychedelic should know----the first feelings felt is the most uncontrollable sense of humour, and creatively seeing through the masks of pomposity, social role playing, pretence, and the sheer JOY for this great mystery of life and death and regeneration~~which also is happening every moment.

To research the so-called war on drugs can never be superficial, because it includes other areas of inquiry, and our relationship with others, earth, the universe, and our spirituality.

For example, the war on drugs also includes war on empathogens, such as MDMA, popularly known as 'Ecstasy'.

The Rave culture originated in the 1980s, and the lauded drug of choice was 'Ecstasy', and being an empathogen inspired the early users a feeling of a deep sense of empathy, and intimacy, even with strangers who belonged to that culture, and importantly took away inhibitions regarding expression through dancing. Dancing was central to the Rave, and people would dance all night long, and often prefer water, rather than alcohol, as a means for rehydrating their sweating energized bodies.

The very powerful Alcohol Industry did not like the Rave culture and spent --in the UK--£800 MILLIONS on social engineering to seduce the youth, and the new youth coming up, away from Rave culture and back to the controlling culture's favoured drug and poison, ALCOHOL, which is a central nervous system depressant drug.

There were many ways they did this, but their tricks included having 'cool' comedians do adverts pushing booze, but with the new added twist of trippy visuals which the Rave generation and other kids could easily identify with; adding 'fruity' (more than likely created in a laboratory ) tastes to alcohol, designed to attract and satisfy younger taste buds.

The Alcohol Industry used familar scare tactics against their 'competition', MDMA, including funding very much mediarized reports, and programmes, about the so-called 'Ecstasy' death' of a young girl named Leah Betts.
However, it was later discovered that the real cause of her death was water intoxication from consuming too much water, more likely from misguided anxiety--due to propaganda that was in full sway at that time about the drug-- rather than necessity to drink water in such quantity that could cause harm.

The Alcohol-Pushers also got plenty of support from the Government who provided dramatically relaxed licensing laws, allowing more and more drinking places to spring up all over the cities, with 24 hour drinking, as well as cheaper booze, also available from supermarkets, and corner shops, and adverts pushing the stuff, and soap operas and other 'entertainments' programmes showing the characters drinking alcohol most of the time, hardly ever showing any negative effects of which alcohol is capable of causing.

Hey Presto!! We now have a large-scale binge drinking culture, with the young people, etc, which is not only causing diseases, early deaths, violence, degradation on the streets, and psychological problems, and so on, but the UK's National Health System is under threat because of its resources having to go on 'coping' with this serious, and escalating, drinking problem .

In many of the media reports, in knee-jerk reaction to this horrendous crisis, where they harp on about how making alcohol more expensive, and tightening licensing laws, will help this problem, we hear nothing about how all this mess was/is stage managed by the Alcohol Industry and the politicians!

The Governments very own Chief Drug Advisor, Professor David Nutt was recently sacked for claiming publically that MDMA, and LSD, were safer to take than drinking alcohol!

So what is going on?

In order to see deep into this problem we have to see how it is related throughout modern culture.

So-called 'Education', "a philosophically Platonic, Prussian-inspired school system that exists today", for example, is intentionally designed to reduce creativity in young people, and this dehumanization is meant, of course, to carry on throughout adulthood.
We are trained to be, and stay, childish. And this way the 'Management' can have better control of its 'consumers'.

The 'education' system trains children to feel the need for the authority of strangers telling them what to do, and rely on toys, and entertainments, to relieve bored lives. Boredom is inculcated into us via the 'education system', and the entertainment industry takes care of the rest. How often do we hear that today's generation has a 'short attention span'? Coincidence, or contrived?

From the 1980s they began stigmatizing young 'schoolchildren' with phony 'mental disorders like ADHD and drugging them, with... drugs to 'cure' it! So what does the 'war on drugs' mean if they do that? Obviously it is not those drugs they mean?
They seem quite at peace with those drugs, don't they?

Youth movements such as the Rave Culture, like the earlier Hippy generation, and so on, are legitimate, and inevitable, countercultures against soul-destroying cultures that devise oppressive 'education' set out to ruin peoples lives. That wages a war against sacred 'drugs', which really are sacred medicine, which with right education regarding their proper respectful use would be used to deeply heal the damage that has been done, and is being done, by destructive mindsets. To also explore reality in deeper ways so that we can learn how to relate to each other, other species, and planet earth, in deeper intelligent creative relationships.

