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My thoughts on Mr Charles Shaw 'radical activist'

I have recently been totally banned from Charles Shaw's Facebook page. This means not just being banned from posting there, but not even being able to look at the page, being able to read others post, access videos, etc.

 I had been an admirer of this Charles Shaw for  several years previously. I first came across his freely available book online, Exile Nation, about his horrific time spent in the terrible American prison system. And I also was attracted to his stance against the New Age stuff, and subbed his Youtube channel, watched videos of his talks.
His bio goes like this: "Charles Shaw is a writer and activist living in the Bay Area of San Francisco. He is the author of Exile Nation: Drugs, Prisons, Politics and Spirituality, and the Director of The Exile Nation Project. Charles serves as editor for the Dictionary of Ethical Politics"

Eventually I joined his Facebook several months ago, and things seemed to be alright~~~ for a while. I had imagined it would be very radical and free there. It is fairly busy and he sometimes seems to post every other hour and his FB 'friends' liking what he puts out and commenting etc. BUT the first trouble I got from him was when I mentioned the Zionist involvement behind the attacks of 9/11. I wrote some things and posted a couple of videos to add information to what was being said. This upset a guy/friend on his page who was Israeli, and then I got a pm from Charles asking me politely to cool it even though he also stressed that Israel had a lot to answer for regarding their treatment of the Palestinian people.. He said I was a bit too radical for some people there, and he was trying to be gentle with them. I found this a little patronizing, but I was polite back, and things then seemed OK.

But this next bit is when things took a nose-dive regarding his response to my input. He had started a post about Grid EX II. I cannot copy to here the exact post because he has banned me and thus I cannot access it for context, but he had stressed he saw no conspiracy behind Grid Ex 11. I  however was  not so sure. I had not even heard of it before, but I tried to numerologically calculate the title, like I had done with the NDAA act. I did not however come up with any numbers I considered relevant. So I Googled searched it in relation to occult gematria and found this:

GRID EX II = 11-11-11 = illuminati 33 Occurring 11-13-13
I am looking at the illuminati coding of the Grid Ex II power outage drill on 11/13/13. I see illuminati coding all around this event since three of the key illuminati numbers are 11, 13 and 33. We know that they create false flag events on key dates / numbers to give them more satanic meaning.


The words "Grid Ex II" basically represent 11-11-11 as follows:

G=7 + R=18=9 + I=9 + D=4 ---> Adds up to 29 that = 11
E=5 + X=24=6 ---> Adds up to 11
II ---> same as 11

Although 11 is a key illuminati number (like 9/11 WTC and 3/11 Japan Tsunami false flag events), the 11-11-11 adds up to the sacred illuminai number 33. (we have all seen this before)

THE DATE: 11/13/13

The date has two key illuminati numbers in it: 11 and 13.

This appears to be a very special date & event for the illuminati satanic occult.

I had thought it really interesting to share with others this discovery, my personal investigation, and that I had not taken into account how the title has the gap between 'grid' and 'ex' and so that would be how you demacated  the numbers. I had instead counted it all as one, and that was my mis-take! So I was openly sharing this INFORM-ATION with a group of adults who are part of a Facebook purportedly interested in radical activism--including roots of the 'war on drugs' 'psychedelic healing' 'war on consciousness--- supposedly, I'd presumed, the 'whole caboodle'. So what happens? I find my post has later been deleted from his thread, and when I ask where it has gone, he pms me (keeping it private) saying how that it would 'confuse people' and that it was "occult conspiracy theory'" When I protested openly on the thread about his censoring it, he deletes that also. So now I am pissed off, and didn't post there for a while because I hate censorship, and such an attitude from him disillusioned me regarding his proclaimed radicalism.  I told him this. I asked him something like 'what's the difference from you disappearing my information and FOX, or any mainstream corporate media doing the same? ' Got no response.

I occasionally looked on his FB but did not participate, yet thought he may have changed his stubborn egoist attitude when he posted yesterday this announcement post where he says he has changed and become more transparent, and just wants to exercise 'free speech' and welcomes criticism---- 'free  speech' ? just him it seems. In a previous pm he actually said quote--"you are not allowed free speech on my Facebook page".

So I thought he had changed. People can. So I posted a very interesting video on a thread one of his friends posted about CULTS. The video was a very powerful video which shows links between the Church of Scientology (I will link it below) and occultism, and Scientology's founder's close relationship with the 'Great Beast 666 himself', Aleister Crowley, and  the video also claims that people high up in the social strata are part of a very secret occult groups where abuse of children happens children, including  sexually,  and even torturing and murdering them. So it is a VERY important video to see! But, I later get irate pms from Mr Charles Shaw telling me off for posting the video which he claims 'had nothing to do with the thread'---hmmm which was about cults, and if I insisted to defy his FB rules (like the one where only he has free speech), he will block me. Not going to put up with such a pathetic threat and not really --by this time--even giving a shit, I told him he was 'chatting shit' and that I would find more freedom on EXXON's forum page--if they had one. So that was that. I knew from his stance there would be no reasoning with him. A previous post I had tried to explain things reasonably. He says he is part native American, so I linked him to a Buffy St marie video of her powerful song 'God is Alive Magic is Afoot'

 I said how indigenous cultures are usually animist and do believe in magic, but not the kind of toxic control-freak, manipulating, and power-obsessed, magick, that the oppressors of this world are believing in and practicing. However, not to be too idealistic, even in Indigenous culture you can have those who choose healing, and those who choose a more manipulating kind of magic, often called sorcery which is often chosen to have power over others and do harm. This is known about in Amazonian shamanic tradition and such practitioners are known as  brujos [it is not all abc. For more in-depth about this please checkout here

Basically we all have free will and always have a choice or choices. The original meaning of the mythological  Serpent that guards the Tree of Life, from a Goddess religious perspective, is the association of serpents with wiseness ~~"be as wise as serpents"~~, and therefore the Serpent, among other sacred things,  symbolized the warning that when we partake of the magical fruits/psychedelics, if we do not not transcend an ego which is obsessed with power-over others, and nature,  and does not deeply relate to nature, then such an ego that is resistant and drunk with psychic power over others causes destruction all round. We are seeing this in the world right now! The 9/11 mega ritual was all about that!

The reason I have made the effort to make a blog about this affair is that I find it extremely odd Charles Shaw is so against me mentioning about the occultist clues to do with the oppressive civilization many of us are aware we find ourselves in. Ya know the ones who are part of the power that implements a so-called war on drugs whilst also doing weird shit as revealed via their occult symbolism and numbers. WHY does this young man, Charles,  have such a blindspot about this?! So much so he is not even willing to OPENLY discuss it? Is that radical?

In the pms he said my comments about this were "stupid" and how was he to know I wasn't "COINTELPRO'---well maybe that accusation could even more so be pointed at a person who refuses to look at important clues which all reveal an occult signature connecting such seemingly unconnected events like World War One,  the JFK assassination, Oklahoma Bombing, 9/11, London Bombings,  Madrid Bombing, 'Killing' of Osama bin Laden, Boston Bombings, Aurora, Sandy Hook---to name just a few.

This is quite synchronistic actually, because I had been planning to do a blog previous to this happening inquiring why it is that even in the psychedelic community there seems to be a taboo about discussing this admittedly strange issue. You either get total silence from leaders, and followers alike, and/or censoring, and ridicule, and being called a 'conspiracy theorist'. WHY? It does not make sense.

People who are deeply interested into the history and practice of psychedelics will usually be open to talk about multidimensional reality, and how the so-called war on drugs very much includes a war on consciousness, and yet up to now I have met resistance to really get a debate going as to what the deeper roots of this war consciousnesses might involve.

I know they have no problem talking about propaganda. So let us look at the term.

Etymology of propaganda:

propaganda (n.) Look up propaganda at
 1718, "committee of cardinals in charge of Catholic missionary work," short for Congregatio de Propaganda Fide "congregation for propagating the faith," a committee of cardinals established 1622 by Gregory XV to supervise foreign missions. The word is properly the ablative fem. gerundive of Latin propagare (see propagation). Hence, "any movement to propagate some practice or ideology" (1790). Modern political sense dates from World War I, not originally pejorative. Meaning "material or information propagated to advance a cause, etc." is from 1929.

Now let's see how Edward bernays defined it, he being known as the Father of Spin, and who wrote a book titled Propaganda:

The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country.

We are governed, our minds molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of. This is a logical result of the way in which our democratic society is organized. Vast numbers of human beings must cooperate in this manner if they are to live together as a smoothly functioning society.

Our invisible governors are, in many cases, unaware of the identity of their fellow members in the inner cabinet.

They govern us by their qualities of natural leadership, their ability to supply needed ideas and by their key position in the social structure. Whatever attitude one chooses toward this condition, it remains a fact that in almost every act of our daily lives, whether in the sphere of politics or business, in our social conduct or our ethical thinking, we are dominated by the relatively small number of persons-a trifling fraction of our hundred and twenty million-who understand the mental processes and social patterns of the masses. It is they who pull the wires which control the public mind, who harness old social forces and contrive new ways to bind and guide the world.

It is they who pull the strings. And we know that the techniques Bernays's used to pull our strings included very much the psychoanalytical techniques of his Uncle Sigmund Freud. They were targeting the sub-conscious of the individual, of the masses which is made up of individuals. So there was deliberate manipulation of consciousness going on which suited a small elite and their profits.
OBVIOUSLY it is not for the 'good' of all as Bernays and co imply. The unprecedented toxic shit (toxic shit is not good shit) all of us are in now, including all species, and the very fabric of life on planet Earth under serious threat, understood by a wide variety of people, including scientists who are not even aware of the occultism I speak of, is a sure warning that these wizard-assholes 'behind the scenes' pulling our strings--as they think--have made an absolute all-mighty fuck up! So, all I am encouraging is the looking into WHAT  they are up to. So when someone who goes on about 'radical activism'  censors and blocks this part of such a serious investigation it is very strange to me, and I want others to know of this, and get it out in the open. If this dude claims he wants to be "transparent" then here it is.

