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WikiRebels videos --Please view

I am presenting two great videos (first one being a series of videos from a documentary). I have learnt so much and been inspired, from watching these, and I cannot recommend them enough!!

UPDATE: It has recently come to my attention that Julian Assange of Wikileaks seems to believe in the official conspiracy theory of 9/11 which I am disturbed about, considering the huge amount of evidence challenging such an absurd offocial tale--including people who have worked in Intelligence and know how they operate from inside. So for Julian to claim such must make us all question things about the role of Wikileaks. I am trying to be flexible here--which you have to be--and am not outrightedly condemning him and Wikileaks as part of a disinfo campaign, because of his/their other work of revealing the war crimes of the U.S. etc---but I feel I have to include this with the info I have previously presented in this blog:

Wikileaks founder and self-described "Editor-in-chief", Julian Assange, is a mysterious 29-year-old Australian about whom little is known. He has suddenly become a prominent public figure offering to mediate with the White House over the leaks. Following the latest leaks, Assange told Der Spiegel, one of three outlets with which he shared material from the most recent leak, that the documents he had unearthed would "change our perspective on not only the war in Afghanistan, but on all modern wars." He stated in the same interview that '"I enjoy crushing bastards." Wikileaks, founded in 2006 by Assange, has no fixed home and Assange claims he "lives in airports these days."

Yet a closer examination of the public position of Assange on one of the most controversial issues of recent decades, the forces behind the September 11, 2001 attacks on the Pentagon and World Trade Center shows him to be curiously establishment. When the Belfast Telegraph interviewed him on July 19, he stated,

"Any time people with power plan in secret, they are conducting a conspiracy. So there are conspiracies everywhere. There are also crazed conspiracy theories. It's important not to confuse these two...." What about 9/11?: "I'm constantly annoyed that people are distracted by false conspiracies such as 9/11, when all around we provide evidence of real conspiracies, for war or mass financial fraud." What about the Bilderberg Conference?: "That is vaguely conspiratorial, in a networking sense. We have published their meeting notes."

That statement from a person who has built a reputation on being anti-establishment is more than notable. First, as thousands of physicists, engineers, military professionals and airline pilots have testified, the idea that 19 barely-trained Arabs armed with box-cutters could divert four US commercial jets and execute the near-impossible strikes on the Twin Towers and Pentagon over a time period of 93 minutes with not one Air Force NORAD military interception, is beyond belief. Precisely who executed the professional attack is a matter for genuine unbiased international inquiry.

Notable for Mr Assange's blunt denial of any sinister 9/11 conspiracy is the statement in a BBC interview by former US Senator, Bob Graham, who chaired the United States Senate Select Committee on Intelligence when it performed its Joint Inquiry into 9/11. Graham told BBC, "I can just state that within 9/11 there are too many secrets, that is information that has not been made available to the public for which there are specific tangible credible answers and that that withholding of those secrets has eroded public confidence in their government as it relates to their own security." BBC narrator: "Senator Graham found that the cover-up led to the heart of the administration." Bob Graham: "I called the White House and talked with Ms. Rice and said, 'Look, we've been told we're gonna get cooperation in this inquiry, and she said she'd look into it, and nothing happened.'"

Of course, the Bush Administration was able to use the 9/11 attacks to launch its War on Terrorism in Afghanistan and then Iraq, a point Assange conveniently omits.

For his part, General Gul claims that US intelligence orchestrated the Wikileaks on Afghanistan to find a scapegoat, Gul, to blame. Conveniently, as if on cue, British Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron, on a state visit to India, lashed out at the alleged role of Pakistan in supporting Taliban in Afghanistan, conveniently lending further credibility to the Wikileaks story. The real story of Wikileaks has clearly not yet been told.

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Dr Andrew Weil's Cat: Psychedelics&Psychosomatic Medicine

Just a short while earlier, I found out about the video below of a talk by Dr Andrew Weil from here: The Telemorph Dr Weil's recommended talk was the first one I clicked on, and have been blown away by it! What he is talking about is very interesting, and important for everyone to know about.

He says how what interests him regarding psychedelic research is not just the psychological experience they can inspire, but also how they can affect the combination of the physical and the mind or psychological, which is what psychosomatic actually means, and thus heal physical diseases.

He relates one of his own experiences with LSD where his previous long supposed allergy to cats was instantly resolved after a cat jumped on his lap during an LSD experience. His patterns of thinking and feeling about cats was deeply changed and he never got allergies in their company again! Hence this form of healing challenges the orthodox mechanical-based one that focuses primarily on physical symptoms, and which is mostly promoted, and the only one really available, for many people. However our mental, emotional, and spiritual aspect of being are therefore left out of the orthodox medical establishment's profit-based equation.

There is so much valuable information here, and how it will become accepted entails each one of us understanding the utter importance of this information and, with passion, sharing this information and demanding that these deeper forms of healing become available for everyone.

Psychedelic Science in the 21st Century - Andrew Weil M.D. from MAPS: Psychedelic Science on Vimeo.

Sunday, 24 October 2010

exposing 'The New American Century'

I had planned to do a blog on propaganda and psychedelics, but as I researched about 'it' I found myself in a labyrinthe....It got very complex, so many possible paths......Later I was planning to do one about 'Fallen Angels' and the whole myth of that, and was soon to watch the video I am presenting here which really knocked me off course (and yet not). I intend to tackle them later. I just feel the need now to share this video, The New American Century.
It is a shocking video, and for me ties a lot of things together, such as showing the patterns connecting false flag of 9/11 with other false flags in history where you see a bigger picture and thus helps you see the pieces falling together. But it mostly reveals for me, the utter horrific reality of debauched dehumanization!

There are things in the video I don't agree with, like where it is suggested President Bush junior didn't know what the neo-cons were planning for the 11th of September. I find this hard to believe. I am sure you will be very familiar with the famous 'classroom scene' where WBush is attending a children's reading class in the Florida school? I see blatant and obvious propaganda.

They knew this would be seen on television screens throughout the U.S. and the world, and like a very expensive advert for their New American Century, and alibi for their 9/11 crime, every detail would be meticulously staged. It is an orgy of the cliche of the politician with the child shtick, but in this case a class of them, and mostly black too. This is designed to make you feel he cares for the little ones, and poor black people, and their education.

We see President Bush approached by an aide who whispers --we were told--pssssst "America is under attack", and then look how notably 'shocked' Bush's face appears.
He will later lie, more than once, that he had been outside the classroom waiting to go in, and he saw on a TV a plane fly into the first tower, and he embellishes adding he used to be a pilot and thought, 'that is one bad pilot'.
In actuality the TV footage of the plane going into the first tower wasn't broadcast till much later , so he couldn't possibly have observed it on TV!
A prosecutor in a court of law would love this 'slip' which he did twice, and would interrogate him relentlessly on just that point alone, but the real people involved in the sophisticated psy op which is 9/11 have escaped any such kind of scrutiny... as of yet.

