Wednesday, 11 August 2010

There Be Dragons!

How the patriarchy demonized the Dragon~~~~~~~~~~:

"Myths are not artistic embellishments, fairy stories men make up to amuse themselves and their fellows; they are the very heart and brain, as it were, of the social organism, necessary for its survival -- as that particular society." The Manufacture of Madness, (p.121)

Remember all the stories and films you've read and seen with the main character, the 'hero', attacking dragons, and killing dragons? Has this propaganda made you view dragons, reptiles, as bad? If so don't be so hasty, for Monica Sjoo liberatingly informs us, in her book, 'The Return of the Dark/Light Mother or New Age Armageddon?, the mythological dragons represent from the Goddess earth-centred perspective~are~ the Goddess and are protecting nature, as well as guardians of Trees of Life which connects life and death!
We have thus been indoctrinated, watching and reading and imbibing about how 'mr hero/saint/god destroys the Dragon', thereby being conditioned to accept the 'hero's' inheriters legacy of excuses and actions for their continuing to destroy Earth. Of course by 'destroy' I don't mean as in the end of Earth as a planet, but more so the continuance of the attack on the quality of life for all, and the threat to the human species--following in a long line of other species who have been made extinct which continues.

Jonathan Ott reveals in his books how patriarchal religions have suppressed the real halluconogenic sacrament and replaced it with an empty placebo, thus not allowing ,even the memory of this ancient knowledge and experience, nor people to have direct natural spiritual experience. To experience nature in all its sexual ecstatic potentials in relationship.

Sjoo shows how even the so-called New Age Movement reveals a patriarchal worldview, with belief in a "Christ Consciousness" and how it is supposed to be superior to nature, nature being an 'enemy' to its fulfilment, and thus nature needs to be 'put right'. This belief system would explain their general disdain for psychedelics, regarding a very ancient means for deep communication and sense of relationship with nature.

Some leading New Agers do, however, confess now to having taken psychedelics, in David Icke's case the South American sacred plant, Ayahuasca, but he explains his experience in very world-negative terms---claiming a female voice told him that nature ("3 D reality") was an illusion conjured by evil 'reptiles' to keep humans trapped and having to be reborn here again and again to serve the elite, themselves supposedy a shapeshifting hybrid with the proposed entities. Yet again we have preached to us the ongoing patriarchal antagonism towards the reptilian species (dragon!! and thus the natural world) but this time with a modified modern twist where 'they' are presumed to be actual interdimensional entities, and connected with 'ETs', and/or entities that are in cahoots with the major rich families on the planet of which Icke, in his anti semitic rants, directly connects with the Jewish Zionists as the central evil conspiracy.

In the so-called 'scientific arena' we are led to believe that this world is untainted by the patriarchy, and/or New Age beliefs, because science&scientists operate with reason, especially and particularly via their 'scientific method':

"The enthronement of reason is the chief achievement of post-Enlightenement 'Modernism' in its rebellion against centuries of religious dogma and uncritical acceptance of authority. Science is acclaimed as Modernism's finest fruit..." The Mechanical and the Organic: Virtual Reality and Nature .
So the irony is that the adherents of the emerging scientific worldview 'rebelled' against a phony scam! The orthodox religious dogma with its 'truth' and symbolism. Empty symbolism without actual substance and meaning when divorced from original depth, meaning, and roots of the symbols they had tried to subvert towards their own ends.

So-called 'spirituality' having left a bad taste in the mouth, with its fascistic rules, oppression, and violence, torture, and mass murder - the 'new kids on the block' eventually 'throw it out' and deify 'reason'--ie., mechanical reason without spirit/soul, feeling, depth, and connection with nature in a sensual way. But willy nilly these unresolved subverted symbols, not understood, and consciously rejected, become unconscious and carry on acting out inwardly and onto the world and others.

