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Apocalypse~:UFOs, Psychedelics, Aliens, and Anthropocentrism

 Carlos Diaz (photograph of a UFO)

Soon  comes the climax of the  "big date" much vaunted by the likes of Terrence McKenna, 2012, and so I thought I would review a talk he gave about UFOs, and let it inspire us to explore what apocalypse might mean regarding us expanding our senses in relation to our relationship with nature and cosmos.

 I like the word Apocalypse, not in its Judeo-Christian sense, but preferring the original Greek apokalyptein definition of to:
"uncover, disclose, reveal" 

If anything, '2012' can be understood as a springboard date of encouragement to explore reality as boldly as one's inquisitive efforts will allow. Not however being dictated how to by any authority, but respecting our own journey of dis~covery, knowing that we also change as more information is discovered, and maybe stuff you know will prove false, so it's wise to stay as flexible as possible faced as we are with this mystery of reality.

I will link the actual Terrence McKenna video at the end of this post, but for now will present its transcription, and guestion what he says, and this will also inspire more questions and how I try and approach this subject:
Terrence begins:  “…with less willingness to argue it strenuously in front of straight people, I certainly agree with you extraterrestrial intervention of some kind is possible. I’m uncomfortable with arguing it, because my fellow extraterrestrial enthusiasts are such a disgrace to intellectual discourse. I mean they’re a bunch of squirrels, you know ahhh. And also, the extraterrestrials they wish to champion, these grey-faced proctologists from other star systems to pay house calls in the middle of the night, that’s absurd. And it’s also incredibly pedestrian. It’s so like human beings. Real aliens are really alien. They don’t care about our reproductive processes or how much coal we’re mining. They don’t want to take a piece of tissue out of your belly button, or anything like that. They’re so alien, that the trick is to even establish any commonality of interest whatsoever. So there seem to be two things happening. A very subtle penetration of human consciousness and institutions by a very alien something which may have its roots in the organization of the human psyche,,,but whatever it is it’s subtle.

I have never met an alien in the flesh so to speak, as far as I can recall, and haven't met anyone face to face who have shared with me an alien abduction or experience, though I have read reports of people claiming this, and seen videos, and communicated via text etc. Could they all be hoaxers, or having psychological issues which are not 'actual reality'?

 I have a problem with the affix- 'mono'. I don't like words and things to do with mono, mono-tone, mono-culture, mono-theism, including mono-theories. Even if one report were real it would be a very radical thing.

 I have had  very powerful OBEs where I encountered beings, and it was very real, and life-changing to me, but when I have told pseudosceptics they will tend to know better than me what it is--eg, 'false'! That makes me disrespect that arrogant and ignore-ant attitude, though I can also understand how we cannot just uncritically believe anything anyone says, and how there's a dangerous history of cults where mass suicides have occurred through dodgy beliefs believed by gullible people. But there still must be respect, and if people have evidence that is good, and the important thing for me is asking questions so as to explore things even if they may seem completely strange.

My main research into the UFO phenomena is the craft,  the evidence for which is substantial. That some people claim to make contact with beings flying these strange crafts thus makes sense, especially if their demeanour is sincere and especially if they show evidence like "scoop marks" , or 'missing time', and so forth.

I also don't have a problem with aliens with two legs and two arms and a head. If planets and stars and galaxies are of mostly the same forms and patterns here as they seem to be millions of light years away, why not hominid shapes also? And why is it assumed they cannot change shape. The crafts have been reported to change shape, and perform feats which defy our scientific understanding, so why shouldn't this apply to their occupants physical forms also? Most researchers into shamanism, for example, are familiar with the term "shapeshifting", but usually associate it with an 'internal' state, but as I try and remember and point out, science does not know what consciousness or matter is and so maybe 'they' can do things we are not aware of also 'externally'?
  And the often reported big deep looking eyes some of these beings have; that to me is really 'alien' too. Eyes being the window of the soul, that description has always captured my imagination! Yet McKenna concluded, he knows what 'they' are implying only his version is authentic: "real aliens are really alien" he asserts.  One wonders whether he personally ever had an experience of 'physical' contact with one of the aliens he doesn't even consider alien? Maybe in deeper understanding of dimensions we can both experience them 'internally' and 'externally'.
Terrence: "Meanwhile, there’s something else going on, a kind of syncratic religious hysteria based on unbalanced personalities willing to put forth fantastic paranoid hallucinations that they gather other soft-headed folk to their flock, and then this becomes a source of epistemological degradation in the culture of dialogue because these people are bananas in some sense you know. And, interestingly, highly phobic of psychedelic drugs. I mean, I have made the mistake of agreeing to speak at UFO conferences, and you know it’s the most bizarre and regimented group of people. I don’t know how they manage it. First of all the faith is that metal ships from other star systems are visiting this planet to help us with the culture crisis, I mean it’s 1940s male engineering mentality in a Flash Gordon suit, and if you suggest anything about a psychic dimension to it [you get[ “oh your one of THOSE people” and it’s just completely dismissed. And you go to these UFO conferences, and you go into the exhibition hall, and at table one Commander Zero of the Planet Thermida has his plan for mankind, twelve feet away at table two Zeta Reticuli people have an entirely different message. Table three, the Paleidians …and you know…
What happened to what’s called the Principle of Parsimony? You understand what I mean? In other words…well the principle of parsimony says, the simplest explanation should always be preferred unless evidence accumulates otherwise."

 I get the feeling that McKenna may have been so repulsed by some of the reports from abductees that he felt a need to believe the people were deranged rather than dare give any credibility to the accounts of their experiences.

I personally have been through such phases regarding the Greys, and in fear latching onto a theory which denies its possible physical reality. For example Steven Greer reckoned they were genetically created biological robots made by humans in secret biological black operations so as to create a fear amongst people of aliens per se, and I was attracted to his theory for a while, and maybe that was me trying to deny the possible reality of these beings being independent, who it's said, by some, can immobilize you, and stick long pins into your terrified eye (or was that a film I saw?) as you lie helpless in their operating table.
 But as people like Dr Mack found out from his research, with people who chose not to call themselves abductees, but rather experiencers, there could be intertwined with these alien contacts a mythical and shamanistic quality.
 Dr Richard Strassman discovered in his research with volunteers into the psychological effects of DMT,  that people would also report seeing these aliens in abduction like scenarios. So it seems to me, looking at the more diverse evidence,  a bit more complex and mysterious than the mono-theories Greer and others might be trying to spin, for whatever reason.