Just say he had seen the first 'plane' strike WTC 1 on a specially transmitted private broadcast courtesy of the CIA? That admission would still damn him, for how would they and he know to be looking there in the first place?
In this video look at his eyes. Eyes are the windows of the soul---to me he has the eyes of a psychopath! They are... gone.
Listen to him explain to the child's question: "What was the first thing that went through your head when you heard that a plane crashed into the first...", and listen close! He tries to deflect from possible bad nerves brought on by such a big lie by telling a 'joke'--very strange considering the seriousness of what happened that day, he feels the need to do a comedy sketch?
Hear his voice, and how he stutters on the second word of when he says the "TV (s)et", and he does it again when saying "TV s~s~set". ( Bush it's true is known for stuttering, and being lost for words, but even so it is very notable on this occasion the stutter happens when telling of the 'television set' that most likely wasn't really there). An expert who studied body language, and voice inflection, would have a field day with this, however they usually don't dare analyze big-shots like Bush do they, but are eager to do so on hapless reality TV Big Brother house contestants.

I don't underestimate my perception and intuition.
See him nearly fall apart at the question put to him by a journalist about escalating accusations of government involvement in 9/11. Often in day to day life we often know when someone is lying, and will go with our feelings and critical thinking and challenge them, but for some reason when it is people in power we choose to be blind. An old Chinese saying: "You cannot wake up a man who is pretending to sleep". It is time to wake!

In my proposed propaganda blog I was (am) going to focus on the observation and feeling of being aware of propaganda, and how this would be deepened with aid of psychedelics, because as any good propagandist will tell you---though many won't--they depend on us being un-conscious of what they are doing!

In the classroom video there is also propaganda-occultist stuff going on in the 'background' (see first picture above) with a 'demon'-like image in the junction between Bush and his whisperer 's heads, and also he is reading the My Pet Goat book upside down . Symbolically this would include reference to Baphomet, an image, connected to the Templars, who has the head of a goat, and the upside down pentagram which symbolizes the physical world ruling over the spiritual.

Is the 'demon' 'axis' reference foreshadowing his 'axis of evil' speech where he will justify the U.S.A's role as world policeman and saviour? Just mentioning it, because the whole scene is very acted (badly), and staged! But like an advert, I am surmizing that great detail was paid to the scene with the whole world watching. Adverts form a continuum with the whole propaganda enterprise.
In Italy --where the term 'propaganda' was first used by the Catholic church to mean the propagating of their faith, a literally glorified selling of their dogma to try and off-set the growing competition from the new 'boys' on the block, Protestantism-- Italians also call adverts propaganda. Which they are.

How many times do we see politicians at staged media-shoots smiling with babies, and children--with their sleeves rolled up when posing with their 'pawns', soldiers, etc--all media opportunities to make the IMAGE for the many people looking in the screen? How much care then went into that classroom scene on that 'big day'?

I have nothing personally against goats, or daemons. I am just trying to read that whole scene, and not miss a trick! Goats and images and symbols are innocent. It is how people interpret them, and what they believe and do in their name.

In the above still from the video see how the child is almost haloed by the the title and map of the United States, and the Statue of Liberty to her right. Bush, his profile framed by The Preamble to the U.S. Constitution print looks attentively at this child with brown skin, representing the U.S. embrace of other ethnic cultures (hmmm). It is all extolling the image that America is the 'Land of the Free' for one and all, which Bush is soon going to claim is the reason why the 'terrists' atacked the WTCs and the Pentagon, because they were jealous of this freedom.
But soon post 9/11, on 26th of October 2001, President Bush signs the The Patriot Act to begin his 'war on terror' (that will never end!), which will create an ecalatingly more oppressive '1984' scenario rather than any freedoms which 'we' had left.
More and more are going to be seen on TV screens brown-skinned people exposed naked in hellish humiliating pictures of torture transmitted by the media of Guantanemo Bay, and Abu Ghraib concentration camps--- disgusting and harrowing 'frozen' scenes which it is hard to describe or take in sanely.

There is of course far more evidence that former President Bush was in on 9/11, and also that behind the neo con puppets lurks a secret government (formed with the start of the National Security Act, military industrial complex, and connected with the corporations, and elite) that presides covertly behind the curtain whilst the gullible public swap and change the President-images, etc, imagining that this is real choice when it really isn't, because the underlying power structures remain.

Some more reviews of the video :


"A stunning film. It should be seen as widely as possible, in cinemas, bars, clubs, at meetings and, of course, through the internet. I'm sure the film will continue to be a source of debate and political education for many years. Maybe until the war criminals have been brought to trial." - Ken Loach

"In the White House, they weren't thinking of 9/11 as an attack, but as a gift!" - Robert Steele, former CIA agent

While Massimo Mazzucco’s first political documentary, GLOBAL DECEIT (2006), focused on the long list of inconsistencies in the official version of the 9/11 attacks, THE NEW AMERICAN CENTURY explores the historical, philosophical and economic background that suggests a matrix for such events that is much closer to home than the so-called "Islamic terrorism".

The film provides solid evidence for the true reasons behind the Afghanistan and Iraq wars, whose unfolding is described in chilling detail in a document called "Project for the New American Century", published in the year 2,000, that seems to have served as the actual blueprint for such dramatic events. "

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

There Be Dragons!

How the patriarchy demonized the Dragon~~~~~~~~~~:

"Myths are not artistic embellishments, fairy stories men make up to amuse themselves and their fellows; they are the very heart and brain, as it were, of the social organism, necessary for its survival -- as that particular society." The Manufacture of Madness, (p.121)

Remember all the stories and films you've read and seen with the main character, the 'hero', attacking dragons, and killing dragons? Has this propaganda made you view dragons, reptiles, as bad? If so don't be so hasty, for Monica Sjoo liberatingly informs us, in her book, 'The Return of the Dark/Light Mother or New Age Armageddon?, the mythological dragons represent from the Goddess earth-centred perspective~are~ the Goddess and are protecting nature, as well as guardians of Trees of Life which connects life and death!
We have thus been indoctrinated, watching and reading and imbibing about how 'mr hero/saint/god destroys the Dragon', thereby being conditioned to accept the 'hero's' inheriters legacy of excuses and actions for their continuing to destroy Earth. Of course by 'destroy' I don't mean as in the end of Earth as a planet, but more so the continuance of the attack on the quality of life for all, and the threat to the human species--following in a long line of other species who have been made extinct which continues.

