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'WAR ON...' The 'war on drugs' and the 'war on terror': SAME mindset

'WAR ON...'

Not long ago the UK prime minister David Cameron made a speech from the United Nations pulpit where he likened those who question the official stories of the 9/11 attacks, and London's 7/7 bombings to actual terrorists such as 'ISIS/ISIL', etc,  etc, etc. (he doesn't mention who he represents of course!) who are very violent, and who cut peoples heads off.

 Cameron and his cronies threaten us, that if they are re-elected next year, they will criminalize people, and even Internet websites, who question their authoritarian narratives of 9/11, and 7/7 etc., or anything they and their media demand you accept because they say so. I therefore encourage the vital importance of challenging this Orwellian threat to free speech, and thinking!

7:00 "Preachers who claim not to encourage violence, but whose worldview can be used as a justification for it [are to be thought of as terrorists, like the ones claiming to be beheading people].
 We know that worldview. The peddling of lies that 9/11 was somehow a Jewish plot or that the 7/7 London attacks were staged...Let's be clear, to deal with the ideology of extremism, we must deal with ALL forms of extremism not just violent extremism...
 We must stop the non-violent extremists inciting hatred in our schools, our universities and yes, even our prisons
 ....Of course, some will argue that this is not compatible  with free speech and intellectual inquiry, but I ask you, would we sit back and allow right-wing extremists, Nazis or Klu Klux Klansman to recruit on our university campuses?...Finally, when the safety and security of our people is at stake, we must be uncompromising in our response. That starts at home..." 

Link between WAR ON drugs and WAR ON terror

A United Nations treaty in 1971  was also signed to wager a so-called  'war on drugs' ( including psychedelics ) (this mindset LOVES wars):

The Convention on Psychotropic Substances of 1971 is a United Nations treaty designed to control psychoactive drugs such as amphetamines, barbiturates, benzodiazepines, and psychedelics signed in Vienna, Austria on 21 February 1971. source

More recently the United Nations has tried to get the age old indigenous use of sacraments like Ayahuasca 'controlled' :

The United Nations’ International Narcotics Control Board (INCB) “recommends that Governments should consider controlling such plant material at the national level where necessary”, in its annual report of 2010. That is, the INCB is seeking an international criminalization of Ayahuasca, Iboga and other botanical species which belong to the cultural traditions of uncountable civilizations of our planet. source

The more oppression the better for this mindset: in the UK, New Labour, in their second term, signed away the 600 years law known as The Defense of Necessity, which meant if , for example, you  were arrested for cannabis posession, and said it had medicinal value for you, then you would not be prosecuted.  It's obvious that all of this oppression is the ongoing machinations of an Inquisition.

No adults should have the right to tell any other adults what they can or cannot ingest or grow from the Earth!

The New Jim Crow 


  Other researchers have revealed how the so-called 'war on drugs' was a definite strategy by the President Richard Nixon administration to divide and control and imprison both the  hippy activists, the ruling elite saw as dangerous, and the Civil Rights Movement, namely targeting people of colour, and thus to undermine the phony 'end of slavery'. Because although the American Constitution's 13th Amendment, on one hand announced an 'end to slavery', on its other hand is its  stipulation 'unless the person has committed a crime'!!

The 13th Amendment states, "Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction." The "exception clause" leaves slavery still in effect for those convicted of crimes.

Now the U.S.  has the largest prison complex ever known in the history of the world, with a huge percentage of those imprisoned for victimless crimes being people of colour. The prison system is in fact an industry, and the law enforcement agencies who make arrests are also rewarded with promotions and money from drug arrests. So it is all really a very large slave industry with more slaves now than there were in the days of errrm slavery!

When they brought in their 'war on drugs' this meant the police also received military gear and arsenal. Well it is a 'war', right. And now with their added 'war on terror' their is an increase of the militarization of police which very much increases the persecution of people of colour in the U.S and elsewhere, including more and more loss of liberties, including privacy. This horrendous reality for many people of colour living in America has been termed The New Jim Crow.

Who or what is 'Lucifer'?

It's wise to really know your enemy, and that of course must include researching what myths and philosophy these insatiated warmongers believe in and thus is driving their irrationality which makes no sense whatsoever to sane people.

As I have revealed in earlier blogs, this ruling class follow a Luciferian mythology. This includes their belief that they themselves are more highly evolved than the people they steal land from, and rob from, lie to, exploit, maim, blow up, sacrifice, and murder, and commit genocide on.

'Lucifer' is really an archetype representing their self belief that their intellect, scientific and occult knowledge is superior to nature,  and others, not part of their secret societies; and their mindset voraciously adheres to one of  their chief prophets, Aleister Crowley's  Law of Thelema, which he claims to have channeled via an entity he called AIWAZ/'Lucifer', for 'the new aeon', 'do what thou wilt shall be the whole of law', seeing these 11 words as the excuse to do what the hell they want because they 'will' it, and anyone or anything that gets in their way must be crushed.

One of their favourite philosophers is Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel who stated that the individual must be subservient to the state.

The 'thinkers' they have promoted and funded through the generations include Descartes, Newton, Wundt, Pavlov, Watson, and Skinner. All of them continuing, and contributing to, the toxic myth that nature and the universe and the animals, all other species, and humans, are mechanical.


The 'Fear and Solution' Mind Control!

German philosopher Wilhelm Hegel observed that human history could be manipulated by a small group to create a contrived outcome using the manipulation of  FEAR and SOLUTION! 
 The formula 'FEAR and SOLUTION' is central to their toxic myths which include the very same tried and trusted formula fostered on us relentlessly by the advertizing industry. First they create a 'fear', something your said to lack and need, and then proffer their big sell of a 'solution'. One of the so-called 'masters of spin' Edward Bernays also talked about an elite group who controlled the masses secretly:

“The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. ...We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of. This is a logical result of the way in which our democratic society is organized. Vast numbers of human beings must cooperate in this manner if they are to live together as a smoothly functioning society. ...In almost every act of our daily lives, whether in the sphere of politics or business, in our social conduct or our ethical thinking, we are dominated by the relatively small number of persons...who understand the mental processes and social patterns of the masses. It is they who pull the wires which control the public mind.”

― Edward L. Bernays, Propaganda

"..Bernays used Freud's insights to turn 'propaganda' (discredited after the war as dishonest and exploitative) into the new profession of 'public relations' [PR]. A key feature of this new activity was that public relations was largely invisible to those being influenced by it, and aimed to control public opinion by manipulating unconscious desires."

 So the occult elite think themselves highly evolved, and even as 'gods', and want the rest of humanity to believe in a philosophy of computationalism. Man as a computer/machine. Their strategy is to dissociate us, via mind control, from our natural creative imagination and depths which are interrelated with others and all of nature, and from there they can divide and control us. In fact they have already done so as soon as we buy their myth!!

Mass media (and also some of the 'alternative' media) which is owned and controlled by them relentlessly pushes the idealized 'evolved' computerized world and cyborgism (human and machine merging). Many pop muzac videos have pushed this image, for example, and Hollywood films, and so on.

Now we see many people walking around, sitting down, focused and mesmerized on their little hand-held computers. THE SCREEN : When I say that I get the image of the painting by Munch called THE SCREAM. The build up of the trauma of being denied to really feel what we really are feeling).

Psychedelics as Sacred Medicine for Helping us See and Feel Through Mind Control?

Psychedelics, or as many indigenous peoples, and others, call substances that expand consciousness,  and invoke spiritual experiences, sacred medicine,  wakes you up to organic magical alive reality, a reality in which you can also see through toxic myths which hold you spellbound. It is really a facade of glamour (as it is known in magick terms), made up of internal images we cling to, images easily seen through with psychedelically-inspired eyes wide open.  This is a big reason this control freak  warmongering mindset want such substances 'controlled', because they depend on controlling our narratives, or managing our perceptions. They do not want their mind control tactics undermined.


See, if they can have you believing you are a computer, they then can sell you 'upgrades' to make you into a 'super computer'. This is their future strategy for getting us implanted with technology. They have already done this to animals (and possibly humans). So using the FEAR SOLUTION formula via propaganda, predictive programming and other occult means, most of which is subliminal and targeting the 'unconscious' mind, they will continue to  make you fear your natural body and self, and induce you to rush and queue to buy their latest 'solution' to upgrade your-body-as-computer and 'fill your life with meaning' care of so and so corporation, which will of course also want rent to keep you upgraded!