It is like telling someone who shouts they care 'look!' and they cover their eyes, and put fingers in ears'. THAT is fukin stupid to me.

Black magick is all about wanting to control others, so it is obviously in a continuum with regular propaganda which seeks to do the same.

 What are we seeing in the world, especially since 9/11? More and more we see the ones in power wanting more and more powers and control over everyone, everything. So why then is it so hard to understand or at least contemplate  that these symbols and constantly recurring numbers do exist  and are  part of the same mindset? Could the block and resistance for many to see this be an effect of the very black magick I'm trying to point to? I'm not saying it is,  I am just asking questions. And to ask questions you need freedom and not authoritarianism.

I can't speak for everyone, though I have heard similar experiences I have experienced from others, and trip reports I have read---when you have psychedelic experience it can be like waking up from a dream. Suddenly you feel extraordinarily freer and alive than you did in your usual 'sober' persona, and there is often a real sadness to come back 'down' to your everyday state. Well what is it that many of us are coming back to?
 It is the result of  years of 'educational' indoctrination since being able to walk to school. It is the expectations of your parents, and peer-pressure, and the mass media creating images we have of ourselves, others, and the world. ALL of this can form rigid egos, and psychedelic experience, when done right, is the 'momentary' release from that rigidity, statis, and sense of oppression . Suddenly you can laugh with joy  throughout your organism as one senses the whole environment and universe as being magically alive and feeling ec~statically related to it all.
For some however, even though they may 'reluctantly' feel a sense of release, they are so indoctrinated that they can argue later that it was all just a 'chemical ride' and had no deep meaning. These are the hardest people to get through to, because you can hardly suggest psychedelic/sacred medicine! Though you could encourage discussing their set and setting if they were willing. But when I come across people like this it's hard not to think sometimes, they've done it and even THAT hasn't shaken them out of their box.

My point is though, that you sense the pull the culture has on you, and surely it is obvious that the main reason for the utterly irrational 'war on drugs' is control of consciousness, and thus that control will include all ways and means they can do that! So to be open to look at ALL patterns of how they may be doing this.
But this is impossible to get through to people who fear such inquiry. There is a saying:

there is nowt so blind as them that wont see!

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The Animal Communicator

This documentary, The Animal Communicator, is one of the most mindblowing, moving, wonder~full, magical, and LIFE-CHANGING films I have ever seen, and I want everyone to see it.

I really hope all who are here will take time to watch it, and then share it far and wide as it is vitally important to know about...

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Review of The Spiritual Gift of Madness: The Failure of Psychiatry and the Rise of the Mad Pride Movement, by Seth Farber. (including psychedelics, etc)

Seth Farber's book, The Spiritual Gift of Madness: The Failure of Psychiatry and the Rise of the Mad Pride Movement, is a very powerful and important book to read, and incidentally is the first book I have been acknowledged in. This was because I've had many email conversations with Seth Farber, which continue,, including on Facebook, and we have shared ideas, and argued over ideas too.

I have talked with him about my long interest in  psychedelics and how I see their deep connection to the whole story of the mental illness myth, and hoped he may include this crucially important issue in his book, but he said the subject he was exploring was already controversial enough without inviting more controversy. He does however mention R.D.Laing, who understood psychedelics to be psychotherapeutically healing, and also briefly writes about the psychedelic counterculture of the 1960s.

 I am very much respectful of Seth Farber's passion regarding his in-depth critique of the mental health movement, and his writing about such radical characters as R.D.Laing etc, and love how he brings it all together for people to be encouraged to see through the myth of mental illness, as well as his direct style, but as to his ideas of spirituality and its meaning for madness and the world problems, we radically differ, and it is that difference I will want explore in this post.

The Biopsychiatric Model

The books essential power, for me, is how Farber reviews the modern roots of the fascistic biopsychiatric /big phama model. This model came into its own in the 1980s coinciding with the rise of neoliberalism. [Unraveling the Biopsychiatric Knot: the Future History of the Radical Mental Health Movement]

In Farber's former career as a family psychotherapist, where family therapy in the 1960s and 1970s included all family members exploring their own roles as  potentially contributing  to an oppressive climate which could cause someone 'sensitive' distress, this understanding deteriorated and was replaced with a  biopsychiatric implication for them to scapegoat the 'mentally ill' member, and making sure they took their medication.



The 1970s is  the same decade where there existed sanctuaries , such as I-Ward, Soteria House, and Diabasis, (founded by John Weir Perry ),  provided for people going through extreme states of experience, diagnosed by the psychiatric establishment as "psychosis" and "schizophrenia" , and "manic-depression/bipolar" and combinations.

Sanctuary was where they could find an alternative place of caring and support and love, very unlike the usual psychiatric rigmarole of being locked up,  having all their  human rights removed, not listened to, disrespected, and drugged, which suppressed emotions and visionary experiences, and therefore the potential to go through powerful natural healing processes .

 Even though all of these amazing places of sanctuary were successful in helping people come through extreme states of experience with no medical treatment, or at the most a minimum of drugs, the State and its social-controlling biospsychiatric/big pharma industry monolith had their fundings cut which closed them down!

The Mindfreedom Hunger Strike

Farber devotes a chapter to the - vitally important-to-know-about!!!  - exposé by psychiatric survivors from Mindfreedom,  who went on a hungerstrike to directly challenge the psychiatric establishment (APA)'s biopsychiatric model,  aand for them to provide actual medical evidence which proves 'mental illness' is caused by biochemical disease.

  Helping them to analyze APA's evidence were a panel of doctors who are also well-informed critics of the biopsychiatric model. It turns out however that the APA had no medical evidence to prove their case, but only words/language as a device to hide this fact.
When the APA were further challenged on this lack of evidence, they ceased any further conversation  and instead put out a press release promoting  more propaganda and pseudo medical science to support their biopsychiatric model.

Being Creatively Maladjusted and proud to be mad

In his book, Farber interviews several people all who were diagnosed with various 'mental illnesses', such as 'psychosis', ''schizophrenia', 'bipolar' and combinations,  diagnosed by  psychiatrists who informed them with great authority that they had real biochemical diseases that would need lifelong medication, and yet they all--bar one (who for reason Seth critiques, still sways in the favour of drugs, yet however has very radical views about the biopsychiatric model) - see through the myth and now are drug free and feeling good, and "creatively maladjusted". This descriptor for what it means to embrace madness is used a lot in Farber's book, and means that our not being able to sope in an insane world for whatever reason is not biochemical illness. It is as much mental illness as it was for those in the old Soviet Union diagnosed as such because they would not accept the Communist State

The saving of our world from pending doom will come, not through the complacent adjustment of the conforming majority, but through the creative maladjustment of a nonconforming minority. [Martin Luther King]

R.D.Laing  said it this way:

The condition of alienation, of being asleep, of being unconscious, of being out of one's mind, is the condition of the normal man. Society highly values its normal man. It educates children to lose themselves and become absurd, and thus to be normal. Normal man has killed perhaps 100, 000, 000 of their fellow normal men in the last 50 years. [The Politics of Experience (1967)]

To be creatively maladjusted is to be proud to be mad. Madness meaning nonconformity to a world that grows more and more insane. To see or mention this insanity is 'dangerous', because this oppressive fascism --which some people (the 'normal ones') may not even be aware of--demands you be content with it, accept it as the "real world",  and not question its authority. If you do you just may get militarized police on your case, beating, tasering, microwaving, spraying you, and/or be diagnosed mentally ill; having a biochemical illness which needs the System's chemicals to restore a "chemical imbalance". Their myth of mental illness lets them off! That is the point.  It is a blatant social controlling strategy, but believed by many because it has become , with so much authority,  massively entrenched in our culture, and even all over the globe now, and spreads like a cancer. It is even targeting more and more children, infants and babies. Better not cry to much as a baby otherwise the shrinks may call you "bipolar" and drug you! But first the loving parents have to be convinced this is true.

 I did cry a lot as a baby,  my mum tells me, so in such an insane time, I could have been in danger of such ignorance, and drugged with toxic chemicals before I could walk or talk.

Mad Pride  

 "It was Laing , more than any other figure, whose writings provided a basis for the mad to affirm their madness and assert it as a spiritual gift and to question the sanity of normal society", and Seth sees Laing's book, The Politics of Experience as "a basis for Mad Pride". 
Being proud to be mad, is understanding that your sadness, shyness, and fear, and visions, and energy, and other emotions, and uniqueness, etc, are not biochemical illnesses, but are our unique natures. In regards to distress,  human nature in response to problems of living.  And in extreme states  called--by this biopsychiatric model--"psychosis", "schizophrenia", "bi-polar" and so on---that these are states which are natural , in continuum with usual states of consciousness, and if supported within a community of empathy, love, understanding, care and support, encourages extraordinarily beneficial healing.

 These deep experiences also help us see through the insanity of what is happening in our community, and  the world ,which is vital for one and all, because there is a need for people to wake up and see what is actually/directly happening! Most 'normal' people who are so-called 'adjusted' to society are blitzed with all forms of propaganda, and other psychological techniques from patriarchal mythology, and occultist sorcery,  which is intended to make them not see and feel directly what is going on. That is the point of it, and what it is used for.
When these extreme states of experience are feared,  suppressed, and seen as chronic illness, and making people, so deemed defective, addicted lifelong chronic patients of toxic, debilitating, and suppressant drugs , the only people who benefit are the ones making financial profit from this soul-destroying, community-destroying and ecological-destroying evil, the shrinks and especially the  pharmaceutical industry who are in service to the corporate State.

Seeing Deeper and rounder

Part of a comment I read and liked:
..."the Earth is clearly, obviously, flat. Except it isn't. To understand the Earth is round, you have to take wider view. The same is true of human culture."

 The imposition of 'history' as told by the control-freaks keeps our minds in a linear mode. 'Progress' is the be all and end all as ecosystems which are part of real organic cyclic time are destroyed. A wider view is a deeper view. Psychedelic experience gives this view, and you are suddenly not on the mechanical conveyor belt of linear time any more, but directly aware of the eternal which is spiral, recycling.