The war is against creativity, and your creativity is unique. Noone can say that you are not creative, and that you just = the role they say you think you are. Which is inculcated in us through schooling, and the image-assault of mass media. THAT image of yourself as 'just this'--a social role, is the 'education system's' design, to take away spirit, soul, or deeper sense of being in relation with Mystery or creativity.
This doesn't mean you must give up experiencing entertainments, like an ascetic, but to look through what needs looking through. The essential point is to know noone can tell you what to do.

Boredom is polar-related to creativity, so I am not claiming we can be creative all the time, as it is more a dynamic process which is cyclic, breathing, but rather saying that we've been programmed like animals in a laboratory (school) to feel bored most of the time, and rely on cultural artifacts to help us not be, to salivate for over-stimulation, and escape space. In other words we have been made to be afraid of our own being.

For creativity there has to be space, and just look at how this culture loves to fill up space, both in the external world, such as building on 'space' which is thought to be use-less, unless it is 'real-estate' and making 'profit', but just the same internally, so that every second of the day is 'catered' for with work, worry about getting work, entertainments, mobile phones chitter chatter, and on and on and on ---the only space left usually is sleep, and for more people going to sleep is a problem unless drunk of course, 'or' drugged, or totally knackered from work.

I personally do not really recommend young people taking 'Ecstasy' every night, or even every week, so as to be able to feel they can gell with others, and dance freely, and feel good, because I feel the drug can become a crutch used that way, and there are negatives to that, self-abuse and so on.

As boredom is polar related to creativity, so is hell to heaven or 'ecstasy', so better not tempt fate? Ie, too much 'ecstasy', too much of a partying good thing can bring hell like too much sugar can make us sick.
To naturally experience ecstatic feelings of release we must be in connection with creative space which may reveal pains, difficult memories, relationship problems and so on--these dont go away regardless of the drug, whether it be alcohol, heroin, crack, or even 'Ecstasy', or psychedelics, if used habitually as an 'escape', and disrespected.

MDMA however, understood with deep respect, and used as such in a healing capacity, is amongst one of the most revolutionary healing drugs we have, along with the entheogens. Being an empathogen it helps remove psychological and physical blocks, encouraging a healing intimacy between people, and remembrances of trauma, and difficult memories, that can have lasting benevolent effects on relationships and health.

So, we see that so-called 'education' is completely connected with the war on entheogens, which is also war on consciousness and creativity.

This article, post, or whatever you want to call it cannot be solely intellectual--for to be intellectual/in the head is exactly what this 'education' wants us to be, and I dont wish to support that for myself or for others. Healing and creativity are organismic, and in relationship with nature, dynamic reality. Whole

In the 'education system', however, we here that "across the board internationally the subjects that are right at the bottom of the list in 'education', even below the arts, are Dance and Drama!"

What is really interesting looking at how 'dots connect', is that people experienced in their chosen fields, and vocations, and researchers, may not be aware of other 'dots' yet what can be clearly seen is this over-all pattern, in this case that deliberately designed killing of the creative spirit of children, in schools etc, is commensurate with the war on entheogens, and the pressures of the alcohol industry, the pharmaceutical industry, and help from governments to support all this.

What can we do to resolve this?

I would definately encourage people getting together and removing their children from the 'education system'! If that is too difficult, and if exploring about this and agreeing, to let the dissatisfied children caught up in this system know that you are there for them. There is nothing worse than not feeling that support, and believing the school system is a meant to be for your good, as was my experience in those years I was the victim in the system. The whole experience can be tragic, which is the point.

Creativity begins here if you allow space for it to be felt, for creativity needs space to flourish. Our very being is creative.

It is good to remember what was hated and punished in school: daydreaming, running in corridors, dancing, imitating the teachers (drama?)... in class etc, giggling ( I was famous for that, I am proud to confess), singing, asking questions, questioning authority...Some clues...

Also I encourage for myself and others to really understand the sacred nature of the entheogens and empathogens and take responsibility to really educate yourself and others about this, and to be willing to provide support, healing and spiritual, and not have to depend on capricious governments who willy nilly can one moment say it is 'alright' some specially appointed psychotherapists etc can do psychedelic 'studies' with some human 'subjects', and the next moment (suspense suspense) spin some irrational scare story and say "no" for another 30, 40, years or whatever; and the psychotherapeutic community, that if, and when, they get the 'say so' from authority that they can actually practise psychedelic psychotherapy with humans, that this would still be very expensive for many people who need psychedelics, the sacred, and the therapists might call the tune--not really encouraging the full sacred healing potential of psychedelics.

This is not to deny psychotherapists respect, but to realize that the whole point of the 'education' system as has been to make us cow tow to 'authority' without question. Time to stop with such childish thoughts already...and see what is happening...