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'It is not Paris we should pray for. It is the world'...

I did not look for this poem, I just came across it and read it and then sponstaneously began crying. It is VERY real and moving, and so not liking the 'business' page I read it on to share it, I found this link which said 'this poem will move you to tears' which it did for me! Do not feel bad if you don't cry. You can cry inside. Please open link and read poem:

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The Taboo Against Knowing About the Occult Elite Destroying Life On Planet Earth


An apocalypse (Ancient Greek: ἀποκάλυψις apocálypsis, from ἀπό and καλύπτω meaning "uncovering"), translated literally from Greek, is a disclosure of knowledge, i.e., a lifting of the veil or revelation.

 Over some years, I have discovered that a very big taboo reveals itself when trying to get people to just even talk about the possibility of there being a ruling elite who are deeply into the occult, and use magick and sorcery through various means to  carry out their operations, false flags, invasions, wars, and so on, and to control us!

This taboo became  apparent to me from the silence I have constantly been met with when trying to talk about this either directly, or in relevance to other subjects. I have had some responses, but they have been very few, and  mostly hostility, ridicule, and censoring, and curt replies telling me they do NOT want to discuss it. At the least though they are responses, and I 'respect' them more than I do apathetic silence.

This dead-headed apathy is all very alien to me, because I have a really inquisitive nature and go where questioning takes me, and so for those claiming to be deep thinkers, and explorers into the whys and wherefores and what-to-dos regarding the extraordinary crisis we are all in, including what is happening to the natural world and all other species, to just clam up when this deep and important topic is mentioned makes no sense, yet intrigues me.

These are some names of people who I was surprised to be met with silence  and/or  receive various responses of rejection from: Charles Shaw,  a claimed radical activist; Daniel Pinchbeck, who promoted the Terrence McKenna '2012' theme;  Graham Hancock, who says that the prohibition of psychedelics is a 'war on consciousness'; Bernado Kastrup,  who has a very interesting ideas about how consciousness is not in-the-head as mechanistic culture would have us believe, but we are rather in consciousness (he is one of the most recent from whom I received the curt rejection of not wanting to talk about this occult subject at all); Charles Eisenstein (usually very openminded about all avenues of inquiry, who claims to want to really find the roots of our ecological crises); Derrick Jensen ('environmental activist'),  and more that I forget at present, and this includes all their followers--nearly total zero silence from them. Obviously they dare not utter a peep unless their hero does.

This silence from both leaders and followers DOES speak, and seems to say that there is no value in what you say,  question,and/or you are a crazy person I turn my face away from.

I have been most shocked and saddened by the taboo from the psychedelic community, because from my experience of psychedelics ingestion, they very much do help lift  the veil and reveal deeper aspects of reality. This can include observing and feeling the expression of another human face in a far deeper way, as well as  other species faces, and demeanor,  body language, how they feel, how the tree, plant, rocks feel. Empathy. So  now, in this state, you are feeling-seeing-hearing-touching-sensing with the whole organism and not through a filter of cultural conditioning and/or the static IMAGE you have of the other which prevents you seeing any observation in a different light. Ec-stasy.
So of course then psychedelics are the fruit par excellence for helping us explore what is occult or hidden as well as along with critical thinking which is a further tool of inquiry. So for such people to not-be-interested in this vast subject---the possibility that we are all being played on various deep levels by an elite using occultist means of control-- makes no sense to me whatsoever.

When I joined Facebook, I made sure to get a lot of contacts in the psychedelic movement, and for many, pre-'2012', there would be speculations and long discussions  galore what 2012 'meant' and what may happen, and nothing did happen. But the general feel from the vibe was like the 'waiting for some saviour'/event was being talked about, but when there is the actual opportunity for a real apocalypse which from the ancient Greek means:  ἀποκάλυψις apocálypsis, from ἀπό and καλύπτω meaning "uncovering"), translated literally from Greek, is a disclosure of knowledge, i.e., a lifting of the veil or revelation.', all of a sudden people who go on about exploring roots and trying to find out why the world is in crisis do not seem to want to really invest-igate, and explore deep subjects, like the possibility of an Occultocracy ruling this world, and how this may explain deeper parts of the puzzle as to why the world is in such crisis, and what is driving the insanity to destruction.