Sjoo reveals how early invading patriarchal men and their 'gods' were "insatiable" for Soma/hallucinogens----As have been other nature-negative, or world-denying cults.
I think this is such an important thing to know! It reveals that the romantic notion which believes psychedelic experience must always be 'sacred' is just not true if by 'sacred' the mindsets so affected view with disdain other species, women, nature, and even their own physical bodies, and sexuality.
It is also liberating to know because it doesn't disenfranchize our natural self---the self before it eats the sacred plant or substance. Any psychedelic experience is therfore more a continuation, like good sexuality must be with the life of the body in relationship, rather than some 'state' which must be superior to natural life, and the body. The first prerequisite is to feel and understand we are nature. To love, and desire nature, and/or your partner, the experience will go as deep as your feeling will yield to it, and not try and control it.

Now, the 'serpent people' (the indigenous people of the land who recognized lunar mythology of the Goddess) know Goddess contains both light and dark, like the moon in its phases was understood to do, but the 'sons of light' (ie., the males who were part of the solar cults, who identified themselves solely with the 'good light' as opposed to the 'bad darkness'), do not believe their solar god has anything to do with darkness, and that the latter was a mistake and must be defeated, or there must be continual conflict between light and dark.. So the CLUE to be aware of is this patriarchal division between light and dark--consequently also implying a division between what was believed to represent light, and body, repectively sun, mind/spirit, thought of by that androcentric worldview as male, and for body, woman, and nature--which becomes the 'mind/body dualism'.

The patriarchy fear the dark and thus reject it, but you can't reject 'it', for it is not an it, bur rather a process which always involves light. You can't have one without the other! ( Note it is hard for the abstrating terms of thinking to think as process for in the very terms of describing process you 'have' to say "one" and "other"). Therefore what they reject they unconsciously project. Thus their behaviour becomes what they hypocritically shout against--'evil', and is ongoingly poisoning nature and the soul itself.
A very powerful example is fear of 'dark' people, and the need to persecute them to justify the 'rightness' of the 'white/'light' race'. This is what is meant about the symbolism unresolved, and not understood becoming unconscious. The fear of darkness is still there, which includes dark skin, and sense of the 'other', albeit cleverly conceiled to oneself--and others-- and justified rationally in the 'reasoning' brain--which is really irrational. The same for their myth of the Theory of Evolution, a myth which has been used by the 'superior reasoning class' to subjugate those peoples deemed to be not as evolved as those who 'reason' that to be the case.

Patriarchal religion proclaimed spirit was transcendent. Patriarchal science proclaims nature is mechanical. Notice that both worldviews remove spirit from nature--thus devaluing the Goddess (who represents nature as a process of matter and spirit--you cannot have one without the other)--for nature and the Goddess have always been related.

The diagram shows you how 'spirit' and 'matter' dramatically change in the hierarchy once scientific materialism takes over the major power role away from the church. In both worldviews it is made sure to the people--the victims of their oppressive myth-- that 'matter' has nothing to do with 'spirituality'!

Myths can be alive and liberating or they can be stifling and oppressive to body, and mind, and all that you need to live~~others and nature. Also not just for humans. Other anceint myths, such ss native America myths/stories would include animals, for example, and honour them as our relations.
In our materialistic myth millions of animals are captured and bred for a lifetime--however short and misreable that may be--of what they term 'animal testing, and vivisection'! All reasoned out as for the betterment of human life.

