Friday, 26 December 2008

The Toxic Pope Machine

Should we throw our arms up in the air with shock and horror that this 'ex-Nazi' Pope Benedict claims in his Christmas speech, to his followers, that homosexuals are a greater threat to humanity than the destruction of the rain forests?!

Well no! It is typical behaviour of these Popes, stretching all the way back in time to the beginnings of the Christian Empire. The Christian Hall of Shame

As you will see when you study the long line of his predecessors and their morality, then it makes sense this Pope is carrying on the bad work!

But, looking at what this man says reasonably makes no sense whatsoever. He is trying to say that 'homosexuals' (a term itself made up in the 1950s as a form of pseudo segregation from the other imaginary divide, the 'blessed' 'heterosexuals), or gays pose a threat to the world? How come? Wouldn't it be better more people chose to be gay (not that you always can) so as to ease the increasing rise in world populations. But did the old fool mean that? Is it some 'evil' against 'God' he means?

We do know that his 'God' is reported to be homophobic, hence 'his' leaders and followers (some of them). But erotica is never black and white. We are erotic beings with imaginations, and who knows what can happen in certain charged circumstances.
And I would always far see two males kissing and more than tearing bits out of each other. Yet some homophobes become panic-stricken to see two males even kiss.

I remember this TV documentary I saw where they had these two males kissing each other in public in specific places, at bus stops etc. And then people that saw them doing that were interviewed by the presenter. And some of the reactions, even from a few of the women were incredibly hostile, and ,from some men, murderous! You could see the disgust in their eyes. it turned me on. And I nurture that.

So the toxic pope machine rides on it appears, spreading fear and hatred.

Especially, gay young boys being brought up Catholic, God help em, will suffer 'righteous' abuse and maybe worse because their Pope feels the same way. Some of them will hate themselves for being so 'destructive' to society, and many may take their own lives because of the speech of the man on the throne.

Here is his email address. Why not send him some words and tell him what you think?

Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Magic of Christmas, Yuletide, Solstice

As a child, Christmas as a time of magic. The everyday was different. I was in magical time. I can remember it well, and experience it now.

When I did my Christmas shopping a little while ago downtown, it was lovely. I picked a time when the daylight would slowly dim and the Christmas lights would start shining in the darkening night.

It was a very cold crisp day which also added to the magic, and I went to the German market that visits each Yuletide. There is a great vibe, all lit up, big Christmas tree, and this year a gigantic Santa Clause all covered in shiny points of light.

The little vendors looked cute, and cozy, and I had some mulled wine and the vibe was real good.

Different parts of town had different kinds of lights. The 'classier' part had these deep blue lights that were enchanting. But everywhere looked all twinkly, and there was a nice atmosphere. However, I missed the buskers that are usually there on Market Street. The big corp shop owners have got rid of a lot of buskers/street musicians because they are worried about it affecting their businesses. I wish they'd burn DOWN!

There is nothing as magical as street music. It creates this spirit everywhere that enlivens even drabness of the usual drab soul dead buildings and concrete streets. And faces.

Eventually I was driving home and on the radio is played 'On the 12 Days of Christmas', and my eyes filled up. Not just being sentimental, but it was like 'it', the '?', Mystery, had made it so that at this time this music would be heard by me, and I was very moved, because this old carol has real deep meaning for me.

When I heard it as a kid it created the magic I am talking about. Well the magic was already there, in the air, and vibratory sparkles coming off Christmas tree baubles, etc, but this tune captured this sense. And when I heard this on my way home, I was THERE?HERE...The imagery of it. And a partridge in a pear tree

Merry Christmas. Yuletide, Solstice, and a Happy New year everyone ;)

Sunday, 14 December 2008

Everything you ever wanted to know about psychedelics

(c) 2008 Myztico All Rights Reserved

2008 World Psychedelic Forum: Panel discussion with Doblin, Mckenna, Pendell & Harrison

Download Mp3: PART 1
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I cannot recommend this talk enough! Not only the actual talk, but its presenter Max Freakout's introductions, and summing ups, are crucial to hear! Because he questions the mental health myth and its relationship with the emerging psychedelic healing, and other great insights, such as so-called 'bummers'/bad Trips, are the ones we often learn from the most. He speaks from experience, hence the name.