So of course faced with this mainly wall of silence, and voiced disapproval, and rejection of wanting to discuss, I have wondered why this should be. I have to 'wonder' because they won't even tell me why!

This taboo could be for various reasons : fear of looking into the occult in case they are seduced into doing it themselves, or meeting 'evil', 'Satan' 'demons' etc; fearful of seeming to be to others, and themselves, 'conspiratorial', because the researchers who do go into it online etc, mostly males, also talk about the 'Illuminati' and so on, and this kind of talk is connected with people like the Christians, and new agers like David Icke and his lizard people, and there is a lot of public ridicule for people who get termed 'conspiracy theorists', even accusations that people into all of that are 'crazy'; they could also really like all the occult stuff, and major occultists like Aleister Crowley, because since at least the era of The Beatles, Crowley has become a hero for many in the counter culture. Timothy Leary who was the charismatic leader of the 1960's psychedelic counterculture, adored Crowley and confessed to wanting to continue where Crowley left off! 

They could also fear being harmed in some way by members of such a power structure. But as I see it we already are being very harmed, and in fact the very biosphere of Planet Earth is under attack, the Bees, etc,  not just for us but our children and future generations, so surely now is the time to stand up against this, and to do that we first must look and see what is going on rather than only focusing on superficial levels.
But whatever the reasons, as far as I understand, this ultra-important issue and what it means for what is happening in the world--if they care-- will not disappear if they look away.

 The startling  waking up to the possibility of an occult power structure running things in this world came to me, I  later realized, like a smash in the face, with the 9/11 false flag which led me to becoming part  of a multilevel online investigation into that happening, and particularly, for me, post the UK false flag of 7/7,  I became faced with the weird dis-covery/unveiling, that the powers that be are up to their tits in the occult and that this involvement goes way back into their patriarchal history and is intermingled with their mythologies, religions, philosophies, science and technology.

When 9/11 happened,  for years, I'd  been  interested in mythology, so inspired after reading John Allegro's The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross, and that helped me understand later what was going on with the ongoing myth of '9/11' as I have explored in past blogs.

WHY is it important exploring this issue?

I really do not wish my blogs to be read merely on an intellectual level, but as a deeper inspiration to re-sensualize interrelationship, and to do that is to undo or undermine the blocks to sensuality that have been inculcated within us through various mind controlling means for a long time and on different levels.

 In sum it is the patriarchal myths and their toxic tactics of DIVIDE and CONTROL which have been a big cause of our dissociation from not only the natural world, and others, including other species, but even from our own bodies and natures. 
To be told for hundreds and hundreds of years, from children to adults,  that we are born in sin, and that the natural world around us into which we're born is 'fallen'. This myth was contrived to divide us, their slaves, from the natural world and our own natural being. It is incalculable what psychic damage  such myths do to children who grow into people who then re-tell these toxic myths to their children and so on and so forth down the generations (and which has been pushed on indigenous peoples in the same formulaic way), but that is our patriarchal religious past, and to understand what has happened in deep ways is to undermine the mind-control, because by doing so mind-manipulation is becoming conscious, and is not controlling us subliminally/unconsciously and affecting conscious experience and action.

The guilt and sense of indebtedness one was meant to suffer told repetitively  that a Jesus of Nazareth, the 'only Son of God', no less, was savagely tortured and crucified, died and was resurrected 2000 years ago to pay for YOUR sins, and films like The Passion, by Mel Gibson, showing in graphic hideousness what the Jesus character was supposed to have gone through shows us how this myth continues on even into the 21st century. I personally have never been able to watch the torture and crucifixion scene all the way through because it is a wallow in sadism . But it has been one of the most watched films by Christians ever: 

The Passion of the Christ is the highest grossing R-rated film in United States history, and the highest grossing non-English-language film of all time.