 This is why  understanding how the  psychedelics story is so intimately connected with the mental illness myth story is an important part of the puzzle into seeing how the control-freaks  create a war on consciousness. 

War on psychedelics and consciousness


Both the UN prohibition against psychedelics, even for therapeutic use, and the rise of the biopsychiatric/big pharma model, came about in approximately the same era, the 1970s and '80s.

Before those eras , in the 1950s and early '60s, psychedelics, especially LSD, were being seen as a tool to understand "schizophrenia", and were termed, by the shrinks,  psychotomimetic.

It is very important to be aware  then, that the psychiatrists who were thinking psychedelics/"psychotomimetics" could help them learn about 'schizophrenia' already presumed that 'schizophrenia' was a biochemical illness!

The new State religion, the Biopsychiatric/Big Pharma Model, would use this un-proven, and later abandoned, psychiatric theory of psychedelic experience mimicking 'psychosis',  to push their fear-based  propaganda into the public imagination, that taking psychedelics would make you go crazy! This acted as further propaganda as gatekeeper to stop people exploring psychedelics (and also those who were exploring psychedelics from understanding their sacred and healing potential) and consciousnessm and having the potential inspiration to see the insanity of the oppressive culture! 

When we do the research, and find out for ourselves that there is no medical science whatsoever to support the theory that various psychological distress (which of course can include psychosomatic distress. For example. blushing is psychosomatic but not a biochemical illness) , and extreme states, are caused by biochemical disease, then we can  get a deeper understanding of the relationship between naturally occurring extreme states of consciousness, considered to be 'mental illness',  and psychedelic experience, and also get a deeper understanding why the culture wants both fields of experience--and knowledge of-- suppressed, and feared.

Put simply, the insane culture-enforcers do not want us being aware of its insanity, and how it exploits us, and how its oppression causes dis-ease with its fascistic myths and demands, internally  and externally. So it is far easier for the State to blame its victims--us-- for being "ill" when rather for quite natural reasons we are unhappy and distressed in varying degrees, and also may see things differently, and want to shout out about what is wrong with this extremely  brutal unloving model of 'reality' forced upon us.

Messianic idealism

In the book, The Spiritual Gift of Madness, Farber calls madness, which can involve mythical visions, and symbolic experience death and rebirth, a "Messianic" force in mad people which ,if understood, supported and allowed can help to dramatically change our world.

His ultimate messiah was Sri Aurobindo who believed that a time will come when a "super divine spirit" will descend and spiritually change the world, including humans, all species, and the 'laws' of nature, from  'bad habitual ways', and will conquer death (also seen as a bad habit), and we shall be made 'immortal'; and Farber relates how Sri Aurobindo's 'prophesy' is cognate with the Christian belief that this will also come to pass when the so-called Second Coming finally arrives.

For me, what Farber believes, influenced by Sri Aurobindo, is also insane thinking, which makes no logical, or natural sense, whatsoever,  and I really feel its utter absurdity can undermine all of his  great in-depth critique of the mental illness myth!

 This is a similar problem I have met before in a different context which I have expored in past blogs. For example, discovering that some of the greatest critics of the mental illness movement would at the same time accept the Scientology cult as their ally, this also disturbed me, and I was sick of being accused of being a Scientologist when I had discussions criticizing biopsychiatry. I was therefore very relieved to contact and speak with Robert Whitaker, author of many great books exposing the mental illness myth, and found he also felt like me, and was very encouraging. Robert Whitaker provides an excellent informative and inspiring website called Mad In America.

If  we are going to question the the mental illness myth, this must definitely  not stop us questioning other myths that don't make sense, for whatever reason, also. Question everything you feel a need to question. Questioning itself is a dynamic which authoritarianism seldom likes because it tends toward static belief systems of a dualistic nature.

A debate with Seth Farber

In my recent debate with Seth Farber about this great difference between our 'spiritual' views on his Facebook page , which originally began me linking him to a recent  interview Charles Shaw gave titled, A Revolution in Consciousness, Farber continues to promote his idealistic vision, also using Rupert Sheldrake's  theories of 'morphic resonance', and of how nature's laws are "habits",  to argue this means they can  potentially change and help bring planet Earth and us 'immortality':

"If you are dying – you are unconsciously contributing to the death of everyone around you. You are triggering something called ‘Morphic resonance’ which is a term coined by Rupert Sheldrake in his 1981 book – A New Science of Life." [Seth Farber quote from above mentioned FB page)
So now we must feel guilty dying, not only living? JUST what we need, more guilt!
All I can say to that is it is a good thing nature has the 'habit' of putting the anus in the right place for all species! I won't say anymore.

His views regarding this are typically patriarchal and New Age. When you survey all the patriarchal myths you see they all, one way or another, blame Mother Nature. The patriarchal 'vision' and thinking always associates nature with the 'feminine' and assumes itself superiority as the 'masculine spirit or consciousness':

Dualism in solar-patriarchal thinking

In mythology one of  the roots of this patriarchal hatred and fear of Nature is recorded in the epic Babylonian mythic epic, the Enuma Elish. In this story, the hero warrior-god, Marduk, attacks and murders the Great Serpent Goddess of Chaos, Tiamat, and from her corpse fashions his City State which for his ego means the whole world and universe. However, because "Chaos" cannot really be killed "he" must continually kill 'her', all that his ego fears as 'other':

When Keller discusses the implications of the Enuma Elish for women, selfhood, and the body, she claims that this text expresses a phobia of the mother that is turned into matricidal aggression. This ultimately results in the almost universal association of destruction preceding creation.58 Referring to Paul Ricoeur, Keller notes that through the Enuma Elish a cycle of myths that require the continual vanquishing of the enemy is born.59 This is a theology of war in which the primordial enemy is a woman and her destruction does not accidentally coincide with the onset of patriarchy.60 This suggests to Keller that the destruction of Tiamat represents the destruction of respect for women and the body as well as the usurpation of a tradition based in immanence by one which upholds transcendence as a model for divinity. Hence, every self that has emerged through the paradigm we are criticizing "posits the Other as an object, an opponent, in order to become itself; the transformation of women and other aliens into monsters illustrates all too well this process of oppositional transcendence. [Chapter 3: The Feminist Critique of the Separated Self , quoting Catherine Keller's ideas]

In Old Iranian mythology, Zoroastrianism, there is the belief in the duality between 'good' and 'evil', and
that if one 'purifies' themselves they belong to the good , Ahura Mazda (Illuminating Wisdom). They believe there will come a time when all evil, represented by Angra Mainyu (Destructive Spirit),  will be destroyed and the physical body, and nature, and all nature will become "pure" again, an event called Frashokereti.

 The Mystery schools, of which the first includes the Orphic Mysteries, and later Gnosticism, etc,  believed the physical body was a trap of the "divine spirit" which sought escape from the body and nature, and desired a return to its 'spiritual home' beyond the seven planets which, in various Gnostic belief, were gatekeepered by evil supernatural 'jail warden' entities known as the Archons.

 So, for the Solar Mysteries (which favoured light over darkness), "purification" either completed in this life, or if needed via many lifetimes, would eventually get you the reward of release from the physical body, and/or of being born from mother's womb,  and thus from Mother Nature.

 Plato was influenced by his initiation into the Eleusinian  Mysteries, ""the ultimate design of the Mysteries … was to lead us back to the principles from which we descended, … a perfect enjoyment of intellectual [spiritual] good." and hence we get the inevitable dualism in his philosophy known as platonic dualism.
Plato viewed nature as inferior to his intellectually-realized  'Realm of Forms' or Ideas, because of the nature of change experienced in the former, as opposed to the image he had of the unchanging (static) nature he assumed of his abstracted thinking.

In the monotheistic Abrahamic religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam these all were influenced by earlier patriarchal mythologies and  solar-esoteric Mystery cults. In the western world's mythology of Christianity, as Farber also relates, there is a belief that nature is 'fallen', and it was mythical character, Eve, who brought death into 'God's' immortal Garden of Eden; and in the same mythology (which is insisted to be an historic religion) there is the promise of a 'Second Coming' following which, dead bodies will be resurrected, and they and all of nature shall be made spiritually pure and immortal.

In the ancient Greek Polytheistic Olympian mythology, it denounces more ancient gods who had animal and plant attributes which were deeply connected with mind-altering vegetation, and reified pumped-up superhuman 'immortal' gods on  Mount Olympus, distant and aloof from us mere 'mortals'.

 In other words, in typical patriarchal conceptual myth-making  fashion (as social control) they dissect and divide what in reality  are dynamic  wholes such as both 'mortality' and 'immortality' being spiral reality of being. The renewing of life through death. Patriarchal mindSETS will/can not accept this because they have divided themselves from nature, and feeling, via their thinking which includes psychologically analyzing/dissecting concepts into opposing lists and considering one list superior over the other list, and mis-taking this conceptual operation for reality.

'Immortality', 'mortality'

The  patriarchal version of 'immortality' is the absurd belief of actually living in one form for ever and ever and ever...etc. Stasis. And that idea, sadly, is what I see Seth Farber doing with his belief in a future time when we--including all nature-- are to be 'made immortal'.
 It is an ironic and absurd idea with no comprehension that death is of a dynamic with lifeanddeath, like a multidimensional warp and woof , or two serpents twining round each other in an eternal dance where you couldn't possibly have one without the other.

If I say some thing has a 'front' and a 'back', they are abstract terms which explain a dynamic which has a front and back, or back and front depending on your interpretation. But directly experienced it is not a separate 'front' and 'back' which could be independent of each other but a whole event which we then can conceptually claim has a 'front' and a 'back, but they're just terms we use to describe a whole event.

 Just the motion of my arm involves the 'death' of the motion which is the movement. All the cells in my body are dying all the time cyclically as new ones form, and of course there being cycles within cycles, eventually my body dies and new bodies arrive as I die. Flowers, plants, trees, organisms in the soil partly thriving on  death and decay. Ecosystems within ecosystems. Spirals within spirals.  In Seth Farber's 'purified' world we wouldnot see any dead leaf which in death can be as  as beautiful as in life! In Farber's 'immortal' world would we have the death of leaves?