McKenna also seems to have a resistance to aliens  flying about in 'metallic' UFOs, and having an independent intelligence of their own, and  caring for Earth, and coming to our aid, yet this very possibility plays a crucial central role in Robert Hasting's research - About UFOs and Nuclear Weapons - where he has amounted substantial evidence that UFOs have actually intervened into the Military Industrial Complex 's nuclear war bases,  showing their extraterrestrial presence and even interfering with the weapon facilities as a form of protest of our use of nuclear power. In fact it is known that the proliferation of UFOs appearing in the modern era since the 1940s happened to coincide with the United States, and other countries, creation and use of nuclear weaponry!
Terrence: "This sort of leans onto a minor obsession of mine which is, it has to do with this, this raises the issue of the whole question of the paranormal, and psychedelic people are of many minds about the paranormal. Some psychedelic people feel no need to entertain its existence at all. Others are constantly consulting pendulums, you know, so forth and so on.
In the matter of anomalies, I’ve found a nearly foolproof way to get to the bottom of any given paranormal claim, but people don’t like my method very well. It has to do with concentrating on the personality of the witness.
 We are incredibly naïve about the phenomenon of witnessing. So, say errr this afternoon I go on a hike by myself up into the sandstone and then I come back wild-eyed at evening and say that I saw a ship of some kind and then I tell you a story. I daresay, probably you would believe in some sense this story, but why should you? And in fact, how much do you know about me and my need for self-esteem, my history of lying, my history of having strange things happen to me. The fact that I was molested by an uncle at age eleven, wasn’t everybody? This kind of  thing in other words. And err, so constantly people are telling me about, or reporting in the media, stories—a flying saucer was seen over village so and so last night, reported by several residents, but it’s these, this kind or reportage assumes that people are like cameras, but people are not like cameras. People are a nexi (?) of psychological complexes, fears, self-doubt, delusion, illusion, religious upbringing and so forth, and so on. And, I guess because I’m in a kind of position where I can meet anybody in those places where I might care to, it’s like you get to go behind the scenes, like going backstage at a rock and roll concert you know. Well then what you discover is, all of these people are errr incredibly grotesque and complicated, and conflicted and bizarre, and err, you know, to think of them as Joe Ordinary cheerily explaining the aerial phenomena, it’s not how it is. These are people who were earlier into Wicca, and then spent some time in a Tantric ashram in Zugzikerstan, and later had an affair with the ambassador’s daughter, they were running heroin from Nigeria, and he had to do a little time in Jabuti, and you just realize, you know, these people are so complicated, that any story told definitely serves many many agendas, and you know you specifically mentioned Whitley Streiber. He is a very very very peculiar person, you have to spend no more than three minutes with him to realize that this is, that the issue is the person telling the story, and I found that with cropcircles and with lots and lots of things. You know, drag in the witnesses, and don’t ask them what they saw, ask them what kind of childhood they had, what there religious upbringing was, and how errr you know, what they think about Atlantis and stuff like that, and it begins to unfold in a different way.

Psychedelic experience and the journey of inquiry they have inspired in me, including my own extraordinary experiences, have thankfully not caused me such narrowing of mind that I hear from this guy.  Though surprisingly Terrence McKenna also has a very creative inquisitive mind, here it seems to fail him. The way he talks about people who claim to have had these experiences, not feeling able to trust and respect their testimony, and so on, is as bad if not worst, considering, than I have heard from regular hard-nosed pseudosceptics!

One would think that for someone who had openly bragged about his "heroic doses"  of magic mushrooms and reality-shattering DMT trips that such experience would inspire openmindedness and empathy for unconventional people telling wild tales.

Take a look at this video of a possible abduction of a family and see what you think? They don't seem "bananas" to me.

 UFO: The High Bentham Incident

According to McKenna's worldview, and perspective, it is wonder how these people he lambasts manage to negotiate crossing the road, being such a jumble of neuroses he claims them all to be. He doesn't seem to have any trust in human perception and judgment. Like any bio-shrink, or debunking psychologist type, if you shared some of your visions with him he wouldn't really listen with respect, he would be looking at you already having pre-judged you as 'mentally ill'. THAT is not good investigation, that is prejudice.

Terrence: "We’re very naïve about narrative, and we’re very naïve about reporting the world to each other. We don’t understand that if you apply consciousness to any single thing it gives way to a spaghetti of ambiguity that down at the quantum mechanical level everything turns into everything else. Well, so, simple stories , simple thoughts about them, are usually so low definition that the meat of it, the meaning is somehow betrayed."

McKenna himself couldn't get to any real meaning, because his consciousness has already reached a conclusion---'they're NUTS ewwww get me outta here!' He had already concluded what was "really alien". It is what he is familiar with, so fuck anyone elses's experience--they're nut jobs. They are not fit to listen to as one human being to another, and to really listen would degrade his 'superior intellectual sensitivities'.

Terrence: The aliens of psilocybin are much more alien, you know. I mean they're not hominids. They’re not interested in how many atomic power plants we use, or how we excrete or reproduce. They’re really alien, and the trick, the trick is to know when your looking at it. I mean, that’s always the trick. I have often in my mind the image of the world’s largest radio telescope [which is] in Puerto Rico, and it’s used to search for extraterrestrial radio signals, and it’s so big, this massive metal structure, that it’s hung in a round valley on these towers so that it can be manipulates, and its’ hung in this valley that they scooped out with bulldozers, and made a perfect bowl, and then they planted grass with a telescope in this bowl, and they put cattle on the grass to keep it short. So here’s the world’s largest radio telescope staring out at NG33264 with a six billion channel analyzer searching the noise that drifts between the stars for some clue to extraterrestrial intelligence. Meanwhile, two hundred feet below the telescope in the dung of the cattle perfect specimens of stropharia cubensis are proliferating furiously, being gathered by the local …tourists who talk to extraterrestrials back in their motel room. So, you know, it’s errr a strange game [audience laughter].” [see video below]

McKenna conceptually performs here the old patriarchal 'trick' of dividing the 'internal' from the 'external', and pays more homage to the internal experience which he feels is the psychedelic experience. This is a patriarchal mode of operation that goes way back, and this pattern emerges in all its belief systems and institutions.
 They divide reality into separate categories and have one category more superior than the other, so examples are: male & female, spirit & nature/matter, light & darkness, mind & body, life & death, etc and all the former categories in the list are thought to be superior and their latter oppo~sites, inferior, and often they will disappear one category altogether so, for example, Physicalists will try and explain away even mind/consciousness and argue 'only 'matter' exists"'. Of course this unfounded 'scientific' assertion creates all kinds of problems for understanding reality.

So I spot McKenna doing the similar here in his talk separating 'psychedelic reality' from ''nuts and bolts' reality'. He looks down his bohemian-intellectualized nose at people and their reports of actual UFO and alien observation and contact, but bigs-up his own,  and others, 'inner' experiences of DMT-inspired UFOs and 'aliens'. Terrence simply cannot expand his inquiry to respect both views, and so condemns those who explore the opposite 'external' category.
I keep putting commas round term s like 'internal' and 'external' because I suspect this cultural conditioning  of separating dynamic wholes goes deep and acts as a great barrier for understanding UFO phenomena, and the paranormal in general.

I personally am investigating a mysterious interelationship between internal and external. How can it be anything else? That is a question, and not an assertion.  We are both subjective and objective beings, you cannot have one without the other. It is impossible to be wholly 'objective' or wholly 'subjective'. Though we can use those terms and it can conceptually make us think by doing so they are independent, in reality reality is dynamically interrelated wholes.

I recently gathered, after reading an article about the beginnings of a so-called scientific investigation into the UFO phenomena, which began in 1966,  that all scientific inquiry into UFO reports and alien contact was stopped in the United States --where President Nixon's world-wide so-called 'war on drugs' was instigated-- in 1970 because the report's conclusions stated the investigation 'has no value' in continuing research. It dawned on me that at roundabout this same date the same had happened to psychedelic research which also was officially claimed to have no value. So here we have two extraordinarily important fields of inquiry which, simplistically for now, can be called extrarordinary 'internal inquiry' and extraordinary 'external inquiry' officially squashed at the same time?

It is therefore very fruitful to know and remember this:

 science doesn't know what matter or consciousness is, and,
 we don't even know how we perceive reality. 