Here are some of the subjects talked about, and audience members also ask some great questions, and share deeply interesting insights.

Part 1 of the panel discussion from the 2008 World Psychedelic Forum, called "Everything you always wanted to know about psychedelics, a conversation between experts and users" featuring Rick Doblin, Dennis Mckenna, Dale Pendell and Kathleen Harrison. They discuss potentiating magic mushrooms with MAOIs, spiritual growth and psychotic episodes, integrating psychedelic experiences, Dennis Mckenna's psychotic episode/shamanic initiation in La Chorrera, schizophrenia and LSD, using psychedelics frequently at low doses, using LSD to treat cluster headaches, psychedelic drugs as painkillers, opiate addiction, MDMA and opiates, Kratom addictiveness and its use for overcoming addictions.

Part 2 the second installment of the 2 part panel discussion from the 2008 World Psychedelic Forum. The expert panel discusses the chemical composition of Kratom, use of the leaf vs extracts, the analgesic properties of Kratom and Salvia Divinorum. Determining the toxicity of drugs, laboratory testing of drugs on animals, avoiding fear on psychedelic trips, being open to the psychedelic experience, LSD to assist in openness, why bad trips should not be avoided, being convinced that you are dying/going crazy on a trip, keeping energy moving on a trip, getting headaches after a trip, the importance of keeping your body hydrated, using cannabis alongside psychedelics, the importance of diet before a trip, remembering psychedelic experiences afterwards, stating your intention before embarking on a trip, different varieties of Ayahuasca sessions, and the balance of masculine and feminine energies.


Thursday, 11 December 2008

'May Your Sky Always Be Yellow'

I remember reading this poem called 'May Your Sky Always Be Yellow' several years ago, and the story surrounding it. It is incredibly moving, and shows how the institution of the so-called 'education' system can crush children's, people's, creativity, spirit, in so many ways:


He always wanted to explain things
But noone cared
So he drew
Sometimes he would draw and it wasn't anything
He wanted to carve it in stone
Or write it in the sky
He would lie out on the grass
And look up at the sky
And it would be only the sky and him that needed saying
And it was after that
He drew the picture
It was a beautiful picture
He kept it under his pillow
And would let no one see it
And he would look at it every night
And think about it
And when it was dark
And his eyes were closed
He could still see it
And it was all of him
And he loved it
When he started school he brought it with him
Not to show anyone but just to have it with him
Like a friend
It was funny about school
He sat in a square brown desk
Like all the other square brown desks
And he thought it should be red
And his room was a square brown room
Like all the other rooms
And it was tight and close
And stiff
He hated to hold the pencil and chalk
With his arms stiff and his feet flat on the floor
With the teacher watching
And watching
The teacher came and smiled at him
She told him to wear a tie
Like all the other boys
He said he didn't like them
And she said it didn't matter
After that they drew
And he drew all yellow
And it was the way he felt about morning
And it was beautiful
The teacher came and smiled at him
"What's this?" she said
"Why don't you draw something like Ken's drawing?"
"Isn't that beautiful?"
After that his mother bought him a tie
And he always drew airplanes and rocket ships
Like everyone else
And he threw the old picture away
And when he lay out alone and looked out at the sky
It was big and blue and all of everything
But he wasn't anymore
He was square inside and brown
And his hands were stiff
And he was like everyone else
And the things inside him that needed saying
Didn't need it anymore
It had stopped pushing
It was crushed
Like everything else.

The boy handed this poem to his English teacher. Two weeks later he took his
own life.

Sunday, 7 December 2008

A dream I had last night

My dream started off (well what I remember) seeing a beautiful purest white foal lying down in the long grass at the edges of a fenced off pasture. and am mesmerized by its beauty.
Then I am in the pasture, and meet a man there who is doing work with material.

I believe he owns the young horse. He is working on some fabric, and needs help holding two ends together. So I help. As I do this my nose comes close and touches the hair on his head, and I breathe in its scent, and I find this very erotic.