...Fungi are the decomposers of our planet. Without their role in death and decay there would be no life. Psilocybin, like all fungus, plays this role as well. By guiding us into the emotive-psychosynthesis of emotional repression, it decomposes the shadow and unlocks nutrients contained within it to feed the soil of psychospiritual growth. They take us on a journey through and beyond the death and decay of repression, into the fertile grounds of budding maturity, courage, and confidence..." [Decomposing The Shadow: Lessons From The Psilocybin Mushroom , by James W Jesso]

What about the secular world? The world where many atheists  believe  "when your dead your dead", and the scientific belief that eventually the sun will burn itself out, as stars do, and that will be the end of all life? But of course this is really revealing that the cycles of life and death are shared throughout the universe!

 There is the belief that technology will be the 'messiah' or saviour, and this secular idealism (though also covertly including the occult) is called Transhumanism or H+, for short, . This myth shares the same criteria as the other patriarchal myths but the motifs are often more unconscious. There is still the same desire to conquer disease, and death, and totally control nature and the universe, because they see evolution as too slow and it is their 'superior' role to 'upgrade' 'Her'.

For  Seth Farber madness involves the messianic prophecy of this idealism, and as it must be very clear now, we completely disagree about this, so what then does madness mean to me?

Sacred mushroom god of divine madness, Dionysos


We definitely agree that madness is not biochemical illness, because there does not exist any scientific medical tests to prove this. So what is madness then?

 When someone is extremely sad, very anxious, fearful, having tremendous energy followed by utter deflation, having mythical visions, hearing voices---what is all this behaviour and feeling meaning?

 I would first answer with the question, what does so-called 'normality' mean?

 LOOK at actually what is going on in this world which we are told by authority is supposed to be 'normal'! However, when a person directly looks at it without the usual intellectual distance, the world can be profoundly disturbing. When you see little children and innocent adults as victims of the never-ending wars, and little ones who have suffered horrific DNA damage due to the weapons and chemicals being used by the warmongers and their soldiers, and the terrible poverty a great proportion of the population of Earth are having to 'live' in, and what is happening to other species, and the natural world, it is all extremely upsetting.
 So the troubles in the world do affect us in deep ways even though some people try and keep this distance, but then the emotions and feelings go unconscious. I would dare anyone to take a psychedelic and experience looking at a child so affected by war, and resulting DNA damage caused by the weapons, and fall-out of war. It is hard enough observing this ordinarily (I cannot look directly at this for longger than few seconds!). Psychedelics often dissolve the intellectual distance many people have been 'educated' in to distance their feelings from reality, but when seen with naked eyes and heart and suddenly you are that poor being who is actual experiencing that horror now, it is a different story.

“What both Freud and Jung called “the unconscious” is simply what we, in our historically conditioned estrangement, are unconscious of. It is not necessarily or essentially unconscious.
I am not merely spinning senseless paradoxes when I say that we, the sane ones are out of our minds. The mind is what the ego is unconscious of. We are unconscious of our minds.Our minds are not unconscious. Our minds are conscious of us. Ask yourself who and what it is that dreams our dreams. Our unconscious minds? The Dreamer who dreams our dreams knows far more of us than we know of it." [The Psychedelic Review, R.D.Laing]

There is deep worry and trauma about what is happening to planet Earth. Earth is our home, and we are born into it /out of it. We are nature, We depend on air to breathe, warmth, light and darkness, and water to drink, and food and so on. So if our very home and being, and those who we love, are threatened by all the insanity around threatening the very fabric of life so are we!  And this worry will affect our psyche even though for some on an un-conscious level. For the creatively maladjusted we feel it deeply.

Together with those deeply serious problems there are the personal problems--personal relationships, money, destructive habits to try and escape what we feel, and so on. Worrying about our loved ones, loss, abuse, and  problems if living. Problems of even having problems and sharing about them for fear of being judged to be 'mentally ill', and what can happen to us socially, and physically, when we admit we cannot cope, or are experiencing things not acceptable, and feared, by this culture, . These are real problems, and yet the culture looks at us as being biochemical robots, and thus there is no real feeling, no love. We are abused and so many of us abuse others because that is all we know.

Even the so-called choices we have to get help from 'psych-iatry and psycho-logy, both terms respectively meaning etymologically, "a healing of the soul," and "study of the soul", is from these 'healers' who do not even believe in soul, in feeling. They rather conform to the biopsychiatric mechanistic model which sees us as a skin-bags of chemicals, and electrical interactions, manifesting 'behaviour', that can 'breakdown' and need their drugs/chemicals to 'treat' it and 'restore its chemical balance' and bring it back to 'normal' again, and/or maintain it chemically so it can fit into and 'cope' in this insane world they themselves are con-forming to.

In his book, Farber will rightly encourage that we must question the mental illness myth, which he most certainly does do in depth,  yet he has a blindspot for other patriarchal myths which I see as totally interrelated with the  myth of mental illness, and are important to know about to understand its origins, meaning,  and the mindsets pushing it. To understand the mental illness myth we have to understand patriarchal thinking past and present in all its guises.

Farber's belief that nature is 'imperfect'/caught in bad habits' and in need of being put right by some descending 'super-spirit' is linear, and lapsarian,. having the presupposition that nature is 'fallen', both human nature but also other species, and nature itself, and therefore there is proffered the promise of  some idealistic future to put-it-right.

NOW we are 'imperfect' until we are made 'perfect' and live happily ever after. So in other words, first create a 'problem' and then offer the 'solution', and put the solution in some future date or times. Isn't that what '2012' was all about? Another new age 'hope'.

So what then?

 If, as I am saying all that idealism is false promise, and yet the fact is that there is a vast oppression over all of us, including all other species and planet Earth by insane groups in control, how are we to understand all this, and what can happen to resolve such insanity. And what part does madness play in this?

As stated, I see the premise of Seth Farber's idealism to be lapsarian which means it is depending on nature, and human nature, and animals nature to be flawed to start off with, and needing some 'outer' supernatural event to change it to a more purified version. Why is this idea different in essence from the biopsychiatric model which from its own materialistic perspective sees those of us who do not do what it demands for the good of the State as biochemically flawed? Is there not a correlation between these supposed different worldviews? One sees us flawed materialistically and psychologically, and the other spiritually and physically. But what if we understand that nature and the body and our natures are sacred? But if nature is sacred how come the oppression?

THINKING!!! 'Thinking' when it becomes divided from  heart, and soul, empathy,  feeling.
  Didn't one of this soul-dead civilization's 'heroic-thinkers', Rene Descartes, think 'I think therefore I am'? And from that thinking he caused animals he came into contact with excruciating pain and abuse , because his thinking saw them as robots! So, I am seeing it that it is not so much bad habits of the natural world, including the body and senses which is at fault and needing radical change, but rather bad habits of thinking when such thinking creates divisive dualistic ideas and acts on them causing misery, abuse,  and destruction.

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Exploring their matrix and undermining it includes seeing connections: the Materialism and Idealism trick

In the 1960s, many of the youth --hippies/freaks/heads---who had their minds blown/eyes opened/experienced psychedelics~~~saw directly  the dismal grim wasteland, conformist, soul-dead, oppressive, racist, warmongering world they had been born into and brought up in. A worldview based on a toxic-mix of traditional religion and scientific materialism. The predominant scientific materialist worldview which perceived nature as not having any spiritual depth, insentient, and other species, including ourselves, as being mere biochemical machines with no spirit/soul, but just mechanical behaviours which could be measured by its 'scientific experts', and if a behaviour was deemed unacceptable/unhygienic would be diagnosed as defective, and a biological disease, by the State, and 'treated' with chemicals, and/or electrocution/ECT and even the brain being operated on and cutting parts out of the brain/lobotomy.

All the religions offered, however, as an alternative to that soul-less unspeakable oppression were words, and empty meaningless rituals, together with guilt-trip warnings of being sinful and that if we did not mindlessly abide by their belief systems there would be literally hell to pay--everlastingly.
Faced with this dire 'choice'--between the secular world of disenchanted scientism, and disenchanted religion many, especially young people, who had had transformative visionary experiences, looked to the East for answers, and spiritual integration. There they could see 'trippy' iconic images of blue gods playing flutes, elephant-headed gods, goddesses, gurus with beards and flashing eyes, bells and chanting, strange-looking yogis who could supposedly do amazing superhuman feats, and  the promise of ever-lasting bliss, if , that is, one did mantras and chanting on beads, giving up western ways and adopting eastern beliefs, meditation,  trusting these men with the beards and flashing eyes, the gurus, and so on.

One of the big counterculture heroes of the 1960s who did all of that was Timothy Leary's friend, Richard Alpert, who adopted the Indian sounding name, Ram Dass. He had had lots of psychedelic experience, and went to India to seek out his spiritual mentor, and found his guru, maharaj-ji, and became his devotee, and there's the famous story of maharaj-ji being given a dose of LSD, but--the story
goes--the guru was so blissed out, its effect was superfluous! With stories like that, and Eastern promise, many hippies gave up their psychedelics and put all their faith in Eastern gurus, religions, including Buddhism. Some people who did carry on psychedelically exploring, like Timothy Leary, would view Eastern idealism as the blueprint for their spiritual goals. Leary, for example, had a place for this purpose, a rambling old house in Millbrook, New York, where he and others (including many celebrities of the time) would experiment with LSD, and other psychedelics, to try and "push the envelope"--a means to acquire an all-the-time-bliss which they believed their hero gurus and yogis and Buddhists and zen masters had, who claimed they had. Eastern mysticism and its goals was their blueprint for spiritual success.

