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Stop Censorship of Interactive Internet!! And EXPOSE the 'Entertainment Industry'!

Please watch this video, and then please share it far and wide, also sending it to people you think can stop this censorship.

It exposes the mind-boggling hypocrisy and total arrogance of the so-called Entertainment Industry which on one hand made sure to push, provide, and induce 'copyright infringement' and therefore making MILLIONS from doing so, and with the next hand spend millions lobbying Government to persecute individuals who are 'caught infringing copyright', and even wanting the power to extradite individuals from other countries--which is the threat hanging over Richard O'Dowyer from the UK--and suing them and sending them to prison for years there! ALL to control the Internet.

Please take time to see the video and do what you can.


Monday, 12 December 2011

'I'm Dangerous With Love'

I deeply love and respect Dimitri Mobengo Mugianis:

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Mythmaking: Improvising the reenchantment of the world


Lots of people aren't happy are they? Some will scream at you if you say a reason is 'we are oppressed'. They will deny it, explain it away, apologise for it, usually mention Darwin, and claim that this is how things are supposed to be so deal with it, and it is naive to question the 'real world'... but I am a questioner and question all that myth. We live by myths. We live by stories, because all of this is a complete Mystery, isn't it? Do you know where you come from, why your here, and where your going, how all of this thisness came to even be? Like me? I don't. The only thing we have to explore these questions are stories, and our current ones have the mask of 'science' on which pretend to tell you what actually is the case, the "facts", "the reality"--but is that so?-- I am not trying to discount myths, but rather try and explore which are the ones that are benevolent from those which are malignant.

I consider the stories that are good to be ones that make us feel at ease, free, joyful, bubbling with sense of humour, real, inspired, and playful, and feeling deep with and respectful of nature, and stories that are bad make us mistrust ourselves, and others, paranoid, uneasy, seeing nature as dull, dead, dangerous, a commodity to misuse, a general dis-ease about ourselves and our bodies and the world, having no sense of meaning, and a desire to be sadistic and hurt others, and to be blind to goodness and evil. Like George Orwell revealed, there are those who want you to be befuddled and think war is peace, ignorance is strength, slavery is freedom.

Have you ever had a walk, or been sat down, doing the washing up, gardening, or just daydreaming, and you are aware of your thinking, and how your thoughts are naturally creating little stories? It can happen just glancing at a tree, or scratching your head-- and if you were asleep these thinkings and images would come to you as actual dreamscapes. Our story-making creativity is innate, we are creative beings living within a creative unfathomable mystery which manifests as such diverse forms, and markings, and colours and sounds, and feelings.

A huge part of the malignant tale many of us are incased within has to do with the "Word", with writing, language, spoken, and it can usually be as like the water fish swim in---invisible.

"... Authorities have always tended to honor and reward those who close man's mind by confusing his tongue, and have always tended to fear and punish those who open it by the plain and proper use of language. In so acting, authority has donned, successively, the mantle of Religion, of the State, and in our day, of Mental Health or Psychiatry. But it matters not whether confusion and stupefaction are inspired divinely, governmentally, or psychiatrically -- the result is the same: the parentification of authority and the infantilization of nearly everyone else...

Man is the animal that speaks. Understanding language is thus the key to understanding man; and the control of language, to the control of man." - Thomas Szasz

So words, written down, spoken at us, often repetitively, and then words inculcating our minds, mould our vision of the world, and the ones in control of the symbol systems are the ones who wield power over us. Let us take a look at the present myth of these technocratic times:

The coercive story is that you are a robot which has no free will! Think about this for a while.
What did this myth replace?

In the 'previous' orthodox religious Christian myth you were a 'sinner', born into 'original sin' for some disobedience your first so-called ancestors, Adam and Eve, did against 'God'. The sin was written down in a book about Adam and Eve eating fruit from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil which God had forbidden. So the main point is that they had disobeyed God's will, and in so doing mankind was somehow in debt to 'Him' and his Church, and once the Christian myth was forced onto the world by Rome, the story was set down that this same 'Father' gave his only son, Jesus, as a blood sacrifice so that mankind's original sin/debt would be paid off if you were willing to be saved by the blood of Christ.

Esoteric Christian Myth

The covert, esoteric meaning of this myth is this:
Prior to the myth of Jesus, the Goddess had been demoted in various patriarchal mythologies. In the biblical myth of Genesis, the Goddess had been demoted to a mortal woman, Eve, and had been created from Adam's 'rib'. The 'rib' is really meaning the rib which goes all the way round, and whose shape resembles the cap of a mushroom, for as John Allegro explains in his book The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross, for these interpreters of the mind-altering mushroom, the stem of the mushroom referred to the phallus, bearing the cap envisaged as the woman's sexual part, the vulva.
In a past blog I have explored how this 'hidden' myth is also androcentric regarding its deifying the male 'God's sperm' (and therefore of course meaning male sperm) and demoting the Goddess' womb (and womens wombs) which for male-supremacists becomes mere receptacle for the 'superior' seed. So even in the deeper layers of the myth, which was for the understanding of the initiated only, we see this suppression of the Goddess, women, and nature!
In ancient Greek mythology we see how 'God's' creativeness, mind, as 'Logos', was the demoted Goddess, yet at least still recognized as feminine, but the biblical patriarchal myth-makers were not happy with this so a male logos was demanded which became the myth of Jesus. He was 'God made flesh'. He was the phallic psychoactive mushroom containing 'God's' powerful spermatozoa, which when eat, by the mindsets who believed this particular interpretation, would channel the 'word of God' as prophesied by the eater of the psychoactive fungi, and any other mind-altering vegetations.

This 'non-participatory' approach is also typical of New Agers and their 'channeling'. They claim to be in contact with some invisible entity, and then speak as if possessed by it. Monica Sjoo has explored how much of what these people supposedly 'channel' is often very reactionary and more so reflects their thinking, which can include prejudice against others, including women, people considered less developed than their own 'race', and so on. An example of this reactionary thinking is the channelings of the Theosophical Movement founder, Madam Blavatsky, and her 'revelation' about "root races" and the superiority of the 'white Aryan race', and of course this 'Secret Doctrine' was to greatly influence Adolf Hitler, the Nazis, and the myth of Nazi Germany!

Non-participatory 'channeling' comparison with visionary ecstatic experience

Sjoo compares the participatory forms of channeling with the more ancient immersive visionary ecstatic experience:
"[New Agers believe] 'light filled beings' work with us in mental mediators coming from our own thinking and intuition and involve intellectual understanding of 'higher worlds'; the emphasis being on the conscious...non-participatory and detached onlooker - consciousness fostered in patriarchal societies, as opposed to ecstatic mediumship women shamans' communications with Goddess/ nature and her spirit realms. W.I. Thompson...implies that the ancient ecstatic trance-states of the shaman, during which she or he lost their everyday consciousness, meant they were 'swamped by the unconscious'. I think that is precisely because men and women like Spangler, Trevelyan, Alice Bailey and Eileen Caddy fear to go into the deep and luminous darkness, where the Goddess is encountered in ecstatic visions and dreams, that the 'channelings' and voices they come up with are but creations of their own patriarchally conditioned and limited minds" [Return of the Dark/Light Mother or New Age Armageddon? Towards a Feminist Vision of the Future , page 156]
The people who do this may very well believe they are being channeled, but the danger is that what we often 'hear' channeled sounds very like limited views that create division between people, and the body, women, other species, nature and people of colour! This 'nonordinary' form of theatre will usually collects followers whose critical thinking seems to be left at the door. And this is precisely how dangerous myths originate and proliferate when people tend to accept and stop asking questions.
How for example are we to know that they really are channeling some invisible entity, and even if they were, does that justify being told information we do not agree with, and feel right with, because their invisibility somehow makes what they communicate beyond questioning? Should we not also question actual non-ordinary entities if we had to, and if we so chose, if we did not agree with what we were being told, surely this is our own free will?