A vehicle arrives, with a trailer attached. and I think I see a big brown bear on it, and this man accompanies it down, and as it gets near I recoil from it, but then notice it is a woman who looks bear-like. Her facial expression knows my surprise, and assures me that this often happens and she is amused. And they walk past.

I am still with the man, and we look at the white horse now running about the field with other horses, and I say how great it would be if it could run free. But all around the field are busy roads with traffic, and we agree the young horse wouldn't have a chance with all that danger around,

Later, I am walking along a country road and am passing individuals who are kind of sneering at me, and they seem part human part animals. One woman with a short brown skirt, I can see her pubes very thick growing down her thighs.

I then see these group of men in strange clothes, spaced out from each other, across the path, singing in harmony a very haunting Pagan-like song....

Saturday, 6 December 2008

The Rainbow Serpent, by Oz Thomas

The Rainbow Serpent, is by my dear friend Oz Thomas. A very talented dude!
It really is the most powerful animation I have ever seen. The power comes out and pulls me in shapeshiftingly. I LOVE it, hope you do to.

Mushroom Boy

'Caduceus, 1 year old, 1976'

This picture ,which is amazingly cute and powerful, was shared with me - at a psychedelic forum - by the young man (Caduceus) who is seen eating magic mushrooms in Amsterdam, in the previous video , when he was a little boy!

Friday, 5 December 2008

'War on Drugs' bans magic shrooms in Holland

They have done it. As of December, no longer can anyone buy sacred mushrooms from the Smart Shops there in Amsterdam, Holland, nor eat them freely. The last place--at least in Western Europe--you could do so freely! At least fresh ones. And what a variety was to be had.

Their reason? An increase of 'accidents' mostly from tourists buying and eating shrooms, and especially the death of a young woman who, it is claimed, threw herself off a bridge in Holland. Though I have read in one article there's been found no connection with that tragic event taking shrooms? But obviously is main scapegoat used by the enforcers of the relentless so-called 'war on drugs';
rather 'war on [some] drugs', because they never cease pushing their drugs covertly via 'intelligence' services like the CIA etc to fund corporate wars. CIA


As well, the Big Pharma industry of making sure vast numbers of people including children and younger and younger kiddies are taking their toxic drugs. Not forgetting the lucrative alcohol industry, and how alcohol is laced with 'fruit' such as 'ALCOPOPS' so as to attract younger people to drink more whilst at same time getting into all kinds of violence, accidents, and eventual death from caused diseases to the liver and so on.

They did same in the UK not that long ago. Banned the sale of fresh varieties of psilocybin mushrooms. Although it was against their law to pick and dry shrooms, you could buy fresh ones in certain--very few--Head Shops. Then they just ban them. Just like that! ba bum!!! (All very surreal)

This 'power' --(made up of people of course who decide things in meetings) takes it upon itself to make certain vegetation illegal. And treats adults like children telling them what they can and cannot ingest.
Alcohol it appears is fine, although it causes far more accidents etc, as I stress above, and any intelligent person is in the know about this.

The bottom line is this: They--whoever they think they are--have no right to ban any food that other adults might want to ingest. Especially for spiritual fulfillment. Period!! It is a corrupt authority which will support a phony 'war on terror', and its predecessor 'war on drugs', yet condone war crimes and all forms of other abuses.

Thursday, 4 December 2008

From Organic to Cronic

I bought a cook book several years back. A top nutritionist co wrote it. I learnt that the 'peasant' diet in the Middle Ages was nearly all organic!
I also remember a documentary series one of the team from Monty Python made, where he said he would reveal 'real history'. He said that it wasn't true the myth that Medieval peasants washed rarely, that they regularly bathed, had healthy hair and teeth. Rather, he claimed, it was the very rich aristocrats and even royalty who had the bad rotten teeth, owing to the fact of their preference for fine foods.

Now the situation is reversed. It is usually the middle classes and rich who can afford organic, and bio dynamic food, whilst the poor have to do with fast food McFood which causes bad teeth, obesity, bad skin and hair and a whole lot of diseases waiting to happen!