The day of  9/11 false flag was a MAJOR FEAR SOLUTION trick, though very real, pulled on the whole world. The very name that is used, especially by the politicians and their media is '9/11' and 911 is the emergency number for those in the U.S., usually used when there is danger, or some catastrophe has happened. But the whole day was staged to Hollywood effect, so as to create as much FEAR as possible--!

The planes crashing mercilessly into buildings, peoples soft bodies, the gigantic erupting volcanic towers of death, the running screaming people on the streets chased by volcanic looking smoke, the deathly smoke shrouding the whole of New York City, and the attacks shown again and again repetively (like they do adverts) by media. All created to induce complete trauma, FEAR. And almost immediately as it is happening on the SCREEN, which had us all mesmerized with shock, we are being pumpled the 'SOLUTION'. We were  already being told who had 'done it as we were watching it all enfold in a shocked state, Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda, and that this act must bring about a 'war on terror'. Of course this was all pre-planned years in advance! 

Do the 'ruling class'/those who have robbed all the land and money take psychedelics?

It is known that from way back into the history of patriarchal cultures, the 'masters' have thought only they should have secret access to consciousness-changing vegetation whilst their 'slaves', and the 'profane', must not be allowed to. A good book which goes into this is in more depth is called Shamanism and the Drug Propaganda, by Dan Russell.

In the Eastern culture, India, for example, only the Brahman caste, who considered themselves superior to other 'castes' were allowed to have knowledge, and use of, the psychedelic dung-mushrooms. Therefore they made sure to demonize all mushrooms to scare the 'common people' from eating them. Meanwhile in mythic tales the presence of the sacred mushrooms are being cryptically and symbolically referred to, but only those who know how to understand can see this. Same has been so in occidental mythology.

Here Monica Sjoo, in her must-read book  Return of the Dark/Light Mother or New Age Armageddon? gives an example of the mindset that would see fit to control psychedelics only for their own use, and also stick to their dualistic views regardless:

"David Spangler, the American guru at Findhorn...was an admirer of Alice Bailey's teachings. [He] wrote of how we are to overcome the ancient shamanic (lunar/female/Goddess) mind which hears the voices of Nature. According to him it is with the 'Aryan Mind' that human mental powers came into their own and brought the Masters into being. This 'Aryan mind' is the alienated dualistic onlooker consciousness of Western patriarchy which has set about destroying the Earth, turning Her from a biosphere into a technosphere. (ps. 16-17)

Psychedelics are not magic pills that anyone can take and they will make them love planet Earth, and others. This is what has been preached by psychedelic leaders in the past, who believed all you had to do was put LSD in the water supply, and...'problem solved'. But as the Charles Manson cult showed,
 people can become highly suggestive when given psychedelics and psychologically manipulated to do terrible things.
Also it's been said by some researchers that even though cultures like the Aztens and Mayans had magic mushrooms as a sacrament that they were nevertheless extremely violent cultures who would perform many thousands of gruesome bloody sacrifices to appease their gods. Most likely it was only the higher-ups who were allowed access to the psychedelics, as seems to be the pattern in patriarchal cultures.

I think it's important to quickly be aware that when we are born into a culture we are from then on being mind controlled in various ways, and as has been the case in the long years of the patriarchy, this mind control is intended to divide us from our own natures, senses, feelings, thinking,  and others, and the whole of the natural world. So if that is the set and setting that psychedelics would be taken in, then those in charge of them could manipulate us to more accept this mind control instead of seeing through it.
 Those who do are those who are natural questioners, and will not just accept authority because we are expected to. I think we have a natural part of us that defies the mind control, and thus to nurture such non conformity rather than let it be suppressed is extraordinarily...


The warmongering, and lying, culture we have been born into loves war. Its leaders are liars and will on one hand wage war, via false flags, so as to further their more covert agenda, and this goes for their other wars also, like their war on...drugs, terrorism, and so on. 

In reality they themselves deal in illegal drugs as has been exposed, and they support the worst rogue nature of terrorism, the Zionist State of Israel. They also tried to use psychedelics in the worst of ways, as mind control agents, as was revealed in their CIA MK ULTRA covert operations.

They use their so-called wars on drugs, and terrorism, as strategies to take away our freedoms which includes militarizing the police, and more and more intensive surveillance, and abuse of our rights to privacy. They particularly persecute people of colour but now are widening their net to include all others they denounce as 'extremists'.  

They depend on people not understanding what they are up to, and this is one of the big reasons for mind control. To keep people asleep.

It is essential we explore what motivates the utter irrationality of this control-freak, war mongering, mindset. To do this it is wise to checkout the mythologies they believe in, and what myths they want us to believe in, such as the myth we are robots living in a dead insensate nature.

Psychedelics can deeply help us to see through their mind control matrix, but on their own they are often not enough, because we are born into a powerful mind control matrix, and this is flexible and absorbs possible ways to see through it, and this is why they have infiltrated the psychedelic community so as to manipulate those who are suggestible in those states, and in integration. So rather, let us understand psychedelics as being part OF an ongoing learning and unraveling of mind control so as to undermine it.

Friday, 29 August 2014

Murdering, maiming. psychologically and spiritually harming babies, children, women, and men and all life.

How many of us are being made to think we must accept bombs being dropped on innocent children women, and men, shooting children, destroying peoples homes, ejecting people from their homelands, torturing and bullying others and making their lives a daily and nightly misery. Yet many of us see such stuff on the news  presented as the 'norm' and as the 'real world' etc and we are expected to get on with 'consuming,' and having a good time if we got the money, and optimistically  planning for our futures.

Well fuck that!!!

I cannot live like that, and my raison d'ĂȘtre in this life is to be forever learning how the hell it has come to this, and a huge part of how this came about, and is maintained, is MIND CONTROL. Mind control I would say is central. Mind control makes you accept this reality as being normal. And in the very looking into this freeing myself from its spells.

THIS is why radical mental health people and people in the Mad Pride Movement, and sensitive people everywhere see this 'world'  as it is. INSANE! It is insane. Really. But by using language, and controlled expression and so on they [when I say 'they' I am referring to those who have control and power over the political system, finance, and the mass media]  try and make YOU feel insane if you cannot accept their oppressive 'normal reality'.

This non-acceptance may take many diverse forms. You may really feel it, and intellectually know elements of the reasons why, or you may be unconscious of them but manifest various distresses which are symptoms of this suppressed understanding of an awareness of the insanity of this world. The world that has been drilled into you since you began to attend enforced schooling and began watching and reading mainstream media and Hollywood films

Suppression of Memory

One of the things the mind controllers do is try and suppress peoples memory. A profound example of this would be when they have invaded indigenous peoples lands, and took the children away from their parents and communities and enforced a fascist 'education' where the young are told to even forget their indigenous language. This is a real attack on the soul because for many indigenous peoples language is deeply interconnected with their land, and so to force them to not speak it, and thus forget it, is an assault on their deepest sense of being, their sense of community with all others, human, and inter-species, and the land.
For the victims of this abuse and their children all the remembrance becomes forgotten, unconscious, but the affects can manifest as symptoms of dis-ease, and this is usually what the 'experts'/ gatekeepers of the prevailing oppressive colonial occupation  will label 'mental illness' such as  'depression' and a whole host of other labelled 'disorders'. Now you are blamed for their evil. The actual bigger picture is hidden from your awareness by blaming your brain!

The way out of this pernicious matrix is to question everything. To look at what they are actually doing . Seeing through their deceptive words.  How they use language to try and obscure what is actually going on.

Gaza and a wall of lying language

There has currently been horror going on in Gaza. Israeli  missiles, courtesy of America, aimed by Israelis into the buildings and spaces (what little there is in Gaza) where there are crowded, children, women, men and other life.

 I have not been able to suffer looking at images of maimed and dead babies , children, and adults, as a result of these latest attacks (though have seen a few), but I have done so in the past, and those experiences still haunt me. It is HORROR.  It is crimes against humanity. But as horrific are the people who choose not see it. Who pretend it is not horror,  evil, and absolutely wrong , and rather use language to try and hide the evil of it such as do politicians, and those talking heads in the  Zionist-owned   mainstream media who support Israel occupation.  The use of Orwellian euphemism is a common feature of their political and mass media lingo.

"“Peace-keeping” really means “war-making”; “protecting human rights” really means “bombing civilian centers”; “upholding international law” really means “committing crimes against humanity”.  Accusations of “tyrants”, “miscreants”, “rogues” and “renegades” ["terrorists"] are hurled likes bricks in a glasshouse by perpetrators who arrogate the privilege to call themselves “civilized, democratic, law-abiding governments”. What needs to be contested, therefore, is not some kind of half-baked history, pitted here and there with flaws and hubris, but rather what needs to be challenged is out-and-out willful propaganda purporting as history." [read more]
Human beings burnt, shredded amputated , buried alive, eviscerated, are 'collateral damage'.

