Sunday, 24 October 2010

exposing 'The New American Century'

I had planned to do a blog on propaganda and psychedelics, but as I researched about 'it' I found myself in a labyrinthe....It got very complex, so many possible paths......Later I was planning to do one about 'Fallen Angels' and the whole myth of that, and was soon to watch the video I am presenting here which really knocked me off course (and yet not). I intend to tackle them later. I just feel the need now to share this video, The New American Century.
It is a shocking video, and for me ties a lot of things together, such as showing the patterns connecting false flag of 9/11 with other false flags in history where you see a bigger picture and thus helps you see the pieces falling together. But it mostly reveals for me, the utter horrific reality of debauched dehumanization!

There are things in the video I don't agree with, like where it is suggested President Bush junior didn't know what the neo-cons were planning for the 11th of September. I find this hard to believe. I am sure you will be very familiar with the famous 'classroom scene' where WBush is attending a children's reading class in the Florida school? I see blatant and obvious propaganda.

They knew this would be seen on television screens throughout the U.S. and the world, and like a very expensive advert for their New American Century, and alibi for their 9/11 crime, every detail would be meticulously staged. It is an orgy of the cliche of the politician with the child shtick, but in this case a class of them, and mostly black too. This is designed to make you feel he cares for the little ones, and poor black people, and their education.

We see President Bush approached by an aide who whispers --we were told--pssssst "America is under attack", and then look how notably 'shocked' Bush's face appears.
He will later lie, more than once, that he had been outside the classroom waiting to go in, and he saw on a TV a plane fly into the first tower, and he embellishes adding he used to be a pilot and thought, 'that is one bad pilot'.
In actuality the TV footage of the plane going into the first tower wasn't broadcast till much later , so he couldn't possibly have observed it on TV!
A prosecutor in a court of law would love this 'slip' which he did twice, and would interrogate him relentlessly on just that point alone, but the real people involved in the sophisticated psy op which is 9/11 have escaped any such kind of scrutiny... as of yet.

Just say he had seen the first 'plane' strike WTC 1 on a specially transmitted private broadcast courtesy of the CIA? That admission would still damn him, for how would they and he know to be looking there in the first place?
In this video look at his eyes. Eyes are the windows of the soul---to me he has the eyes of a psychopath! They are... gone.
Listen to him explain to the child's question: "What was the first thing that went through your head when you heard that a plane crashed into the first...", and listen close! He tries to deflect from possible bad nerves brought on by such a big lie by telling a 'joke'--very strange considering the seriousness of what happened that day, he feels the need to do a comedy sketch?
Hear his voice, and how he stutters on the second word of when he says the "TV (s)et", and he does it again when saying "TV s~s~set". ( Bush it's true is known for stuttering, and being lost for words, but even so it is very notable on this occasion the stutter happens when telling of the 'television set' that most likely wasn't really there). An expert who studied body language, and voice inflection, would have a field day with this, however they usually don't dare analyze big-shots like Bush do they, but are eager to do so on hapless reality TV Big Brother house contestants.

I don't underestimate my perception and intuition.
See him nearly fall apart at the question put to him by a journalist about escalating accusations of government involvement in 9/11. Often in day to day life we often know when someone is lying, and will go with our feelings and critical thinking and challenge them, but for some reason when it is people in power we choose to be blind. An old Chinese saying: "You cannot wake up a man who is pretending to sleep". It is time to wake!

In my proposed propaganda blog I was (am) going to focus on the observation and feeling of being aware of propaganda, and how this would be deepened with aid of psychedelics, because as any good propagandist will tell you---though many won't--they depend on us being un-conscious of what they are doing!

In the classroom video there is also propaganda-occultist stuff going on in the 'background' (see first picture above) with a 'demon'-like image in the junction between Bush and his whisperer 's heads, and also he is reading the My Pet Goat book upside down . Symbolically this would include reference to Baphomet, an image, connected to the Templars, who has the head of a goat, and the upside down pentagram which symbolizes the physical world ruling over the spiritual.

Is the 'demon' 'axis' reference foreshadowing his 'axis of evil' speech where he will justify the U.S.A's role as world policeman and saviour? Just mentioning it, because the whole scene is very acted (badly), and staged! But like an advert, I am surmizing that great detail was paid to the scene with the whole world watching. Adverts form a continuum with the whole propaganda enterprise.
In Italy --where the term 'propaganda' was first used by the Catholic church to mean the propagating of their faith, a literally glorified selling of their dogma to try and off-set the growing competition from the new 'boys' on the block, Protestantism-- Italians also call adverts propaganda. Which they are.

How many times do we see politicians at staged media-shoots smiling with babies, and children--with their sleeves rolled up when posing with their 'pawns', soldiers, etc--all media opportunities to make the IMAGE for the many people looking in the screen? How much care then went into that classroom scene on that 'big day'?

I have nothing personally against goats, or daemons. I am just trying to read that whole scene, and not miss a trick! Goats and images and symbols are innocent. It is how people interpret them, and what they believe and do in their name.

In the above still from the video see how the child is almost haloed by the the title and map of the United States, and the Statue of Liberty to her right. Bush, his profile framed by The Preamble to the U.S. Constitution print looks attentively at this child with brown skin, representing the U.S. embrace of other ethnic cultures (hmmm). It is all extolling the image that America is the 'Land of the Free' for one and all, which Bush is soon going to claim is the reason why the 'terrists' atacked the WTCs and the Pentagon, because they were jealous of this freedom.
But soon post 9/11, on 26th of October 2001, President Bush signs the The Patriot Act to begin his 'war on terror' (that will never end!), which will create an ecalatingly more oppressive '1984' scenario rather than any freedoms which 'we' had left.
More and more are going to be seen on TV screens brown-skinned people exposed naked in hellish humiliating pictures of torture transmitted by the media of Guantanemo Bay, and Abu Ghraib concentration camps--- disgusting and harrowing 'frozen' scenes which it is hard to describe or take in sanely.

There is of course far more evidence that former President Bush was in on 9/11, and also that behind the neo con puppets lurks a secret government (formed with the start of the National Security Act, military industrial complex, and connected with the corporations, and elite) that presides covertly behind the curtain whilst the gullible public swap and change the President-images, etc, imagining that this is real choice when it really isn't, because the underlying power structures remain.

Some more reviews of the video :


"A stunning film. It should be seen as widely as possible, in cinemas, bars, clubs, at meetings and, of course, through the internet. I'm sure the film will continue to be a source of debate and political education for many years. Maybe until the war criminals have been brought to trial." - Ken Loach

"In the White House, they weren't thinking of 9/11 as an attack, but as a gift!" - Robert Steele, former CIA agent

While Massimo Mazzucco’s first political documentary, GLOBAL DECEIT (2006), focused on the long list of inconsistencies in the official version of the 9/11 attacks, THE NEW AMERICAN CENTURY explores the historical, philosophical and economic background that suggests a matrix for such events that is much closer to home than the so-called "Islamic terrorism".

The film provides solid evidence for the true reasons behind the Afghanistan and Iraq wars, whose unfolding is described in chilling detail in a document called "Project for the New American Century", published in the year 2,000, that seems to have served as the actual blueprint for such dramatic events. "