So we see the ongoing popularity of this tale which for many is taken as sacrosanct, and history! BUT when you go deeper, and use critical thinking, and insight,  questioning all this myth, you find that there is absolutely no historical evidence whatsoever that a Jesus of Nazareth even existed, and to uncover the true identity of this mythical character, Jesus, John Allegro reveals 'he' was really a 'sacred mushroom', and you see that when you look into the bigger picture of this, that other mythical pre-Christian characters also are referring to consciousness-changing vegetation, and that mythology in its deepest meaning was never meant to be taken literally, but it is more about how we humans explore the deeper mysteries of nature! When you discover this you are undermining the mind-control of the myth IF it is divisive and thus toxic.  But then can come the question:

how then did the cults, who had a dualistic and world-denying mindset, who devised these dualistic myths, interpret the 'sacred mushrooms' and experience? So your now going deeper into the critical questioning of all this.

As I have explored in the past, the Christian cult was a male fertility cult which emphasized the penis and semen and spirit as being male and therefore superior to nature, nature being envisaged as female and seen as mere receptacle for the male and their warrior 'God's powerful sperm', and not having microscopic technology, and assuming that these mushrooms miraculously appeared especially after thunderstorms, this would suit their philosophy of a 'fall' of nature where 'spirits' become trapped and seek escape, and that these mushrooms are 'sons of God' , saviours, for our fallen spirits who help us become pure and escape nature, and/or will help 'us'--the initiated of the occult-- put-nature-right in the future. Maybe the very notion of a 'fall' originated in a dualistic interpretation of mushrooms believed to descend from a magical spirit world above?

However in the far more primal Goddess mythos, which solar-phallic cults and religions like Christianity strongly tried to suppress (and still do), there was no existing assumption of a duality between heaven, and earth, nature and spirit; above implied below and vice verse, and the magic mushrooms were  mythically seen as her son/lovers who shared in the sacred spiral of life, death, and regeneration which is the process of all natural reality, symbolized as the ever living, ever dying ever regenerating Son/Lover of the Goddess. All nature's food were gifts from the Great Mother for all.

These gods/magical vegetation were extraordinarily personal and were to be eat and ingested, and they possessed you. You actually become son/lover of the Goddess, which is nature, your deeper sense of being and the deeper mysteries of the natural world which is the sensual extension of you and all life. And you experience all of this in ecstasy and celebration. So it is a wholly radically different ethos from the mindset coming to these experiences with a  paranoid world-denying worldview which in modern terms would be the set and setting.

Of course the central myth of our era is scientism which has taken over the role as the main social control from the patriarchal religious phase, albeit that also becomes unconsciously influential when unresolved directing us unconsciously. For example there is the promise in so-called 'Transhumanism' for the possibility of 'conquering death' this time not via 'God' but via technology. 

 Now the current myth we're all schooled in is unbelievably even more insidious, divisive, and literally inhuman. We are being led to believe we are electro-chemical robots without consciousness, or freewill, existing in a dead environment which is insentient and our only real purpose is as producers/profit makers ---for the small elite raking in unimaginable wealth robbed from one and all and the whole natural world--- and as  'consumers'!

So where does the occult come into all of this?

'Occult' literally means 'hidden' and what I want to do is bring it to awareness and expose it. To bring it out in the open so people feel free to talk about it, because '9/11' was/is riddled with the occult, and that false flag has been and continues to be used to mind control people globally to accept the escalating global technocratic fascism which is their so-called 'new world order', and it is all based on the occult, because these people in the top levels belong to secret societies, and believe they are better, albeit gods, in comparison with their slaves/outsiders/us, and thus they think they can do what they like via any means to justify their ends, so in order to undermine this onslaught on our bodies and psyche and the whole natural world we need to see what is actually going on and then we become aware of it and it isn't hidden anymore. Simple!

It may seem complex, and that you have to look into myths etc, but it is not about reading a thousand books,  rather really the KEY to seeing a bigger picture, in my opinion, is understanding what all these other so-called 'alternative myths and worldviews' which are presented to us in his-story and the public realm now maintain and share in common an agenda, and that is: they seek to dissociate/divide us from our selves, bodies and minds. and from others, the community of other diverse humans, and other species, and the whole natural environment! So the proper learning about this is the un-doing of that, and the re-member-ing of what we have been mind-controlled to for-get, connection. And the very research into this re-enlivens you because it is an organismic and orgiastic investigation, not merely intellectual and abstract.

As I have pointed out in other blogs, most if not all of the popular  researchers into this subject of an occult ruling class are either Christians or new agers. Christians own history stems from a patriarchal dualistic worldview which, when having global power, was as oppressive if not more so than what they are pointing their judgmental fingers at---the Satanists/Illuminati/Luciferians/Occult global power system--- so it is the pot calling the kettle black!