The Material~ism and Ideal~ism Matrix

So, I am seeing two sides of a same coin at play here. A trick/matrix. On one side is material~ism and on the the other side is ideal~ism. Both these worldviews stem from a patriarchal root which denigrates the body, senses, our natures, and the natural world, and are set-up to divide and control:

The Gnostic view had accepted THE State. It did not question it any more, and those who could afford it tried to flee its consequences and its ugliness. In this way, the two main tendencies in thinking about patriarchal society came about: idealism and materialism. The two should not therefore be regarded, as usual, as pure contradictions, but as two sides of one coin, the "Siamese twins" of patriarchy: the "materialistic" side fighting actively against the lasting importance of "matter," the mater-mother, nature, the goddess, and life, in order to get them under control, and the "idealistic" side propagating the ideal of a motherless world, a purely patriarchal utopian paradise that seems peaceful because it appears to have finally resolved the contradictions with the material, matriarchal world or what remains of it.  (Capitalist Patriarchy and The Negation of Matriarchy:The Struggle for A "Deep" Alternative, by CLAUDIA VON WERLHOF )

The scientific materialist worldview believes the physical body, and other species, and nature, are dead/insentient  mechanical objects. In their denial of the 'spiritual' aspect of 'matter' they deny the Mother (the very term 'matter' derives from term mater meaning mother), and seek to replace Her with Man-made technology(capital M, because not all men are considered even equal by this control-freak mindset, but only those with the scientific knowledge,  secret occult and technological means of power over others), the Machine, and everyone must be with their 'programme'~~techno-fascism!

This worldview denies the soul, spirit, and thus inevitably sees no  value in exploring nature and consciousness inspired with sacred vegetation and substances. The control-freak matrix-makers and their lackeys made this very clear, in 1971, when at their New Age headquarters building, the United Nations, with The Misuse of Drugs Act signed into effect that psychedelics--anciently (and to this day) known by peoples of the Goddess, Indigenous peoples, and pagans, as being sacred medicine and sacraments-- suddenly, and ironically, were claimed to have by 'United Nations' authority no medicinal value whatsoever!

 Not only were people/adults not allowed to ingest natural vegetation and substances of their choice, but even therapists were not allowed near them either. This irrational prohibition which to any sensible person is absurd, is a great revealing of the fear these control-freaks have of psychedelics as a sacred medicine to help us see though their toxic matrix, and to heal ourselves, and rekindle our connection with Mother Earth.

The Idealistic worldview, on the other hand, is representing  mindsets which dream of a world above the 'material' one or as some modern New Agers, like David Icke term it "the 5 sense prison world". This idea of nature and the body as a trap stems from ancient Orphic, and other Mystery schools, including Gnostic beliefs, which thought nature, world, and universe, were the creation of an evil 'God' or Demiurge, and the body was a tomb which captured a divine spirit, and that only by following the particular cult's 'purification' rituals and beliefs could their spirit eventually find release from the tomb of their body, and gaining release from nature, return home above the seven planets to its spiritual home;  this promise could either be accomplished in this lifetime depending how 'pure' they were, or after a series of 'good' lifetimes.

Notice how both the materialist and idealistic worldviews keep nature and sensuality at a distance! For the former there is the dividing of the 'subject' from the 'object' of inquiry whilst assuming the object itself is mechanical, and that one's own senses are subjective and thus secondary, and even illusory because they cannot be measured, whereas the latter worldview claims how the objective world is illusory, as are the senses which they believe creates the very illusion, and are not to be trusted:
...[C]onventional scientific discourse privileges the sensible field in abstraction from sensory experience, and commonly maintains that subjective experience is "caused" by an objectifiable set of processes in the mechanically determined field of the sensible. Meanwhile, New Age spiritualism regularly privileges pure sentience, or subjectivity, in abstraction from sensible matter, and often maintains that material reality is itself an illusory effect caused by an immaterial mind or spirit. Although commonly seen as opposed worldviews, both of these positions assume a qualitative difference between the sentient and the sensed; by prioritizing one or the other, both of these views perpetuate the distinction between human "subjects" and natural "objects" and hence neither threatens the common conception of sensible nature as a purely passive dimension suitable for human manipulation and use. While both of these views are unstable, each bolsters the other; by bouncing from one to the other---from scientific determinism to spiritual idealism and back again..." (The Spell of the Sensuous, by David Abram, pages 66-67)

Both worldviews, for example, welcome and work toward a Transhumanist utopian idealism which is the imposing of a technologically-based idealism onto the natural world, and justifying their destruction of the body and nature by believing they are using occult, scientific, and technological knowledge in a way to 'fast-track evolution', and to "upgrade" humanity via cyborgism. So in this sense, combining materialistic science and technology, and idealism, they are bringing their idealistic vision to Earth instead of the wanting to escape it above, but it is still the same drive of escape. This is of course the dream in Christianity  that after the 'Second Coming':

Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth, for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away, and there was no longer any sea. I saw the Holy City, the new Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, prepared as a bride beautifully dressed for her husband. And I heard a loud voice from the throne saying, "Now the dwelling of God is with men, and he will live with them. They will be his people, and God himself will be with them and be their God. He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away. (NIV, Revelation 21:1-4)

They want ultimate control over the body, nature, and consciousness so it helps them greatly if they can make you think and feel and see what they want you to which is why it is vitally important to explore ways to undermine their toxic myths and thus their mind-control. Their midcontrol is a mix of propaganda and occultism with its attendant magick/sorcery for that purpose, and of course violence if you protest. This is not to create fear, me saying this, but to just be aware of what is going on.

They want control over everything, and this includes the psychedelics and their experience. They are aware that psychedelic experience can inspire the undoing of their mind-control, so they try and suggest to people how to interpret psychedelic experiences in the way that suits their agenda.

In previous blogs I have discussed this tactic/trick, as for example one I titled Seeing Through the Psychedelic Transhumanism (H+) Trip 

In it, I explore the strange 'coincidence' of  how two of the most prolific leaders in the psychedelic counterculture spanning the generations, Timothy Leary and Terrence McKenna, have both been advocates for Transhumanism.

 In one of his talks (please see video)  McKenna seems to suggest that "nobody is in control of anything"!

Comedy can be very eye-opening (if you watch the video you see he is part-doing a comedy act and people are laughing), but it also can be crafty and make you think you understand because you are laughing, eg, 'so it must be true'. He is claiming that 'conspiracy theory' is absurd, and there is no one in control. Can we not see how that authoritative statement  would really suit those that are most definitely in control and seek more and more of it?

 Can we not see this every time the suits sign 'Acts' into existence which take more and more of our freedoms away? Is that a funny illusion ha ha? NO, it is as real as when these insane control freaks invade Indigenous peoples lands, and force them to give up their language and tradition, and land, and thus totally destroy their meaning of life ---like they have done to our ancestors in a more distant past, and continue to do so to us 'moderns'. To claim that this is NOT  being controlled, and oppressed , is very suspicious indeed, and complete folly!

In his little act he mentions 'chaos'. He is trying to suggest that all is chaos and no one is in control. Well, the occult elite', or conspiracy, in their secret societies have a saying --"ORDO AB CHAO", which from the Latin translates as 'order out of chaos', and their formula is to create extremely traumatic events watched by millions, and often repetitively , and they callously plan that this intense observation will cause chaos in the psyche within which they then will see as an opportunity to implant their propaganda and sorcery. This is what the 9/11 ritual involved. There was a secret group actually in control of this, who had meticulously planned it years in advance and had it carried out with plans for its aftermath also, and this carries on to this day.

They are control-freaks!

 This is why they control 'drugs' they don't want us to ingest because they may just wake us up/open our eyes to what they are up to, and why they control the drugs they do want us very much to ingest and keep on ingesting--- to control us.
 To suggest no one is in control is preposterous! They are on it like flies on shit.

CHAOS: Connections

From being little children upwards, we are controlled in their enforced so-called 'education' system, and a big part of their control strategy/dumbing down is not allowing us to see connections. Their tried and tested  strategy is divide and control, and this includes knowledge. Cutting it up, and trying to obscure how piece/  subjects/issues interconnect.

So I want to explore connections to do with chaos. One of the earliest recorded myths which herald in the patriarchy, is the ancient Babylonian epic myth known as the Enuma Elish. Here lie the ancient roots of the motif of a solar hero, in this story Marduk, a god-king, who attacks and kills Tiamat, the Great Serpent Goddess of Chaos:

The myth of the Eternal Return is believed to have been challenged in Sumeria around 2500 B.C.E. About this time an agrarian culture was supplanted by nomadic warriors, who conquered the Mesopotamian area and set up an alternate style of social order based in kingship, patriarchy, and patrilinearality of descent.34 Along with such social changes, as the argument goes, came a transformation in how time was perceived: rather than reflecting femininity by its cyclical nature, time was now understood as linear and masculine. For this reason, we could say that the myth of the Hero who Slays the Dragon is characteristic of the concept of linear time, there is now an understanding of time as having a beginning and an end. Finding its literary prototype in the Enuma Elish, we encounter a story of the hero-warrior god Marduk, who does battle with chaos symbolized by his (great) grandmother, the dragoness, Tiamat. Marduk eventually defeats the dragon and, by creating the cosmos and all living beings out of Tiamat's shattered corpse, fulfils history.35 Yet, as is appropriate of a story emerging out of the myth of the Eternal Return, Tiamat or chaos is never ultimately defeated and must be fought again every year in an attempt to "ensure the survival of the fragile cosmos."36 (source)

Marduk is a prototype of the solar heroes that were to be depicted in various mythologies, and legends,  and religions,  such as Perseus and his attacking serpent-headed Medusa, St George and the Dragon, St Patrick chasing the 'serpents' out of Ireland, and so forth.. When we hear about serpents and dragons in solar/patriarchal mythology we need to remember it is meaning control over the dark aspect of the Goddess/Nature in Her spiritual depths which is being attacked, and suppressed. And this includes our own freedom to explore our nature/ these depths, which are interconnected with each other and nature.

The patriarchal mindset favours 'logic and reason' over 'intuition, emotions, and feelings' (already creating a conceptual dichotomy with that presumption) , and tends to conceptualize and analyze whole dynamics into reductive parts which are then to be taken as real and independent existing with one 'part' superior to the other, in conflict with the other, and even sometimes one part being believed to be nonexistent/illusory (ie.,  'matter' and 'spirit').

