Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Aaron Swartz driven to suicide by the corporation-owned government

I have only just found out about this!! What a beautiful dude inside and out.

Aaron Swartz died for Piers Morgan's sins... 



Aaron Swartz spoke this in his early teens at his school:

 "Everyday millions of innocent children are unwillingly part of a terrible dictatorship. The government takes them away from their families and brings them to cramped crowded buildings where they are treated as slaves in terrible conditions for seven hours a day. They are indoctrination to love their current conditions and support their government and society. As if this were not enough they are often held for another two hours to exert themselves almost to the point of physical exhaustion and sometimes injury. Then when at home during the few short hours which they are permitted to see their families they are forced to do additional mind-numbing work which they must finish and return the following day. This isn't some repressive government in some far-off country, it's happening right here. We call it school."