 These Christian researchers, I have found, are usually anti the Lesbian, Gay, Transgender, Bisexual (LGTB) community, often blaming their mortal enemy for the rise of this 'deviance' and for promoting it which they call 'the gay agenda'.
 They are anti-psychedelics--as they have been officially at least throughout their hegemony, at least for the 'unitiated', and again will cherry pick the connection of the CIA with LSD and so on to make out that psychedelic experience is all a satanic evil.  Along with that prejudice they are then inevitably anti Feminism, and last but not least  they really welcome what they warn about, Armageddon and the 'Anti-Christ', because they believe their God demands these events to have to come about so as to fulfill some idealistic future prophesied for an elect who they of course see as themselves. So their myth is as dangerous as the occultists one, driven by the same, albeit inverse, insane mythical dualistic roots.

Then there is the new agers camp, and they will preach that nature, matter, the physical body are illusions, and the pushers of this myth, such as one of the most popular leaders, David Icke, will disseminate the Gnostic myth that we are being trapped here on earth and in the physical body by evil entities so as to serve the occultists who themselves, he claims, are hybrid entities who can shapeshift into lizards.
 All this is absurd disinfo, and even if he is just a useful idiot, it is designed to divert intelligent people away from any serious investigation of this subject, because of all this none-sense which can neither be proven more disproven--it is just so absurd.

But I am a researcher into this subject(s) in touch with radical ecofeminists who way before 9/11 happened, had deconstructed the patriarchy, and I therefore try and deconstruct the 9/11 and its post 9/11 world exposing the mind control or sorcery continuing on from this perspective which is apparently VERY rare in this online community of researchers into the Occultocracy (if I am wrong please let me know of others?). 

It is important know what, mostly, women have been exposing, because the roots of the occult and how it connects with patriarchal thinking is ignored by both christian and new age researchers alike because they themselves are patriarchal thinkers and are blind to their own myths, thus refusing to question them in a self-critical way to see a bigger picture. I have been met by both silence and censoring by these people also when trying to point this out.

So in  the spirit  that does not divide spirit or mind/consciousness from nature, when we look at the Luciferian interpretation of the biblical creation myth it is easy to see it is just the inverse of the Judeo Christian one. Whereas in the latter the 'God' is good and the Serpent is evil, for the former the God is evil and the serpent is good old Lucifer 'himself' who has brought wisdom and knowledge of how to be gods to the entrapped--by the wicked jailer God, 'Adonay'--Adam and Eve.
Whereas this God demands his believers abide by the 'His' Will, the occultist demands that his own 'Will' is paramount. Although they may claim, as Crowley did, this 'Will' is in harmony with nature, their actions speak louder than words, and their words also expose their true beliefs and intent--- whether 'God's Word' or the  occultist's 'word'!

The point is that  both worldviews, although mirror images of each other,  dissociate their believers from their own deeper natures, other humans and other species, and the natural world

The Christian believers shudder when being told their are 'demons' waiting to drag them to hell whilst the magicikian, as Crowley did, brag that they master 'demons'. The point again being that the concept OF 'demons' is kept alive in both worldviews. But someone out of these worldviews, and seeing through them,  question the very concept of the 'Devil' and 'his demons' or demons per se. Unquestioned, these mythical images can have a very influential affect on the psyche on deep levels and on our actions

People like John Weir Perry who opened a caring sanctuary, called DIABASIS (which was far away from the abuse such people get from the usually sanctioned psychiatric biomedical model which coerces people to take suppressant drugs) for people this culture deemed 'mentally ill' with 'schizophrenia' and 'psychosis' etc., discovered that people experiencing extreme states, or madness, can often find themselves in mythical dimensions, and a common feature of these experiences are dramatic mythical polar conflicts such as good versus evil and so on.. So it is of course the dualistic mythology acting out on these deeper mythical levels of our being

What could be better to divide people from themselves and others and nature and cause dis-ease than to posit an evil entity in charge of fallen nature, and hungry for your soul damnation? Or that you are a robot with no consciousness living in a dead meaningless wasteland and your only purpose is as a 'consumer'?