There is a link between the prophets of the Bible and New Age channeling. The very Hebrew term for prophet, "nebi", literally means "channel", and if we remember that the 'God' these so-called prophets were supposed to be channeling was the very same invention of a patriarchal priesthood who suppressed the Goddess in their storytelling this should make us very wary as to what was being channeled! Who was the prophecy benefiting? Surely the very mythmakers themselves who wanted us to believe in an absolute dualism between a 'creator' and his 'creation', and have people ashamed of their disobedient ancestors, Adam and Eve, and thus of themselves and others.

Authentic mythology

I think it is always important to understand the essence of authentic mythology. It is not history, it is you and me actually participating ourselves in ecstasy and experiencing communion with our depths and nature's depths in a dynamic continuum. It is not dependent on author-ity as such, of a set-in-stone interpretation, no matter how ancient, because experience is dynamic and living now; but of course sensing ancient mythos or stories or folklore which also respects these deep meanings connects us via meaning through time and space, for in these ecstatic realms time and space yields their usual hold over our sense of history, the 'past', 'present', and the 'future,' that rigid sense time which is of course promoted by a mechanistic culture which encapsulates us in a linear view of mechanical time.

The insane world any sane person can see right now is the toxic fruit of millenia of the denial of, and violence imposed against the freedom of sacrificing rigid views which divide us from our own being, nature, and others, animals and humans. Many people take this situation for granted, as the only reality, and some will fiercely defend the actuality of, for example, dropping bombs from aeroplanes, onto babies, children, women, men, other species. They will also accept the same about the millions of animals who are tortured and killed in the name of science, and the food industry, and corporate product 'testing', and what is being done to Mother Earth in the name of 'progress'.

Learned Helpessness

Many also feel so battered from so much abuse, coming from all different angles relentlessly that this can have the psychological effect of inducing "learned helplessness" This terrible psychological torture was, as usual, first used on animals:

Experiment - Detail

In Part 1 of Seligman and Steve Maier's experiment, three groups of dogs were placed in harnesses. Group 1 dogs were simply put in the harnesses for a period of time and later released. Groups 2 and 3 consisted of "yoked pairs." A dog in Group 2 would be intentionally subjected to pain by being given electric shocks, which the dog could end by pressing a lever. A Group 3 dog was wired in parallel with a Group 2 dog, receiving shocks of identical intensity and duration, but his lever didn't stop the electric shocks. To a dog in Group 3, it seemed that the shock ended at random, because it was his paired dog in Group 2 that was causing it to stop. For Group 3 dogs, the shock was apparently "inescapable." Group 1 and Group 2 dogs quickly recovered from the experience, but Group 3 dogs learned to be helpless, and exhibited symptoms similar to chronic clinical depression.

In Part 2 of the Seligman and Maier experiment, these three groups of dogs were tested in a shuttle-box apparatus, in which the dogs could escape electric shocks by jumping over a low partition. For the most part, the Group 3 dogs, who had previously learned that nothing they did had any effect on the shocks, simply lay down passively and whined. Even though they could have easily escaped the shocks, the dogs didn't try.

In a second experiment later that year, Overmier and Seligman ruled out the possibility that the Group 3 dogs learned some behavior in Part 1 of the experiment, while they were struggling in the harnesses against the "inescapable shocks," that somehow interfered with what would have been their normal, successful behavior of escaping from the shocks in Part 2. The Group 3 dogs were immobilized with a paralyzing drug (Curare), and underwent a procedure similar to that in Part 1 of the Seligman and Maier experiment. A similar Part 2 in the shuttle-box was also undertaken in this experiment, and the Group 3 dogs exhibited the same "helpless" response.

However, not all of the dogs in Seligman's experiments became helpless. Of the roughly 150 dogs in experiments in the latter half of the 1960s, about one-third did not become helpless, but instead managed to find a way out of the unpleasant situation despite their past experience with it. The corresponding characteristic in humans has been found to correlate highly with optimism: an explanatory style that views the situation as other than personal, pervasive, or permanent. This distinction between people who adapt and those who break down under long-term psychological pressure was also studied in the 1950s in the context of brainwashing"

This is a rigid unfeeling mindset which believes animals are machines, and have no rights at all, and are here for 'mankind's' goal of 'scientific exploration' and 'product testing'. These 'experiements' reveal more about the 'experimenters' than they do about anything else. But one of the reasons I mention this vile evil experiment is to show that how they think and feel about other species they feel about humans, and a big reason for this kind of research is to control us as like they do their captive 'lab-animals'.

Our 'shocks (and their cops now can actually use electrocution weapons on us) are what their propaganda delivers, fear mongering, keeping us in a permanent state of shuddering anxiety, worry, and paranoia, fear for survival, and of course, if in line of fire, having bombs raining down on us filling the air and water and earth and our bodies with depleted uranium, and other forms of pollution, bullets flying our way, etc. Along with their abuse on animals, causing also massive extinctions of species, and humans, they do the same with the natural world---deforestation, pesticides, fracking, oil spills, genetic engineering, radiation pollution, etc etc.


And it seems no matter what you do you cannot turn these shocks off, and if you 'turn' one off, two or three etc pop up to shock you more, no sense of power,---so eventually many people become very despondent, demoralized, feeling helpless, learned helplessness. This constant brutal attack on planet Earth, Mother Earth, which together with the abuses possible from day-to-day living in cultures which are all affected by this overall insanity in the way people, families behave with each other will of course have real effects on our sense of well~being, and when we naturally 'cannot cope', this will be classed by the mechanistic myth as a 'breakdown of the biological-chemical machine' called 'mental illness', and toxic drugs are pushed as 'treatment', and of course they have the ECT machines also at the ready to "shock you out of 'clinical depression' --more shocks; these people seem to love shocking others don't they? Some people are not allowed to be aware of, and/or are in denial just how brutal everything is! One mustn't know one is oppressed for the very 'knowing' is considered mental illness, and even if you don't know but get 'symptoms' of being oppressed you receive the same diagnosis!

The thread of 'thinkers' who maintain the divisive mechanistic myth, and the City

To reiterate then, the current malignant myth of these Earth, animal , and human, torturers is that humans too are robots with no free will, and the 'thinkers' responsible for the making of, and contributing to, this myth include Rene Descartes, Sir Issac Newton, Thomas Hobbes, Wilhelm Wundt, Charles Darwin, Richard Dawkins, Stephen Hawking, etc. And many believe this prevailing myth because it is dressed up as philosophy, and science, but is really pseudoscience also known as scientism. This myth took over the orthodox religious myth previously oppressing people and nature, but of course has absorbed it unconsciously--So now, for example, instead of the myth of the 'City of God', or 'New Jerusalem', in some future promised to the "faithfull", the vision now is for a promised Technocratic and Pharmacratic City of Man for those who will follow the technocacy without questioning it or challenging it.

City-states derive from the patriarchy, the 'city-state' originally 'polis' in Greek, is where our term politics comes from. Men in robes/suits with grim faces in 'control'---the 'management', running things.

"Our word "politics" is derived from the Greek word polis. Sometimes this word is translated "city-state." But it means more than just "Los Angeles" or "New York City." The Polis was part of an ideology. We could even speak of the Polis as a religion. When we speak of "the polis," we speak of the Humanistic faith that man's institutions—specifically the State, with its philosopher-kings (Harvard-trained bureaucrats), its "smart-bombs" and its manipulation of the economy—can bring social salvation."