They also try and de-humanize the victims of their actions. For example, rarely in the mainstream media do we ever get to see and hear Palestinian people speak about their lives,  about loved ones they have seen harmed, both physically and psychologically, and killed, in the Israeli occupation.

Usually all we see of 'the Palestinians', is during a latest catastrophe, as hysterical, and utterly distraught screaming, in despair,  rushing to get injured and the dead into vehicles, and such like. This is the only IMAGE we are left with. We do not get to know about the children and adults who have been maimed, and murdered and severely traumatized by this ongoing nightmare, as well as hear the stories of people having to live the humiliation every day and night under occupation. Everything to do with that is hidden from our screens and papers.

The mainstream media do not speak to their loved ones, and find out about the children's lives, dreams. We are just given images of their drama, and the NUMBERS killed , statistics. Contrast that with the attention given to Israeli people, especially children, when they are harmed or killed. which is very rare in comparison. We get to know who they are, and it is all more humane. This is deliberate dehumanization.

 This culture which supports Israel's crimes against humanity and will attack people who question it, all to well know how their movies always make sure you get to know victims in films they want you to feel empathy for so that you can identify with those who are going to die, for whatever reason, in the narrative of the film.


Usually when some people talk about how all reality is 'interconnected', they seem to mean it in some positive way. There is not much talk about the interconnectedness of mind controls. Of how groups have meticulously devised levels of interweaving mind control strategies to ensure individuals and masses of people find it extremely hard to see through the controls put on them, both outer and inner. This is so however, and the only way we can undermine this interconnective matrix of control is by seeing these levels and how they interact, and how also built into the matrix,  leaving one level for another level can often be made out to be an 'alternative' when actually it is just walking out of one mind control spell into another one, whilst believing you have chosen a solution to the problem.

In the world of marketed corporate products this false choice is created by one corporation owning many different brands but making you believe, via the tricks of advertising, that your choice is getting you a totally different product when really your money is going to the same company.

In the political world it is the phony choice of the  'Left wing' or 'Right wing' or 'Middle' or 'New'  when all along the same people are there 'behind the scenes', but findable if you look deep enough.

 An extremely important central social control, in this Age of Scientism, which I have explored in previous  blogs,  is the mental illness myth connection.
Its underlying philosophy is MATERIALISM which is made to support the DOGMA = 'you are a robot'
 To discover a source of this myth you need to look at the  history of philosophy and psychiatry and psychology.

Question: 'Do you feel "depressed" [already a loaded term in itself]'?  'Yes?'

'Oh, your chemicals are unbalanced, take these pills to correct your chemical balance'. Even some psychiatrists now are at last confessing how the chemical imbalance 'diagnosis' was a myth all along!

First they claim that animals are robots (Rene Descartes), and next humans are robots (Wilhelm Wundt), these beliefs followed the entrenched belief of nature and the universe being made into a robot (Issac Newton). So a pattern can discerned which suits an elite who want this materialistic worldview  so they can PROFIT from it! Robotizing you into mind-less producer and consumer and subservient to their corporate world. Claiming that matter and nature is dead, and you are just a robot-body whose brain produces consciousness which is all reduced to mechanical 'behaviour' they, and their 'whitecoats' experts', can test, measure, and control.

However,  what sane person wouldn't be 'depressed' in this insane world where you hear and see and are sensitive to all the horror going on (and live it, if you lived in Gaza, etc), and constantly face with the SCREEN and its mind-controlled media-robots who 'report' about the 'real world'  using language in such a way it hides and tries to justify such terrible things as being normal? This stuff truly bends the mind. and  attacks the psyche preventing us seeing and feeling what is real. Someone's despair from the terrible maiming or murdering of their loved one is R E A L.

Along with that there are many other interconnected   things that the ruling class are doing , including incalculable harm to nature itself, which all life depends on, where you and your community are made to feel you have no say or power,  made to feel you have to either obey or, if rightfully protesting, face a violent militarized police force which at  the 'least' can use toxic sprays on you as some people would use poisonous sprays on insects they believed were pest!!

A police officer pepper-sprays students at an Occupy protest at University of California


Nature and the physical body and others are very real and also full of spirit and meaning. By saying 'full of'  is not to imply some receptacle which contains 'spirit', but that what we call 'physical' is in dynamic relationship with what has been called 'spirit'.

And so all we are, body and our natures, and the natural world and universe is sacred. The physical and spirit in dynamic relationship. You cannot have one without the other.

 All patriarchal belief systems (mind controls)  try and create a dualistic concept of reality where one part of a dynamic is superior and associated with the 'masculine' over another part said to be inferior and associated with the 'feminine', and/or to make 'disappear' the unacknowledged part of the dynamic altogether, which in our modern scenario is the 'spiritual' aspect  or depths of nature. However in this 'materialistic civilization we are to believe all is matter controlled and dominated by the 'genetically superior male thinker'.

Why do the insane ones in 'control' try and suppress this wisdom?

Because their whole sick ethos is love of war, brutality, exploitation, sadism, torture, manipulation, genocide and ecocide for "profit"!  So, therefore, they also try and mind control into us an apathy which cares less what they are actually doing.

This is why they also push New Age relativism--a philosophy very much infiltrated into the psychedelic community-- which in Orwellian doublespeak fashion says "good is evil and evil is good". They invade a country, and drop bombs on innocent babies, children, women and men and all life, and call this evil 'good', and that they come to bring 'peace'.
 The evil ones planning and having their mind controlled lackeys carrying it out lose neither limbs, loved ones, or their own lives, and don't even get a speck of one of their victim's blood on their expensive suits, or expensive hairstyles, but smiling they rake in the profits from the horrors and misery and despair they cause to others and the land!!

History is written and created by the winners and the first casualty is always the truth. And no investigations are to be allowed.

Our minds are naturally creative, and their source is the vastly mysterious depthless creative nature and universe we arrive 'here' from and go 'back' to and regenerate from in the spiral of life. So our bodyminds are quite capable of critically thinking , and seeing into and feeling what is going on, and fathoming all the intertwining mind controls of it all, and how they interconnect, but that is the very reason we are deliberately 'dumbed down' and made to feel like helpless robots whose only purpose is to consume and produce for the State's GROSS NATIONAL PROFIT (GNP). They fear our natural creativity, and want to divide us from it, make us fear ourselves and nature so that we won't threaten their oligarchy.


Looking at the ongoing horror which is happening to Palestinian people even the looking into this is mind controlled/managed as said, but there is the necessity of seeing and  naming the actual perpetrators, the ZIONIST STATE OF ISRAEL.

One of the psychological barriers to pointing that simple thing out is the fear of being labelled 'antisemitic'. But how to quickly get over or through that mind control tactic  is to find out that other Jewish people also are against Zionism, and its occupation of another peoples land, Palestine, as well as to critically deconstruct the very accusation  and term of course.

 Seeing clearly that Israel is a rogue terrorist state which commits crimes against humanity, but gets away with them time and time again, because Zionism has spread out its tentacles into all areas of power, and was what brought Israel about in the first place! The Zionists have taken over Politics, Media and Finance.  So to be seeing this is to be seeing what is actually going on, and they do not want that and will try and shut you up. There was no political outcry about Israeli war crimes in Gaza in either the U.S or the UK!

In the past when exploring about the 9/11 attacks, I have said that it was very much an occult job. Now, there are other researchers who will also look into this and talk about secret societies, and the Illuminati, the Freemasons and so on, yet never mention Zionism. This again is a form of mind control. It is a kind of not seeing the forest for the trees or not seeing the trees for the forest. Of course there are occultist levels, but not to be totally distracted by that particular inquiry.

We have to see all levels and connections of what is actually going on. The mind control in this instance is to create a 'woo woo factor' of 'secret' groups who are 'so powerful and cannot be really known or named' and meanwhile right in the face is the very Zionist state carrying out the crimes!

Israel was behind the 9/11 attacks! Zionists  were in all the significant power positions pre, on, and post 9/11 in the United States, and even though Israeli suspects with connection to Mossad were caught red-handed with trucks full of bombs, spying, celebrating the event of planes smashing into the Twin Towers, etc they were merely detained for a short while and then allowed to return to Israel!!