The 'Language or Code the Occult Elite Use

BOTH the popular names for the NYC and London false flags involve numbers which are to do with the occult, both politicans and the mass media will repeatedly call what happened on September 11th 2001, '9/11', and  '911' was an emergency number brought into being in the States 33 years prior to the September 11 attacks. 
33 is a very important number for these occultists. First it is the top degree in their Freemasonic rite, and is 11x3 and 9/11 can add up to 11 9+1+1 =11, and 11, as Crowley is quoted is not only his number, but the number of magick itself!! In fact it was he who added the letter k to the usually spelt magic because -so he said-to differentiate it from ordinary stage magic. K is the 11th letter of the alphabet

 The occult is directed at our dreaming mind or unconscious. Just like advertisers use sub-liminal imagery and text, etc., so do these sorcerers. This is how their 'PR'/propagandists also sell presidents to you--just like products. Wanting to control peoples minds, they will use al and any tools at their disposal. I recommend you checkout:11 examples of Illuminati numerology )

Of course you can drive yourself crazy looking into this shit, so the thing to do is play it cool. Get the gist. Like, OK, example,: there is an occult elite and they use a coded lingo, and this makes sense because I am seeing it, and I also see how this fits into the bigger mythological picture--patriarchal history, and theor ongoing relentless driven need to CONTROL and DIVIDE and CONTROL and DIVIDE... etc.,  which you can see through all their masks of power. To get the gist of their matrix, and really the core intent they all share which is to try and divide us away from our natural being and the celebration of the wonders of the natural world which is intelligent and utterly alive as we are.

It is more so about the purpose of becoming aware of all this, which IS mind control, just like their corporate advertizing is to subliminally affect you to be a mindless consumer, so this has other intentions to catch you in. of course they want us mesmerized and wholly dependent on their technocratic grid, their Technocracy, which is trying to take over Mother nature.

 Instead of feeling and observing the utter mystery and wonders of nature alive and deeply utterly connected to your very being, they want you mesmerized by the flashy little gadget in your hand, and HEY PRESTO now nearly everywhere you go that is exactly what we see. People of all shapes and sizes and age mesmerized by their little slim hand-held devices!
 I have seen them even in the middle of parks, on beautiful days oblivious to the trees, clouds, wildlife, sounds, other people, their own feelings. They are 'choosing' this virtual reality over the living breathing reality all around. The natural world has to be made to feel dead and dull to them by deadening their own sensual body and psyche. Your natural instinctual intelligence is being atrophied by the growing dependence on a screen telling you when to stand up, or turn left.  This is the DULLING of our being.

In my life, early on, I had a vital life-transforming insight regarding such desensitization, and this was years before mobile phones or even computers:

When I was 8 years old onwards, I had become  very dulled to nature. Nature bored me, and I threw litter at it. I was getting more and more totally obsessed with big cities, the bigger the better, and my dream cities or mythical cities were New York City and LA and London: lots of crowds, traffic, flyovers, neon-lights etc. So it was ironic that it was in big city London, when a young 15 teen where LSD found me with a tap on my shoulder in the form of a 'head' (hippy) inviting me to a party. On way to the party they offered  me a tiny tiny blue pill on tin foil which I eat and it turned out to be LSD, and from then I went onto have other powerful and life-changing trips over the period of over a year.
 For me the most powerful life-changing parts of these trips were when we would leave the flat/apartments at dawn and go walkabout past peoples gardens, and into parks, and as I observed and experienced nature, I re~member~ed  all that I had lost: the wildness, and utter aliveness and wonder of the natural world, and my deep magical relationship with it

So when I see people now who are themselves immersed in the whole city-trip and gadgets and so on, and see all tyhe litter people throw at nature, and the ecocide in the world, I am reminded of the sorry sad route I was going down which was radically re-directed thanks to LSD.

So, what is magicK?

  Aleister Crowley added the 'k' to the word 'magic' so let him first define it:

Magick is the Science and Art of causing Change to occur in conformity with Will. — Aleister Crowley
Notice how he also spells 'will' with a capital letter, and remember how it was showed above how the occult worldview is an inverse patriarchal response to the Christian idea of the 'Will of God', thus substituting 'Will' of the magickian or occultist. For Crowley and other occultists they claim to develop their own 'Will' so they can 'command demons' and control people (especially those who do not know what they do, because 'occult' means hidden), nature, and other phenomenon.