Jonathan Ott reveals in his books how patriarchal religions have suppressed the real halluconogenic sacrament and replaced it with an empty placebo, thus not allowing ,even the memory of this ancient knowledge and experience, nor people to have direct natural spiritual experience. To experience nature in all its sexual ecstatic potentials in relationship.

Sjoo shows how even the so-called New Age Movement reveals a patriarchal worldview, with belief in a "Christ Consciousness" and how it is supposed to be superior to nature, nature being an 'enemy' to its fulfilment, and thus nature needs to be 'put right'. This belief system would explain their general disdain for psychedelics, regarding a very ancient means for deep communication and sense of relationship with nature.

Some leading New Agers do, however, confess now to having taken psychedelics, in David Icke's case the South American sacred plant, Ayahuasca, but he explains his experience in very world-negative terms---claiming a female voice told him that nature ("3 D reality") was an illusion conjured by evil 'reptiles' to keep humans trapped and having to be reborn here again and again to serve the elite, themselves supposedy a shapeshifting hybrid with the proposed entities. Yet again we have preached to us the ongoing patriarchal antagonism towards the reptilian species (dragon!! and thus the natural world) but this time with a modified modern twist where 'they' are presumed to be actual interdimensional entities, and connected with 'ETs', and/or entities that are in cahoots with the major rich families on the planet of which Icke, in his anti semitic rants, directly connects with the Jewish Zionists as the central evil conspiracy.

In the so-called 'scientific arena' we are led to believe that this world is untainted by the patriarchy, and/or New Age beliefs, because science&scientists operate with reason, especially and particularly via their 'scientific method':

"The enthronement of reason is the chief achievement of post-Enlightenement 'Modernism' in its rebellion against centuries of religious dogma and uncritical acceptance of authority. Science is acclaimed as Modernism's finest fruit..." The Mechanical and the Organic: Virtual Reality and Nature .
So the irony is that the adherents of the emerging scientific worldview 'rebelled' against a phony scam! The orthodox religious dogma with its 'truth' and symbolism. Empty symbolism without actual substance and meaning when divorced from original depth, meaning, and roots of the symbols they had tried to subvert towards their own ends.

So-called 'spirituality' having left a bad taste in the mouth, with its fascistic rules, oppression, and violence, torture, and mass murder - the 'new kids on the block' eventually 'throw it out' and deify 'reason'--ie., mechanical reason without spirit/soul, feeling, depth, and connection with nature in a sensual way. But willy nilly these unresolved subverted symbols, not understood, and consciously rejected, become unconscious and carry on acting out inwardly and onto the world and others.

Sjoo reveals how early invading patriarchal men and their 'gods' were "insatiable" for Soma/hallucinogens----As have been other nature-negative, or world-denying cults.
I think this is such an important thing to know! It reveals that the romantic notion which believes psychedelic experience must always be 'sacred' is just not true if by 'sacred' the mindsets so affected view with disdain other species, women, nature, and even their own physical bodies, and sexuality.
It is also liberating to know because it doesn't disenfranchize our natural self---the self before it eats the sacred plant or substance. Any psychedelic experience is therfore more a continuation, like good sexuality must be with the life of the body in relationship, rather than some 'state' which must be superior to natural life, and the body. The first prerequisite is to feel and understand we are nature. To love, and desire nature, and/or your partner, the experience will go as deep as your feeling will yield to it, and not try and control it.

Now, the 'serpent people' (the indigenous people of the land who recognized lunar mythology of the Goddess) know Goddess contains both light and dark, like the moon in its phases was understood to do, but the 'sons of light' (ie., the males who were part of the solar cults, who identified themselves solely with the 'good light' as opposed to the 'bad darkness'), do not believe their solar god has anything to do with darkness, and that the latter was a mistake and must be defeated, or there must be continual conflict between light and dark.. So the CLUE to be aware of is this patriarchal division between light and dark--consequently also implying a division between what was believed to represent light, and body, repectively sun, mind/spirit, thought of by that androcentric worldview as male, and for body, woman, and nature--which becomes the 'mind/body dualism'.

The patriarchy fear the dark and thus reject it, but you can't reject 'it', for it is not an it, bur rather a process which always involves light. You can't have one without the other! ( Note it is hard for the abstrating terms of thinking to think as process for in the very terms of describing process you 'have' to say "one" and "other"). Therefore what they reject they unconsciously project. Thus their behaviour becomes what they hypocritically shout against--'evil', and is ongoingly poisoning nature and the soul itself.
A very powerful example is fear of 'dark' people, and the need to persecute them to justify the 'rightness' of the 'white/'light' race'. This is what is meant about the symbolism unresolved, and not understood becoming unconscious. The fear of darkness is still there, which includes dark skin, and sense of the 'other', albeit cleverly conceiled to oneself--and others-- and justified rationally in the 'reasoning' brain--which is really irrational. The same for their myth of the Theory of Evolution, a myth which has been used by the 'superior reasoning class' to subjugate those peoples deemed to be not as evolved as those who 'reason' that to be the case.

Patriarchal religion proclaimed spirit was transcendent. Patriarchal science proclaims nature is mechanical. Notice that both worldviews remove spirit from nature--thus devaluing the Goddess (who represents nature as a process of matter and spirit--you cannot have one without the other)--for nature and the Goddess have always been related.

The diagram shows you how 'spirit' and 'matter' dramatically change in the hierarchy once scientific materialism takes over the major power role away from the church. In both worldviews it is made sure to the people--the victims of their oppressive myth-- that 'matter' has nothing to do with 'spirituality'!

Myths can be alive and liberating or they can be stifling and oppressive to body, and mind, and all that you need to live~~others and nature. Also not just for humans. Other anceint myths, such ss native America myths/stories would include animals, for example, and honour them as our relations.
In our materialistic myth millions of animals are captured and bred for a lifetime--however short and misreable that may be--of what they term 'animal testing, and vivisection'! All reasoned out as for the betterment of human life.

Maybe it is hard to see yourself under an oppressive mythic system--that is the power of propaganda. The image that can help is imagining yourself a prisoner in a loud clanking jail:

So there you are in that institution--the jail. Can you hear the oppressive lonely clanking sounds echoing all round? The harsh geometric lines and grim colours of the surfaces hurt the eye. The hard light. You were born here! This is all you know. You are told that this is it. This is reality. Through the barred windows you can see the large expanse of blue sky and rolling clouds, the green hills, woods, and streams, and feel wisps of fresh breeze caress your face through the grill, but you've always been told that all that belongs to the owner of your jailhouse. If you tell his representative, the screws, you are unhappy, or hallucinating/stir crazy they explain that you must be suffering from a physical disease which they term mental illness. They have pills, such as 'anti-depressants', and 'anti-psychotics', etc, and electric shock treatment, which suppress emotions. These help you carry on doing the jobs which help keep the jailer very rich, and his screws also get a good share.
But what is really making you feel bad is that you feel something is wrong. Bad food, environment, both physical and psychological.
Because you've been born into this environment you don't know the roots, That this jailer built the jail for his own power and oppression over you. You are being lied to, but aren't quite sure... And if you take these pills these emotions may subside, or you may kill yourself.