Urbane men of the city would look down on, belittle, and secretly fear, the 'pagans', which actually means countrydwellers. What the secular mindset does then is replace 'God' with 'Man', and the promise now is not some emerald, and jewel laden, gold paved, city from God, but the Transhumanist techno-state built by 'Man'.
So see how they first create a story or myth which claims we are biological computers, and then offer the means to 'upgrade' us and nature in some promised future with advanced technological parts. Meanwhile their mass entertainment media primes impressionable young minds for this brave new world--called 'predictive programming'-- so it will appear cool to get chips put into the body and therefore be able to immerse oneself deeply into the entertainment provided by the big corp sponsors.

The psychedelic transhumanism infiltration

The most well-known and influential leaders in the psychedelic community, Timothy Leary, Terrence McKenna, and Robert Anton Wilson (both Leary and Wilson were deep Aleister Crowley devotees) spanning the generations were psychedelic transhumanists? Leary "predicted" genetic manipulation of the body, and leaving Earth in spaceships, and was against the Ecology Movement which he thought was a hundrance to 'our' destiny of leaving the "womb planet" Earth, and this is all laid out in his book Exopsychology.

McKenna "predicted" (his mentor was Aldous Huxley who also "predicted" the elites control over the masses) everyone being able to download their minds/consciousness to a central computer and thus be 'immortal', and us "returning to galactic Centre". These charismatic leaders are rarely questioned because it is not considered 'cool' to do so. To me this is the softening up of people to trust the powers -that-be's technological myth as saviour, and making it seem a cool hip thing to get microchipped, and 'upgraded' without seriously questioning ulterior motives, and being aware of how this agenda is connected with the long history of brutalization of others, and nature.
The pressure to conform to this cyborgism will be 'terrorist threat', and the money threat--that if you dont confrom and get chipped then you will be seen as suspicous, having something to hide, and also not being able to get money to live, and of course being 'uncool' as many people who don't own or use mobile phones will be made to feel. Feeling afraid to be seen as 'inferior'.

Arron Russo, interviewed by Alex Jones, claimed his friend, one of the Rockefellers, told him that they wanted people chipped so they had quicker access to turn their money-supply off via computer. More dependence more power! So the 'McKenna cool' will be used as carrot to get the 'cool people'to not question their agenda, but rather willingly plug their brains into the State computer, the stick.

It doesn't really matter whether, Leary, McKenna, and RAW, were aware they were feeding the elitst agenda, but that people unquestioningly accept what is being said without critical examination. As of old, it will suit the controllers to infiltrate the movements who use mind-altering substances because even though these substances can and do help us see through such propaganda, they can also be used to inculcate dangerous belief systems. In the past it will have been the belief that nature and the body were traps capturing a 'divine spark', as was the myth of Orphism, and Gnosticism, movements themselves influenced by Eastern philosophy, and in turn influencing Christianity.

David Icke's paranoid neo-Gnostic myth

Another 'leader' who is a big influence on people looking for alternative understandings of reality is David Icke, but Icke is also coming from a neo-Gnostic perspective. He believes that there are evil entities who prevent us, even after death, from 'progressing' into 'spiritual liberation' (in Gnosticism these 'evil entities' were called the "Archons"), and keep us 'coming back' to Earth to be slaves of the elite who themselves are shapeshifting "Draco reptilians". David Icke claims to have drank the South American psychedelic brew, Ayahuasca, and in the experience which followed, he reports he was told by a supernatural feminine voice that the moon, and all reality we see is a sinister illusory construct of these evil entities, and how their base is on the 'artifical' moon and they try and mindbend us for evil purposes. Of course, all of this nonesense is malignant myth, creating a paranoia about nature, others, the cosmos, and even nonordinary experience like NDEs etc, which are our depths, and yet he also ironically harps on about "infinite love"!

The myth of the biochemical machine

When looked at closely, the patriarchal mindset and its proliferation of myths, all try and denigrate the natural world either by demonizing it, calling it illusory, or mechanical and dead. So even though one branch of such beliefs may criticize another branch they yet still carry on the same fear-ridden agenda at root. As Silvia Federici reveals, they have created a false pseudo reality using all fields, religion, philosophy, theatre, literature, 'science', and so on, to make us believe we are machines living in a mechanical world, and universe. They thus choose to dis~enchant the body and nature. They did all this to fit us into their industrial fascism/Capitalism. This is why the drugs they aren't waging 'war' against treat us like machines. If you are sad they push anti-depressant pills at you which do not encourage any deep exploration of the roots of your sadness, the meaniings, nor recognizing how the people and culture around you may be contributing to your dis-ease, but are to crudely, supposedly, 'regulate' chemicals in your brains, for we are said to be--in their myth-- biochemical machines who when not 'functioning 'normally' this means our chemicals are 'out of balance'.

Same is so with visionary experience which can possess us, and other nonordinary experience; these phenomena can be termed 'psychotic' by the mental health movement, and they have 'anti-psychotics' at the ready to suppress what in actuality are the self-healing powers of our deeper spiritual being. But the 'mental health' mythmakers want to turn all this deep experience 'off'--as though we are a machine-- with their drugs and in doing so often do great harm to body and soul. This is hard to see for many because the whole staged scenario built-up around us and inculcated within us is geared to the belief we are frantic driven biochemical android consumers, be 'normal', shop or die!

The roots of the fear and hatred of nature

So all of this pressure to conform is built-up all around us and in us, and even avenues that seem to offer escape are also coming from same toxic root-stock---one which makes us paranoid about Earth, our bodies, others, and other species, and it is this fear we need to see through because planet Earth's Web of Life is literally being destroyed. If it is not demonized, it is said to be merely illusory, or just a mere machine with no feeling or soul or depths on being in eternal communion with our depths of being. So what are the roots of this schism?

As I understand, it is when the 'son' becomes hostile to his 'mother', and then this is enforced on others, and on nature for nature has very anciently been seen to be a mother, for we are born out of our mums, and thus nature, and are nurtured both by mum and nature, and then die within nature.

Why would a son become matricidal (and this is shown very dramatically to occur for the first time writ down as mythology in the Bablylonian myth, Enuma Elish where Marduk--the son--attacks the Great Cosmic Mother Goddess, Tiamat, Her name also literally meaning the 'Deep', the ocean, the Mother of all, from whence all life came)?

"[T]he Enuma Elish is the first story of the replacing of a mother goddess who generates creation as part of herself by a god who "makes" creation as something separate from himself" The male act of creation presented in the Enuma Elish is accompanied through the murder and mutilation of the primordial Mother Goddess, arguably the most extreme and invidious denial of female generativity conceivable'

Tiamat and Marduk, the wisest of gods, advanced against one another.
They pressed on to single combat, they approached the battle.
The lord spread out his net and enmeshed her.
The evil wind, following after, he let loose in her face.
When Tiamat opened her mouth to devour him,
He drove the evil wind, in order that she should not be able to close her lips.
The raging winds filled her belly;
Her belly became distended, and she opened wide her mouth.
He shot off an arrow, and it tore into her interior;
it cut through in inwards parts, it slit her heart.
When he had subdued her, he destroyed her life;
He cast down her carcass and stood above it.” (Heidel, Babylonian Genesis, 40-41)

Well, we all have free will, and can make choices. I can this minute go out and murder, or kiss someone, if I so choose, but I choose not to, but the possibility is there. Same is so for someone who chooses to join the military and kill others, to drop a nuclear bomb on Hiroshima, or joining a police force and use force against peaceful people in the streets, and so on.
I think it is something to do with when the thinking part of the self assumes dominance over feeling---this can be clearly seen in Rene Descartes' case: His philosophical epiphany was "I think therefore I am", and then his 'thinking' would suppress any feelings he may have naturally had regarding the animals feelings he tortured thinking them machines. The empathic interrelationship he repressed. The animals became objects to his objectively thinking-mind.