  The Zionist-owned media mentioned about this extraordinary news once and then dropped and buried it. The release of these vital suspects was allowed by Zionists with American and Israeli passports in roles of authority, Zionists such as the second United States Secretary of Homeland Security, Michael Chertoff

Israeli's leaders openly said 9/11 was "good for Israel".


Soon after 9/11 The Zionists tried to make it a global crime to suggest Jews, Israel, Zionism had anything to do with 9/11, or any terrorism. In actuality Israel is a racist rogue terrorist apartheid state who have been  behind other false flags in its history! [timeline examples here and here]

ADVERTS and FALSE FLAGS: Fear and Solution

 It is helpful to understand that the world of corporate advertizing is in continuum with the world of politics, patriarchal religion, the occult, and false flags!! The same tricks and mind control strategies are shared. And the shared core strategy is the inducing of 'fear' and then offering their 'solution'.

  An example, they may create fear in you that looking 'older' is bad. Fear. And that their 'solution' are their 'beauty products' to bring back your 'youth'. 

Or it may be that if you have a car considered 'uncool'. FEAR. Then to solve this fear so induced is to buy the latest 'cool' model, or even colour. And there are many variations of this, using subliminal stuff as well, targeting your 'unconscious'. They can do this via images, and word spells, or wordplay. 


These tricks are designed to have you forever buying stuff you don't really need.  Remember they want you to believe their formula: 'You' = robot consumer, and they spend MILLIONS of £$s conspiring  in groups to find the easiest ways to get you to spend more,  and spend faster.

  They are most happy when you are not aware why you want something, but just do, and they love that you can just click and buy something and devise easier and easier ways for you to just scan a button on your iphone etc to purchase a product.  Quickly quickly!

 Soon--and it is already here-they will try and have you queuing up to have their techno gadgetry inserted into your body. Arron Russo claims that this is one of their end games, and in this way they have total control of you. So it is safe to say that the whole world of corporate advertising is based on FEAR-BASED MIND CONTROL!  AND THAT THIS VERY SAME PROCESS IS BEING USED ON US WITH THEIR FALSE FLAGS AND OTHER STAGED EVENTS.

9/11 is a massive global example of such fear-based mind control. First, predictively program people to expect such an improbable event via storylines in TV dramas and films etc, and then plan and carry out a false flag.

 Quickly blame it on a demonized individual, Osama bin Laden, (who is connected with the Intelligence agencies) and 19 terrorist hijackers with boxcutters and use your media to repetitively call the outcome of all this violence and fear-inducement, the new 'war on terror' . A guaranteed constant state of fear with constant 'solutions'. A 'war' that can never be won because there is no definite enemy to defeat.

The very 'name' of the day '911' connotes, for the American population, consciously and subliminally, 'emergency', danger, fear, because those are the numbers people press when calling emergency services on the telephone etc. And thus the term, 9/11, has been used incessantly by the politicians and their media to maintain the fear-based mind control unleashed that day. 

“The most brilliant propagandist technique will yield no success unless one fundamental principle is borne in mind must confine itself to a few points and repeat them over and over.” Joseph Goebbels, Nazi Propaganda Minister

Then comes their 'solutions': invasions of other countries, and mass murder of innocents ( the real horror of all that means denied and 'hidden' behind the mind control of their language, including body language, and tone of voice,  they use.
 Indefinite imprisonment of people who are not given fair trial; torture; laws past which allow President Obama the right to murder anyone in the world if just suspected of terrorist activities; massive spying of all the people, and on and on and on. And all this oppression, evil and lies being hid behind Orwellian euphemisms and neurolinguistic body language all carefully utilized by the main stream media transmitted 24 hours a day on hat ever present SCREEN most people have flickering away in their rooms where they live.

How do we get to the core so as to undermine the many headed hydra of mind controls

I think and feel that what is most dreaded by these branches of the patriarchy is Nature. Nature includes all emotional and ecstatic expression in ourselves as embodied beings, and how we interrelate with the natural world and the natural world and all the species of the natural world.

The mindsets which form these groups that seek ultimate control over themselves, others, and nature can be likened to armoured heroic egos. A great recurring image which reflects this mythical fear is the god/angel/saint/knight/hero who we see depicted in art as a male, sword raised, attacking a Serpent/Dragon

St George (Raphael)

In Goddess mythology, the Serpent or Dragon is really representing the primal energies and spirituality of nature and our own natures and body. But in patriarchal mythos, the hero wants to fight off all that, dominate and kill it,  because he feels threatened by the deeper parts of himself and also nature and so is matricidal. A ongoing desire to flee from, dominate, and even kill the Mother who is othered as a 'monster'.

Armour symbolizes rigidity and lack of sensitivity, and yielding to touch, embrace and love. Such an ego others 'monsters' which he feels he has to keep killing and dominating and so is caught in a terrible vicious circle  as he goes about causing mayhem, not only for himself, but for all others he believes are a threat.

This mythic theme exposes he feels therefore divided from nature, and he devises a mind controlling system of divide and rule to cause others to feel the same also, so seeing through this mythic indoctrination helps us to dissolve whatever armour we are encased in.


In looking into all of this, I often find repetition in my research, but that doesn't mean repetition is bad. For example, caring parents will repetitiously tell their children to always brush their teeth twice daily. Eventually the kid will get it--it's not cool to get decaying teeth and loose them--and he forms a habit of doing so. So habits can be good also, as well as bad. 

The control freaks  however use repetition in their adverts and propaganda for toxic purposes. Creating false fear and offering phony solution to profit themselves. They couldn't give a fuck about you or your child or apparently about life and sacred interconnection of all life!


So in looking into this we may also use repetition, but it is for the good habits of learning to see through their ever-so complex toxic mind controls which proliferate and flexibly free ourselves from rigid bodymind sets. It is like a spiral that when we cycle back it is a deeper sense of where we were before. Nature  is dynamically cyclic and thus so is creatively learning. 



Monday, 14 July 2014

CRAZYWISE: Rethinking Madness — A Documentary Film

This video introduction for a documentary titled CRAZYWISE Rethinking Madness is really exciting and important, and for anyone who follows my blogs will know,  I also am trying to bring the whole issue of psychedelics, spiritual experiences, and the mental illness myth, and madness, and sanity, etc., together so that we can explore a much larger dynamic than we are mind controlled by.

By the way, I am working on  a blog which I hope to publish soon.

Here's the video:

Sunday, 11 May 2014

'September 11 --THE NEW PEARL HARBOUR'~~Must See!!

The 9/11 investigation is very important. The 9/11 event and investigation cannot be seen to be 'the past' and therefore the idea we must 'move on',  because the powers-that-shouldn't-be use 'what happened' on 9/11 as an excuse for their ongoing  violent onslaught on life: When 9/11 is Used as a Pretext for Drone Warfare: AE911Truth Speaks Out

As we know, as well as remote-controlling drones to kill people, they have used their 9/11 false flag lie as an excuse to invade other countries, murdering innocent men, women, and children, and all life, and passing laws which strip people if ever more rights and freedoms.

Meanwhile the mainstream media will not go near this subject of investigation into 9/11and challenging the inconsistencies and blatant lies of the official story unless it is insulting those who want answers, and  9/11 truth, as being "conspiracy theorists" and other derogatory name-calling like "nut jobs", "tin-foil hats", "truthers", "twoofers", etc., oblivious to the fact that such people include those who lost loved ones on 9/11, and days, months,  and lingering years after to diseases brought on by the toxic air caused by 9/11 destruction toxic dust.

This article goes into why it is that mainstream media avoids a proper investigation into 9/11 like the plague:

Pentagon Papers Whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg Says that the Government Has ORDERED the Media Not to Cover 9/11

I have been told by reporters that they will not report their own insights or contrary evaluations of the official 9/11 story, because to question the government story about 9/11 is to question the very foundations of our entire modern belief system regarding our government, our country, and our way of life. To be charged with questioning these foundations is far more serious than being labeled a disgruntled conspiracy nut or anti-government traitor, or even being sidelined or marginalized within an academic, government service, or literary career. To question the official 9/11 story is simply and fundamentally revolutionary.

In other words they choose to LIVE A LIE. Finding it acceptable for innocent people be fried alive, mass murdered,  and their bodies blown to bits, and people who risked their lives to help them die also and suffer from  terrible diseases and lingering deaths caused from poisoned air which the authorities also lied was safe to breathe. These people who stay silent and promote propaganda supporting official lies, and block any real questioning, are as guilty as the real perpetrators they defend.

