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Google "Machine Learning Fairness" Whistleblower Goes Public, says: "bur...

This video is about an ex Google employee who has blown the whistle on how they are trying to manipulate people. The reason I am posting it here is because he says how when he did this they threatened him with a 'WELLNESS CHECK'. Ie they implied that because he was exposing their doings this meant he was 'mentally ill'. Now I have heard this a lot. There was a woman whose job in the military was to document the materials being use etc, and she found out that chemicals and whatnot were being used in secret Geoeingineering. She thought reporting this to her senior in command was the correct thing to do but she was also advised to have a wellness check. These cases totally expose how the mental illness myth is used by authority to keep you from questioning oppression, and injust and wrong actions by those who are in authority however this is judged to be. IE we may get 'depressed', 'anxiious' and there may very well be real reasons why we do. An oppressive system causing all kinds of life problems, but to stop THAT being examined too closely they want YOU to have a 'wellness check'!!!

Monday, 20 May 2019

ISLAMIC ATTACK: What REALLY Happened Yesterday in Oldham

I have had to re-share this because our mainstream media has flagged the other video I published here, and basically censored it!! it truly is blatant censorship that is going on. THEY can disseminate their utterly fake news and censor the truth, all facilitated by the censoring social platforms!!

Saturday, 18 May 2019

Mark Steel, self-accalimed expert on the fangers of 5G technology is EXPOSED as being controlled opposition!

I have previously posted videos to do with a Mark Steele who has claimed to be a leading expert on the dangers of 5G technology. Well as this article I now link to below, he is controlled opposition! I had been having suspicions of him (he is always wearing shades too!), and this article verifies them! Mark Steele Exposed https://www.vigiliae.org/mark-steele-exposed/