Maybe it is hard to see yourself under an oppressive mythic system--that is the power of propaganda. The image that can help is imagining yourself a prisoner in a loud clanking jail:

So there you are in that institution--the jail. Can you hear the oppressive lonely clanking sounds echoing all round? The harsh geometric lines and grim colours of the surfaces hurt the eye. The hard light. You were born here! This is all you know. You are told that this is it. This is reality. Through the barred windows you can see the large expanse of blue sky and rolling clouds, the green hills, woods, and streams, and feel wisps of fresh breeze caress your face through the grill, but you've always been told that all that belongs to the owner of your jailhouse. If you tell his representative, the screws, you are unhappy, or hallucinating/stir crazy they explain that you must be suffering from a physical disease which they term mental illness. They have pills, such as 'anti-depressants', and 'anti-psychotics', etc, and electric shock treatment, which suppress emotions. These help you carry on doing the jobs which help keep the jailer very rich, and his screws also get a good share.
But what is really making you feel bad is that you feel something is wrong. Bad food, environment, both physical and psychological.
Because you've been born into this environment you don't know the roots, That this jailer built the jail for his own power and oppression over you. You are being lied to, but aren't quite sure... And if you take these pills these emotions may subside, or you may kill yourself.

See the patriarchal (rule of the father) game: By disenfranchising nature patriarchal man proclaims: "You need ME!" --in its theocracy this 'me' is as the priests who are claiming to be intermediaries between you and 'God', and this enforced dependence gives them power.

With scientism, the new 'priests' are the scientists, not as intermediaries to a 'God' though, who they claim to have not any use for any more, but rather - their presumed to be - vastly superior mechanical knowledge and ability to dis-cover reality using their 'scientific method'.

The patriarchal mindset wants more and more control.

What is this need for control?

A way to approach this question is to checkout a central social controlling myth of these 'scientific' times--the myth of 'mental illness'. The pushers, supporters, and authorities of this myth very rarely look at themselves as being 'mentally ill', but label more and more people, including children, as having disorders/diseases of the biological organism.
An example, so-called 'Obsessive Compulsive Disorder'. A person with 'OCD' usually is seen as ritually doing things which however seemingly strange are a way to bring an order in their lives which may seem chaotic and confusing to them. They may keep washing hands repetetively, or count certain numbers obsessively before doing a task, etc. This demand for order is really a fear of chaos, and 'lack of control'. An irrational anxiety of what could happen IF they didn't carry out certain rituals so as to attain some seeming order.

Well if you look at the history of the solar cults and the patriarchy, or if you prefer the 'dominator model', we see this same demand for control via obsessive ritual though on a much larger scale, and it is in reaction to nature and the Goddess which has been seen to be chaotic by the insane rationalism of a typical male warrior mindset. Where light is worshipped and darkness feared. Death is seen as chaos.The darkness and chaos is unknown and therefore cannot be analyzed and brought under some kind of perceived and preconceived order. Of course the greatest fear of this worldview is DEATH! And it is therefore no surprise that the great dream of this scientific dictatorship--'transhumanism'--seeks to mechanically 'conquer' disease and death!

"...there seems to be a sense from ancient peoples that death was not feared the way we fear it today. There is evidence that death was seen as part of life not its opposite. A belief in regeneration is the same belief in the scientific axiom that energy is neither created nor destroyed." Energy changes form. So we change form when we die. If early people were able to celebrate this, why can't we? We have become frightened of life's cyclical pattern as we have attempted to control nature--which has become more and more of an obsession.
Controlling nature is impossible. It is terribly egocentric to think that nature is ours for the taking. What would our lives be like if we lived in the conscious psychic experience of this cyclical pattern? Would we be afraid of dying. Would we be able to accept death as a change of form rather than fear it as an end?
The aspect of the Goddess associated with death and regeneration is the Crone--also symbolized in reality as the Dark Moon--as well as with such mythical aspects of the Goddess as serpent-headed Medusa.

When you look at the patriarchal mythology you will see these mythologiocal feminine archetypes maligned, attacked, and censored--just like the Dragon. Medusa was the patriarchal 'hero's' Underworld enemy and just one look into her eyes turned him/men to stone. 'Death'. Death seen by the warrior cultists not as the great liberator without which life could not be, for death and life are the warp and woof of reality, but rather as a curse to fear and conquer.
This is why the mythological aspect of the Goddess, the Crone, has been and continues to be so feared by them.