So straight away we explore from a certain position of 'I know that I don't know'. And we have to add that this does not even mean we will ever fully know what reality 'is', and would  'fully know everything' even make sense?
  For if we keep in mind dynamic wholes, which defy and confound the conceptualizing analytical  rational gaze, with known must always be unknown, and so there will always be mystery, because there's no such thing as 'all completely known'. But we can go deeper, because reality is depthless.

In the video transcript above where McKenna, like UFO researchers such as Jacques Vallee and others of that ilk, try and argue all UFO phenomena as being part of the human 'collective unconscious' and psychogenic (though Vallee also includes 'black ops'--secret man made advanced technology, and psyop techniques such as abductions and so on similar to Greer), sharing  this Jungian way of thinking about the subject of UFOs and aliens is one of the main pioneers of psychedelic psychotherapy in the west, and  founder of Transpersonal Psychcology, Stanslav Grof:

 “As a result of my personal observations and study of UFO literature, I realized very quickly that the attitude of mainstream scientists toward this phenomenon was simplistic and inadequate. Like experienced UFO researchers such as Jacques Vallee and Alan Hynek, I came to the conclusion that we are dealing with observations that represent true “anomalies”  and seriously challenge our established concepts of reality.
I became convinced that the two alternative explanations offered by materialistic science---hallucinations of psychotic individuals and misperceptions and misinterpretation of some natural human-made objects---were painfully inadequate efforts to capture the nature of these enigmatic experiences. I also felt that it was very unlikely that we were dealing with actual visits of physical extraterrestrial beings. We have enough information about the planets of our solar system from unmanned probes to know that they are unlikely habitats for such visitors. And the next possible point of origin of such interstellar journeys would be Proxima Centauri, separated from us by 4.2 light years. Spacecraft from such destination would have to travel at a speed approaching or exceeding the velocity of light or use interdimensional travel through hyperspace,
I concluded that the UFO experiences were phenomena sui generic ["of its own kind/genus" or "unique in its characteristics"], anomalous  events that represented a radical challenge to mainstream scientific paradigms and required a radically different explanation. I read with great interest C.G.Jung’s book Flying Saucers: A Modern Moth of Things Seen in the Skies (Jung 1964). In it Jung reviewed accounts of UFO-like visions reported throughout human history and suggested that these experiences were manifestations that had their origin in the imaginal world of the collective unconscious. According to him, they were thus neither hallucinations nor perceptions of material reality, but belonged to the twilight zone between consciousness and the world of matter. Jung thus relegated the UFO phenomena into the realm of consciousness research and transpersonal psychology. I found his argument very convincing and saw it as a justification of my own interest in this area.” [quoted from his book, When the Impossible Happens: Adventures in Non-Ordinary Reality, (published 2006)] [Emphasis mine]

So as we see, Grof's psychogenic theory of UFOs and their occupants of having no 'actual autonomous' reality except as projected from the human collective unconscious  mainly originates from Carl Jung, and his book Flying Saucers : A Modern Myth of Things Seen in the Skies, first English publishing in 1959

McKenna also says elswhere "The collective overmind of our species is the source of the UFO"

 and , "The UFO is a reflection of a future event that promises humanity's eventual mastery over time, space and matter."

But a recent article I found, about Jung, completely debunks that mono-viewpoint which yet again surreptitiously placed the human ---the ones with the science---at the centre of the universe.

According to the author of this article, the information your about to read was suppressed till the late 1980s:

Dr Carl Jung and the UFOs: The Real Story! -  UFO Evidence

In July last year, I received an email from Mr Chuck Schultz of Colorado [...] asking for information regarding the great Carl Jung's true opinion's about UFOs.

This happened to be a very important question on which I had done a lot of work in the years past, and which, as I knew, had involved one of the most disgraceful examples of denial and "cover up" that I had ever encountered.

I was able to answer Chuck Schultz's questions but it has struck me forcibly that this entire phase of UFO research history, involving Dr Jung, must be totally unknown to our younger readers of today!

So I publish below an account,  as succinct as I can make it, describing Jung's years of study of "our subject", the conclusions to which he finally came before he died in 1961, and the highly successful "cover story" maintained ever after to prevent the world from knowing what those conclusions were! [G.C]

As we know, when the "Flying Saucer Phenomenon"  erupted into human consciousness in 1947 and the years immediately following, the powerful folk of our world - politicians, military, scientists, doctors, priests of religion - all had their particular reasons for being deeply worried...and of course quite especially perturbed were those who called themselves "psychologists", "psychiatrists", and "anthropologists"...:

1. Dr Carl Jung Himself on Unidentified Flying Objects [Reprint from FSR Volume. 1.] (May/June 1955)

 In the course of years, I have  gathered together a considerable mass of observations, included in which are reports from two eyewitnesses known to me personally (I have never seen anything). I have also read on the question. However, I can only say for certain: these things are not a mere rumour: something has been seen.

 A purely psychological explanation is ruled out by the fact that a large number of observations indicate a natural phenomenon, even a physical one (explainable in part as reflections or temperature inversions).

The American Air Force (despite is contradictory statements), as well as the Canadian, consider the observations to be real and have set up special Bureaux to compile reports. However, the "disks" (that is the objects themselves) do not behave in accordance with physical laws, but as though without weight, and they show signs of intelligence guidance, by quasi human pilots, for their accelerations are such that no normal human could survive. [read more]

Our sense of reality, and being, has been and continues to be manipulated by control-freaks who withhold information about contact with UFOs and their occupants, and the possible understanding and access of advanced technology which could radically transform all our lives and help heal planet Earth from the centuries of abuse, and also wages a war against our natural freedom to ingest psychedelics, and explore their physical and spiritual healing benefits which includes healing the rift many people, brought up in traditional religious cultures, and mechanistic cultures, feel between themselves, and the human community, other species, nature and cosmos

It is true there is a so-called resurgence of psychedelic psycho therapeutic studies, but it is all laden down with bureaucracy and is in danger of becoming 'medicalized'--please see this great article: Psychiatric Power and Taboo in Modern Psychedelia.

 In a talk by a psychotherapist who is part of a psychedelic study, he showed images of magic mushrooms growing freely in fields and hills on a big screen, and then told the audience that in a street in New York City there is building containing an eight hundred solid steel safe within  which are are safely locked away capsules of psilocybin, strictly intended for the medical authorities carrying out the psychedelic studies, and the safe is weighed every day! 

 People in the UFO community talk about the need for "Disclosure" [dis ‘klo zhor] the act or process of revealing or uncovering; making known; freeing from secrecy or ignorance”]. This means those in power at last telling the people the truth, that there has been definite human contact with 'UFO' craft and extraterrestrial beings. And it is true more countries now are slowly allowing important information about UFO events to be declassified, yet the USA still refuses to follow suit and sits on it stubbonrly, but it is very important that we all see this information.

 What we already do know is adequate enough, for now, and more unfolds, to let us know certainly that there are actual UFOs and other intelligences on Earth and from the Universe which  radically challenges the anthropocentric worldview that only human intelligence exists in the universe and is 'top of the tree', so to speak.

 This situation is strongly reminiscent of the Copernican/Galileo revolution from the past where the Christian worldview was threatened because it was dis~covered that Earth was not centre of the universe as the religious worldview had told us. The Christian authorities were so determined that was not true, and how 'the people' must not be told the shattering (for them) information that they refused to look through Galileo's telescope to confirm the actual reality, and put him under house arrest, and didn't release the information for nearly two hundred years!