They--the control and dividers-- have done this with, 'darkness' and 'light' and you can see this dualistic theme run through all the different myths which share the same patriarchal roots. In these myths there is supposed to be a battle by light against darkness, and darkness is connected with chaos. For the patriarchy who equate light with reason, 'darkness' , the 'unknown/unconscious' is a state where things cannot be 'defined' regarding their rationalistic criteria, or scientifically measured, and thus is, unconsciously, felt as dangerous and engulfing for the ego/sense of self/identity.
This fear can includes encounters with chaos in psychedelic exploration. People can feel this sense of chaos when going through ego death/ego transcendence~~a complete disorientation of their self-image:

"...Clients reported encountering a place, after going through fears and pains, that is totally disorienting, chaotic. They would, for example, enter into a gray cloud, and the mind would go totally blank. Or they would enter into a spiral, and as  they gave over to the motion of the spiral, they become so disoriented that there was nothing they could hang onto. And that is what we now define as chaotic consciousness."  (Creative Chaos)

It can also manifest as feeling one is being eaten alive by insects, and decaying into the earth etc, and often, the ego identity will struggle against such visions and feelings, and not allow this engulfment into chaos freedom of expression, but this resistance thwarts the real healing potential of spiritual experience.

This happened to me when having a magic mushroom trip years ago: After this amazing sense of flying through the deepest black space, when I shut my eyes, and what seemed to be passing huge coils of a serpent, and seeing small faeries playing hide and seek with me behind these serpent coils , then  the vision changes with a soundtrack of eerie music (I was listening to music from an album), and I was suddenly being sucked into a slowly revolving spiral of mangled dead bodies all grotesquely connected like you would see the piles of bodies in news footage of Nazi concentration camps victims, and their eyes were staring. I was falling into this vile whirlpool of death whilst the sense of time had ceased, and I was feeling their cold dead bodies coming around me.  I FREAKED and resisted this experience, because at that time the trip was spontaneous and 'recreational' and there was no set and setting or support, and encouragement, for the vital importance of facing such a journey! I just quickly turned the music down, and told my bemused friend who did not dig what I was going through, "It's too sad".

The artist Harriette Frances documented an LSD experience during a psychedelic program at Menlo Park, California. .(source)

But this is what we need. This is the sacred immersion into ecstatic experience where extremes which have been called 'heaven' and 'hell' are a dynamic whole. This does not mean some kind of going from one extreme to another, but the acceptance of what can be considered dark, allows there to be a transcendence of the rigid blocks which prevent free flowing energy and life and healing, and a deep understanding of dynamic wholes and the cycles of nature.

What about 'heaven' and hell'. How does this relate to psychedelic experience ,,,and experience? 

Exploring the diversity of polar~relational dynamic wholes


A magnet has two sides. One side is always positive and the opposite side is always negative. It would make no sense if it were any different. If you were to chop the magnet in half what happens? You find the same dynamic whole; one side is positive and opposite side is negative.

Picture a large circle. Imagine you leave your door and go on a walk which forms a circle. The 'beginning ' begins at your door, and the 'end' of the walk ends at your door too, where you began. So 'beginning' and 'end' are at the same place.

If you were to draw half a circle on white paper and colour it black, and then do just a few dots  to tentatively complete and suggest a whole circle; we see that in order to see the light bit/white we need the dark part/black, including the few little black dots which gives the suggestion of a whole circle. You cannot have one part of a dynamic whole without the other, it would make not make sense.

Now, what about "heaven" & "hell"?

People may experience what they call hellish experiences, but these experiences are, like the above examples, part of a dynamic whole where the other related pole can be called heavenly . In order to let go of/relinquish ego/rigid resistance/blocked spiritual energy which can be causing dis~ease psychosomatically, you can experience this process as hellish, accentuated more so if resisted.

A surrendering into to these ecstatic visions and feelings is a sacred journey into a profound sense of merging with everything. With the Mother ~~~transcendence of ego. When this ecstatic experience is resisted by the individual, the culture, is when the ego seeks control over---even of all the world, and universe.
The solar patriarchal hero wants to kill this aspect of the Mother, and keep doing so. Creating 'monsters' /enemies to maim and kill and control and sacrifice to their spirits and gods their egoistic imagination has conjured so as for more and more power and control. Never satisfied.

In their toxic divide and control myths, they have 'created' concepts of heaven and hell as a means to control the gullible (those who believe and/or blindly follow their authority), eternal heaven/bliss is the promise/reward and everlasting hellis the threat/punishment. The knowledge and experience of the dynamic whole is forbidden  to be known, experienced/suppressed/taboo. Meanwhile they try and make life on planet Earth  for many, including other species, and nature Herself, hell!

So, see what they have done: In positing either 'heaven' or 'hell' they 'disappear' the living Earth from sense. It is reduced to a mere stepping stone/classroom/halfway house. Life --more so existence-- an exam set for 'success' or 'failure'. No one is to enjoy Earth, nature, sensuality, life, because it is a 'test'. We are not to understand and celebrate and feel ecstatically  part of the dynamic cycles of nature. No, we are to be dualistic/divided.

This strategical ploy of the divide and controllers is clearly seen set down in their script-ure, in the Book of Genesis--this culture's 'creation myth'. We are led to presume that originally there was a Garden of Eden paradise which did not have a natural dynamic polarity of life and death and regeneration, but only a static 'eternal life'.

Eve is blamed by the patriarchal myth-makers for seducing Adam to disobey the God, and her 'eveil' act brings 'death' into Paradise. But ...wait. Life and death are a dynamic whole. You cannot have one without the other. So the knowing and feeling this reality is the very undermining of this pernicious propaganda.


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Zbigniew Brzezinski "In his 1970 book Between Two Ages: America’s Role in the Technetronic Era, Brzezinski wrote the following:
“The technetronic era involves the gradual appearance of a more controlled society. Such a society would be dominated by an elite, unrestrained by traditional values. Soon it will be possible to assert almost continuous surveillance over every citizen and maintain up-to-date complete files containing even the most personal information about the citizen. These files will be subject to instantaneous retrieval by the authorities.”

Friday, 7 June 2013

Eyes Wide Open: Why are psychedelic researchers quiet and not interested about the important subject of the occult elite and their evil doings?

Recently, I have tried to engage well known psychedelic researchers in conversation about the subject of an occult elite in control of this world, who have for a long while, and continue to, maintain a matrix of destructive manipulating control without, and within, in the collective psyche. I have come to discover this, especially in the years following  my investigation into 9/11,
that all over that bloody massive event is the definite fingerprints of an occult elite which can be detected by the languages they use which include cryptic codes--such as symbolism, numerology, and also occult astrology, architecture, cartography, and so on--and once being discovered you are able to detect their similar coded fingerprints involved in other events also.

 I consider myself  a  psychedelic researcher, and also have been truly astounded, and deeply disturbed, by this discovery, that behind the scenes and yet also hidden-in-plain-sight we have sorcerers meticulously planning and creating false flags, and causing invasions and wars, and all manner of evil, and this is all part of an ongoing mind~control of masses of people.
 I am therefore sadly intrigued when people who are clearly deeply interested in psychedelics and all that implies, such as the understanding and study and exploration of consciousness, yet seem not interested, or absolutely quiet, regarding this extraordinarily important field of inquiry into the reality and actions of an occult elite which is affecting all life on Planet Earth!

Not so long ago, I emailed Dennis McKenna asking his thoughts about this 'silence trip'  I'd  been experiencing--not only from researchers individually, but even their followers.
 Here is my message to Dennis McKenna:

HI Dennis,

...Ever since the 9/11 attacks, I have also been drawn into that investigation also, as well as the London bombings of 7/7 etc etc., and in investigating have shockingly found that there are occult clues deeply connected between these events, including what many would consider un-related events like for example President Kennedy's assassination, Martin Luther King's assassination, The Manhattan Project, the Space Programs, and the recent Sandy Hook Massacre, and the Boston Bombings.

As you may also know there does exist symbolism all round us that not many people understand, such as the symbolism on the one dollar bill for example, of the pyramid and strange numbering and language. Also in architecture we see similar symbolism, and numerology. But what does it all mean?
I am not expecting you to talk about this, but I am drawing your attention to this---that I have been intrigued to find that trying to raise this topic amongst well-known psychedelic researchers--and their followers--seems to fall on deaf ears. TOTAL silence which I interpret as taboo.
... Not one person showing the slightest interest in this...!

I am in midst of exploring about this in a blog, because I find it very curious. Is it fear? Is it people think I am crazy? I cannot say because people will not even say a word in reply lol.
But as Obama now continues the W Bush onslaught on public liberty, do they not feel the walls closing in? Are not psychedelics sacred medicine for not only bringing attention to hidden inner feelings, but also hidden things going on in the environment? What is KNOWN about the occult?There are serious authors who warn that these power wielders use the occult (by the way, did Terrence ever specifically talk about this?) and communicate with each other using these secret languages.

...Isn't becoming aware of this occult (which actually means 'hidden') what psychedelic awareness must involve if we want to radically change things?

Here is Dennis McKenna's reply:

I think that since psychedelic researchers work in such a controversial area, they are loathe to risk their credibility; it's hard enough to maintain it in the face of a skeptical scientific community without invoking conspiracy theories, occultism, world dominators, and the rest of it.  Whether these things are true or not is not the point.

With respect, to Dennis McKenna,  I have to disagree. I think it is very much the point. because if it is true and people pretend it is not true or are afraid to even talk about it for fear of what other people will think, and yet are in the field of talking about psychedelics which are the sacred medicine par excellence for revealing what is hidden --then to me that stance is a limited hangout.
Things couldn't be more urgent now. So how can a serious researcher into psychedelics not be prepared to freely explore important issues like this? Though I understand if they choose not to, I am just challenging that denial, and also them even being silent about any view about this matter. I did very recently manage a reply from a person who is very much into promoting psychedelic therapy. He called me "delusional" and banned me from his Facebook, as I tried to reason with him!