The video below is one of the most powerful films I have ever seen to do with the 9/11 investigation. I very much encourage you to watch it, and share far and wide and ask the same of others:

September 11 -- The New Pearl Harbor (FULL)

Sunday, 30 March 2014

MIND~CONTROL: becoming aware part 2

What the authorities really forbid is the subject's efforts of self-determination. What they fear most is a narrowing of the gap between ruler and ruled. How this gap is measured---whether in theological, economic, political, racist, sexual or psychiatric terms---is not especially important.
Revolt against authority, was, and remains to this day, the original sin, and the classic crime of the individual -The Manufacture of Madness: Comparative Study of the Inquisition and the Mental Health Movement, by Thomas Szasz

As John Allegro further revealed in his book The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross, the Fruit the authoritarian 'God' did not allow, the "Forbidden Fruit",  was really a mind-altering psychedelic fruit. Of course that is exactly what mind-controlling authoritarians do NOT want, your mind changing, and being able to see through the worldview they establish via mindoncontrol! Only they want the power to mould your mind and perception of reality and set it toward their agenda.

"But wait! ", some may say, who are familiar with the Luciferian philosophy which the cabal in power follow , "the Luciferians also call the God (who they name Adonai)of the Garden of Eden an evil authoritarian tyrant."
This is true, and their myth of the biblical creation myth can be summarized thus:

Luciferian Philosophy: summary

God, Adonai, creates the Garden of Eden as a kind of prison for his creatures, Adam and Eve, who, like will less  robots, must obey all he says, and not question his authority. And this includes not eating from the Tree upon grows the Fruit of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, the eating of which can make them as gods, "For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil".
The serpent in the tree according to this interpretation their interpretation  is Lucifer, and Adam and Eve's liberator.

 Luciferianism is really the worship of their (the cabal's) own intellect, technological prowess, and occult knowledge; apotheosis. The Law of Thelema which these people also abide by states, via their 'prophet of the new aeon', Aleister Crowley: "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law". This means to them they can do what the hell ever they want because they are 'gods', and "the philosophy also emphasizes the ritual practice of Magick.". Their 9/11 event was a mega magick ritual!

In line with the ancient solar mystery schools, they do no see the natural world as sacred, but more so a trap, and the Luciferians seek to recreate it in their image using technology. This is what their Trans-humanist agenda is all about.
So their understanding of knowledge, and also psychedelic inspiration, is not one of an understanding of the sacredness of planet Earth, nature, and the human body, and all other species, and our own natures, but they believe their predatory and mind-controlling willpower is evidence they are highly evolved, even unto their concept of themselves being gods.

Garden of the Goddess

It is very important to be aware that both supposedly inverse and conflicting interpretations of the Genesis 'creation myth'   make sure to denigrate nature. For the Luciferian interpretation the Garden of Eden, representing nature, is already a trap created by Adonai, whilst in the Christian interpretation, the Garden was made corrupt and ruled over by the Prince of Darkness, Satan, due to the willful disobedience of Adam and Eve against God.

Both belief systems are patriarchal and suppress Goddess mythology, meaning, and spirituality. So it seems that the same mindset is behind both belief systems, like they are behind the so-called 'choices' in the political world such as the 'Left' or the 'Right, or 'Communism' or 'Capitalism', etc.,.

 In Goddess mythology the Garden is the Great Mother. Her Trees of Life upon which fruit psychedelics are for the ingesting and celebration of Her mysteries, which do not divide spirit from nature, earth from heaven,  masculine from feminine, light from darkness, nor life from death. The spirituality is ecstatic immersion into these divine mysteries which inspire transcendence of the ego which divides:

This was the pattern [ie of the takeover of Goddess peoples by the sun cults]: The sun hero who vanquished “evil” in the form of monster serpents or dragons was originally a moon hero…and as such, the son/lover of the great Goddess. In moon mysteries, he overcame death in ecstatic self-transcendence experiencing luminous oneness with her. But when he becomes the patriarchal sun hero, he kills the Mother Goddess in her dark underworld-serpent aspect. Instead of transcending his ego, he “transcends” the whole world, cosmic union giving way to worldly conquest and destruction of the sources of life. He destroys life in the name of “conquering death””
The Great Cosmic Mother, Barbara Mor and Monica Sjoo, page 254

What the Luciferians do then is subvert the meaning of ecstatic inspiration to mean cold dry intellectual and occult knowing and magick which can then be used as a powerful tool over others who are too foolish to be aware what they are doing, and thus deserve their manipulation and oppression, because they are less evolved.

Below is  a video which is part of a longer intervew the late Aaron Russo gave telling how he became friendly with David Rockefeller who informed him that 9/11 was planned, and was the pretext to create a 'war on terror' which he laughingly said was an obviously unwinnable war which could therefore go on and on and on, and would allow them to invade Iraq and so forth, towards establishing their plan for a New World Order, and that their ultimate goal was to chip everybody, and have complete control over their money, and if they get in debt they can literally turn then chip off

Aaron Russo: "The ultimate goal that these people have in mind, is a goal to create a one world government run by the banking industry, run by the bankers. And they're doing it in sections; the European currency, the Euro, and the European Constitution, is one part of it. Now they're trying to do it in America with the North American Union, and they want to create a new currency called the Amero, right, and the whole agenda is to create a one world government where everyone has an RIFD chip implanted in them. All money is to be in those chips, there'll be no more cash, and this is given me straight from [Nick] Rockefeller who said this is what they want to accomplish. And all money will be in your chips, and so instead of having cash, anytime you have money in your chip, they can take whatever they want to take out whenever they want to. If they say you owe us this much money in taxes they just deduct it out of your chip control. And, if your like me or you [to interviewer], you can't do anything and you protest what they're doing, they can just turn off your chip, and you have nothing, you can't buy  food, you can't do anything, it's total control of the people. [the chip is connected to a databse with all your personal history etc] Everything is in there, and so they want a one world government controlled by them, everyone being chipped, all your money in those chips, and they control the chips, and they control the people, and you become a slave, you become a serf to these people. That's their goal, that's their intention...Rockefeller told me eleven months before 9/11 happened there was going to be an event. never told me what the event was going to be, but there was going to be an event, and out of that event we would invade Afghanistan to run a pipeline from the Caspian sea, We were going to invade Iraq to take over the oilfields and establish a base in the Middle East, and make it all part of the new world order, and we would go after Chavez in Venezuela, and sure enough later 9/11 happened, and I remember how he was telling me how we were going to see soldiers looking in caves for people in Afghanistan, and Pakistan and all these places, and there's going to be this war on terror, which is no real enemy, and the whole thing is a giant hoax, you know, but it's a way for the government to take over the American people...and he was laughing, who are we fighting? I mean why do you think 9/11 happened, and then nothing happened since then? Do you think our security is so great here that these people who pulled off 9/11 can't knock down another plane? Come on, it's ridiculous. 9/11 was done by people in our own government, our own banking system, to perpetuate the fear of the American people and to subordinating themselves to anything the government wants them to do.That's what it's about, and to create this endless war on terror. And that was the first lie, and the next lie was to go into Iraq, you know, to get Saddam Hussein out with his weapons of mass destruction, you know, that was the next lie...An endless war on terror without any real enemy and so you can never define a winner...There's noone you can define to beat so it goes on for ever and ever, and so they can do what the hell ever they want. They scared the hell out of the American public. This whole war on terror is a fraud, it's a farce. It is very difficult to say it out loud because people are intimidated in saying it. You say it and they want to make you into a nutcase, but the truth has to come out and that's why I am doing this interview. The face of the matter happens to be that the whole war on terror is a fraud, it's a farce. There's a war going on in Iraq, because we invaded Iraq, and people over there are fighting, you know, but the war on terror, that's a joke! And until we discover what really happened on 9/11, and who was responsible for 9/11, because that's where the war on terror emanates from, that's where it comes from. It was 9/11 which allowed this war on terror to begin, and until we get to the bottom root of 9/11, the truth of 9/11, we'll never know about the war on terror[Talking about how come Nick Rockefeller came to him] Yes, I was definitely being recruited, but it was more subtle than that. Remember we were friends, and he would come to my house and lot and we would have dinner, and then we'd talk...I was asked if I was interested in joining the Council of Foreign Relations, you know, I would have to get a letter to join them, was I interested in that, and you know just stuff like that, leading you on, and I used to say to him I never really did that, because that isn't where I was coming from. As much as I like you Nick, your ways and my ways, we're on the opposite sides of the fence, you know, I don't believe in enslaving people [and he would respond with] "why do you care about them? Why do you care about those people? What difference does it make to you? Take care of your own life. Do the best you can for you and your family. What do the rest of the people mean, they don't mean anything to you. They're just serfs, they're just people".
 You know, it was just a lack of caring, you know, and that was just not how I was. Just sort of like cold, you know, and I used to say to him, what's the point of all this? You have all the money in the world you need, you have all the power you need, what's the point, what's the end goal? And he said the end goal was to get everybody chipped, to control the whole society. To have the bankers, the elite control the world. And I said, do all the people in the Council of Foreign Relations believe what you do?  And he said "no, no, no, most of them believe they're doing the right thing. Many of them believe it's better off being socialistic. You know, we have to convince people that capitalism, that socialism is really capitalism."See America's becoming socialistic, it's a communist country today.
Well one of the things he told me was that...he was at the house one night, and he started laughing and he said, Aaron, what do you think women's liberation was about?" And I said, having pretty conventional thinking about it at that point, I said women having the right to work, having equal pay with men, just like they won the right to vote. And you know, he started to laugh and said "your an idiot, let me tell you what that was about. We the Rockefellers funded that. We funded women's lib. And we were the ones who got it all over the newspapers and television, the Rockefeller Foundation." And he said, "You want to know why? There were two primary reasons: and they were, one reason was, we couldn't tax half the population before women's lib, and the second reason was, now we get the kids in school at an early age. We can indoctrinate the kids how to think. So it breaks up the family. The kids start looking at the State as their family, at the school at the officials as their family, not as their parents teaching them. And so those are the two primary reasons for women's lib which I thought up to that point was a noble thing, you know. When I saw their intentions behind it, where they were coming from when they created it, I saw the evil behind what I saw as a noble adventure."