 Giordano Bruno

As for the even more radical Giordano Bruno, who was way before his time,  who claimed the universe was infinite and contained many planets with other beings, he was burned alive by the Christian dogmatists in 1600!

 In those days the oppressive system was State+Church and these days it is State+Scientism.
 Scientism insists that all reality is material, and human consciousness is a fluke which came about by chance via the Darwinian process of evolution.

In this weird scenario we find ourselves born into, and stretching out into his-story,  yes there is an organization called SETI ,which is abbreviation for Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (UFO researcher Stanton Friedman names it 'Silly Effort To Investigate') willingly prepared and using enormously expensive technology to listen for alien life in the universe sending radio waves, so as to scientifically prove there is "life out there", yet the SETI people adamantly refuse to take seriously that life out there, most likely vastly more advanced than our current understanding of science, has been and continues to visit the life here, despite all the vast amount of evidence existing that this is actually happening.
 This scenario surely is a comedy of errors, and many of us as 'outsiders' are beginning to really explore what's going on.

Here is the Terrence McKenna video:


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Metanoia: A New Vision of Nature (a film about life, evolution and intelligence)

And also see this very interesting interview which has caused deep controversy amongst members in the psychedelic community: Radio 3Fourteen - Simon G. Powell - The Psilocybin Solution vs. Elite Psychedelic Psyops

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'Super Real Man' versus 'Chaos'


A great reason why I explore, and blog, and a whole host of other things I do,  is a kind of ever-rekindling, and encouragement of my spirit, of my playfulness,  and an encouragement for others to also share with me in my explorations.

What do I mean by 'spirit'?  The word 'spirit' is a loaded term and has been much misunderstood I think in both the orthodox religious, and secular world views. In the former all-pervading and oppressive religious worldview they conceive of, and/or make sure their believers do, that 'spirit ' is in the sky as an 'all good creator god' who is different and superior from 'HIS' creation. In other words they do not allow a sense of 'spirit' in 'nature' and also, of course nature including our nature and the body and sensuality.

Any talk or action that would experience the spirit of nature was considered bad and of the 'devil', because they preached a 'word of God' from their Holy Book which claimed that humans were born in sin, and warned about the 'flesh' succumbing to the temptations of the Devil who wanted our souls for everlasting damnation . We however--the ones waking up to this matrix-- know them not only by their actions but by what they say, and a typical cliched reaction from spirit-in-the-sky believers to any talk of nature being full of spirit is : "Love the creator, not his creation", thereby implying their dualistic cosmology and maintaining a psychological and physical sense of division between nature and spirit.

In the secular world 'spirit' has been dismissed altogether. The duality has gone to its oppos-site extreme. According to the scientific materialistic mindset there is only 'matter' and no 'spirit'! Yet the connecting mindset between these two supposed different worldviews, the religious, and secular, is this idea that spirit is not utterly interfused with nature or matter, and therefore is it any wonder that in both worldviews they distrust and demean playfullness. This anti-playful attitude is not only shared by orthodox religion and western secularism, but also by ancient schools connected with the mysteries. So for example in the ancient Greek pagan Pythagorean school, laughter was a punishable offense, as it was so for the early Christians!

Austerity manifested outwardly in countenance is a hallmark of Pythagoras. He never laughed, and neither did his disciples. Bremmer cites examples among Christian desert hermits: Pachomuus chides Silvanus for boisterous laughter and forewarns a monk who will be visiting a neighboring monastery not to laugh. Melania tells her sisters to not laugh too much. Pambo reportedly never laughed, nor did Anthony according to Athanasius, who borrows the description from Porphyry's description of Pythagoras (as mentioned above), as does Sulpicius Severus in describing the hermit Martin. [source]

What do you imagine when I say that term 'spirit'? Most of us make images of words. For many, the word 'God' conjures up an image of an old dude with a beard wearing a golden crown with a stern face, and this idea has been painted by famous artists of the past which concretes the image in the mind for many people both consciously and unconsciously.

So what about 'spirit'?

Spirit as flowing  playfulness. It is like when a child is full of the joys of spring, and jumping, rolling, screaming with excited joy, and in its element, and the old saying when seeing this is 's/he is full of spirit'. For many others, school enforcers for example, and even parents, high spiritedness, energy, 'unacceptable behaviour, can get classed as 'ADHD' and is drugged with drugs they aren't apparently at war with!

The animal who all of a sudden starts playing and bounding about. Or it could be a musician who is one with their music and this intense expression makes you also feel deeply moved, and you feel an interconnection with their spirit and spirit of music. I like these analogies because there is no assumed, and implied, separation between  concepts and/or images of 'matter' and 'spirit'.

I was recently walking on a Spring day, seeing the trees beginning to leafing, and blossoming, and the clouds forming amazing shapes, and different subtle hues and shades, and the air full of unexplainable scents, and heard the birdsinging intermingling with these observations and feelings surging through my body, and all this life I sensed to be pregnant with meaning,  with energy, and spirit, and it inspires in me playfulness, laughter, wild eyes,  but as an adult in this world it is not the done thing to suddenly start drooling and bounding about in ecstasy, singing in abandon, and laughing insanely, because you may get funny looks and gossiped about by the 'normates'. You feel you have to hold it in when you not in the 'right place'. But that is what I mean when I think of spirit. This playful spirit being allowed expression, but this can also mean intense emotions---allowing the flow of the most deep expressive feelings, and not blocking them, but encouraging them their freedom to be.

One of the deepest insights I have gotten from psychedelic experience is the healing medicine of laughter.

Whereas if you see children or adults or animals etc who seem very upset, broken, lacking energy, they feel like they have lack this sense of fun and joy and energy and spirit. People who have been abused by culture, family, friends, and seeking help from the so-called mental health movement often become like this.The Greek etymology of the term 'schizophrenia', for example,  means 'broken heart'.

Feeling utterly broken or dis-spirited, because their real feelings and spiritual needs are not even made aware of by a culture based on a religious and scientific orthodoxy, because of its toxic medication, and ECT, and complete lack of respect for their feelings and humanity---so we become broken and depleted of energy and spirit.

Worship of the super-real

In Nazi Germany free spirited playfulness was a criminal offense, and was characterized as "degenerate" and pathological. Artists who explored the playful creative unconscious understanding of reality in their art had their works confiscated and paraded around by Hitler and the Nazis as an example and warning to others of how degenerate humanity can sink if they do not worship at the Aryan alter of pure-blooded normalcy and realism.

The art they approved of is actually termed Realism, or Romantic Realism (an artistic genre also favoured by Communist regimes]and can be described as opposite of what was disproved about. Hitler is quoted as saying: "Anyone who sees and paints a sky green and
        fields blue ought to be sterilized." [source]

For this fascist mentality the only 'reality' allowed is one looking and feeling like this, a painting by the Realist artist Ernst Leiberman, titled, By the Water

 Not like this, The Scream, by Edvard Munch :

Entartete Kunst

"By 1937 the Nazis had removed more than 20,000 modernist artworks from museums and galleries, bringing them together for Entartete Kunst,  a touring exhibit whose sole objective was the scorn and derision of  modern art. Artworks were crowded into the Archäologisches Institut in  Munich and given hand-scrawled mocking captions. Poorly hung and  intentionally displayed with inadequate lighting, the artworks were  surrounded by slogans like, Incompetents and Charlatans, An insult to the German heroes of the Great War and Nature as seen by sick minds.  The exhibit became one the most successful displays of modern art in  history - the first blockbuster art show, with around 3 million people  viewing it before its thirteen-city German and Austrian tour was  completed in 1941.