See the patriarchal (rule of the father) game: By disenfranchising nature patriarchal man proclaims: "You need ME!" --in its theocracy this 'me' is as the priests who are claiming to be intermediaries between you and 'God', and this enforced dependence gives them power.

With scientism, the new 'priests' are the scientists, not as intermediaries to a 'God' though, who they claim to have not any use for any more, but rather - their presumed to be - vastly superior mechanical knowledge and ability to dis-cover reality using their 'scientific method'.

The patriarchal mindset wants more and more control.

What is this need for control?

A way to approach this question is to checkout a central social controlling myth of these 'scientific' times--the myth of 'mental illness'. The pushers, supporters, and authorities of this myth very rarely look at themselves as being 'mentally ill', but label more and more people, including children, as having disorders/diseases of the biological organism.
An example, so-called 'Obsessive Compulsive Disorder'. A person with 'OCD' usually is seen as ritually doing things which however seemingly strange are a way to bring an order in their lives which may seem chaotic and confusing to them. They may keep washing hands repetetively, or count certain numbers obsessively before doing a task, etc. This demand for order is really a fear of chaos, and 'lack of control'. An irrational anxiety of what could happen IF they didn't carry out certain rituals so as to attain some seeming order.

Well if you look at the history of the solar cults and the patriarchy, or if you prefer the 'dominator model', we see this same demand for control via obsessive ritual though on a much larger scale, and it is in reaction to nature and the Goddess which has been seen to be chaotic by the insane rationalism of a typical male warrior mindset. Where light is worshipped and darkness feared. Death is seen as chaos.The darkness and chaos is unknown and therefore cannot be analyzed and brought under some kind of perceived and preconceived order. Of course the greatest fear of this worldview is DEATH! And it is therefore no surprise that the great dream of this scientific dictatorship--'transhumanism'--seeks to mechanically 'conquer' disease and death!

"...there seems to be a sense from ancient peoples that death was not feared the way we fear it today. There is evidence that death was seen as part of life not its opposite. A belief in regeneration is the same belief in the scientific axiom that energy is neither created nor destroyed." Energy changes form. So we change form when we die. If early people were able to celebrate this, why can't we? We have become frightened of life's cyclical pattern as we have attempted to control nature--which has become more and more of an obsession.
Controlling nature is impossible. It is terribly egocentric to think that nature is ours for the taking. What would our lives be like if we lived in the conscious psychic experience of this cyclical pattern? Would we be afraid of dying. Would we be able to accept death as a change of form rather than fear it as an end?
The aspect of the Goddess associated with death and regeneration is the Crone--also symbolized in reality as the Dark Moon--as well as with such mythical aspects of the Goddess as serpent-headed Medusa.

When you look at the patriarchal mythology you will see these mythologiocal feminine archetypes maligned, attacked, and censored--just like the Dragon. Medusa was the patriarchal 'hero's' Underworld enemy and just one look into her eyes turned him/men to stone. 'Death'. Death seen by the warrior cultists not as the great liberator without which life could not be, for death and life are the warp and woof of reality, but rather as a curse to fear and conquer.
This is why the mythological aspect of the Goddess, the Crone, has been and continues to be so feared by them.

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Seeing Through the Psychedelic Transhumanism (H+) Trip

Transhumanism ( or H+ for short) is the idea that introducing technology into the human body will create a 'posthuman' A superman, An ubermensch:

Now as I began to research this subject, a very odd thought dawned on me--maybe re-dawned--that the two most influential speakers and writers on the subject of psychedelics since the 1960s , Timothy Leary and Terrence McKenna, were both psychedelic transhumanists !!

Timothy Leary had actually been against the Ecology Movement, seeing it as a seductive hinderence against what he believed was our h+ destiny -- leaving "womb planet" Earth and exploring the stars in our computerized Startrek crafts, whilst also biologically evolving into a diverse species of posthumans. It's all set down in his book, Exo-psychology. This book was written by Leary whilst serving a five to ten year jail sentence for possession of 00.1 grammes of marijuana, and in one found himself put as next cell-door neighbour to Charles Manson. Maybe it is not so suprising then Tim dreamed of leaving planet earth? His trauamatic experiences of prison life are described in his book, Neuropolitique.

Terrence Mckenna, it appears to me, was coming from a more contradictory perspective---on one hand claiming that Goddess and nature were essentially important to commune with, whilst on the other hand, raving about what a buzz it will be when we can download our 'consciousness' onto a computer, his
premise being that 'consciousness' is a 'thing' which can be downloaded.

Another strange thing I have found researching this subject is that there hardly exists any criticism whatsoever up to the present date, as far as I'm aware, against psychedelic transhumanism. There are quite a few good sources of critique against H+, but when you add 'psychedelic', no. It seems to me that members of the academic, political, and creative psychedelic community seem to not envision any need to critique this subject? So I will.

It is as though those in the psychedelic 'movement' who embrace the ideals of H+ do not realize the history of it! If they did they would learn that the Eugenicist Sir Julian Huxley coined the term, 'Transhumanism' to replace 'Eugenics' --post World War 2-- so it would not be linked with Hitler and the Nazis' use of Eugenics in their genocidal doings against disabled people, the Jews, etc etc etc!! How would they like to be known as 'Psychedelic Eugenicists' me thinks, yet 'Transhumanism' means exactly the same, accept with more advanced technology, and which Fukuyama argues is the most dangerous idea in the world.

So, as I see it, members of the psychedelic community who embrace these H+ ideals surely cannot understand the awful past of this idealism, and the elite's futurist corporate intentions for H+, and would rather, comfortably, idealistically, 'cooly', assume that all the nasty stuff of war, classism, racism, genocides, and ecocides are all going to somehow disappear when the oligarchy, whose power set-up forms a continuum with that past, 'kindly' let us psychedelically experienced artists--and 'the people'-- loose on their machines---machines with which they are planning to penetrate our intimate skin boundaries. The propaganda about this, also known as 'predictive programming' is in films, and music videos, and commercials--the 'brave new world'.

The propaganda will make out that H+ is merely a very advanced extension of animal breeding, implying that was a natural consequence of human ingenuity for helping the evolution of animals, but will hide the horror of the reality of animal breeding: "
...perhaps most shocking was the callous and deluded attitude of many breeders (apart from a few honourable exceptions) and their representative body, the Kennel Club. The links between the Kennel Club, the eugenics movement and Nazism went some way to explaining the warped attitudes that sustain the breeding industry: the notion that it is acceptable to sacrifice sentient individuals for the sake of ‘racial purity’. Some of the breeders, frankly, had a tenuous grip on reality, and that’s putting it generously."