Now see this next  video where it is said how the youth can be seduced to get technology implanted their bodies via  tattoos (and also swallow technological pills) which will "piss off their parents" and therefore be 'cool' [que laughter]...

This following video includes the idea that by 2017 more and more people will be chipped for medical and consumer purposes...

...Google built the drones for Amazon...
Google, the NSA, DARPA, and our government are all in bed together, doing together, and it's this whole push towards advancing technology and [this includes] the Transhumanist agenda...the merging of man and machine. What is the purpose, what is the goal?...Immortality, that is the goal...for the select few. Those who could afford it. This dream is of course insane!

What am I, or you, going to do when we are faced with pressurized situation when we have the chip pushed on us along with all the hype and peer pressure. it will be on TV, the movies, the papers, the mags, billboards, on the cellphone, from family and friends---all badgering you that you just aint cool, or intelligent, or 'upgraded', or evolved,. if you don't get chipped, and/or don't get your child chipped, if you have one. What will you do?

I won't have a cellphone. And I have gotten all kinds of funny looks from people when it is assumed I just must have one, and I say I don't. Talk about techno facism! I have seen people, all ages, glued to those things, forever chattin shit in them, or texting whilst walking across busy roads, and in the most lovely places. In each others 'company'. I have seen people say they feel 'funny' unless they have their cellphone, and are just forever looking at them.

According to a video I recently saw, and am not sure how correct it is, but narrator asked if you had ever wondered why considering all the different mobile phones and designs why it is the numbers are all set  in the same pattern in rows, and when these numbers on each row are added up they give two digit numbers, and each of the three rows giving a two digit number, when added give the number 6, so we get 666.
Considering there are control freaks into the occult  in control of the world, could it be that the 'number of the Beast 666'  is invoked into the very number patterning and numerology of millions of hand held devices so many people, including children,  now seen as a necessity of life and is already drawing peoples attention more and more away from the living magical earth, and the technology is mesmerizing them into total addictive servitude and next step is when more advanced and miniaturized technology immerses itself into the flesh and/or swallowed?

Dr. Jose Delgado, a neurosurgeon and Yale professor, [7][8][9] received funding for brain electrode research on children and adults. In the 1950s, he developed a miniature electrode placed within an individual's cranium capable of receiving and transmitting electronic signals. Delgado was able to control the movements of his subjects by pushing buttons on a remote transmitter. He demonstrated by wiring a fully-grown bull. With the device in place, Delgado stepped into the ring with the bull. The animal charged towards the experimenter – and then suddenly stopped, just before it reached him. The powerful beast had been stopped with the simple action of pushing a button on a small box held in Delgado's hand. [10] MC 147, BB 88

These people are all about mind control, and they will want to use technology as they have used their other strategies of control which they continue to use.

What we must do is become aware, and say no to authority.

Sunday, 16 February 2014

MIND~CONTROL: becoming aware ~~~

 What is mind~control?

How are we being mind~controlled?

What can we do about it if we know we are being mind~controlled?


  “The essence of mind control is that it encourages dependence and conformity, and discourages autonomy and individuality. . . [it seeks] to undermine an individual’s integrity in making his own decisions.”

I have been shocked and sadly surprised that when trying to engage other members of the psychedelic community, both leaders and their followers , into conversation about the occult and its extreme oppressive prevalence in this civilization, which includes  false flags like 9/11 etc, and its overall matrix of mindcontrols, I have been met with silence or hostility and even censorship. I have explained the latter experience at length in my preceding blog.

 Why this taboo? I mean the occult mind-manipulators are all about targeting our unconscious processes, and collective unconscious, and psychedelics are all about revealing to us the unconscious (what we may not have been aware of before), not all of 'it' of course, because what we are not aware of is infinite mystery, but we become more dynamically aware than 'usual', and as I will explore, the reasons many of us are not more aware is because of mindcontrol, the deliberate constriction of awareness by the mind~controlling culture. So why have I sensed a resistance when wanting to bring this to awareness? Mind~control?

First I want to make it clear where I am coming from when even asking such questions as these.  I am coming from a Goddess, earth-based, perspective whereby I understand the physical sensual body,  and ones nature, and other people, and all other species, and Earth, and the universe to be sacred. Reality is interrelated,  mind, spirit, soul, consciousness, unconsciousness, and the body, physical and matter are complemental. A dynamic living process.

Whereas the Christian and the New Ager may come to this subject with the bias that people and nature are 'fallen', and ruled by a demonic power/'Satan', or that reptilian aliens or other evil entities, have created the body and Earth and even the solar system as traps which contains an 'infinite spirit of love' which is made to keep reincarnating in physical bodies to serve an evil occult elite who are in hybrid with evil aliens ---  a simplified summary of the two camps' beliefs--- I rather see the insanity of these secret societies, and their mindmanipulating and destructive behaviour we are all faced with,  to be all about their limited and destructive thinking. Though I am aware these occultists in positions of power claim to 'channel' entities via magick -as did their "prophet of the New Aeon, Aleister Crowley", , whatever it is they contact seems to share their own reactionary beliefs!.

 In my life-experience, I  have been through periods when I have done destructive things because of thinking in a limited way, and when I look back I cringe at the ignore-ance/un-consciousness I had then. I had to learn that what I was doing was wrong, ignore~ant, which is becoming more aware. So it is with the insane individuals and groups of people who have been drilled with dualistic thinking by parents, and/or getting involved in cults, and secret societies etc., whereby they become totally lost in absurd ideas. Some may really believe in what they do, but an outsider who is more savvy can see that they are caught up in destructive egomaniacal thinking.

Extremely prevalent when discussing mind control is the question of consciousness:

What is meant by 'consciousness' and 'the unconscious' .

 Actually we do not know what consciousness is, if by 'know' is meaning 'scientifically'. Of course we know consciousness in the sense that we are all conscious now, and have experienced different 'states' of consciousness, but do please keep in mind/consciousness/awareness that science does not actually know what consciousness is !!!
 Some 'experts' even deny there is an 'unconscious' or even consciousness itself. This is really important to consider so that we don't get taken over by 'experts' who all vie to tell us what consciousness and unconsciousness 'is' or 'is not'. We must rather trust our awareness of how we learn about reality.

Can we not explore this deep subject of mindcontrol understanding we are conscious ourselves? So we do not need 'experts' to tell us how to be conscious? To trust others to tell us what consciousness is can also be a big  part of mindcontrol.

 Consciousness, I feel,  is a mystery. How, for example, can consciousness look at itself to measure itself? To de-fine, or measure is to limit.

Also science does not know what 'matter' is, so there is deep mystery too! I find this liberating and not uncomfortable.

 A painting by Monica Sjoo showing the entrance to Newgrange, a Minoan labyrinth surrounded by a snake, and an archaic Goddess in the style of Inanna or Astarte (common in ancient Babylon and Near East).  One walks the unicursal labyrinth, centering the mind and balancing the body through the balanced turns of the labyrinth; then is ready to enter the womb of rebirth symbolized at Newgrange; all while watched over by the Great Goddess of Birth/Death/and Rebirth.

