Friday, 5 December 2008

'War on Drugs' bans magic shrooms in Holland

They have done it. As of December, no longer can anyone buy sacred mushrooms from the Smart Shops there in Amsterdam, Holland, nor eat them freely. The last place--at least in Western Europe--you could do so freely! At least fresh ones. And what a variety was to be had.

Their reason? An increase of 'accidents' mostly from tourists buying and eating shrooms, and especially the death of a young woman who, it is claimed, threw herself off a bridge in Holland. Though I have read in one article there's been found no connection with that tragic event taking shrooms? But obviously is main scapegoat used by the enforcers of the relentless so-called 'war on drugs';
rather 'war on [some] drugs', because they never cease pushing their drugs covertly via 'intelligence' services like the CIA etc to fund corporate wars. CIA


As well, the Big Pharma industry of making sure vast numbers of people including children and younger and younger kiddies are taking their toxic drugs. Not forgetting the lucrative alcohol industry, and how alcohol is laced with 'fruit' such as 'ALCOPOPS' so as to attract younger people to drink more whilst at same time getting into all kinds of violence, accidents, and eventual death from caused diseases to the liver and so on.

They did same in the UK not that long ago. Banned the sale of fresh varieties of psilocybin mushrooms. Although it was against their law to pick and dry shrooms, you could buy fresh ones in certain--very few--Head Shops. Then they just ban them. Just like that! ba bum!!! (All very surreal)

This 'power' --(made up of people of course who decide things in meetings) takes it upon itself to make certain vegetation illegal. And treats adults like children telling them what they can and cannot ingest.
Alcohol it appears is fine, although it causes far more accidents etc, as I stress above, and any intelligent person is in the know about this.

The bottom line is this: They--whoever they think they are--have no right to ban any food that other adults might want to ingest. Especially for spiritual fulfillment. Period!! It is a corrupt authority which will support a phony 'war on terror', and its predecessor 'war on drugs', yet condone war crimes and all forms of other abuses.


  1. The sad thing is there are thousands of cases of suicide on the so called "miracle drugs" like antidepressants, but that stuff is marginalized, even though it has been proven the antidepressants are known to cause suicidal and impulsive behavior and even psychosis. And that is when the drugs are taken safely. Yet even one misstep with some other thing, which is likely to happen and its just an excuse to further their agenda. Pretty obvious to me the government does not want to help people, but just push their agenda.
    As a funny side note, my dad, when he was in Amsterdam went to a coffee bar. My dad is pretty conservative, never done anything remotely illegal in his life. He asked for a coffee, but the translation was a little confused and the guy asked him if he wanted some hash. I wish I would have been there. :D

  2. haha....m,e too

    Hi OZ :) yes your right. I saw a documentary with loads of evidence that big pharma had kept secret knowledge that antidepressants caused young people suicide!!! THAT'S how much they care.

    All this gaff about concern about so-called shroom 'accidents' is--as you see--gaff. They will use any excuse to try and suppress our potential for consciousness expansion. Thier forte is rather trying to keep us in a box which gets smaller and smaller.

  3. Fear is perhaps the worst drug that can be. It seems that officialdom 'everywhere' is pushing it.

    The world system we currently have which is based on murder, and greed can't exist without fear.

    So it is no surprise that this state of mind is constantly encouraged everywhere on our wounded world.

    Love more, laugh more, dream of joyful realms more. Do this no matter what!

    ...these are some of the cures for fear.