The moon god and the Dark Goddess

In prepatriarchal mythology, the moon god willingly descends into the underworld, realm of the Goddess, in her dark aspect, usually symbolized with dragons and serpents. This is also symbolized of course as the phases of the moon, where the Dark Moon is the Crone, Hekate, and from whence is mystery, the unknown, death and regeneration. So we can plainly see how the imagery of 'out there' is correlating mythically, imaginatively, associatively, with the 'in here' process of transformation. Nature is respected and reflects our own depths of dynamic being.

With the androcentric mythmakers, or the 'sons' who rebel against their Mother, the natural world, they create myths envisaging a sun god replacing the moon god and therefore we begin seeing images, and are told stories, which become written down, of 'heros' storming into the underworld, province of the dark aspect of the Goddess, and attacking and killing dragons and serpents: sun-hero Perseus beheading the Goddess Medusa is a good example! So there appears to be a simultaneous fear and suppression of their own depths, and of 'wild nature.'

---In biblical myth the God says "I AM WHO I AM", and in philosophical myth Rene Descartes says "I think therefore I am" This arrogant stance of 'I am' assumes a predominance over all that I think I am not, including all the dark unknowingness of mine and nature's being, of otherness.
'I AM'! is kind of stubborn brattish defiant stance that will not yield to the dark mysterious engulfment and loss of control that is source of ego-death and rebirth. It 'KNOWS', and will not 'suffer' unknown events which will transform. It cannot see how 'life' and 'death' are words which have been abstracted by a thinking mind to appear as intellectually independent objects, rather than terms describing dynamic continuum which cannot be grasped by language which presumes analytical abstractions are real in themselves, and even in actual conflict with each other. You can clearly see this theme throughout such kind of thinking, religiously, philosophically, secularly, and so on.

Livingdyingregenerating swirling flowing mythic experience

I love imagery. When I am in nature, and look at trees, and leaves blowing in the wind, and moving clouds, and the air on my skin, and my moving thoughts and inner images, all of this is magical and full of meaning. Also when I see images creatively portrayed in mythology, including the imagery in the patriarchal myth the Garden of Eden (which the word denigrates) this all fascinates me~~~the sacred tree, the serpent in the tree, the magic fruit, and the transformation the eating of this fruit brings, all beautiful, powerful.

I also love the ancient Welsh myth of the Goddess, Ceridwen and her Cauldron, which she has a boy, Gwion, stir. She is brewing a magical elixir for her ugly son, but I do not have to go into the detail of this myth word for word following the letter of 'established' tale, although I am aware of it, because I sense its inner meaning from the imagery of the tale. How the drinking of the magical psychedelic brew transforms the person into other forms of life including animals, fish and so on.
I can imagine the stirring of the brew in the moonlight making a swirling blue~black dark bubbling intensely living vortex as she chants spiralling melodies which you will fall into and doing so spin into unfathomable mysteries because this is where death is, and whereever death is so is life and regeneration.

Monday, 31 October 2011

Claim: The Associated Press are Sitting on Huge story of 'Free Energy' Revolution

This article below is claiming that there has been an revolutionary discovery of 'Free Energy', 'E cat', that is on par with: ...the invention of the radio, the Internet, the light bulb and the atom bomb

And yet, and yet, have you heard about this 'big story' from any mainstream media?... No?

eCat Censorship: AP News Report Killed Off

The Associated Press have been sitting on the Andrea Rossi World Exclusive for 4 days now. If you ever wondered if your media was controlled, then surely you have your answer now.

In fact, other news coverage live from the event was apparently curtailed to give AP their supposed "exclusive". You need to get angry about this and start holding those people to account, because this is Chinese style information censoring in it's purest form.

On Friday, an event that could possibly change the course of human history occurred, but unless you are one of a small contingent, you would be forgiven for knowing absolutely nothing about it. A 1MW cold fusion reactor designed and built by Italian Andrea Rossi was successfully tested in Bologna, Italy. For over 5 hours it self-sustained producing 470Kwh / p/h with no input power. If this is not worthy of a news story, then I don't know what it.

The old Pons And Fleischmann Argument

Blaming the previous history of Pons and Fleischmann for the lack of news coverage, and that somehow the media are reluctant to look stupid, is a tired and limp argument that is consistently regurgitated by people who refuse to wake up to the truth that they live in an information prison. It's a convenient excuse, dragged out by mainstream apologists who refuse to believe what they know deep down.

On the day of Friday Oct 28th, AP (Associated Press) were flying in a reporter, supposedly from New York to cover the momentous event. Even then, the word is that they had to have their arm twisted to even show up, but someone did turn up in the form of Peter Svensson, Technology Writer for the Associated Press, NY, who told Sterling Allan that "the reason the mainstream press hasn't been covering this is because Rossi has been very picky about who he lets in".

Rossi Blamed

Well, even if it were true that Rossi was being selective about which media he allowed to be present, the fact remains that AP WERE THERE, THEY DID GET IN and they DID get the "exclusive" on the night, so the only thing holding themselves back from publishing it NOW is what precisely?

American Reporter Gets The Brush Off From AP

Online newspaper "American Reporter" has been following the eCat story also. Editor in Chief Joe Shea made enquiries to AP and was given the runaround also:

"This reporter, in fact, was warned by someone named Jerome on its national desk in the early hours of Saturday morning not to be too quick to believe an A.P. Reporter was there - although his name, Peter Svensson, and picture with other journalists appears on some of those sites tonight - and I was criticized for "driving A.P. coverage" of the event." - Joe Shea

He went on..

"Since the E Cat is just as important as the invention of the radio, the Internet, the light bulb and the atom bomb, and since - as DOE spokesman Sean Murphy told reporters in 2009 about the device's fundamental element, hydrogen - so it can completely replace oil by 2050, this reporter thought he was doing the A.P. a favor when he called up their national desk and told them about it just 30 hours or so before the test."

"Associated Press Science Editor Kit Frieden ( didn't answer her phone when we called, but I'll will bet you dollars to donuts 1,500 calls from A.P. members would not get her to budge.

"There are no conspiracies, Joe" an A.P. editor in London told me. We sure wonder."

Resist The Supression

I strongly urge everyone reading this to make it your priority to share, discuss, talk and propagate the eCat story as far and as wide as is possible within your social networks. Let the corporate media know that this won't go away..

I wouldn't blame anyone for writing to, emailing or faxing AP to ask (politely) why they have chosen to spike the story of the century and keep countless millions living in ignorance of a clean energy future. Is it any wonder that newspaper readership is down year on year and that more and more people are finding their news from alternative sources who don't have corporate agendas?

What has happened here is a form of free energy supression where hiding the truth is as simple as not telling the masses the news of revolutionary clean energy technology.

AP Contact Page

AP have some explaining to do.

Saturday, 15 October 2011

I AM NOT MOVING - Short Film - Occupy Wall Street *Mirror*

I AM NOT MOVING - Short Film - Occupy Wall Street *Mirror*

RIGHT ON People!!

Friday, 2 September 2011

Aleister Crowley, the core layer of the matrix, and 9/11 was an occult job

The size of the lie is a definite factor in causing it to be believed, for
the vast masses of a nation are in the depths of their hearts more
easily deceived then they are consciously & intentionally bad. The
primitive simplicity of their minds renders them more easily prey to a
big lie then a small one, for they themselves often tell little lies but
would be ashamed to tell a big one.
-- Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf, 1923

"The world is governed by very different personages from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes."
— Benjamin Disraeli

"The people don't want war, but they can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. This is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and for exposing the country to danger. It works the same in every country." - Hermann Goering.