The Degenerate Art show was actually held in contrast to the Grosse Deutsche Kunstausstellung  (Great German Art Exhibit), where Nazi-approved realist paintings and  sculptures were displayed. Held annually in Munich from 1937 until 1944,  historic, idyllic and mythological German subjects were treated in  romantic, academic and classical realist styles. Artists like Ernst  Liebermann, Sepp Hilz, Ivo Saliger and many others, presented scenes  that extolled traditional family values, motherhood, health and work,  athleticism, rustic peasant life, faith in leadership and glorification  of the military. Such works could be deceptively benign, as is the case  with Libermann’s By the Water. Many looking at this painting  today would merely see an "apolitical" study of three nudes - yet, it’s  an outstanding example of the Nazi celebration of beauty, sexuality and  physical culture through classical aesthetics. Nudity in art was never  censored by the Nazis, providing it helped to communicate fascist  ideology. In part that entailed the idealization and objectification of  femininity, while extolling masculine strength and physical superiority.

So we can see what is going on with the worldview which seeks to suppress the playful spirit of exploration of reality. It tries to control consciousness. We can envisage their mode of operation using water as a metaphor for consciousness as it has been very anciently, the very ocean being in  the waters of the Goddess.

The divided-from-themselves-and-nature control-freaks rather seek to build and fortress and guard and  maintain hard, ungiving, concrete rigid grid-like shallow pans which keep the water regimentally flowing in specific channels, and often kept stagnant, in linear directions, and not allow the free-flowing playfull curious ungraspable life-giving nature of water which seeks out fractal passages, and deep depthless underground terrains for unbounded explorations of life.

Carl Jung's dislike of Expressionist art

This fascist demand for the 'real' with their comic-book ideal of the
superman, the pumped-up Aryan figure who is 'super-normal' set in a
'super-normal setting'. This superman figure is the "eidolon", or Olympian god
who was in the ancient Greek theocracy cut off from himself, from humanity, animals, seated aloft on some distant mountain, and having no spiritual interfusion with nature,
animals, plants, ecstatic immersive experience.

 Monica Sjoo in her book Return of the Dark?light Mother or New Age Armageddon? writes how the intellectual, reactionary, 'channelling' of New Agers differs deeply from the more ancient immersive shamanistic plunge into ecstatic abandon, where your sense of yourself can become unknown within the play of the Chaos of the mystery of reality, which includes, not excludes, animalistic energies, and interfusion with nature. This is the un-conscious as in the more-than-human realms where all life and death has its dynamic roots. All of this sense of spirituality becomes demonic (Christian) and
pathological (Nazism / Psychiatry/Psychology). Even Carl Jung
did not understand its expressions in modern art claiming it reminded him of his patients

The psychologist Carl Jung once asked: 'What is wrong with our art , that most delicate of instruments for reflecting the ...psyche? How are we to explain the blatantly  pathological element in modern painting? Atonal music?' Jung himself painted and drew, and encouraged his patients to do likewise. But when the art historian J.P.Hodin tried to persuade him to write something about the Austrian expressionist painter Oskar Kokoschka, in 1955, Jung refused, saying that he could not pretend to have much to say about modern art: 'Most of it is alien to me from the human point of view and too disagreeably reminiscent of what I have seen in my medical practice'. [Dreaming With Open Eyes: The Shamanic Spirit in Twentieth Century Art and Culture, Michael Tucker, page 56]

So it is seen from his statment he shared a similar view of modern art with his fellow Germans the Nazis, and his attitude may for some people be quite surprising for after all, wasn't Jung the one who 'discovered about  humanity's 'Collective Unconscious', and was seemingly accepting of unusual experience, even writing about his own 'descent' into the 'collective unconscious'? The answer to this quandry can however be found via some 'feminist' (or I prefer, women who expose the patriarchal matrix) writers who point out Jung's typical androcentric aversion to the real meaning of the unconscious.  His version, in modern parlance was a 'limited hangout'. He would of on one hand view 'the unconscious' as rightfully being connected with the Goddess, but yet create paranoia of  her/its 'dark' aspect as being seductive,  dangerous, and which could, unless supervised by a male-dominated therapeutic model, 'swamp the human consciousness'.

Although in Jung we find a psychology that is matrifocal in nature, as compared to Freud's patrifocal perspective, Jung's preoccupation with finding wholeness and achieving individuation also requires, Keller argues, a matricidal impulse.105 "His theory," she writes, "supports our suspicion that the matricidal symbolism not only expresses but provokes the Western development of a separate and andromorphic ego."106 That is, "the whole self at which individuation aims requires ultimate reconciliation...with the slaughtered mother",107 even if the individuation process presupposes an ego defined by separation from the mother.

Referring to Jung's Symbols of Transformation, Keller indicates how Jung came to the conclusion that the achievement of psychological maturity requires the dismemberment of the mother, symbolized by dragons or serpents. This, she notes, is reminiscent of the foul deed performed by Marduk in the Enuma Elish. It is only through the slaughter of the "monster," known as woman, that the hero established the world. In psychological parlance, symbols of dragons and serpents refer to the unconscious. Thus the maturation of the warrior-identified self requires that ego-consciousness be freed from the grip of the "deadly" unconscious. "Deadly," writes Keller, "presumably because it prevents the emergence of conscious individuality."108

What Keller means by 'the mother, symbolized by dragons and serpents' is meaning the Mother, and/or Great Goddess, in her Dark underworld aspect---the aspect most feared by the patriarchal mindset which manically seeks to control consciousness, keeping it left brain, superficial, and dumbed down, and fears 'distortion' of 'reality' which is viewed as 'chaos', and either being demonic, or pathological.

In so-called 'post Jungianism' Psychology we see yet again this fear of the dark aspect of the Goddess .

James Hillman, the so-called Father of Archetypal Psychology couldn't agree with psychedelics or "shamanic revelry' ;

Thomas Szasz, even though a
foremost exposer and critic of the mental illness myth yet cannot seem to understand the actual meaning of the
ecstatic experiences that so-called mentally ill people may undergo, and he has
 been termed a rationalist which may account for his left brain approach. That on one hand will realize that 'schizophrenia', for example, is not a biological disease, yet will fail to understand the deep spiritual meaning of the visions.

 "Formerly, when religion was strong and science weak, men mistook magic
for medicine; now, when science is strong and religion weak, men mistake
 medicine for magic." 

You can sense for example with this worldview from Szasz that he might struggle to accept a deeply inspired healing with psychedelics where spirits are met with and who help heal the body and mind. He seems from his quote to have a downer on magic.

So, anyhow, this mindset reveals a fear of 'chaos',
is 'left-brain', and fears its 'right brain', and the unknown/darkness of reality, and is divided from it, and
wants to suppress and control it. Even though a person may use left-brain analysis to critique the oppression, I don't feel they go deep enough to the source of this crisis if they ignore the real meaning of spirituality.