 However, as we shall see, mindcontrol techniques still seem to be successful via the dividing of consciousness into a 'conscious' and an 'unconscious' and targeting the latter so as to influence the 'conscious' mind.

Edward Bernays and Uncle Freud

The 'discovery' of the unconscious is said to have began with the 'father of psychoanalysis', Sigmund Freud. And one of the first people to use subliminal advertising was the 'father of spin' ,  and nephew of Sigmund Freud, Edward Bernays. He used his Uncles psychoanalytical techniques  to secretly manipulate people minds.

A famous example of Bernays' subliminal mind-manipulations was,  when hired by the Tobacco Industry whose goal it was to get more women to accept smoking in public,  he arranged events and symbolism etc to instill in receptive women's minds,  a self-image, the phony and irrational idea that cigarettes are a 'torch of female liberation'. This he accomplished, along with help from Hollywood  films and TV, and this ploy has been very successful to this day. By his deliberate mind-manipulation the cigarette was made to represent, for women, a "torch of freedom"!
 For males, who who got hooked on Marlboro cigarettes, the inculcated image was of a well-endowed cowboy who was idealized to be an epitome of rugged individualism, a man who gotta do what a man gotta do.

 Layers and layers of mind~control

They are coming at us from all angles~~

1) Traditional religion . Traditional religions are based on the belief of a duality between good and evil. I see this belief as the roots of fear-based mindcontrol, because as soon as an authority conceptualizes an idea if an independent evil and independent good, and promise they can help save you from the former if you obey, and reward you with the latter for such conformity, they have you where they want you; clinging to their authority.

This is why the Christian hierarchy invented the 'Devil' and introduced this concept into their belief system. Then follows the threat of losing one's soul to the Devil/Satan and everlasting damnation in Hell, or the promise of being redeemed and claiming the reward of eternal Heaven.

2) Materialistic science (Scientism) We are made to believe that we are isolated units of consciousness, and that our consciousness is produced by the brain, so we are supposed to be alienated in a soft-robot body which exists in a mechanical, random, nonconscious meaningless environment. In the words of Rupert Sheldrake:

The scientific creed

Here are the ten core beliefs that most scientists take for granted.
  1. Everything is essentially mechanical. Dogs, for example, are complex mechanisms, rather than living organisms with goals of their own. Even people are machines, “lumbering robots”, in Richard Dawkins’ vivid phrase, with brains that are like genetically programmed computers.
  2. All matter is unconscious. It has no inner life or subjectivity or point of view. Even human consciousness is an illusion produced by the material activities of brains.
  3. The total amount of matter and energy is always the same (with the exception of the Big Bang, when all the matter and energy of the universe suddenly appeared).
  4. The laws of nature are fixed.  They are the same today as they were at the beginning, and they will stay the same forever.
  5. Nature is purposeless, and evolution has no goal or direction.
  6. All biological inheritance is material, carried in the genetic material, DNA, and in other material structures.
  7. Minds are inside heads and are nothing but the activities of brains. When you look at a tree, the image of the tree you are seeing is not “out there”, where it seems to be, but inside your brain.
  8. Memories are stored as material traces in brains and are wiped out at death.
  9. Unexplained phenomena like telepathy are illusory.
  10. Mechanistic medicine is the only kind that really works. [source]

 The  image of a 'hero' who attacks a dragon/serpent is the mythological subliminal message that the patriarchal mindset, which deifies 'reason', is conquering nature which it believes to be 'chaotic'. This concept is the mythic roots of scientism.

3) Enforced schooling is where their mindcontrol begins proper!

Most children have no choice but to attend the mind-manipulators schools of coercive left brain thinking/'rationality'. Not only does this institution force a dumbing down 'education' on millions of children, but when children do not conform exactly as demanded, the school authorities, supported by Big Pharma and Big Medicine, coerce parents to have their children put on drugs!

If the pupils/inmates have 'too much energy' or 'too little energy' and/or are 'distracted', there is an official labeling of these bogus disorders, stigmatizing abbreviated labels such as 'ADD' and 'ADHD'. In other words, they do not want any children being naturally creative and imaginative, energetic and expressing emotion, but rather little robots who eat 'facts' and 'memorize' them and copy them down in tests to get 'good grades' so they can fulfill a role of a good conformist citizen for the State, most likely destined to have to go on psychiatric medication because of feeling so disillusioned with life under this oppression one is not supposed to notice or say anything against or feel.

The process of 'learning' in 'education' is called "cramming", a gross assault on the psyche. As usual this mindset does to psychic space what it does to creative 'space' in nature, it cannot tolerate natural ecosystems, so when possible wants to cram its buildings, airports, and roads etc there to expand its concrete culture and make 'profit'. Same is so for the creative 'space' of a child's mind.

2) General mass media propaganda/PR. Only 6 companies own 90% of the American media whereas in 1983 the number was 50! So there is an "illusion of choice"  :

 We falsely think of our country as a democracy when it has evolved into a mediaocracy.Where a media which is supposed to check political abuse is part of the political abuse."
Danny Schechter (former CNN and ABC news producer)

 "These commercial entities now vie with the government for authority over our lives. They are not a healthy counterweight to government, they are as big as or bigger than government, and they work closely with government."
Mark Crispin Miller (Professor of Media Studies at New York University)

 "The most powerful special interests in Washington today is the media, because not only do they give money and lobby and do all the things that industries do in Washington, and companies do, but they of course control whether or not a politicians mug gets on the tube. Now that's power. That's the ultimate power in a political realm, is controlling perceptions." Charles Lewis (former "60 Minutes" Producer)
[quotes transcripted from from Youtube video titled  Orwell Rolls in his Grave (Full 3HR Documentary)]

3) Subliminal advertising. Commercial artists write and draw subliminal embeds into adverts, be they for general products like deoderants and TVs and alcohol, cigarettes etc, or celebrities, films, video games, and even politicans, and so on.
They will write 'hidden text', a common word being "SEX" and draw 'taboo images' and 'unnerving images' called "Hell Sell" by the ad industry all of which are targeted at your un~conscious. [From leaked ad training manual:

 " Since its inception in the early 1960s, the subliminal selling strategy for Kent cigarettes has been based on a variation of our top-secret  Hell-Sell theory. To visually promise the viewer salvation from death, and loss of one's very soul to the devil, is an emotional hook that we've cast over and over again, in varying forms for a variety of clients."[quoted from The Great Subliminal Message Deception - Full Documentary

Subliminal programming is in moving pictures/videos/films also. These embeds are helped by the faster editing techniques which are often too quick for the conscious mind to 'notice' . A example of this I observed was a rap video where the rapper has 'fans' in the music video all dancing about, and one fan has a satanic occult symbol on Tshirt and at same time it is shown/flashed, another fan is posing by it in admiration. This happens fairly fast, but is targeted at the unconscious which takes all of this in and then its devised this information filters through to the conscious mind and this is the mind~control intention of the ones choreographing the scene. In this case, drawing the unsuspecting observers deeper into their Illuminati cult. They blatantly show these occult symbols and rituals overtly as well as subliminally implant their symbols.

4) Subliminal Messages/ Predictive programming .  This kind of subliminal message are prevalent in various formats, including the Simpsons cartoon series,and other cartoons, and films etc,  aired before the actual attacks on 9/11 took place,  subliminally messaging that this event was known about by those-in-the-know beforehand.

  Also when inserted into a film's narrative  are 'prediction' of events to come, like for example the 9/11 false flag attacks, but also terrible events such as The Sandy Hook massacre where the very name of the school is featured in the film, The Dark Knight Rises, which itself, its screening, was involved in another staged shooting at Aurora.
There are also whole plots of filmed dramas such as the TV episode called The Lone Gunman which are like auditions for the 9/11 event, and other bloody events which are staged as further mind~control. So all of this mind-controling matrix is extremely convoluted! You need a very flexible awareness to explore this strange subject, I would say.

The image on left is from the U.S.A.'s First World War propaganda campaign of 'Uncle Sam' "I Want You For the US Army". More so as an Illuminati sacrifice!

In the picture above taken in the infamous classroom occult satanic ritual.scene where W Bush is just supposedly being told of the second plane hitting the WTC tower,  notice the picture appearing in the conjunction between the two heads? The picture resembles a 'devil-like' looking head and face with two little green horns and pointy 'chin'.