And the rich-owned mass media helps this situation along. Even for the littlest of tots, making sure they ingest the highest amounts of salt, sugar, fat, and chemicals.

Many youths are told it is cool to eat fast food. And many of their 'cool' celebs do same--and get paid well to do. And then the same ones who promote this, and act so surprised the kids teeth are rotten claim they have a solution: fluoride in the drinking water!! Poison

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Matrix notes: exploring interconnectivity of evil doings

This is notes about the interconnected evil racket the power wielders do.

I have recently been watching videos about how the Big Pharma have the medical institution and psychiatric/psychological institution under its evil wing, making sure it pushes its dangerous drugs in steady supply. Making VAST profits from them, and hiding information of the dangers of their drugs, even from ‘trials’. And how all these institutions will use millions of animals, torturing and murdering them, so as to pretend they are doing proper research. I.e., they exploit animals and humans and all species and Nature for their expanding ‘profit’ system!!!

In order to make more and more money from their drugs, they have concocted ‘diseases’ myths. For example, ‘mental illness diseases’, which are a complete myth, where their victims have to keep taking their dangerous ‘medication’ (dependence) for long periods of time and even for life, which can seriously injure, and kill, and cause violence, and suicide.
By 'myth' I in no way mean that people do not
manifest diverse forms of distress, and 'unusual' behaviour which may also inlude visionary experiences, but am saying that there exists no proof that these behaviourse and experiences are diseases as is claimed by the pharmacracy (Szasz).

Psychology Test - Are You Normal?

They have concocted diseases/disorders for millions of children, in schools, foster homes, etc, such as ‘ADHD’ etc., (thus, diverting attention away* from the actuality of their brutal sytem designed to mindcontrol people to their self-destructive, and all-species destructive, and Nature destructive way of life!) where they threaten parents to make sure their children take their dangerous drugs, and force children in their ‘care’ to take them so as to numb natural emotions.

Psyhiatry Fraud

Psychiatry Fraud - Free videos are just a click away

They have concocted ‘HIV/AIDS’ myth amongst the Gay communities, the Millions of poor peoples in Africa, and now more and more children in ‘developed’ world are being diagnosed as ‘HIV positive’ and put on their drugs.

Meanwhile, these same people/perps/rulers cause uninhabitable living conditions for millions of people in the ‘underdeveloped’ world, Africa, which is real cause of the multiple diseases. And instead of admitting and addressing to THAT root cause, they divert attention away by calling the results of their ecocides and genocides crimes, a disease process called HIV/AIDS, where 'HIV' is proclaimed to cause 'AIDS', which they THEN make more and more money from the more disease and deaths their evil drugs and lack of REAL care do!!!

Deconstructing the Myth of AIDS

Same with the political ‘Mental Health’ scam. Instead of admitting to the vile evil matrix they have imposed on millions and millions of people, which is oppressive and is root cause of much psychological distress. They divert attention away from their doings, by calling the results of their doings a disease called ‘mental illness’, and then making yet MORE money by pushing their evil drugs, which cause MORE disease and violence and deaths.

The same evil mindset causes wars to make profit. And in Iraq and many other places are continuing to carry out ecocide and genocide using such weapons as depleted uranium, etc. Not even concerned about the effects of these evil concoctions on their own troops – the youths, etc., - fighting their evil wars/invasions!!! But not their children, or relations, oh no!

War is a Racket

This evil mindset/people will inject their troops with a combination of god knows what (maybe as their cover for what’s to come), and then spray them with depleted uranium, and god knows what. When their soldiers naturally get ill, diseased, and dying, they divert attention away from the real root causes of what they have done/are doing, and they pretend that what the ex-veterans have got is ‘Gulf War Syndrome’, and ‘psychiatric conditions’! Then they promote psychiatric medication to ‘cure’ the ‘problem’, the disease they have made-up, which will add to their diseases, but from which they will profit from!!

Then we have the ‘Free Market’ and ‘Big Food’, for examples; where heartless mindless profit zombie corporate people push crap food filled with chemicals, sugar, salt, fat, chemicals, etc., all set to make the people eat more and more getting obese, and harm the one who ingests it, including the millions and millions of children they seduce into eating this evil garbage, by putting cartoon characters, and celebrities, they themselves sponsor, and make, onto the cereals packets, etc., and drink cans, and Coca Cola, and Pepsi, etc etc.