DNA manipulation of unborn babies is part of this H+ agenda.
It surely is obvious to anyone who has studied the history of the patriarchy that they, fathers-who-rule, supervising and funding those in lab coats, would want to take over role of the feminine womb, as they did in the past in their mythologies, and forcibly taking over the role of childbirth from the midwives.

Below I will respond to a series of enboldened quotes taken from the above link:
psychedelic transhumanists

"McKenna: Our technologies... are obviously lethal I would say, but they are fortunately a kind of chrysalis of ideological constraint that technology is in the process of dissolving. William Butler saw this in the 19th Century, Teilhard de Chardin reached it in the forties and the fifties McLuhan expressly articulated this vision in the fifties and the sixties.

Everything is about to get very much more complicated, much larger, the number of choices are about to exponentially explode. In a sense, these technologies point us toward, if not literal godhood, then a kind of fictional godhood. We are all going to become the masters of the narrative in which we are embedded. Our separate stories are going to take on dimensions so multifarious that for all practical purposes we will each move into a cosmos of our own creation and control."

WHO is 'we'? Is it the elite and the middle class? The oligarchy has never given technology to the people. Look at the medical services in America 'land of the free'. Poor people do not have same access to technological medical help like those who have adequate insurance and can pay for it. So why would things suddenly change one morning with this H+ technology? Surely it must be realized by now that all the elite and their lackies care about is PROFITS?
As I compose this blog post the 'worst oil disaster' has caused untold ecocidal destruction to the Gulf of Mexico, and wetlands. The oil companies rake in BILLIONS yet do not even know what to do when anything goes wrong with their technology. In fact they will not even spend money to try and ensure potential accident prevention. This same profit-blinded mindset pervades the whole enterprise we call civilization.

"David Pearce: ...I think it’s fair to say the transhumanist community is mostly interested in intelligence-amplification — superintelligence rather than supersentience...Psychedelic drugs can briefly give us a tiny insight into how “blind” we normally are; but we soon lapse into ignorance again. Such is the state-dependence of memory. " ibid

Who is he speaking for? He doesn't bother to look deeply into what 'blindness' and ignorance means. He doesn't explore the roots of this, and just, himself, blindly assumes that more of the very same insanity which is causing this blindness and ignorance will be our saviour. You know the saying: 'insanity is repeating the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result'.?

Well it has been found that over-stimulation of the young with gadgets--computers, vid games, cell phones, i pods, all contribute to BOREDOM. All this over-stimulation atrophies the imagination, because their sense of reality is being constantly filled up with stimulation from techno-entertainment-land all the time. Once they don't have access to it they don't know what to do and feel 'dead bored'. I personally spoke to a young girl of about 16 girl who is all the time looking at and using her cellphone, and she admitted to me that if she doesn't have it she feels all "shakey".

The feeling I get from this is that it is like the 'man' is a 'jealous man' (for after all wasn't 'God' wanting to be called the 'jealous God'. So 'Man' takes over 'his' throne in the Enlightenment and becomes the 'jealous man'---He takes on the role of the previous patriarchal archetype?) and doesn't want you gazing lovingly at the natural world, and feeling content looking at the dynamic changing clouds, of the shifting patterns of shadows on the trees, listening to the wind, and hearing birdsong, and feeling that this is all sacred. No, he wants a SCREEN in your face with his entertainment packet, his 'virtual world' and make sure he is getting a good rent from it, with hope of further rents to come as he applies new techy dagets with more apps, and more apps.

At the time news broke out about the BP oil disaster, was news of the mad rush of people and celebrities all wanting to get the new Apple IPad. Long queues of people spent all night sleeping on the pavements waiting to get into the store and be the the first in the UK to get their hands on this latest shiny techno-toy, and we saw a picture of highbrow celebrity, Stephan Fry, smiling at camera for the paper, with his head resting against the corner of his precious little newly bought IPad.

But other news not reported, but very connected with the Ipads ----- from the Chinese factory where these toys are made-- Foxconn, there have been 11 suicides! Mostly young workers so soul-destroyed by the tedious conveyor belt drugery of churning out these 'cool Ipads', long hours, and not even allowed human contact with other workers, they all have--over a period of realtively short time-- jumped off the top floor windows and roof of the factory
. This video really says it all for me.

So regarding Pearce's quote, again he is really speaking about his experience with psychedelics, and integration, and projecting his negative experience onto everyone--hence the 'we'.

In my experience with psychedelics it is not like his at all. What I have learned from psychedelic experience is that generally people are asleep yes, but to look for the reasons. And this has inspired me to look at the very civilization we get born into and take for granted, and the history we're taught, and the social-controlling mental illness myth, and mass media propaganda, and the so-called 'education system', and the so-called 'war on drugs' etc--and to explore how all these issues interconnect and make the dead 'wasteland' many of us 'return' to after we have the sacred ecstatic experiences possible with psychedelic experience---this return usually referred to as 'coming down'.

Pearce, instead of seeing the H+ idealism as being part of the problem--interconnected with all the other onslaughts on our souls, and nature---he is looking at it as the solution
. Ironically so, as the means to increase intelligence. But his 'intelligence' cannot it seems survey all I am trying to point out--which when explored surely increases intelligence-- or apparently understand how a minority who would imagine they were now posthuman intelligence would feel even more superior than they normally do in contrast with other people, labelled 'terrists', because they haven't 'upgraded' themselves, who haven't got the same appropriate tech-attachments inserted, never mind all the other species! I see the solution an unlearning more than an adding machine-parts. UN-learning the propaganda that is the same old one with shiny robot clothes and flashing lights on.

Timothy Leary likened being humans trying to imagine our interfusion with advanced technology as like “caterpillar fantasies about what post-larval life will be like.” ibid

But why not understand that trying to imagine what we have lost is far more hard
--as in lost our soul!

"Eric Davis: How do we live with creative intelligence and awakened senses in a groundless world beyond our control? Behind the veneer of objective medicine, psychopharmacology is simply offering its own resolutely philosophical answer to the eternal problem of human suffering: Use technology to control its symptoms. The posthuman self is a self on drugs — SSRIs, hormones, brain boosters, neurotransmitters. We have entered an era that sanctions the psychoactive use of commercial chemicals, not just to cure disease or even to relieve suffering, but to reformat who we feel we are."

Is that so? As far as I am aware this era does not sanction people--even terminally ill people--to have access to entheogenic or empathogenic experience. The only slight current change is a very tight-arsed selective so-called 'resurrgence' where 'studies' are being done with people, including the terminally ill, where they are 'allowed' to take psychedelics and empathogens.

