Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Magic of Christmas, Yuletide, Solstice

As a child, Christmas as a time of magic. The everyday was different. I was in magical time. I can remember it well, and experience it now.

When I did my Christmas shopping a little while ago downtown, it was lovely. I picked a time when the daylight would slowly dim and the Christmas lights would start shining in the darkening night.

It was a very cold crisp day which also added to the magic, and I went to the German market that visits each Yuletide. There is a great vibe, all lit up, big Christmas tree, and this year a gigantic Santa Clause all covered in shiny points of light.

The little vendors looked cute, and cozy, and I had some mulled wine and the vibe was real good.

Different parts of town had different kinds of lights. The 'classier' part had these deep blue lights that were enchanting. But everywhere looked all twinkly, and there was a nice atmosphere. However, I missed the buskers that are usually there on Market Street. The big corp shop owners have got rid of a lot of buskers/street musicians because they are worried about it affecting their businesses. I wish they'd burn DOWN!

There is nothing as magical as street music. It creates this spirit everywhere that enlivens even drabness of the usual drab soul dead buildings and concrete streets. And faces.

Eventually I was driving home and on the radio is played 'On the 12 Days of Christmas', and my eyes filled up. Not just being sentimental, but it was like 'it', the '?', Mystery, had made it so that at this time this music would be heard by me, and I was very moved, because this old carol has real deep meaning for me.

When I heard it as a kid it created the magic I am talking about. Well the magic was already there, in the air, and vibratory sparkles coming off Christmas tree baubles, etc, but this tune captured this sense. And when I heard this on my way home, I was THERE?HERE...The imagery of it. And a partridge in a pear tree

Merry Christmas. Yuletide, Solstice, and a Happy New year everyone ;)


  1. A big hug
    and a big kiss
    in my favorite
    Forest Person:

  2. Merry Christmas, muzzy. Hope you have a great one.

  3. Why do you celebrate something you don't believe in?

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