When the diseases come the same mindset diverts attention away, by blaming ‘obesity’, ‘lack of exercise’, which are true, but divert attention away from root problem which is their Big Food racket!
Then come diseases! And in U.S., and the U.K. , and other places, if the so-called National Health Service becomes privatized, the cost to maintain and cure health is vastly expensive. And more and more people fall into severe debt which of course causes stress and dis~ease.

Many people are totally dependent on Big Food, as they believe the means for them to grow their own food is diminished. And for many ‘ghetto’ dwellers who are forced to live in concrete hell holes there is not even a blade of grass. Natural food is made more expensive, whilst processed, junk food is cheaper and on ‘special offer’ at the various supermarkets which themselves have taken over the towns communities where people would have local markets to buy food and meet.

Big food also creates an infrastructure, and global catastrophe, that is detrimental for Planet Earth and human and animal and all-species community. Its use of pesticides mono crops, desertification (for wheat), genetic engineering, and so on, and its use of petrochemicals for its machinery, and transport for its products

Now that same mindset has moved into biotechnology, which includes genetically modified products/ Meaning they want more and more control, and to patent nature/creation itself, and make people even more dependent on their vile evil soulless scam. Even to the point of having to buy (Genetically Modified) GM’s seeds from them, and not being allowed to save seeds which of course is nature’s way. So these people/this cancer is anti-nature!
So what is this scam branch’s ‘diversion of attention’? That the problem manufactured by their economic oppression is starvation in the ‘3rd world’, and growing populations needing more food. But wait. The problems of starvations, impoverishment of soil, desertification, etc., is the very problem of this mindset’s actions over generations!
So yet again we see this pattern of increasing more and more dependence on that mindset’s power system, which means more and more money, profits, and power for them! And less and less and less freedom for us, and all animals, and all species, and all wilder~ness, nature.

*Last night, I got the insight to type, hieronymus bosch and genetic engineering, see, Will Genetically Engineered Foods Feed the World? Paul Goettlich ... “This article examines the premise that Genetically Engineered Foods (also known as genetically modified foods; GMOs; GE foods; Frankenfoods; and so on) are the answer to ending world hunger. I feel that asking if GE foods will feed the world is at best an illogical primary question. Even more so, the question itself is a tactic meant to divert public attention from the real problems — inequality, discrimination, selfish leaders, war, flooding and drought, snow and rain, extreme temperatures and more. The diversions are made possible by political contributions, and lobbyists and media consultants hired by the agbiotech industry, as well as their gifts and contracts to academia, which is presently in the dark ages with respect to honesty. No sector is without fault. And it is far easier to list the innocent than the guilty. “ (emphasis mine)

Matrix Summary:

Patriarchy/male supremacy is roots. The Occultocracy/Cryptocracy: Religion, , and ‘Philosophy/Science’ are its branches with which it secretly manipulates!
The malesupremacist mindset with its misothery (hatred and contempt for animals), misogyny, racism, homophobia, and fear and hatred of Nature lurks beneath all its isms and institutions and corporations.
In modern times we have CORPORATIONS, which are basically gangs of ruthless males and females whose god is PROFIT and POWER. ‘G.O.D.’ = Gold, Oil, Drugs!

Saturday, 29 November 2008

Hip Hop & Freemasonry: The New Age & Military Agenda - 1/3

This an amzing video (series)! Vital to see! Starts off saying it how it is: "They use the TV to programme us". They are also using youth culture, 'cool' culture too. Ie., the 'rebel' not diggin hir rebellions is stagemanaged from Illuminati Central? They're extremely crafty and need knowing about.

Hip Hop & Freemasonry: The New Age & Military Agenda - 2/3

Hip Hop & Freemasonry: The New Age & Military Agenda - 3/3

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

What is going on with the W~O~R~L~D?!