“Despite all its drawbacks there was never a better social system than the feudal, so far as it derives from the patriarchal”

I first became aware how mytholological writing and symbolism can be composed in layers after reading The Sacred Mushroom and The Cross, by John Marco Allegro, years ago.

Allegro reveals how the writers of mythologies, including the biblical mythology, would use all forms of literary devices such as 'dead' languages like Sumerian, transliteration, wordplay, and so on, to hide the names of entheogenic sacred mushrooms from the unitiated, to create narratives, as well as hide the inner meanings, and there are mainly three layers: the surface layer which is for the morality tales, mostly aimed at literalist believers who had no way of being able to study the deeper core narratives so composed by elitist groups who had access to knowledge unavailable to others, then we have the layer which include different theological intellectual interpretations of the text, and then hidden is inner core layer communicating the real meaning of the myth for the the initiated. This schema is how I see the matrix created now by an occult around and in us via means of propaganda and sorcery.

That the inner core is from an initiated elite, and hidden, does not make it the truth, something which I have explored--regarding the biblical Christian initiates myth of the entheogenic mushrooms-- here , but exposing these hidden narratives, becoming aware of them, is the undermining of myths that bind us if their intention is that. We can only know this and explore this for ourselves when we directly come into contact with them. I have become more and more aware of these layers of narrative being created around us especially since the events of 9/11.

September 11th 2001

Let us begin with what happened on that early sunny morning of the 11th of September 2001, infamously known as '9/11' in New York city. This day is a pivotal day for an occult elite, and has been used by them and their powers that be to justify pre-emptive wars, ecocide, genocide, the incacerating of innocent people, torture, and the general loss of liberties for more and more people.

'9/11' has an occultist signature all over it 'hidden in plain sight'. This information is so exceptionally weird and incongruent to many peoples worldviews, who abide psychologically in a mechanistic universe, that they will either not see it, ignore it, or attack and even call investigators of it crazy for wanting to even talk about this.
Others may say that the very looking into this 'rabbit hole' actually creates what you are looking at, and so it is a worthless pursuit which can drive you 'mentally ill'. I know all these accusations from personal experience. But somebody's gotta do it!

Serial killers, for example, often leave cryptic clues, and this is a game they play with the detectives they know will be looking for them. A serial killer from the 1960s known as The Zodiac Killer did just that, leaving strange codes for the police, and journalists, to puzzle over and try and fathom. These clues weren't created by the people looking for them, they were real, as were the dead bodies that were found in his wake. Apparently they have never found him, but knew from the codes he left that he was the zodiac killer.

I encourage people not to be put off by such attacks against investigating about this very important subject. Like the more 'mundane' propaganda, the propagandists rely on us being unaware or sub-conscious of it, and so do the sorcerers too.

First Layer
The surface layer narrative of 9/11 is the literal Hollywood movie-like Official Conspiracy Theory, or OCT for short (first time I saw the exploding WTC towers on the news after turning the TV on I thought it was a film);
19 terrorists armed with box-cutters hijack and fly four passenger planes with very limited pilot experience, , whilst also managing to amazingly slip the notice of the American superpower's national military multi-billion dollar defence, and successfully fly three of them into their chosen targets, the World Trade Centre twin towers, which their suicide efforts bring both utterly dramatically down with the planes fuel calculated to melt and or weaken the steel columns of the structures, and also ,as a bonus, post mortem, manage to 'miraculously' bring World Trade Centre 7 down without any 'plane' being flown into it; these lucky terrorists also manouvre a plane almost level with the ground and enter it into the Pentagon. 'Flight 93' apparently 'crashed', and the Mastermind behind all of this 'successful operation', millions were all told by the mass media, as the attacks were happening on TV screens, was the exotically moviestyle handsome, Osama Bin Laden who directed his terrorists, al Qaeda, from the caves of Afghanistan. They did it we are told because 'they hated our freedoms', and thus chose to martyr themselves so they could go to an afterlife paradise and be catered to by 70 virgins.
Out of the huge fireball and massive devastation of 9/11 attack in New York city a passport of one of the terrorists is miraculously found unscathed.

Second Layer

The next layer is a complex mix of conspiracy theories. Some bleed into each other, in that there are so many confounding inconsistencies to do with the events of 9/11 that you can have complex recipes of belief about what happened, and much of the information is exceptional, like this one which analysizes the so-called 'coincidences' between what happened on 9/11 and what happened in the London Bombings--the UK's 9/11--which happened on the 7th of July 2005 and is known as 7/7. This is a very important video series to make the effort to see, because in order to connect the dots it is wise not to create a dichotomy between the 'mundane' clues and the more 'weird occult clues', but rather see a continuum of clues, and evidence, and with the right brain/whole mind investigate that this was meticulously planned way in advance of 9/11.

Leonard Shlain, author of the book The Alphabet and the Goddess. talks in this lecture about the difference between left and right brains. The left brain sees one~at~a~time just how you are reading these words, and this mode is linear, rational, logical, measured. Right brain sees all~at~once, as when we look at a view in nature, a painting, someone's face, and the information is dynamic and complex yet we absorb it in a non-linear way. Right brain sees patterns, connections, how parts interelate with wholes. The 'education' system we are enforced to attend coerces the left-brain at the expense of right-brain with its emphasis on left brain subjects like the Three Rs, reading, writing, and arthimetic~~daydreaming is punished. Right brain does no disclude left brain, and critical thinking, but left-brain pre-dominance does tend to suppress the right brain both inwardly and outwardly.

The types of researchers looking at the core layer of the matrix:

Researchers examining the core conspiracy of 9/11, 7/7. e.t.c., I put into two camps; in one camp are the Christians who claim that the Bible 'predicts' all that the 'satanists' are doing, and who themselves demonize everything non-Christian, thus lumping all 'pagans', and 'heretics', into the same evil group they call the Illuminati, and claiming that homosexuality, and bisexuality, and taking psychedelics, and beliving in the Goddess, must mean you are Illuminati and evil.
What the Christians never admit, and usually blame it on the 'bad Christians'--which is simply demonizing members of their own belief system--is how their beliefs can flip certain people over into its opposite position of Devil worship.
This is what happened to to the aself accalimed "wickedest man in the world" Aleister Crowley, who will be discussed more below, for he was an only child brought up in a very strict Christian fundamentalist Christian belief system by his parents who belonged to the Plymouth Brethren. He was not allowed any joy in his young life, and could only read the Bible. Then he was enforced into the private schools which combined sadistic punishment and coercive biblical indoctrination, so he was damaged, and made to hate the 'god of love' Jesus, and embrace his enemy the Devil.

In the other camp are the New Agers who, in 'exposing the occult elite', usually also dissemniate the Gnostic-like myth that nature is a "3 D" delusion fostered on us by evil reptilian aliens who are in form hybrid with the elite. David Icke, one of the main leaders of this group, even believes the moon is an artifical construct, and the home-base for evil aliens who are intent on seriously deleteriously messing with our minds. I call 'paranoia-ist', it is a fear-inducing myth which makes people distrust the natural world, the 'other'(an example: David icke 'warns' that the Illuminati-hybrid-aliens love to feed off our negative energy, and yet the myth he puts out do exactly that, making people even fear the moon!), and that is the very last storytelling we need when Mother Earth is under attack from 'different' insane mindsets.

In Goddess spirituality anciently, the moon, and all of nature, and its continuum with the universe, is sacred. Patriarchal myths have been formulated that try and divide humans from this sense of the sacred and this is the very roots of our problems which I am intent on exploring in this article.

If we feel divided from our body, feelings, emotions, and nature we are easily manipulated by those who proclaim they have the answer to our 'problems'--the very problems their myths inculcate into us, and this same strategy is employed by all the different branches of this dominator mindset, from the Illuminati, to the Abrahamic belief systems, the secular propaganda, which includes the 'education' system, and mass media, scientism, the New Age cults , and so on.
Exploring the roots of all this makes it easier to see how things are connected, and why some of the very confusing things are happening in the world today.