If some of the existing psychedelic researchers are not willing to talk about this and what it means for the whole psychedelic understanding and experience, I at least hope to encourage open free debate about this important issue that affects us all, including all species, and Mother Earth. Because it is this occult elite who is at the top of their hierarchical pyramid of power, and are the ones who want to totally dominate nature and consciousness. So to begin seeing this now before it gets even worse is
U R G E N T!

The actual term 'occult' literally means "hidden", and these occultists belong to secret societies and  as it was in the Mysteries from which they derive, initiates of these secret societies  swear oaths they will not share any secret knowledge with those on the lower levels of the secret society, and especially outsiders, who they consider the "profane".
 One of the symbolic images for this secrecy in the ancient Mystery schools was the finger to the lips, meaning to keep quiet .  But you see the snag is, that although that might all be very well and good, and one should 'live and let live', when this secrecy becomes major global conspiracy that actually acts in extremely destructive ways and begins roasting innocent people alive in  big massive high-rise buildings ---built meticulously years in advance for that very sacrificial purpose--- and/or blowing your limbs off, and poisoning the very air of a city full of men, women and children, and other species,  and using false flags to invade other countries and kill thousands of innocent men, women, and children, and contaminate the whole region and beyond with depleted uranium and other toxic substances, which damages DNA, and take peoples liberties away, or exploding a president's  head in front of people, and threatening Mother Earth, and quality of life for all species, including ourselves, well then we should be very concerned indeed, and not feel intimidated to question and seek to expose what is hidden-in-plain-sight so as to understand it and undermine its mind~control over our sub~conscious minds, and expose who the real criminals are.
(ironically of course the culture these control-freaks control what to know everyone's secret business,  more and more, even what a facial expression may imply, even thinking)

Mark Passio claims that the "dark occultists" favoured symbol for their deviousness for not being seen whilst causing all manner of chaos and evil and manipulation is the owl:

The owl is a predatory bird that can see its prey in the dark, from a higher perspective. It can stay hidden from its prey.

Mark Passio: "The [symbol of the] owl is, I guess you could say, the mascot of the sorcerers. It is the animal that is most identified with consciousness that is aware, yet is using that knowledge to suppress those that are not in the know.”

  Psychedelic experience for me has always been like a seeing through invisible veils, so to speak, to more direct feeling and observations which gives deeper understanding. What could these invisible layers mean? They surely will include layers of mind~control? For isn't that what the matrix is about---layers of propaganda, Layers of myths,  the control of a narrative, and magick deliberately intending to control bodies and minds.

It is more so apparent how they control our bodies. They have cops in military garb, with 'tasers'/electrocution-weapons, and pepper sprays, and microwave crowd-control tanks, and cells to imprison the physical body, etc., if we protest injustice,  but not many realize they employ just as many fierce assaults on our psyches, always though of course keeping in mind that we are not separate minds and bodies, but bodyminds. The oppression done to bodies affects minds and vice verse.

If you were to Google for links to do with research regarding  'the occult elite and psychedelic awareness', for example, you are more likely to find most sources talking about how the occult elite were responsible for the psychedelic revolution and Counterculture as a 'pretext for their globalist plans',  so the theory goes.
IE your not hearing from these sources about how psychedelic awareness can help us see deeper into what an occult are doing, but rather being made paranoid and disempowered about the elite's great power and how the psychedelic revolution was devised by them. This kind of  information is mainly coming from either Christian or New Age sources. The former see any use of psychedelics as Illuminati/pagan-evil, and the latter see nature and the body as traps, and argue we are trapped in a "5 sense world" created by the Illuminati and the 'evil entities' they're connected with. This idea is derived from Gnosticism which envisioned 'archons' who keep us trapped in this universe which was, so they believed, created by an evil god, or Demiurge.

Although, I admit that these occult elite control-freaks would have had a hand in wanting to use psychedelics as mindcontrol, as was the case in their Project MKUltra--for control is their middle name--the more empowering and interesting research, as I understand it,  is to explore how they cannot control the actual psychedelically-inspired experience which is the undermining of their existing mindcontrol. This is very complex to explore and unravel, and this is why it needs debate and not silence, especially from those in the psychedelic community, so that we can openly explore, and be radically different from the mindsets who are mired in secrecy, and deception.

Researchers like Jan Irvin who seem obsessively focused on the theme that the occult elite devised and manipulated the psychedelic movement of the 1950s and 60s etc., come from, in my opinion, a patriarchal bias. Saying things like they did it to break up "the family", and also puritanically condemning psychedelically-inspired 'wild dancing' , and communal living.

Irvin fanatically emphasizes the Trivium as a way of using reason to get to the truth of what is being said by those in authority, and I have done a past blog critiquing this elitist form of education which I titled The Trivium Cult, because it was calling their Trivium online a 'cult'--after my questions and views were dismissed-- which got me banned from their Tragedy and Hope forum, not even being allowed to reclaim the posts I had done when a member there. I distrust movements that don't like questioning, and yet make out they seek to get to the bottom of extremely complex issues using "reason".
I certainly haven't needed the Trivium to gain similar insights they claim to have (in fact, after my experience with the Trivium Cult, I avoid using Trivium terms whenever I can!) , and other ones they obviously don't share. My understanding is it is not elite forms of logic that help us see through the elite's matrix so much as insights from psychedelic observation, experience, the heart, feeling, which helps inspire one's own unique research.

The Trivium people become inevitably aloof because they learn all these Latin terms that most people aren't in the know about, and then during normal conversation will direct these Latinised accusations at you---that your doing this or that "fallacy", "ad hominem",  etc etc. Yes it can be a handy technique to know, but to become obsessed with that elitist stuff to the point you cannot have free conversation with all kinds of people is not good. It becomes a barrier to free exploration , warts and all.

Observation and feeling is far deeper and more direct than words. My very first LSD trip had me experience seeing peoples body language very clearly. Body language is a very revealing language often 'hidden' because we are caught up in the very same social matrix as others, and only the psychedelic magical key can unlock this door to such insight and/or help us see through it which is always often accompanied by body and soul rippling , anxiety-dissolving, hilarity.

What may it mean getting wise (inspired with psychedelics) to what the occult elite are up to :

We know the occult elite have symbols all over the place. In and on their architecture, and the locations where buildings and monuments are  located, and dates the ground is broken, and their are clues in their cartography and occult astrology--"As Above So Below" (their Hermetic magical maxim)---on corporation logos, and TV channels, and even on their currency, and symbols are also accompanied by numerology, or number-codes.

When we dream we rarely dream words or text. We dream forms, images, and/or symbols, and these will be subconscious and have deep meaning and relevance for us, and often people we know, and others. Same is so in mythology, which is like a collective dream, where  there are images and symbols, and these have meaning, pointing to concepts which cannot be grasped by linear abstract words, concepts, and thinking.
 The very origins of mythology come from a preliterate world. It is only with the coming of the patriarchal myths we get such an emphasis on writing/text, and the 'Word' . The Bible, for example, is supposed to be "The Word of God", and this 'God' is against all images:

"Take ye therefore good heed unto yourselves...Lest ye corrupt yourselves, and make you a graven image, the similitude of any figure, the likeness of male or female. The likeness of any beast that is on the earth, the likeness of any winged fowl that flieth in the air. The likeness of any thing that creepeth on the ground, the likeness of any fish that is in the waters beneath the earth." (Deut. 4:15-19)
The occult elite's matrix (a web of myths, and power structures, all of which contribute to the maintenance of established authoritarianism) enforces dissociation from our creative imagination inculcated via mind~control strategies from various levels of  power, mythical, religious, philosophical, 'education', mass media, and of course occultism, and especially their so-called ‘war on drugs’ which means, simultaneously, war on psychedelic experience and the meaning (1) of psychedelic experience, and  this dissociation the occultists can manipulate and implant their symbolism, and number, as sorcery and to create layers of myth which make up the matrix many of us are controlled and oppressed by unconsciously! So it behoves us well to come to terms with this alarming news and reality and begin facing the task of understanding what this means, because it is intended to manipulate our collective subconsciousness.
This covert manipulation of the ‘mind of the masses’ by a self-appointed elite has already been admitted to by Edward Bernays regarding propaganda, but the occult stuff is just even more 'hidden'!

(1) [A deeper part of the occult elite's propaganda against psychedelics and psychedelic experience is the psychological de-grading of the experience. Thus many people 'educated' in the myth of scientism, which is scientific materialism, or physicalism, will assume that all psychedelics are is a 'chemical ride', a means to get 'fucked up', and therefore do not see anything sacred about them and the experience, as for example many Indigenous peoples have done throughout ancient history, and continue to do so. The times I have come across this demeaning reductive attitude from people using online message boards at forums devoted to psychedelics!]

"If we understand the mechanism and motives of the group mind, is it not possible to control and regiment the masses according to our will without their knowing about it? The recent practice of propaganda has proved that it is possible, at least up to a certain point and within certain limits." [Edward Bernays] [emphasis mine]

Mythology is a natural creative process, and was originally sacred stories and ecstatic experiences of origins, and experience, often inspired with various psychedelic vegetation, and brews, yet not all mythologies are benign.
Feminist researchers have shown, in the patriarchal formulation of myth where they have appropriated imagery and symbolism from more ancient mythologies, and subverted the original meaning of the images and symbols via using text to demean them, and also utilize them for their own agenda, these kinds of myths I call toxic myths, because I see them as propaganda and sorcery with a purpose of dividing and controlling, and basically securing and maintaining and increasing an enslaved population.

The 'creation myth' in the Book of Genesis, where all the very ancient primal preliterate mythological images and symbols of a Tree of Knowledge and Life, the Magical Fruit of Inspiration, the Serpent which always guarded the Sacred Tree of Life, are downgraded and even demonized by the text of the 'God'.

The Great Mother is demoted to a mortal character 'Eve'--,  who, adding insult to injury, is supposedly birthed from a male, 'Adam',  via the power of a male 'God' ( a typical patriarchal ploy which assumes a male creator).