. When the body mind which I would term the bodymindenvironment (because we and our surroundings and culture are interfused) naturally
 tries to restore balance and heal itself which is usually called 'schizophrenia', 'bi-polar', 'psychosis', and so is the very the community caught
 in this trap or matrix, this self-healing is called 'demonic' and/or 'mentally ill',
and in need of exorcism or 'treatment', and therefore the community can only continue to not understand and resolve these crises of individuals which make up community.

James Hillman would offer his 'medicine' (words) and yet denounce psychedelics, the original sacred medicine, and Szasz would allow the 'schizophrenic' freedom from the oppressive embrace of psychiatric power, and yet not understand--I don't feel--the spiritual quality of the so-called pathological experiences, including what they mean in a political context. For Szasz the 'mentally ill' person who freaks out and kills someone should not be protected by law for being possessed by strange visions, voices etc, and be treated as a normal criminal and put in jail, but cannot seem to see that because these experiences a person may have are not biological disease does not make them not real. Of course a person can pretend to have such experiences to get off from going to jail, but the community must rather understand that these deep visionary experiences can be very real and need people who are not ignorant of spirituality to be there for support.

From 'Demons' to 'the Unconscious'

Christians feared 'demons' and the devil' and what they believed was
seductive manifestations of all that entailed such as 'lusty sexuality', and even
,  forms of music which they believed titillated sensuality. The Age of Reason that followed Christendom feared 'the unconscious' for similar reasons.
Whereas before the good Christian was warned about the devil thus:

Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour: [ 1 Peter 5:8 ]

The 'paranoid'  Bible believer was dogmatized to have to be always be on guard and huddled together praying in monasteries for protection from the spirit-in-the-sky against prowling evil, for the person in the proceeding so-called Age of 'Reason' and 'moderners' the 'danger'
was now to be on guard against one's own psyche or else suffer being 'swamped by the unconscious'. Same old shit different terminology.

What the control-freak elite do is manipulate imagination via their myths, propaganda, and
 occultism. By prohibiting psychedelics, or sacred medicine, and promoting either their worldview of religious orthodoxy and/or its supposed antagonist (which really shares exactly the same worldview) a Satanic ethos with its
conformity, and egotism, worship of the will, and its inevitable worship of materialism,
aggressive pursuit of individual success and fame, love of sadism, and
murder, and cyborgism ('Transhumansim'), and making it all seem cool to
lose one's liberty (whatever is left) by becoming willingly a robot, and puppet, with a false promise it will 'upgrade' one's
 humanity. Fucking ironic considering actual exploring of human and more-than-human potential is
suppressed on all sides by the mindset offering the 'ameliorative' as dualistic religions, 'success', 
cyborgism, or psychiatric medication!

Obsessive clinging to 'reality' on LSD

This seeking to control 'chaos' can become an obsession. Stanislav Grof who was a LSD psychotherapist and dealt with hundreds of people who underwent this therapy claimed that people classed with 'Obsessive Compulsive Disorder' when given even very high doses of LSD would fight their plunge into the unconscious realms, and this psychological blocking manifested as reality looking 'super-real as highly defined contours and shapes:

My experience indicates that the degree of sensitivity or resistance to LSD depends on complicated psychological factors rather than on variables  of a constitutional , biological , or metabolic nature. Subjects who in everyday life have the need to maintain full self-control and have difficulties in relaxing and "letting go" can sometimes resist  relatively high dosages of LSD  (300-500 micrograms) and show no detectable changes...Occasional sudden sobering, which can occur at any period of the session and on any dosage level, can be understood as a sudden mobilization of defenses against the emergence of unpleasant traumatic material...[Severe] obsessive-compulsive neurotics  are particularly resistant to the effects of LSD.

This picture [] reflects the sudden mobilization of psychological defenses against the emergence of traumatic  unconscious material in an LSD session. The subject feels absolutely sober, and the environment feels "more real" than usual. The objects in the room are sharply demarcated  from each other and have fortified contours. [Realms of the Human Unconscious: Observations from LSD Research, Stanislav Grof, page 28]

In the book Grof shows an illustration of the experience a person may felt when this 'super-reality' suppressing letting go happens. It looks similar to a Mondrian painting, titled Composition II in Red Blue and Yellow (It is interesting that in researching for this I was to discover that in the period he was doing this style of painting as shown here he was said to be obsessively compulsive!) [source]:


When the word 'the unconscious' is printed or said how do you think of that term?

 Do you think of it--have the image of it--as being somehow just individual and not connected with the environment?

Or maybe you think of the 'collective human unconscious', but yet again, doesn't this give you the image of it only being connected with 'humanity' and our concerns? But I don't see it like that. I am aware these terms derive from psychiatry and psychology, and as seen they come from a worldview with the typical patriarchal limitations.

The way Grof, for example, conducted his LSD session with his 'patients' was to basically cut them off from their outer surroundings, and so he would have them wear music headphones, and eye shades, and lie prone so they could go inward into 'their unconscious'.

He set great store by this focusing on the 'inner world', and would downgrade the kinds of experiences one might have with eyes open as being 'superficial' in comparison with the exploration of traumatic memories, and a journey through what he claimed was the "cartography of the human unconscious', as he described it, all the way to the 'transpersonal realms'.

 I am not here to claim that these kinds of introspective experience are not fruitful for some people, but I do not, from my own psychedelic experience, and experiences I have heard from others, underestimate the 'eye-open' approach of psychedelic experience. This can include observations and feelings in nature, but also observing the culture in action--actually, or also on the TV, and seeing deeper into the spectacle of it. Isn't this what Expressionist artists were doing, and then translating what they were imagining, seeing and feeling onto canvas, and other media?  I feel that this kind of spiritual exploration and expression disturbs people who have investment in the culture, including very much so highly paid 'mind-doctors' known as psychiatrist and psychologists who may not welcome their 'patients' or 'clients' rocking the boat too much. Yes weare encouraged an 'spiritual inner fulfillment' but not the serious questioning of the established structure of authority which as I am hopefully showing is steeped in patriarchal assumptions about reality. For isn't it the job of the mind-doctors to 'fit us in' to the culture?

This control freakery is all around isn't it? The way they construct and lay-out towns and cities, in the rigid grid-like linear ways, and notice how this is being mimicked all over the world so that one city is looking like all others, and they try and build the tallest phallic-looking skyscrapers to out do other cities; the surveillance in every town, the sense of being watched by authority wherever you go (however they don't like to be watched themselves by the public with personal cameras!); the demand to be 'normal'; children forced into schools where they drill them into the conformity of this obsessive control freak civilization; all the way to the manic mowing neighbours who will mow and mow the grass not allowing one dandelion, one daisy, a chance of a day in the sun,  and kill any 'weed' in sight! They now have these super-powered water sprays which they aim at their their driveways, etc., likely killing any life that dare try and defy the dead flat lifeless sterilized concrete deserts that these people seem to want more and more around them.

So, if your on my wavelength here and seek answers to this matrix of control which controls our outers and even inners (or tries to) you might wonder like me:

 what can we do? 

I feel we must then nurture our playful spirit, because they obviously want to crush it, and channel our energy towards their own agenda.

Who are 'they'?

The control-freaks.

 The ones who pass laws, and support, and don't speak out against, for example, a war against psychedelic vegetations and potions that can inspire this playful creative spirit, as did the Nazis with their 'war on drugs' known in German as Rauschgiftbekaempfung, ('Fight against Drugs').

Psychedelics, or Sacred Medicine, can deeply help us see through what is being done to us and others by helping us become aware what we are being made unconscious of, which is maintaining this oppressive matrix, and when we become aware we then have more power to act, and to heal our broken spirits, rekindling our naturally playful natures.