Most people, especially sensitive, will be really distrssed by what seems to be mounting destruction in our world. I say our, meaning not only us, humans, but animals, trees, insects, rocks, all species. And of course, not forgetting the ignored dimension by our religio--materialistic-mechanistic culture--daimonic reality. The deep world we have been cut off from via pernicious fear mongering by the religious institutions, and by the mechanistic institutions of Big Science.

What we have lost. Not only wildernesses, and space, and other species' whose home earth is also, and trees, and meadows.......But also, our sense of inner space. becoming more and more pushed to be filled with more and more. Flashed at us in quick fire edits. To get this that, to plug in to the glittering mulTI digital matrix of ever-increasing complexity. Don't be late, get get get. But where does it stop. Where do we stop, and get a breather whoooosh to look around, and see the space going fast. Our favourite wood, place, tree, before the man come round to chop it up for more 'real' estate.

What's this all mean. What is going on. Why am I here, where have I come from, where am I going?

What do we mean when we ask that. Why do we ask that?

It's because we also have been cut off from our roots with the land isn't it. because if we felt at home, with the land, and the organic movements of nature, the seasonal changes, and our body in relation to those changes, which include life and death, and the insight that death is in life and life is in death, then wouldn't we feel more attuned to nature?

But the manipulators have other plans. They use various forms of mindcontrol to keep us from re~member~ing our roots. They cut us off and them create false memories and forgettings. WE may have forgotten, but can see what they do recently by what they have done to indigenous people like the Australian Aboriginees, Native Americans, and so on. Amongst other abuse, making sure they take their children away so they can indoctrinate them and make them forget their own traditions. Below Buffy Ste Marie sings about that and more in one of the most moving
songs performed I have ever seen!

Buffy Ste Marie - My Country 'Tis of Thy People You're Dying

Monday, 24 November 2008

Monica Sjoo

I love the artist Monica Sjoo . She died recently but her spirit is nature. She has inspired me so much.

I cannot recommend enough that you read her books, The Great Cosmic Mother: Rediscovering the Religion of the Earth, which she wrote with Barbara Mor, and also her amazing book, Return of the Dark/Light Mother or New Age Armegeddon? .
This book is extraordinarily important, because Monica exposes something very and all round. The occultocracy, and their religion is the New Age!

It is a M A S K which pretends to want harmony and global unity, but is based in racism and hatred and fear of nature and animals and women and communities! Monica reveals what is behind this mask and helps us feel what is the authentic Goddess, which of course means an authentic understanding of the sacredness of nature.

I will be wanting to explore this theme a lot in the faery woods.

Sunday, 23 November 2008

First image from Creative Commons

I like this image of a menstruating Goddess, because it is bold. Hope you like it.

Friday, 21 November 2008

Going Further In

See, the faeries, or daimons, want us to go deep, because it's only us going deep will bring us back to nature. And nature is the faeries and animals and plants and insects home like its our home. So they want us to explore all we can.
So this aint no twee faery ride, but the real thing.

Originally a faery wasn't a twee Disney-like affair but human sized--though of course you have all sizes, of course. They can also be giants.

Our modern culture, with its institutions of 'Religion' and 'Science' has made sure that the faery realm/daimonic realm has been suppressed, and so this deep mysterious presence is made alien to us. For we are indoctrinated into mechanistic-materialistic science with its frantic consumerism.

Even kids now get bored in nature. They want what the flashy gadgety techno culture has on offer, and what is cool to have. So weird-shaped old trees full of life, and faeries, lose their hold on the imagination of the young enculturated minds...

Join me in the faery woods, and let us explore

Hello and Welcome to my very first Blog intro~~~

I welcome you into the faery woods to come and play and dance and sing chant laugh and weep and leap and dive, and all that you can express. Which is what being a human animal here in planet earth is all about isn't it? ;)

I want this space to be organic, like a wood, and filled with spirits.

I want to explore a wide range of subjects, and always seeing connections and new connections forming like tendrils from stems, and the mycelium of mushrooms, and magic mushrooms, because remember we are entering the faery wood and magic mushrooms are prolific here ~~~

So can I look foreward to your company then? I hope so, and that it will be fruitful...