Thursday, 5 January 2017

So, where are your heads at now 2017 has come to town?


So here we are, a few days into this 'new' 2017, but surely you sense it's gonna be more of the same old toxic shit ('shit' that is toxic and has no decaying value, like depleted uranium shit) on speed/whiz/metaamphetamine. Because to me it feels like that. That they--the mis-leaders-- are seriously frantically pushing their agenda faster and faster and in hybrid-fashion. No sooner are you shoked by one lamestream event, another comes whilst meanwhile ongoing wars proceed with more and more horror.

Now we are hearing they are threatened by 'fake news'. How comical and Ironical is this! From the people who depend on pumping out fake news everyday, constantly to support their love of perpetual war and exploitation of others, other species, and Mother Earth.!

No wonder everyone is going fukin' mad. More and more requiring 'happy pills' to get by. of course some would not even dig what I am going on about, but the affects OF 'it' will do its stuff anyway whether aware of it or not, and with it are all the personals. You cannot escape insane culture no matter how much you buy.

Those people, those children, suffering the horrors of these planned and illegal wars in the Middle East are humans, are us. They are as innocent as us who feel the oppression closing in all around us here in the 'land of the free'!