WHO has the authority to say who can and cannot explore their consciousness with sacred plants and substances---yet Davies claims they sanction.
He mentions SSRIs in a positive light, but no mention of the exploitation of all that---the myth of mental illness, and the coercive drugging of poeple and children as
social control, nor the dangers to health from the drugs. As usual---Eric Davies seems to think he is as techo-psychedelic's thinking man, in the know, but doesn't seem to have any knowledge of the elite politcal motives behind these 'sanctions'. He rather implies it is all cool.

He continues:

"It’s likely that people will become ever more comfortable with the notion that unpleasant (and unproductive) psychological states are simply bad code in the Darwinian bio-computer. And once you’re comfortably ensconced inside that materialist cosmology, where meaning is secondary to mechanics, there is no particularly compelling reason (other than medical fallout) not to debug the mind with consumer molecules. The paradox is that these mechanistic molecules can produce deeper, more authentic selves. People on SSRIs often describe themselves as finally feeling like normal people, like the person they were meant to be. This paradox… lies at the heart of the posthuman condition."ibid

Well people I know personally, have spoken to, and others' stories I read about, don't tell me they feel like 'normal' people (whatever that means) after taking SSRIs--it is more they don't feel real
! They feel that there is a drugged barrier between where they feel 'happy' but yet.....! Is that surprising when these mechanistic-brain-chemical tweakers imagine us as bio-computers who shouldn't be feeling down, and that it is 'chemical imbalance' and that soon we should all expect a literal dial on our heads 'we' (or they!) will be able to turn it and receive smiling 24/7 pleasure. And no death of course.

But look what he does. He asserts that we are "bio-computers" which is the current mechanistic philosophy and theory of Computationalism. I do not dig this theory at all. It comes from a long line of mechanistic reasoning starting proper with animal-torturer Rene Descartes, Descrates tried to describe his concepts using state of the art engineering mechanisms of the tile, pulleys and so on. Sigmund Freud also used mechanical metaphors to describe his theory of the ego, id, and superego.
So I see this now----Men of science have come up with their 'baby' the computer and now all the universe and consciousness has to conform to its perimeters. To its reason. We are all told we are 'bio-computers',
and so we believe we are though there's no actual proof.
Accepting this common description of what we are will of course make it very easy for us to ask to be plugged into the Big Computer when the corporate time-is-right, for after all we are a 'bio-computer'.

The 'bio-computers' I have been reading above don't seem to have an insight to the real problems like for example, who OWNS the gadgets they wanting to stick in us? From whence is this very paradigm coming, and what for? What about all the terrible exploitation of the poor going right back in history, and continuing now? And much more!

"Pesce:...The question of the body is one of the largest questions in virtual reality. Where is the body in cyberspace? Where are you when your email is flashing across the net, when your agents are doing your bidding? Where are you, and how do you maintain your self?"

Where am I when I send an email? I am sat here? if I post a letter I am at the post box? The body in 'cyberspace' is usually in one place attached to a technological device. Where else would it be? On the roof?
If I see the shaman collapse in a trance where is his body? I can see it lying down. THERE is his body. Hir physical body.
If I am having a psychedelic experience and with eyes shut am flying through space, and yet eyes half open am sat in a chair where am I? Both sat in a chair and flying through space. What is 'body'? my physical body is in the chair for sure.

Psychedelics can produce these boundary dissolutions where you flow into another thing. What we’re going to see, and it’s actually quite true, is that certain types of VR can produce the precisely same affect. There are zones where virtual reality can be very dangerous for that reason, or incredibly powerful and meaningful for that reason. So... I really want to work from the heart.

I personally think in my own philosophy that to work in technology, you have to work from the heart center. Because otherwise you’ll create golems, you’ll create Frankensteins, your creations will run away from you. That’s the essence of the story of the golem — that this is a creature that was created with the breath of life but without the light of knowledge or the heart. The heart of God." ibid

But what is technology now? What is it doing to the soul, and to the earth. More and more is taken from the earth to build more and more technology, and this pollutes the REAL world not the virtual world, but the computer-wannabe-posthumans try and create the myth that reality is really a virtual reality, simulated reality
because of their metaphysical assumption of computationalism which they call reality.

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

American Drug War Caste System

I happened on this video a few nights ago, and it really blew me away. I knew, of course, about the massive prison population in the United States which is the largest in the world, and that the proportion of non-white people incarcerated is also highest, even more so than it was in apartheid South Africa, but I had never really been taken into the origins and core of this problem like speaker in this video took me:

"The drug war is the single most important cause of the expansion of the prison system in the United States"

So-called politically correct movements like "Affirmative Action"--supposedly showing how black people are being integrated into society which is 'colour blind'--"mask" what is actually going on for non-whites such as in poor neighbourhoods of mostly black and ethnic people targeted by militarized police SWAT teams who, under the pretext of the so-called 'war on drugs', do blanket searches, terrorizing people on the streets and in their homes. To get an experience of this terror please see the video in my previous blog entry!

Once someone has been charged and imprisoned for the victimless crime of selling or even possession of drugs, or claim of, they are a labelled 'felon' for life, and this effects all their human rights. Not only do the lose their freedom being locked up, but once released they cannot get foodstamps, accomodation, work, etc etc. This is why this is a caste system.

"Whereas with Jim Crow there was still a sense of community, and solidarity in the black communities, mass incaceration has turned black community against itself."

This is a most important video to watch, and I hope like me you will share this far and wide.

As Michelle Alexander, the speaker in the video says, and I feel this too, the most radical action is always grass roots, changing things from the ground up! Just say KNOW, and tell your friends, and all contacts. Thankyou.

Michelle Alexander: US Prisons, The New Jim Crow

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Look what happened to this family and pets by the corrupt 'War on Drug' criminals!!!

Please let us not underestimate ourselves. It is we, people, who can and must, stop this corruption and abuse of people, and our freedom. One of the ways of doing this is using this media to really get it out there and expose what is going on, and speaking out against it.

This is an awful video showing you militarized police officers criminally invading a man's family home, which also has little children, and shooting his dog (how many reading know what it feels like to lose a dog you love?), because he has some marijuana!

Please share this far and wide as you can in any way you can, speak out against it, and please ask the same. Thankyou.

Marijuana Raid Caught On Tape (Dogs Shot)

Saturday, 1 May 2010

Charles Shaw ~~ EXILE NATION

I cannot recommend this video enough! Not only the video, but also the book which Charles Shaw--the author--has made freely available to be read online. Please checkout all links.

Inside Exile Nation

Charles Shaw
In this interview Exile Nation author Charles Shaw discusses the ins and outs of the drug war, activism, the prison industrial/criminal justice complex, replacement economies, corrections and rehabilitation, addiction and PTSD therapies using psychedelic and shamanic plant medicines, and the significance of Burning Man culture for the disenfranchised. Introduced and interviewed by LA radio personality and political commentator, Cary Harrison, creator of Reality Check, where Charles was head writer, 1999-2001.