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Apocalypse & The Investigation into the Occult Elite Researchers

In attempting to research what an occult elite are possibly up to it is easy often to find yourself metaphorically falling down a great bottomless well. In the doing of this I see also the utter complexity of the task because in looking at this occult elite, I am also having to look at the researchers looking at it, (including myself of course).

These researchers many of whom are of a Christian mindset, but there are also the New Agers who tend to interpret nature, like the Christians, in paranoid ways. The paranoid idea of course, of nature being a seductive trap, originates from Asia where it was believed, in Hinduism, for example, that reality, and sensuality, was 'Maya'/'illusion' popularly likened to a feminine seduction threatening the male 'heroic' quest for immortality and escape from the 'trap' of birth, and death, and the further 'suffering' of cycles of this dynamic happening we find ourselves participating in.

I feel I'm carrying on the work of Monica Sjoo who greatly set the groundwork for this post 9/11 study of an occult power structure, and who differentiated between a phony pretense of love for nature, and Goddess, and community, posed by some of the New Age groups, and the patriarchy in general, and a far more ancient authentic source of a Goddess religion and mythology which the patriarchies tried to suppress, co-opt, and expropriate over very many centuries.

I recently watched a video at YouTube done by a guy who is a fairly well-known so-called 'Truther' exposing the evils of what is going on in the world, and the last video I saw of his, he was condemning the Superbowl Madonna extravaganza where she and other famous female performers are doing, he claims, Illuminati rituals.
As he talks you see he is full of righteous indignation. He claims another black female performer in this show , chooses her name to mean she likes to have sex with two guys at the same time, and he calls her a "skank slut", and we see a clip of famous a comedian, and lesbian, who had this performer on her show who he also calls a skank slut, but then he has text appear saying he is sorry he called her a!

But as I continued to watch this guy rant on, I saw very clearly his righteous indignation, and the potential for evil in his attitude. For this very attitude of hating 'evil' can become extremely evil itself given the power to express these emotions.
Isn't this what happened in the Inquisition where people, supposedly believing in a 'God of Love and forgiveness', Jesus Christ, and believing him, and themselves, to be 'pure and good and light and saved' would persecute 'heretics', and 'witches', who were mainly poor old women who they believed were full damned and possessed by evil demons.
In the extremely graphic and upsetting video below we clearly see this dynamic express itself in full with horrific consequences for its victims.

Any investigation into a possible occultist 'hidden hand' behind such events as 9/11, we have to be aware what other belief systems are investigating that one otherwise we can fall out of the frying pan in the fire. Another example would be listening to scientologists expose the mental illness myth, a myth which very much deserves exposing, but doing so not being aware of that cult's own danger, and becoming part of it!


We have arrived into the much hyped year of 2012. There have been numerous myths in the preceding years of this date about what is supposed to happen this year , predictions of an 'end of history', end of the world, to the landing of the 'Galactic Federation', to the sudden ascension of planet earth and consciousness, etc., but from my perspective, regardless of whether any of these myths are true or not, what we can really do which is fruitful is to see this date as an inspiration to boldly explore and uncover whatever myths are getting in the way between us and seeing a deeper living story that has been withheld from us for many generations and therefore cuts us off from nature, and our selves. The term Apocalypse defines this intent:

apocalypse Look up apocalypse at
late 14c., "revelation, disclosure," from Church L. apocalypsis "revelation," from Gk. apokalyptein "uncover, disclose, reveal," from apo- "from" (see apo-) + kalyptein "to cover, conceal" (see Calypso). The Christian end-of-the-world story is part of the revelation in John of Patmos' book "Apokalypsis" (a title rendered into English as "Apocalypse" c.1230 and "Revelations" by Wyclif c.1380). Its general sense in M.E. was "insight, vision; hallucination;" meaning "a cataclysmic event" is modern. As agent nouns, apocalypst (1829), apocalypt (1834), and apocalyptist (1835) have been tried. [emphasis mine]

I have emphasized the definition I prefer--the original Greek to 'uncover, disclose, reveal'. That is what I think is very important to do, because the power structures who control this planet and many of us, our bodies and consciousnesses, or think they do, use various techniques for the very reason to hide and cover-up.

Many people already know about how they will use propaganda as a means to manipulate bodies and consciousness, but not so much about their use of occultism. For propaganda to be successful they depend on the victims of it not to be aware what they're doing, and the same goes for occult. The very term, occult means 'hidden':

occult (adj.) Look up occult at
1530s, "secret, not divulged," from L. occultus "hidden, concealed, secret," pp. of occulere "cover over, conceal," from ob "over" + a verb related to celare "to hide," from PIE root *kel- (see cell). Meaning "not apprehended by the mind, beyond the range of understanding" is from 1540s. The association with the supernatural sciences (magic, alchemy, astrology, etc.) dates from 1630s.
There is very long-standing and intimate connection between the elite, their Intelligence operatives, and the occult, and this article also underlines this connection:

The British Occult Secret Service

It is not really surprising that historically occultism and espionage have often been strange bedfellows. The black art of espionage is about obtaining secret information and witches, psychics and astrologers have always claimed to be able to predict the future and know about things hidden from ordinary people.

Gathering intelligence is carried out under a cloak of secrecy and occultists are adept at keeping their activities concealed from sight. Like secret agents they also use codes, symbols and cryptograms to hide information from outsiders. Occultists and intelligence officers are similar in many ways, as both inhabit a shadowy underworld of secrets, deception and disinformation. It is therefore not unusual that often these two professions have shared the same members.

So to 'uncover' this link, between the elite, their intelligence operatives, the occult, and possible codes, symbolism, and actions, it necessitates we LOOK and learn, investigate, so that in doing so we are revealing, and becoming aware, and this will mean they cannot continue to create the illusions they do and thus manipulate our bodies and minds, as they can do with war propaganda.

They seduce the youth, with guilt, and promise of money and adventure, and a rite of passage into manhood, employing all forms of images, text, and video games, and then once the youth is signing their contract they often will soon wake up to the horror of the situation they find themselves in which will consist of dehumanization, having to take a cocktails of toxic drugs, being lied to, and no protection against contamination from weapons, and abuse and murder of innocent civilians that will, for many, haunt them, causing psychological trauma,disability, and then when eventually out, if they aren't killed, no help coming their way, or their families, from the military.
So is it not very important that parents and their children become deeply aware of such propaganda, because these 'wars' are really to make the elite profits, and are also occult sacrifices, the young naive conscripts being their sacrificial money-making meat-puppets.

All of that war propaganda is utterly connected with their false flag Intelligence Operations their aim which is to trigger powerful trauma, emotion, and hatred against the proposed 'enemy' so that you will agree with their war industry going to peoples countries and dropping bombs on innocent civilians, including children, babies, and contaminating the whole region with toxic pollution that will continue wreaking devastation and making the land uninhabitable.

It is far wiser to become aware of what they are up to, and how to know who is doing what.

I encourage a way to see through confusing belief systems which themselves claim to help us see though a central conspiracy, and/or occult matrix, is to be very aware which of these belief systems looking at these subjects really cares for Earth.