The further back into history, and pre-'history' (into pre-literal times) one goes, it is not 'God' that is found there but the Goddess, and this is an important clue to keep in mind as we proceed in this inquiry which many researchers don't seem aware of. In Goddess religion of the Earth, Earth, and cosmos, they are not created by a male 'God' disconnected from his creation, but rather understood by the ancients to be the very body of the Great Goddess, the Womb from which all creation springs from, returns to, and regenerates, cyclically, and eternally. So this is where I, as researcher of this subject, am coming from. I dont know of any other current living researcher who is! I am sure there must be, but I am not aware of anyone.

A mindset came to be which was allowed itself to become left-brained, egoist, and obsessed with weaponry and military-conquest, who felt disconnected from their body, feelings and Mother nature, and projected this dis-ease onto other peoples of the Goddess whose lands they invaded. They worshipped gods of light and fire, the same elements they deified for bringing them their weapons forged from fire and light, and which gave them their technological 'power' over other species, humans, and nature.

We are free to choose. We are not puppets of some 'God' or 'gods', and these people 'chose' to become alienated from the Web of Life. Them ignore-antly doing so however does not make it alright, because as that mindset has progressed and continues with vastly dangerous technology, the very Web of Life now is seriously under threat for all beings, human and other species, and Mother Earth Herself, and this is why now we must not waver in exploring the roots of the problem so we can hopefully pull it out by becoming aware of what is going on. Some may not even choose to look, because it is too horrendous to contemplate, but not looking just contributes and supports this matrix via ignore~ance, and we need to be responsible, not just for ourselves but all others, and others to come. This looking and speaking out is ther real meaning of apolcalypse from Gk. apokalyptein "uncover, disclose, reveal".

The Matrix and Aleister Crowley

The matrix is that behind the scenes are magickians in pointy hats plotting, and having their intelligence agencies carrying out their magick sacrificial blood rituals like 9/11, and 7/7, wars, massacres, which summon spirits, and set their agenda for the New Age. Their prophet of their New Aeon/Age/New World Order is Aleister Crowley!

Meanwhile, the occult elite covertly doing this terrible bloody magick, go to great lengths and spend vast amounts of money--plundered over many centuries from the people they consider slaves and cattle, us, and our ancestors, and Mother Earth's (money, unlike real wealth, cannot be eat)wealth to fund institutions, such as their enforced 'education' system, their mental health movement, mass media, and their entertainment industry, to make us believe that we, and other species, are machines, and nature and the universe is a mindless machine without any spiritual depth, and life is meaningless, the only activities thus worth pursuing being consumerism, and manic productivity so to consume more successfully, and if we feel oppressed then we must be 'mentally ill' and defective biological machines which will need toxic drugs to fix us. Sacred medicine, which can help us see through this matrix, and help us remember our deep eternal relationship with Mother Earth is prohibited.

Aleister Crowley and his magick numbers
“I bind my blood in Satan, All that lieth betwixt my hands To thee, the Beast, and thy control, I pledge me; body, mind and soul.”
~ Aleister Crowley (Satanic Extracts)*”

William Ramsey (listen to his interview here) in his book, Prophet of Evil: Aleister Crowley, 9/11 and the New World Order claims that the numbers directly involved in the 9/11 atrocity, 11, 77, 93, and 175 (the flight numbers), are numbers directly linked to Aleister Crowley's occult magickal numerology and practicies!


"'The number 11 has a very strong influence on Crowley and suffuses all of his writings, and he tried to inculate it into all of his teachings...[11] symbolizes destruction, violence, defeat and death"  "Firstly", 11 is the number of Magick in itself. It is therefore suitable to all types of operation.  "Secondly", it is the sacred number par excellence of the new Aeon.  As it is written in the Book of the Law: ...11, as all their numbers who are of us." (Crowley, Aleister, Magick: in Theory and Practice. Secaucus, NJ: Castle, 1991. 64. Print)


Crowley wrote a book titled Liber 77, and claimed 77 was the septenary, and was 11x7 - a magickal number, and is also a symbol of Capricorn, the Devil in the Tarot cards. In Anton LaVey's Satanic Bible, there are 77 names of the Devil.


93 "is the only number which totally relates to Crowley—within the occult tradition there is no antecedence...The 93 are the Kabbalic numbers of his two primary words in Greek: Thelema (‘will’) and Agape, both equalling 93, and the chief entity he was in contact with was Aiwass (see image onthe left), and in Hebrew Aiwass is also 93. So 77 and 93 are very important gematria-Kabbalah relationships to Crowley".

Aiwass was a spirit Crowley invoked and he claims dictated to him the Liber AL vel Legis or The Book of Law from which comes the well-known saying 'Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law." It also says: "“Let my servants be few and secret: they shall rule the many and the known,” the communicator revealed. The message continued: “We have nothing with the outcast and the unfit; let them die in their misery. For they feel not. Compassion is the vice of kings; stamp down the wretched and the weak: this is the law of the strong: this is our law and the joy of the world. … Love one another with burning hearts; on the low men trample in the fierce lust of your pride, in the day of your wrath. … Pity not the fallen! I never knew them. I am not for them. I console not; I hate the consoled and the consoler. … I am unique and conqueror. I am not of the slaves that perish. Be they damned and dead. Amen. … Therefore strike hard and low, and to hell with them, master. … Lurk! Withdraw! Upon them! This is the law of the Battle of Conquest: thus shall my worship be about my secret house. … Worship me with fire and blood; worship me with swords and with spears. Let the woman be girl with a sword before me: let blood flow in my name. Trample down the heathen; be upon them, O warrior, I will give you their flesh to eat. … Sacrifice cattle, little and big; after a child … kill and torture; spare not; be upon them!” This satanist-talk which has contempt for what it considers 'weak', and 'unfit', and is perfectly in-line with the Nazi ideology of the ubermensch or superman who having gotten to a state he considers superior and beyond compassion so he can do dreadful bloody deeds and feel no shame!


175 is a number he used to invoke any deity through magickal ritual.

William Ramsey reminds us that the World Trade Centre towers suggested a giant figure 11, and also each of the towers had 110 floors, so ignoring the zero that gives an 11 for each tower,
"and strangely I think the first flight 11 hit round about the 93rd floor. The second flight 175 hit directly on the 77th floor "!

This atrocity was meticulously planned way before September 11th 2001, and the numbers and dates are apparent in even times of speeches such as President Bush seniors September 11th 1990 speech titled Towards a New World Order, 11 years pre - 9/11:

"So I perceive the event of 9/11 as not just a political event, but also a ritual event because so much has come out of 9/11. So many changes in our culture. ..tyrannical legislation in the Patriot Act, Global warfare, impact on our freedom. A culture of fear [torture]; stolen elections; poisoning of the food, water, land, air . So you see how all these things have come because of the events of 9/11."

These numbers are also related to other very destructive events, even World War One where millions of humans were maimed, and lost their lives,. "At 11:00 a.m. on November 11 (11/11), 1918, fighting on the Western Front ceased." There dramtically are those 11s again, did the 'Islamic terrorists' plan that too?

And there is the UK version of 9/11 which happened on the 7th of July 2005, and is known as 7/7,
(the whole date can also be numerologically calculated as 777 if we add the two digits of the year 2 & 5 together), but the 77 is definately prominent as can be seen. Crowley also wrote a book titled 777 And Other Qabalistic Writings of Aleister Crowley: Including Gematria & Sepher Sephiroth

Togther with this numerology, there is the occultist astrological event of 9/11 as analyzed in this remarkable video,

The ancient Hermetic magick principle states "As Above So Below", and as you may see, the occult elite meticulously planned their savage inaugaration day for their 'Great Work', the New Aeon, or New World Order, to mirror astrological events as they interpret them. These Freemasonic symbols are also communicating the principle.