Crowley who is a major hero, albeit a prophet, for the occult elite, is also claimed to have revolutionized the understanding and practice of magick by claiming that the power to change things, as he suggested, resided in the powers of 'unconscious' and not the miraculous or supernatural:

… About four years after Freud developed his theory of the unconscious inThe Interpretation of  Dreams3, Aleister Crowley was applying that same idea to religious concepts and the existence of supernatural beings, not as a way of studying the mind but as a way to harness the powers of the unconscious to obtain certain magical ends. Crowley's eminently practical approach to magic and religion chooses to use ritual mechanisms as ways of imprinting the magical ends into the unconscious and removing the necessity for the miraculous or supernatural from the equation of magical practice. This point of view is original not only in the context of magical practitioners, but also in the context of the understanding of the relationship between a person and the supernatural beings that person attempts to contact. Interestingly, Crowley does not deny, as we will see, the effectiveness of the magical or religious ritual, only the miraculousness of the mechanisms that lead to the ritual's result. [source: Crowley and the Unconscious]

We will confine ourselves to an extension of a well-known definition by Aleister Crowley and state that, “Magic is the Science and Art of causing Change, on a material as well as a spiritual level, to occur in conformity with Will by altered states of consciousness. — Frater U.: D.:, Secrets of Western Sex Magic

See the importance placed on 'the unconscious'?

The food which of old has been the very source for the magical changing of consciousness has of course been the various psychedelic vegetation, and 'magic' for prepatriarchal peoples would not mean the same as those who abide by world-denying and control-freak worldviews. So magic did not come about with the dualistic interpretation of these deeper mysteries, but they appropriated the more ancient primal meaning and practice and subverted its meaning to suit their dualistic assumptions.

Originally magic would be to open oneself to the powers of nature via changing consciousness , and a working or playing  with nature rather than an imposing of one's 'Will' as a means to control nature.

The very term 'magic', as it is popularly understood now, and by occultists,  derives from an ancient priestly and sorcerer class called the Magi. They were connected with a dualistic Zoroastrian belief system, so in that respect the origins of the occultist magick I am exploring here are dualistic roots which puts 'spirit' and 'mind' over and superior to nature and the physical body which 'it' seeks to control and conform to their will.

I personally love using the word magic, and will call psychedelic mushrooms 'magic mushrooms', and will call nature, and ecstatic feeling magical . But how I use the term magic as in magic mushrooms and magical relationship with nature is wholly different from the patriarchal dualistic use of the term. Nature itself is magical wonder, and the Mother of creativity, imagination, and inspiration.

How the occultists therefore see magick is in a controlling way which wants a power over their own body (Crowley recommended self-harming the body with razorblades to 'train the Will'), nature, and others, especially those who are not conscious of what they are doing, and thus, to these control-freaks, deserve what they get. And this is why we are living in this world ruled by these people, and many are not aware of the symbols, and numbers, and other forms of secret communication they use. In fact if you try and point this out to most people they will laugh, and think you crazy, and are seeing things that aren't there, and this reaction comes from ignore-ance. From thinking and feeling in a shallow way which is absolutely great for those doing the manipulating!

 These occultists see magick and the super-natural as a realm that is above nature. This means that they believe that if they, for example, form a corporation with its symbols and rituals etc., that because this organization has been formed by the mind it is 'super-natural', the word really meaning above nature. So when they also build their buildings with specific occultist numbers/ measurements, and located to reflect certain star systems and planets, following their Hermetic magick of 'as above so below', and on meridians which are also include special numbers for them, and also connect or correspond  these numbers and symbols and locations etc, with their rituals/false flags, assassinations, nuclear explosions, hoax psy ops, and staged shootings, etc.,  well all of this is for them magick, and is made all the more powerful for them because we do not consciously know what they are doing and yet unconsciously this stuff is mind-controlling us, as well as blowing us up!! So this is very much why I am trying to wake up to all of this, and encouraging others to wake up to it as well.