Human kind, and even Nature Herself, was inevitably going to be attacked therefore in this scheme of things because of its ancient deep connection with the Goddess. The Great Mother is Nature, is also the universe, is the Serpent, and hence the male priest scribes composing the Book of the 'Word of God' deliberately subverted the far more primal and original meanings of these images and symbols with their younger technology of abstract text.

Golden statue of Prometheus, in front of
the Rockefeller Center in New York.

The occult elite's  favoured saviour god is Lucifer, the 'Light bringer' who supposedly brings to them intellectual and occult knowledge, and so they are known as  Luciferians.  They interpret the biblical Garden myth to mean it was  Lucifer or Satan or Prometheus (regardless of what they or Satanists or Luciferians  claim, these three 'rebellious sons' are interchangeable) who was the Serpent in the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. They share, in other words,  the same worldview as the patriarchal traditional religion, but see its 'God' as the evil one who wants to enslave Adam and Eve and thus humanity. But this supposed fear of being enslaved by an evil god is meant to mean themselves, the initiated Luciferians, who they interpret the serpent proclaimed were "gods" after eating the Forbidden Fruit the 'God' had warned against eating.

“I am the Snake that giveth Knowledge & Delight and bright glory, and stir the hearts of men with drunkenness. To worship me take wine and strange drugs whereof I will tell my prophet [Crowley], & be drunk thereof! They shall not harm ye at all. It is a lie, this folly against self. The exposure of innocence is a lie. Be strong, o man! lust, enjoy all things of sense and rapture: fear not that any God shall deny thee for this.”
-The Book of the Law, II:22

As John Allegro reveals in his book The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross, how  these mythological writings are composed in layers, and thus their mode of operation is cognate with the Mysteries and occultism, and the 'Trees' in Eden are really referring to one Tree, and this Tree is cryptically referring--just for the intitates understanding, and access to-- psychedelic fruit.

To get to an understanding of a pattern which continues to happen in modern times we can look at the existing shamanic culture of Amazon for clues. There is used the sacred psychedelic brew ayahuasca, and for the healers there it is used in a benign way, to heal. But there are also brujos, or sorcerers, who use this psychedelic experience and knowledge for egoic power and to harm anyone they choose to attack.

Whether or not the current occult elite are secretly taking psychedelics, it is clear they are doing magick. This frantic rant by Alex Jones titled The Ruling Elite take DMT to contact entites is very revealing and needs some looking at, because it reveals the Christian, WASP,  hysteria about psychedelics, and 'spirits', and the whole fear and confusion 'we' are in regarding this deep subject!

Anyone with knowledge about the history of psychedelics, and shamanism, would know these psychedelic substances were not invented  or owned by the occultists or the occult elite, but have been known since time immemorial by peoples of the Goddess, and  indigenous peoples, to be sacred medicine which can heal oneselves, and other people, and inspire us to reconnect with Earth, the universe, community, and ones spiritual essence and organism, and also nature spirits . So let us cut to the chase:  

What does it mean then that people with evil intentions make contact with seemingly evil entities that further exacerbate their evil intentions? 

Well surely we are all free to choose good or evil. That is the point. That is part of the meaning of the mythical Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil (2). The 'God' does not even want the Fruit to be accessible, whilst secretly the initiates who wrote the myth take it, but keep it secret away from its followers and/or slaves. The rebellious 'sons of the stern rule-making kill-joy and patronizing 'Father' choose to see the sacred fruit as a means to power and control over others, and ultimately nature Herself. 
An important thing to note is that both the traditional religion and the more secret occultism both suppress knowledge of the Great Mother, and thus also the original meaning of initiation, or Celebration, of the merging with the Great Mother, which of course means nature in the deepest spiritual sense!

(2) Mark Passio reveals how Satanism, and also in postmodernism, promotes the idea of "moral relativism" which can argue that what is good or evil is decided by what people say they mean. This attitude is reflected in the Orwellian situation we find ourselves more and more in where we are informed by authority that "ignorance is strength ", "freedom is slavery" and other 'doublespeak'. This is another part of their mind~control where even one's reasoning and feelings are demoralized, and you cannot think or feel for yourself. 
Also if I come and poison your well which you and all local life depends on for water if you don't call it 'evil', it sure aint good neither!

So what way do I encourage the understanding of the Fruit or psychedelics?

 I feel there must be a prerequisite understanding of the sacredness of nature, and the organism, and other species, and our spiritual interconnection, and thus the realizing that sacred medicine helps us explore this relationship infinitely deeply which therefore can deepen our love and knowledge. Knowledge not to control others, and nature, but to find ways to live with nature and others and oneself with love and respect and not in division and conflict.

What about so-called evil entities? Do they exist in their own right? I think it is more that the intention of the ones who believe this create that somehow. That phenomena reflects their own mindset, and then it becomes a vicious destructive two way sick thing. VERY dangerous for all concerned as 9/11 showed and continues showing as it is used as excuse for more and more oppression and evil. All we can do is see through their occult doings, and this means understanding the mythology which drives them, seeing the symbols they use, their numbers, occult astrology, cartography, and so on~~~  not to become occultists ourselves as such, but that by becoming aware of these languages and codes we undermine their subconscious sorcerous intentions on our bodies and psyches and surroundings.
 What is hidden becomes open.

What is magick with a K?

The Luciferian elite see Aleister Crowley as their prophet of the 'New Aeon'. In  the book (highly recommended) The Most Dangerous Book in the World: 9/11 as Mass Ritual, author S .K. Bain writes:

"Crowley is the key to deciphering the script for the 9/11 global mega ritual" (page 26) ...

And a big part of their script involves gematria:

Nine then, is not simply “most evil”, but further invokes deities of supreme importance to occultists. Eleven, as we already know, has a bit of an evil reputation in its own right, but, more importantly in this context, is “the number of Magick in itself,” and “the sacred number par excellence of the new Aeon”, as well as “My number” according to Aleister Crowley, to whom the entire 9/11 MegaRitual is in part dedicated. Writing again in Gematria, Crowley reiterates, “11. The great magical number, as uniting 5 and 6 etc. and the magic force itself.”
Thus, the Crowleyian formulation ---9, “Most Evil”, 11, “the magic force itself”---yields: 9/11 = Evil Magic.(pages 80 -81)

It is Crowley who came up with the term magic with a 'K',  giving 'magick', supposedly to differentiate the term from ordinary stage 'magic', but also note that the letter K, in one of the occult numerological codes' (where each letter of the alphabet is numbered, and when you come to double digit figures you add them to make one number, and ignore zeros)  is the 11th letter, and Crowley as we see had a thing for that number, and so do the occult elite!

Aleister Crowley claims he 'channeled' The Book of the  Law [Liber al vel Legis] from an entity he named Aiwass. And according to Crowley 'Aiwass' dictated to him The Law of Thelema, which begins: "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law." 

 For magickians 'will' is all about control, beginning with one's own body and mind, and imposing this willpower simultaneously towards things externally which the sorcerer wants to change. Crowley defined magick as:

 "the science and art of causing change to occur in conformity with will." 

In the book  Prophet of Evil: Aleister Crowley, 9/11 and the New World Order, by William Ramsey, there is a photograph of one of Crowley's disciples, Victor Neuberg. In the black and white photograph you just see his arms, and they are literally covered in scars caused by self-inflicted cuts, and he cut himself to try and invoke Crowlyian 'will' via mastering the body and mind as his mentor advised for becoming a magickian. 
It is all about controlling the self,  self-mastery, and then this attitude projects outwardly into controlling others, and nature---to conform to the will of the magickian. In this willful worldview there is no allowing. To attack the skin, body, and mind means not having empathy for oneself, and this will externalize as not having empathy for others. We surely are seeing this sickness in the world today! Others become mere objects to be exploited, and sacrificed for one's own egoist desires.

One of the elites favourite scientists for 'predicting' where this insane sense of control via magick (which is hush hush in 'educated' circles) and its technology is wanting to go is very well exampled when Michio Kaku talks about "three types of civilizations":

“When we physicists look in outer space for alien life, we don’t look for little green men. We look for Type-1/Type-2/Type-3 civilizations.

A Type-1 civilization has harnessed its planetary power. They control earthquakes, the weather, volcanoes, they have cities on the ocean, anything planetary – they control. That’s Type-1 civilization.

A Type-2 civilization is stellar. They have exhausted the power of the planet, and they get their energy directly from their mother star. They use the power of the sun itself to energize their huge machines.

Eventually they exhaust the power of a star and go galactic. They harness the power of  billions of stars within a galaxy (Thats a Type-3 civilization)"
. source
In this dystopian future there is no wisdom of allowing. No understanding of Earth as a living organism, but rather as an object to be controlled by a self-appointed control-obsessed magicko-technocratic elite who believe themselves gods.

How they think about Earth as an object to be controlled, they also think of us:

“The technetronic era involves the gradual appearance of a more controlled society. Such a society would be dominated by an elite, unrestrained by traditional values. Soon it will be possible to assert almost continuous surveillance over every citizen and maintain up-to-date complete files containing even the most personal information about the citizen. These files will be subject to instantaneous retrieval by the authorities.”  (Zbigniew Brzezinski "In his 1970 book Between Two Ages: America’s Role in the Technetronic Era)

 However to ancient people of the Goddess, and many Indigenous peoples, ancient and ‘modern’ Earth is anciently known as Mother Earth which is an organism from which our organisms are born, nurtured, and are interrelated with,  and Earth has natural organic flows of energies and movements as do our bodies and minds and souls~~~ ways that must not be controlled and suppressed but respected as their own intelligence. Michio Kaku sadly "predicts"the insane way the occult elite are thinking of going---a dream of ultimate control.

This Transhumanist vision is not about ecstatically merging with nature, but with man-made computers with the occult sorcerers in central control over them & us!

Psychedelics understood as sacred medicine are  the magical fruit which when ingested with love and respect encourages the inspiration to undo their inner matrix. Once this is happening, and the more of us wake up, then we will radically undo the outer oppressive matrix also. To begin this we must wake up to what is actually happening.