Occult astrology, in contrast to popular astrology which follows the sun's movement, follows all the planets movements, and this in-depth form of astrology is followed by the occult society, The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn within which Aleister Crowley was initiated in 1898
The Golder Dawn has a very significant influence on western occultism.
On September 11th 2001 the planets Saturn and Pluto where dramatically opposed, a "180 degree opposition". Saturn symbolizes materialistic power--according this this occult interpretation--"materialistic power", and on 9/11 it was in the sign of Gemini, the Twins. Pluto, on the other hand, represents "destruction and transformation" (Pluto was a Roman version of the Greek go hades, god of the underworld)and on 9/11 was in the sign of Sagittarius, the sign of "religion", "foreign cultures" and "long distance travel". So it is very clear here to see the as above so below pattern being referred to--the narrative of 'foreign cultures' opposed and destructive towards the towers representing western materialism!

Even the building World trade Centre seems to have followed the as above so below dictum: the completion of the World trade Centre occured as Saturn entered Gemini in 1971, and its opening ceremony of April 4th 1973 also happened when Saturn was in the same area of Gemini as it was on 9/11.

The very architectural design also reflects the above so below Hermetic principle: NASA states that Saturn's rings are made up of 7 parts "Saturn's ring system is divided up into 7 major divisions with alphabetic designators in the order of discovery." Likewise the WTC complex contains 7 buildings. The occult symbol for Saturn is also known as the Seal of Solomon, and WTC 7 was called The Salomon Building, and if you remember came down 'by itself' on 9/11, into its own footprint, without the help from a 'plane'!

In the occult world, Saturn symbolizes "The Gateway of the Gods" and the two towers are meant to represent that gateway in the 9/11 magickal sacrficial ritual.
In Solomon's Temple there were also two pillars, and they had names, Jachin and Boaz. In the hidden-in-plain-sight occultist scenario of 9/11 the left south tower is Jachin, and the right south tower is Boaz. As you will see on the Freemason Tracing Board to your left, there are the two towers, Jachin and Boaz, but there is a middle pillar also, so where then in the WTC complex can we find this 'pillar'?
At the base of the twin towers was a spherical sculpture New Yorkers knew as The Sphere, and its artistic name was
The Great Spherical Caryatid

A caryatid in architecture is a replacement pillar or column, and so the Sphere, by placement and title is associated with a middle pillar between the twin towers. Twin pillars with a middle pillar also symbolizes the kabbalistic Tree of Life, and there exist correspondences between the 'below' of the atrocity of 9/11 with Kabbalistic symbolism. The sephira on the Tree of Life represent planets connected by pathways, and the pathway that links Saturn and Pluto is the Magickian.
The path linking Saturn to the Sun are represented on the Tarot cars as the Gemini twins, and the path linking Pluto with the Sun is The High Priestess. So all these correspondences are really the hidden in plain sight becoming visible for those who have eyes to see.

Again, I encourage you to watch the video - Do You Believe in Magick? - where you will find far more information reagarding this subject.
I would like now to reflect on the question what do we with this knowledge? How do we relate to such as this?

I believe there has been an infiltration of the psychedelic movment since the 1960s which has enticed the youth, and older, and generations that followed, to embrace Aleister Crowley and thus not be aware of his bad influence and involvement in evil doings such as 9/11 and 7/7 etc.

Two huge influences for the psychedelic movement were, and still are, Timothy Leary and Robert Anton Wilson, RAW for short. Timothy Leary was a disciple of Crowley, and saw his role as spreading the Crowley's work to future generations as leary testifies in video below:

Aleister Crowley attracted many of the people prominent in the psychedelic 60s counterculture, including that massive influential group The Beatles who featured the image of Crowley on their Sgt. Peppers album cover, into his satanic embrace. As you heard Tim Leary say above, his aphorism to 'Do what thou wilt' was very attractive for the 1960s generation--and Leary phrased into his own 'turn on tune in drop out' paean to his followers--. They also were victims of an oppressive Christan culture, and so that permissive encouragement must have made many blind to what Crowley was really all about. I am sure Leary, and Wilson, must have more deeply read him, which makes their embrace very questionable. but more people would just absorb the popular 'hip' quotes, leaving the reall nasty stuff ommitted.
Aleister Crowley was damaged individual. He was an only child brought up by Christian fundamentalists who were Plymouth Brethren. His childhood was joyless, and the only book allowed for him to read was the Bible. He was sent to private schools which alternated brutal sadistic punishment with enforced biblical indoctrination. Is it any wonder he came out of this abuse hating Christianity and loving the Devil, "I was not content to believe in a personal devil and serve him, in the ordinary sense of the word. I wanted to get hold of him personally and become his chief of staff." This is what the Christian finger-pointers at the 'evil Satanists' don't or dare not understand, that it is usually the cause of their own belief system. amd worldview that drives their victims into the hands of their invention, the Devil.
A similar pattern can be seen happened with the serial killer Richard Ramiriz who was infamously known as The Night Stalker. He was brought up in the Catholic faith, and he became obsessed with the image of the devil, his father was very brutal to him and his brother , and if this wasn't bad enough his cousin came to visit when he was becoming adolescent, and showed him depraved photographs of the rapes, mutilations, and murders he had commited on Vietnamese women, young and old.

I cannot dig why Crowley has had such an attraction for people. He never attracted me, and I wasn't even religious. He gives me the fukin creeps!!
I'm sick of these sick bastards claiming themselves prophets because they have contacted some sick entity of their delusion. There is a list of these New Agers from Madam Blavatsky onwards, and these people influence SUCH evil!!

I am not coming from a Christian perspective saying this--it was joyless foul brutal fundamentalist christianity that created the damaged goods which was Crowley and his fukin legacy. A legacy that has infiltrated the psychedelic movment from the 1960s with Timothy Leary, a disciple of Crowley's, the Beatles, and other rock heros, and Robert Anton Wilson, etc etc, And what is so pathetic is these 'hipsters' OBVIOUSLY hadn't read fully this man's message which was COMPLETELY elitist, aristocratic, feudalistic----- --looking at the people as slaves and cattle...'all you need is love'...? yeahhh sure. 'Imagine no possessions, i wonder if you can' sang MULTI BILLIONAIRE John Lennon. what a fukin joke!

Where I am coming from is Goddess spirituality. Love for Mother Earth, not some sadistic wreck who loved what Christianity hated, the Devil--their creation, a worldview they both share. Can you not see the sorry game sickly playing out there?

As I have explored in an earlier blog here:
Seeing Through the Psychedelic Transhumanism (H+) Trip

Thursday, 18 August 2011

First Responders are NOT Invited to the 9/11 Anniversary

They risked their lives. They had no time or 'luxury' to ponder 'who done it'--whether it was Osama Bin Laden, or an Inside Job. They had to act. Well over 343 first responders lost their lives, horrifically, doing so. Many have since, contracted cancers and other diseases, due to the toxic air and materials they had to be in contact with, and there have been deaths as a result, but neither the sufferers, or their bereaved families, have received any compensation!! And this shameful treatment of these incredibly brave individuals continues, adding insult to injury (and deaths), by not even inviting the survivors, and their families, to the main anniversary of 9/11.