In mainstream media there was a very conscious decision to publish  photographs and videos of what looked to be 'demonic' faces in the smoke of the World Trade Center towers. In this instance there was no reliance on hiding subliminal scary-face images and depending on the unconscious picking them up. There was concerted effort to mention these 'devil-faces' and associate them with evil 'terrorists' belonging to the "axis of evil" as reported by politicians and media to be responsible for this attack. Both consciously and unconsciously.

5) Occult symbolism and ritual in many pop videos and promotions how many 'stars' have we seen covering one eye for example? This signal  is symbolizing the 'all seeing eye' Illuminati symbol which can be seen on their Great Seal on the one dollar bill etc. Aleister Crowley called it the 'Eye of Satan'. ALL gangs have signs they show to each other to identify with each other, or warn other gangsters off. This is no difference with the Frreemasonic and Illuminati gestures, except most of these 'stars' are really just being used for the reward of fame and money. Illuminati puppets.

Although I am itemizing/numbering these mindcontrol strategies which make up the Illuminati matrix, they  should really of course be seen as an interrelated matrix that is dynamic and very toxic and therefore not for our good or nature's good. So for some to say we need these groups to wake us up out of our slumber, is like saying the Indigenous peoples of Turtle Island needed the evil that was to invade their land and lives to wake them up? No, it is these predatory ruthless secret groups who choose evil, and then just willy nilly go about doing it, though they may pretend they are doing good. There is nothing in that to be proud of.

When you look at the beliefs that pervade a spectrum of the patriarchal mindset, including their occult, it is dualistic. There is much emphasis on a conflict between good and evil. The duality of 'good' and 'evil' is the very roots of mindcontrol, because they tell you what is evil and then promise you the good, and you believing them cling to their authority as they do evil to you and call it good and mindcontrol you to believe it is good! This is what George Orwell was meaning in his book 1984 with the Department of the Ministry of truth and its 'doubletalk/think'  "War is peace, ignorance is strength, freedom is slavery".

7) The war on psychedelics The so-called 'war on drugs' which very much includes war on psychedelics which is also a war on consciousness, or better a war on the mindbody. By using the term mindbody I am not giving preference to either consciousness or body, it is all a dynamic whole in relationship with nature and the universe. An all inclusive dynamic including mind, body, consciousness and unconscious and and others (humans and other species) and  nature, including the universe. I like organismconsciousnature whereby 'consciousness' is the dynamic of conscious and unconscious and also understanding nature is conscious.
So war against psychedelics is against consciousness and nature.

 The ones wanting control-over very much fear the power of psychedelics, and of old, since at least the rise of the patriarchal city-states, sought to keep access of psychedelics only for the secret societies and away from the slaves, as they still do to this day!

 As I hope I am showing, they depend on mind-control and psychedelics can, when used wisely, help us see through their toxic mind~games. So they of course try other strategies, by using their materialistic myth to suggest that insight gained from ecstatic experience be reduced to mere chemical reaction and 'hallucination'. Notice that after over forty years of prohibition they now reluctantly allow certain psychedelic studies to give psychedelics to humans but shroud the experience mostly in medicalized lingo. Any other kind of experience which threatens their corporate ecocidal matrix is still taboo and outlawed in this culture.

8) Mental illness myth. This central social~controlling myth which took over from the social~controlling traditional religious myth, depends on its believers accepting the materialistic 'scientific' belief that we are soft robots, and flukes of emergent consciousnesses who are 'living' in a dead mechanical environment which is random and meaningless, and our only purpose is to produce and consume because when we die that is it. If for any reason you find you cannot cope in this soulless  'reality' then, to this mind~set, will mean you have a "chemical imbalance" which needs psychiatric medication and/or talking therapies to help you cope with the 'reality'. The very reality driving you fukin mad in the first place and is contributing to the very destruction of the natural world!

Pay attention to form and              space

Please play along with me here. If you are not familiar with this, then it will really be big thing to find out without being told. Like a joke, if it gets explained it loses its very purpose. Please look carefully at all of this image including space in between and all around and see if you notice anything as well as the flowers. Once you become conscious/aware of it you cannot miss it. Commercial artists will often use negative space around/behind form because they count on us being unconscious of space whilst focusing on the form, or points in the form:


Leaked Ad training Manual showing planned subliminal embedded art

. The bottom two images are from printed adverts from the 1970s, and are from a leaked ad training manual . You will be able to see, especially if you zoom in close to the one furthest below, the meticulous care commercial artists will go to influence your unconscious mind by using subliminals that refer to sex, and also what they call "Hell Sell" or disturbing images that are intended to secretly invoke our fears of the unknown, suffering, pain, death, 'Hell'. Both sex and death are meant to hook you to the product as a means to both fulfill sexual desire and help save you from anxiety.

Transcript from the video ('ad training manual')
"Initiation into the psychological concepts and manipulative stratagems of the art course often comes as a shock to those naive individuals the computer "mispicked". 36% of all previous candidates dripped out in disgust within the first 3 days. Since there is no [underlined] refund we try to stress that certain squeamish types of people aren't suited for the psychological demands of this fast paced secretive business. Our main goal is to produce artists and idea personnel dedicated and obedient to the advertising necessities involved in regulating Americans production-consumption cycle.
Man lives in an environment of symbols, and it is extremely important to understand something about the symbol-making process because symbols are the raw material of human thought and all communication. Superficially we think that words are the only form of communication, because we live in such a highly verbal atmosphere. Yet in actuality, there is a far greater amount of nonverbal communication going on all the time through the use of other symbols than words.34:27 - "The woman's choker closely resembles a collar its submissive symbolism (in this context) is much the same ...she will be as obedient and docile as a dog is obeying the erotic desires of her master (the viewer). She is a sex slave...her index finger is extended and is pointing suggestively to someone the "ice-cubes"
Airbrushed into the ice-cubes are several erotic symbols. These symbols are designed to activate socially taboo thoughts and emotions in the viewer or potential consumer. We create desires that can only be satisfied by product consumption.
The symbols in the "ice-cubes" may seem invisible but hypnotic research has shown 95% subconscious "pickup". The subconscious can take in astonishing amount of visual information. This information filters its way up to consciousness by way of what is socially acceptable. The rest is to remain in the subconscious where it later emerges in the form of desires and wants that are satisfied only through acts of consumption.
The "ice-cubes" which her index finger point to, form an erect penis. These two cubes have been flesh colored and can be seen from a distance of several feet, once pointed out. Notice how the penis angle is correct for proper virile erection. Since a penis in a glass is considered taboo, this image would be immediately repressed. People only see what they expect to see.
The woman's lips are in close proximity to this erect, flesh-toned penis. This idea of fellatio is reinforced by the satyr blowing on a flute or phallic-shaped object. Oral sex is a commonly desired quest and fantasy of males of all ages. By retouching and airbrushing in this symbolic and sexual message we've elevated a mere glass of whiskey into a potent aphrodisiac.
Next to this erect penis is a red cherry. Red is a loud, hot and active color. On the right of this cheery is a happy fornicating rabbit. This rabbit is an apt symbol for love and sex. It's common knowledge that the logo for *Playboy* magazine is the promiscuous rabbit. Male boasting of sexual prowess often include emphasis on the partner's ability to "fuck like a rabbit".
Note that the ice-cube area surrounding the rabbit's engorged penis is a creamy white. The ice-cube area above the cherry is also a creamy white rather than a see-through clearness. In this ad's blatant sexual context, this creamy white color correlates with the creamy whiteness of sperm. Obviously ejaculation by fellatio will be successful, enhancing the virility appeal of this product.
Below the fornicating rabbit is a happy smiling human face to symbolize drink that tastes good and will make one happy. it also correlates with love for oral sex - Licking her lips in anticipation.
Below the smiling face are several other penises in varying stages of sexual excitement. To the left of these aroused penises are several female shapes with large breasts. The large breasts help activate instinctual maternal sucking impulses associated with the pleasure principle. The female shapes visually stimulate any repressed sexual desires in the viewer. "

It might be wondered that when erotic images, and words suggesting sex etc., are so prevalent now everywhere, why would it even matter that commercial artists 'and' sorcerers still plant subliminal embeds , and occult symbols etc. The answer is that many conscious minds are mind~controled to resist such stimuli whilst the unconscious mind does not resist but notices everything,  and that is why they target this deeper aspect of us which it must be understood is also dissociated from us through their other mind~control strategies like 'education' which suppresses our natural development of creative imagination, as well as their war on psychedelics (which is a war on consciousness. and imagination and ecstasy and spiritual awareness and interrelationship with nature) which is a far older mindcontrol device than even enforced schooling, as Dan Russell explores in his book Shamanism and the Drug Propaganda.

End of part 1