Monica Sjoo shows how when closely looked at, many of the leaders of the New Age movement actually welcome a nuclear Armageddon, because they are obsessed by solar mythology and thus the whole nuclear technology is to them' mankind' being given the power of the sun via solar gods, and channeled entities, for the purpose of evolving nature, and thus any present and future nuclear catastrophe can only be a good thing in their paranoid worldview.

When we survey the accepted belief systems they all have this same root of discontent for Earth, nature, the physical body and sensuality, and seek getting away from all the 'mess'. So let us look at a brief survey of these popular belief systems:

Literalist Christianity

All the words in the Holy Bible are literally true and "historical" ~~ A real Only Son of God who was a man born of a Virgin, and, when 33, was Crucified, and 3 days later was Physically Resurrected, and returns to the Father in heaven; then as the Christ will return in the Final Days. . If you believe unquestioningly in this story which is the very "Word of God" you will be rewarded with eternal life in heaven, but if you don't, and question, doubt, and choose other stories, you will be consigned to everlasting hell.

Initiative Christianity

This is secret and only for initiates. Christianity is a sacred phallic-god mushroom cult influenced by the Orphic Mysteries, and the Essenes, and emphasizes purification, and return to a spiritual home of the spirit.
The male phallic God's spirit semen is the power of the holy mushroom which saves, and helps the eventual escape from nature, and return to the 'father god' in a purified physical form.

Eastern Mysticism

Nature, the body and senses are Maya, which means 'illusion', and are therefore a seductive trap, and so one must achieve 'Oneness' and return to a non-dualistic bliss, and thus escape nature, birth to the mother, and Her cycles of birth and death and regeneration.


Reaction to Christianity. The latter 'says' "turn the other cheek" to one's enemies; the former says "crush those who get in your way". They interpret nature in a social Darwinist way such as 'only the fittest will survive', and therefore the 'weak' deserve to be trodden on and die off because they are weak, and hold back evolution.

New Age/ Theosophy/Occult

'Channeling' 'ascended masters', entities, and writing books claimed to be the knowledge channeled--the content of which is mostly reactionary, warmongering, elitist, racist, misogynist, violent, matricidal, and ecocidal.

Scientific materialism

There is only 'matter', and 'spirit' does not exist. Only science via its method, and measure, can know what is real. Meaningless nature, where only the fittest will survive, and consumerism & productivity is reality - the 'real world'.

Goddess religion

The worldviews above which share the same patriarchal rootstock and the fear of nature, and seeking to escape and/or 'put it right' differ dramatically from Goddess religion which understands Earth as the Mother, and sacred, as is the cyclic nature of reality, and the psychedelic fruits of Mother Earth inspire enlightenment into this living Mystery, the eternal nature of nature. There is insight into the complimentary polarity of the dynamic changing becomingness of nature and reality.

Lover of the Earth

There's a guy calling himself Chriswhite (also known as Knowwheretorun1984) who makes videos exposing some of the major voices in the 'truth movement' like Michael Tsarion, David Icke, AlanWatt, Jordan Maxwell, etc., and he very much reveals that these people adhere to a New Age belief system, and chooses to expose this which I agree with. Thing is though that he himself is a Christian literalist and therefore fundamentalist, and will not apply the same critical thinking and insight to his own beliefs. He blocked me because I think I freaked him out too much because I agreed with him about the fruitful enterprise of exposing the New Agers and their support for the very conspiracy they supposedly rant against. I very much agreed with his exposure of the New Age infiltration of the truth movement, but he would argue till the cows come home that there really was an historical Jesus Christ of Nazareth who really was/is the Son of God, and who was Resurrected, and returned to his Father.

This scenario is to me like a surreal comedy of errors, a 'Game', and the very matrix. It is Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee 'agreeing' to have a battle. One worldview implies the other because they are both at root the same. BOTH the pretended 'different' worldviews welcome Armageddon--the Christian wants the 'fallen' world of 'decay and death' destroyed, and the 'new glorified one' brought by Christ's Second Coming, whilst their 'antagonists' who the Christians will call 'Satanists/Luciferians/the Illuminati', want ORDO AB CHAO, Latin, meaning ' order out of chaos'---as they so choose to plan and make it--- which includes false flags, invasions, war, massive radiation contamination, and all forms of abuse and exploitation, genocide, and ecocide for means of manipulation of the 'masses'. This state of affairs really is hardly a 'game' obviously, and is extremely dangerous indeed, and this is actually being seen in what is happening to planet Earth, and other species, and humans, many of whom are starving in this world and having to live in places which are literally and real hells--stinking toxic sewer pits where the water is undrinkable, even the air is not fit to breathe!! Where a military industrial complex, the biggest polluter on earth wages invasions, and uses weaponry which uses depleted uranium that contaminates the earth for millions of years, and causes hybrid cancers and horrific damage to DNA.

A great CLUE to connect these worldviews is their disdain for planet Earth, for as explained, the Christian mindset believes Earth is a 'fallen' and corrupted place, and until 'evil' is defeated' by their 'good god' will remain so, and the occult elite want to believe they are gods who have the right to OWN planet earth, and us, and using their technology 'upgrade' it and us--their 'slaves'.

I am not leaving out the Eastern belief systems. These are the ones many of the 1960s generations went running to after experiencing psychedelics. But ...when looked at you see they also disdain nature and the body and women, because their 'holy men' seek escape from nature and the body and return to mother's womb preferring some idealized state of static bodiless 'everlasting bliss'. Also remember it is in India where the caste system originates--where people who find themselves literally shovelling their master's shit are led to believe this is their 'karma' to do so, so they mustn't question their role.

The deeper enlightenment, its real meaning, then is to see through all of that, and feel love for our home Earth, and our bodies, and sensuality, and community, and other species. This for me is the inspiration of psychedelic fruit. In the Goddess mythos this sacred fruit is the son/lover of the Goddess (whose body is the Earth) who is also the very sacred mushroom you eat which can enthuse the imbiber with ecstatic love for nature.

Whilst composing this post here, I later just went to see if there was any response to my post at the forum in a thread titled:
9/11 as a supreme act of Talmudic Zionism and occultist magic.
Here it is. I am zwush: source

Originally Posted by zwush View Post
There's a guy calling himself Chriswhite ... ... ... I very much agreed with his exposure of the New Age infiltration of the truth movement, but he would argue till the cows come home that there really WAS a Jesus Christ of Nazareth who really was/is the Son of God, and who was Resurrected, and returned to his Father, etc. So what are we to make of this??

vanityfair: While reading over your remarks I immediately had to ask myself .. .. .. “Why would an outright atheist want to come here if for no other purpose than as an intruder bent on discrediting the meaning and the intent of this thread?”

I don’t know where you’re trying to take us with this, mainly because I don't have a clue as to what you're telling us, but it certainly wasn’t in the mind - nor was it the intention of the OP to have been in any religious mode whatsoever, or to have engendered an anti-religious - anti-Christ kind of a discussion; most particularly not one that denies the very existence of Christ. So with that in mind please refrain. Why you might ask? Because I am a believing Christian and I find your remarks offensive.

BTW - Just an FYI for you personally - there really is a Jesus Christ - who really is the Son of God, and who really did accomplish the wonder of the Resurrection, and who really did return to the Father, for the salvation of all mankind.

So, I don't particularly care if you choose to say such awful things against Our Lord and Savior - but please refrain from saying them here in this thread. Thank you VF

So as you can see, this person who claims to want to deeply investigate such a complex subject as 9/11 and the occult yet refuses to even hear any challenges to his/her own beliefs