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The God Within (video)

Please see this video:

Sunday, 24 April 2011

The Trivium Cult

Arts of the Trivium, Grammar, Hall of the Liberal Arts

I found out about The Trivium from a guy called Jan Irvin who, like me, is very interested in the history and mythology of entheogens, but unlike me has written quite a few books, such as The Pharmacratic Inquisition, The Holy Mushroom, etc. His friend, Richard Grove and others began a movement under the title Tragedy and Hope (T&H), inspired by Gene Odening, all about a classical form of learning which they claimed has been suppressed from the masses by the very elite who are learned in it. So the T&H team take it upon themselves to introduce as many people to this lost learning, The Trivium, in order--they say--so that we will know the tricks being pulled by the elite and their puppets, politicians, media and so on, but also so that we too can use this classical form of education to be able to see through all the propaganda coming from the very system this elite has created.

The Three Laws of Learning

The word “trivium” comes from the Latin prefix “tri” meaning “three,” and the Latin root “via” meaning “way,” or “road.” The word literally means “the three-fold way or road.” The trivium refers to the three stages, or ways, of learning that coincide with a child’s cognitive development as he matures. We should begin an in-depth look at the trivium--the three stages of learning--by reminding ourselves that the trivium is not some arbitrary theory of teaching methodology or new fad of learning philosophy. Rather, the trivium was developed by long trial and error, through the observation of the ancients in the way children learn during the whole course of their instruction from young child to young adult. They realized that time after time, they followed three stages in the learning process. They simply pointed out what was obviously there; what God had designed: that there are three stages, which they named Grammar, Dialectic, and Rhetoric; and they progress in that order. Think of Sir Isaac Newton. He didn’t invent the three laws of motion (God did that when He created the universe), but after careful observation, he defined them by stating what was already there. So it is with the trivium. We might even call the trivium the three laws of learning.

So there above is a summary of the Trivium. But the hidden premise of what is being said, to my ears, at least, goes like this: 'We 'the peasants' are shortchanged because our 'superior masters' have withheld the most important ways to learn from us, and thus we are basically dumb; and in order to be as clever as them we need to learn what has been suppressed from our education, the Trivium, but not fall into the trap many of them have, which was to lose their hearts in the process', and take pleasure in feeling superior, and oppressing those they felt superior to.' Something like that.

Now, as I said, Richard Grove, one of the founders of T&H created a website and forum there for debate, and I joined, and my first question was titled 'My Critique of the Trivium'. It was my right to question it, if, as these people claim, we must excercise our critical thinking....right? So I was doing, and I was a member there for a few months, debating about my question with some of the other members who wished to participate in the inquiry.

The other day Jan Irvin posted a video link to my thread of of talk he had done on the Trivium and I viewed it, and I took many notes, and spent a great deal of effort critiquing elements of what I felt needed challenging.

In my critique, I happened to say that the Trivium promotion seemed to me like a cult. After I posted this Richard Grove quickly replied (he had never responded in my thread till this time), saying that he was the one responsible for the words Jan was reading from a projected computer screen in the video, and I should talk with him about it and not "attack" Jan. I said I wasn't attacking Jan, and asked him to reveal where I had. He couldn't, because I had just been responding to some of the points Jan was making.

Richard then told me off for my use of the term 'cult', and asked me why I said it. I told him that what he said, and his tone, further led me to sense T&H as being like a cult. Cult leaders and followers rarely like any questioning of their beliefs. Next thing he banned me which meant I could not even view the message boards, I also could not gain access to my own text which if I did, I could then past to my own documents, and present in my blog. I privately emailed him to ask if I could save my efforts I had typed in my thread, but got no reply. So there you go. Censored, and thrown out of their cult, and I cannot present my own efforts there, here in my blog, as I am not allowed. This is typical cultist behaviour. Once ejected you must have no contact with other members, or even your own property.

At the Tragedy and Hope introduction to the Trivium given by Gene Odening, he starts with this quote: Trivium and Quadrivium Cliff Notes by Gene Odening:

For if you [the rulers] suffer your people to be ill-educated, and their manners to be corrupted from their infancy, and then punish them for those crimes to which their first education disposed them, what else is to be concluded from this, but that you first make thieves [outlaws] and then punish them ~ Sir Thomas More (1478-1535), Utopia, Book 1

On the surface it looks like some kind of compassion being given, by a member of the aristocracy, to the 'lower orders' , but looking deeper into what is saying shows otherwise. It is exactly the same as the totally decimating the independent communal life of other indigenous peoples, like the Native Americans, the Australian Aboriginees, e.t.c., and forcing their children to go to western schools, the same schools people like John Taylor Gatto have shown are designed for the purpose of constricting consciousness and real learning, and then, because of this oppression, children and adults naturally lose a sense of meaning to their lives and cut off from the land and sense of community and spirituality often may turn to drugs, alcohol, 'crime' and so on. This is exactly what happened to the indigenous people of Europe, driven off land that had been privatized, and driven to 'crime, and then some big wig appeals to another higher-up big wig to show 'mercy' and let them know what they 'know'? In other words, the very same mindset that are so 'well educated' they have totally lost their fukin soul condescend to imagine that what they have 'learned' must be of help to their impoverished victims?! Hmmmm what a proposition hey?

Such as that was what I was exploring in the thread at T&H message boards, though I did it in a polite way, never using a swear word. Amongst ofther things, I was warning T&H's idealistic trust in the initiation into the 'higher learnings' of the Trivium as a way to challenge the ruling elites maintanance of oppression down the generations, which down-plays emotion and defies reason and logic, as it seems to me the very dangerous 'learning' we need to rather avoid, and not encourage for ourselves and our children--cause it aint done the super-rich much good ---the ones who have been schooled in the Trivium??

And also the very promotion of it undermines other forms of knowledge and learning that many ordinary people would naturally have had, and have, when not brutally oppressed by these 'superior learned elites'! In its promotion this implies an undermining of natural innate organic intelligence which indigenous peoples always have.

In Jan's videod talk, he was saying (or rather reading what someone else had written on a projected computer screen, having to drink copious amounts of water to keep keeping on reading) how those not schooled in the Trivium and its knowledge of grammar, and logic, and rherotic do not know how to converse in a 'sensible manner'. This reminded me of a guy, Stefan Molyneux , who makes videos on Youtube, and also has a popular podcast.
The first video of his I really liked, and so subscribed to his channel. In a later video he says he graduated in philosophy, and that in philosophy you are trained in logic, and how many of the comments he receives disagreeing with him about various things he says in videos, from people not educated in philosophy, and thefore not properly understanding logic, were known 'in philsophy' and by him--as "noise", and said scrunching up his nose, " so please dont waste yours and my time challenging the points I make until you know HOW to adequately challenge them logically? This seriously put me off him. But Jan said more or less the same in his talk!

When I was pounced on by Richard back at T&H forum, demanding I explain points I had said, which I tried to, he suddenly said that anything I say from then on he is going to see as 'spam'--yip, 'noise'. So what do you say to that? To that mindset you are a noise-spammer, and he also accused me of being too "emotional". Now, hah, this is also a classic-learning attempt to shame anyone that challenges what they have learnt is their 'superior intellect'. 'Emotions are looked down on, and those who have beared brunt of this judgement from self-acclaimed 'rational minds', particular to most patriarchal traditions, down the ages, have always been women, and the 'poor': Hare Krishna: The exam

“A woman cannot for example make decisions of her own, only a man, preferably her husband, can do that for her. This is because a woman is also considered more emotionally driven than men, and she cannot be considered to make rational decisions. The view of women is thus highly paradoxical in that women are considered weak but dangerous at the same time."

Try and question the authoritian androcentric elite, which fancies itself ever so rational, and beyond the body, nature, and emotion, and you become all they fear, and deny in themselves. This Richard guy would not admit his attack on me was in any way emotional~~~ohhh noooo.

So, in other words, I am already seeing in their attitudes what I was originally warning about in my critique. 'Higher' learning can be a dangerous game, because it implies you gonna look down on others not privy to it!