Friday, 20 March 2015

'Laura Bruno reviews Monica Sjoo: On how the “New Age” makes light of the great (and fertile) darkness'

I JUST happened on this great review of one of the biggest influences on my life, Monica Sjoo, and her book  Return of the Dark/Light Mother or New Age Armageddon? Towards a Feminist Vision of the Future .
I give a link to her article titled Laura Bruno reviews Monica Sjoo: On how the “New Age” makes light of the great (and fertile) darkness and also copy my reply to her here (with added hyperlinks and video embeds, added text and, quotes):

I really enjoyed your review of Monica Sjoo’s GREAT book, which as you very well point out is extraordinarily prophetic. Monica Sjoo is one of the most powerful influences in my life, and if you care to explore my blog you will find many posts mentioning her, and inspired by her works.

I have often felt a little alone though, because what she is saying is SO radical, and after 9/11 and finding out what I have, which I will summarize in a moment, it can be hard to find ANYONE in your wavelength.

So, for example, 99.99999 and a half percent of the researchers I know of who look at the deeper meaning of 9/11–which was an occult ritual sacrifice–are either coming from Christian belief systems, OR are New Age. So to trying to find someone to discuss the weirder aspects of 9/11, and all the other related false flags and staged events PRE and POST 9/11 like the Oklahoman Bombings, JFK assassination, Madrid Bombings, the London Bombings of 7/7, Bali attacks, etc etc etc is virtually impossible. ONLY Monica Sjoo is prophetically talking about all of this from the authentic Goddess perspective.

So to summarize 9/11 from what I have learnt: 

I recommend you read these books Prophet of Evil: Aleister Crowley, 9/11 and the New World Order, by William Ramsey, and The Most Dangerous Book in the World, by J.K.Bain. Also please watch this video ::  This will all show you that the occult new age Sjoo warns about became on that sunny morning in NYC on 9/11 IN-THE-FACE with crashing burning violence!! The people behind the curtain so to speak are obsessed with numbers (numerology and gematria (and of course symbolism etc) and are Luciferians/Satanists, and see Crowley as their prophet of the new aeon. ALL the plane numbers reported on 9/11 are particular magical numbers Crowley refers to in his books!

So for example, the number 11 is VERY prominent throughout the September ’11’ event. EVEN the TWIN TOWERS (mythologically symbolic in their own right) resembled a gigantic figure 11. Crowley called that number 11 his number, and the number of magick, and for all magickal operations. The first plane to strike was Flight 11. EVEN the very name of the city location ‘NEW YORK CITY’ has 11 letters, etc etc etc

"Firstly", 11 is the number of Magick in itself. It is therefore suitable to all types of operation.  "Secondly", it is the sacred number par excellence of the new Aeon.  As it is written in the Book of the Law: ...11, as all their numbers who are of us."  (Crowley, Aleister Magick: in Theory and Practice. Secaucus, NJ: Castle, 1991. 64. Print. )

You see these numbers, 11, 77, 93 and so on also connected with other highly mediarized events, very often violent,  and these are the fingerprints of the occultist perpetrators who are the real suspects behind these events and the whole caboodle. The ones with the unimaginable wealth ripped from all the people, all species, and Mother Earth who see the world and us as their ‘game’!

I have found trying to even engage people in the psychedelic community–leaders and followers–into conversation about this subject also impossible. There is a MASSIVE taboo surrounding this. A big reason, I sense,  is that people so do not want to be seen as ‘conspiracy theorists’ and even ‘crazy’–and so they keep schtum.
 Yet as 9/11 showed VERY violently and shockingly (and its aftermath is influencing us globally to this day, as it did for all the innocent victims in Afghanistan and Iraq), this evil toxic shit aint going away because you bury your head in the sand. We therefore HAVE to begin becoming aware of it, and THEN wecan begin asking questions such as ‘what does it mean?’ ‘what do we do?’ These questions are extraordinarily urgent, and although the 9/11 false flag happened before Monica published the book reviewed above,  all the roots of what happened are prophetically there to explore and deepen our understanding of what happened and what it means, and so is invaluable. But now we need to uncover 9/11 etc FROM that perspective–which is not part of the Abrahamic beliefs, or New Age or Eastern mysticism, but is very earth-centred, indigenous and spiritual

Saturday, 14 March 2015