Read Exile Nation exclusively on Reality Sandwich.
"Exile Nation: Drugs, Prisons, Politics & Spirituality" | Reality Sandwich

Begin with Chapter One - "Dead Time":
Exile Nation: Chapter One, "Dead Time" | Reality Sandwich

You can also see video of Charles' talk, "The (Not-So) Secret History of the War on Drugs":
The (Not-So) Secret History of the War on Drugs | Reality Sandwich "

Saturday, 24 April 2010

If Your Going to San Fran Cisco/ Be sure to.......!!!

My post was going to be about something more inspiring than this one, but I just had to mention this .....disgrace. I am shocked.
I am sadly used to it here in the UK. Crowds watching a person attampting to commit suicide off a building and luaghing and yelling for them to jump and taking videos and pictures of this horrendous event in someone's life on their 'mobiles', even after they jump, and the injury and death. I have heard about this several times and was deeply upset about it, but I have just read an article that shows the very same inhumanity has happened in San Francisco....? This utterly destroys my romantic vision of that place. San Francisco had been one of the first cities in the States I would love to have visited. It is really beautiful (though am sure it has its ghetto alas as most places do now), the hills by the sea, the misty harbour---where Alan Watts used to live in his houseboat. Home of the Flower Children, later the 'Hippies', Freaks, Heads in Haight Ashbury~~~ The gentle beckoning song~~~If your goin to San fran cisco/be sure to wear some flowers in your hair... Peace and Love....And I'd still imagine a real good vibe still there that is different from most modern cities.

Then I read this: San Francisco Crowd Encouraged Suicide Victim To Jump- Then Laughed

What kind of person would tell a suicidal man to jump? Or laugh after the man throws himself from a 3rd story window ledge to his death below. But that’s exactly what some people did when a guy in turquoise boxer shorts stood on the ledge of his loft apartment window (over the Forever 21 Store in San Francisco, CA) for approximately 15 minutes before he jumped. A large crowd gathered below, and as the man seemed to contemplate whether to jump or not, they videotaped and tweeted about the ordeal, finding entertainment rather than tragedy in the whole heartbreaking situation. And though some people shouted for him not to jump, others callously encouraged him to do so, according to San Francisco resident Terence Prasad and other eye-witnesses who commented on the San Francisco Examiner coverage of the suicide.

Feb 16, 2010

i was there and im traumatized. the guys next to me were laughing telling him to jump and videotaping the whole thing. i’m still young and in high school and this is gunna stick with me for the rest of my life. there was a total lack of respect for the poor man and people were laughing when he jumped.

Jon Barnhardt
Feb 16, 2010

I was passing by and witnessed the suicide. I looked away, but the sound of the impact will stay with me forever. The fact that I saw people in the crowd laughing less than 10 seconds after the man’s death may be more disturbing than actually watching him die. May he rest in peace.

Robert Kolbe
Feb 16, 2010

I walked by just as the police were covering him up.

I asked a couple what had happened and the man responded yes — laughingly. I asked him if he thought it was funny.

He then gave me a kind of funny look and didn’t say anything.

How very sad this man died this way. People, please be nice to each other.
Wilfred Galila
Feb 17, 2010

I watched this man standing on the ledge a few moments before he jumped. He was thinking and hesistating. I exclaimed that I hope that man is not going to jump and a lady replied that if he really wants to do it, he should already have done it.

It is very disturbing then to learn that there were people who did encourage him to jump. Society has become so desensitized and human life reduced to an amusement and a spectacle.

Feb 17, 2010

I saw the whole thing.....wish I didn’t. I was so disgusted at the severe lack of respect shown by so many in the crowd. All of the people who were encouraging him to jump.....may your souls burn for all eternity.

Feb 17, 2010

If only the loooosers who were yelling jump would add to the spectacle by jumping themselves . . .
It would be fantastic to be rid of them !

Feb 17, 2010

I was there and felt sickened for this man’s life. What was going through his mind? He looked like his wasn’t sure if he really wanted to jump. I feel like he could have been talked out of it, if the suicide help person was able to get into his apartment. I feel that the crowd’s actions encouraged him to jump. This is a very sad, dark society we live in. It makes me scared to walk the streets with these heartless people. Rest in Peace, And may the Lord have Mercy on your soul!

Feb 17, 2010

According to the police, the young man was apparently distraught over a breakup with his girlfriend. The fact that suicide was the young man’s choice was bad enough. I had a hard time with overhearing and observing people joking and finding amusement with this tragic event. Have the youth of today lost their senses of compassion and judgment? Unfortunately, I believe they have...

The common consensus was that had there been enough people encouraging him not to end his life, rather then telling him to jump, perhaps the ending of this story would have had a happy one. What kind of sick society takes pleasure in the demise of a fellow human being? And from the comments, it appears that many of the bystanders were young. If so, it’s a sad indictment of our youth today. But regardless of age, it is incumbent upon us all to care for our brothers and sisters in need."

It is a sadism effecting the youth, though not all the youth (I hope), and not only the youth, but a terrible thing is going on in the psyche of a sizeable portion. It has to do with the screen doesn't it? The images ----we have become images to that sorry soul-dead mindset. We are 'entertainment-objects'. Like a 'sex object' an entertainment-object even if in utter distress and literally on the edge is not seen as real, as a living being with feelings, and fragile body, but as some thing to show on 'Youtube' or any other computer video screen.

"I walked by just as the police were covering him up.

I asked a couple what had happened and the man responded yes — laughingly. I asked him if he thought it was funny.

He then gave me a kind of funny look and didn’t say anything."

A funny kind of look.

Sunday, 28 March 2010

A walk in March and Time

I had a walk in the park this morning. Last night the 'clocks were put forward' by one hour, and thus we 'lose an hour,. unlike when the clocks are 'changed back' in advent of winter where we 'gain an hour'.
As I walked I realized about a quarter of the way that I had been in my head. I had been thinking about things, and what I had planned for later, and then it dawned that here I was walking and was not looking at the day so I then began to.

I first started looking at the Birch trees I was walking by. I love them because of their very off white, and moon-ish trunks with the dark brown ridges that contrast with the creamy hue. I always somehow associate them with the moon for some reason because I imagine them on moonlit nights really full of moonglow on account of their silvery skin. I also love the way their very dark branches hang in sensitive exquisiteness, like a branches waterfall, as they are so delicate, and give me such a good feeling to look at them especially if the branches are hanging in front of some background that accentuates their cascading form.

I carry on walking and see a person in the distance walking, and this observation makes me think of the action of walking, how strange it is, and I feel my muscles in my legs and hips as I walk energetically. How many take walking for granted? I remember when I was a kid and was in hospital for a while, and because of being in bed quite long, I had to be taught how to walk again and it was really hard. Your legs don't do what you want them to do, and it takes lots of help and encouragement and support, but once you do you just do it naturally and don't have to consciously think about it.
Being aware of walking felt great, because it was a very visceral experience feeling all the muscles, and realizing how great it is to walk and exercise.

I past more trees, and some had this flowing pattern flowing up or down the trunk, and it reminded me of when you see a place where a river has been~~maybe even very anciently~~ and you see serpentine flowing traces of the memory of water telling you its past.

I sensed trees on this 'first day of Spring' were all budded and ready to spring, I felt the aliveness in their form and at same time heard lots of excited bird songs as if all the birds knew that Spring had at last come after a very severe winter they have had.

It was quite cold fresh, but this made walking feel good because when you breathed in you felt all this fresh air going into your body, muscles, skin, and it felt exhilarating.
The sky was grey but it wasn't flat grey, there were clouds and the light from the sun was shining through the greys creating really amazing contrasts, and making the surrounding have this stark light changing dynamic light and shade. The puddles from the night rain shone a very intense silvers with reflections of clouds, and as I walked through this wood I heard a remarkably loud sound of a Woodpecker as it drilled some tree I couldn't see. At first I had thought it must be some men somewhere with a power tool, but no, it was a Woodpecker as herald of Spring sounds.

I started remembering a recent interesting part of the TV programme I had happened to catch a couple of nights ago. The presenter was talking about time. About how years ago different places in the UK had different times. There was no set, or standardized time. So you could, for example, travel to a town different from yours and find the time there was not the same as your own!
Especially in the country there was a more sense of following of the movements of the sun and moon seasons. It has to be said, however, that one of the first institutions that acted to control time and space so as to gain more power over people was the Church. They did this by putting clocks on the churches so as to make sure the 'peasants' would adhere to the times of Church services, and other demands.
Full standardization of time though begins proper with the advent of the Industrial Revolution in the 19th century when, with the growth of the railway system connecting all 'provincial' towns with each other and places with London a so-called 'London Time' was expected to be followed by first the whole of the UK and then the whole world! So now all 'time is synchronized' and 'time is money', and people are tied by time, mechanical time takes over from a more organic sense of time.
It is obvious that this mechanization of time really suited the 'time masters' who herded the 'peasants' off the land and into the cities where they were then having to toil most of the day in factories like cogs in a machine, and/or clock.

I remember my second psychedelic experience with LSD many many moons ago when I was 15 taken with some friends, when we got to be thinking about 'time'. The time was "1:40 am" or "twenty to two", and we all became aware how absurd the clocktime was and all fell about laughing hysterically at the whole clocktime tick tock absurdity, so much so that we wrote on a wall in big letters "IT IS TWENTY TO TWO" and were laughing like you can only laugh when in the midst of a very powerful LSD trip! It was a seriously powerful insight. We were seeing directly through the time prison that all of us modernized citi-zens, or cogs in a timemachine, take as reality. A 'reality' of mechanized mono-time.

As I walked thinking about this, I thought of the painter Salvidor Dali and his sur~real floppy clock. He of course was showing the same insight through his art.

I had a little bag of goodies for the Crows~~just some remains of real good bread, Cheshire cheese which had gone a little mouldy, not too much mouldy as i don't like throwing crap food scraps to wildlife, and a bit of cereal.
These Crows favourite place is this green orchard near where people hangout and therefore they can be assured of getting some nice picks of food. When they know that feast is nearing they all crow--I love that sound, and I love their black feathered body shapes against the green grass as they swoop down where the food is at. They come from the trees, and surround, and I love the sound of their feathers too.
I get this dark thought of that old Billie Holiday song Strange Fruit, about the lynchings of black people in the Deep South and how the racists would hang the black humans in trees,

' Southern trees bear strange fruit
Blood on the leaves and blood at the root
Black bodies swinging in the southern breeze
Strange fruit hanging from the poplar trees.

Pastoral scene of the gallant south
The bulging eyes and the twisted mouth
Scent of magnolias, sweet and fresh
Then the sudden smell of burning flesh.

Here is fruit for the crows to pluck
For the rain to gather, for the wind to suck
For the sun to rot, for the trees to drop
Here is a strange and bitter crop.'

But now was not anything so awful, and the Crows were delight to see gathering the food, full of the joys of the coming spring~~~

Monday, 15 February 2010

‘Con’?spiracy Theory, ‘Education’ & Polarity, etc

[I had been airing my views at Reality Sandwich and Daniel Pinchbeck complimented my ideas saying I was "on it" and would I do a feature for RS. This is it, though of course here are added pictures]

So what do we do?

Important question: What actually matters so that we can feel inspired, and help create communities that really do change things for the better for all of us, all species, and nature, and what blocks this vision and action?
There seem to exist ‘diverse’ various ‘alternative’ sources of information with their respective leaders claiming to help answer this question, but how can I trust them? How do I know they aren’t part of the very problem they claim to expose?
If any speaker supposedly claiming to help me, on one hand, by informing me what’s going on behind the scenes which are set up to control me, and yet on the other hand pushes a myth which is dualistic, and therefore detrimental to my sense of being, and relationship with nature, then that double-bind message cancels out any fruits that could be had from what the speaker is claiming to help me with.
Things people say have to make sense. There has to be integrity throughout what they are saying, and doing. Are they infiltrating disinfo-agents set up to divert peoples energies away from the real roots of the crises facing us and planet earth, attention whores, and/or just opportunists, and clever marketers just making money out of some fear-business which they think they have to keep rolling along, or all combined?
Are people hooked to them because they desperately want to believe, or for kicks, or both. Only you can answer that, but bear in mind that while you’re sucked into their power, and/or the research they lock you into, that the real world is under attack, and surely that needs our energies for helping stop what is causing this destruction.
Therefore people who make out they are ‘helping’ need to be challenged. I am available always to be challenged, and questioned, about what I say, and I expect the same from others? That is real community. Better, these people need to be seen through and then we move onto what really matters.

One of the most well-known New Age conspiracy theorist gurus, David Icke, claims he had an Ayahuasca trip, and experienced hearing a “Voice”.
This voice told, and showed him, that our commonly experienced reality in the “5 sense world/3D world” is inferior to the “place” he went to in his vision. Voice informed him that our known reality is really a “matrix” that depends on our collective fear to actually feed it (just as well he is spreading fear with such tales ey?)!
This is undoubtedly a dualistic myth, and not earth, universe, soul, or community friendly, at all. This kind of ‘channelling’ is typical from the New Age world as is revealed in the book, Return of the Dark/Light Mother or New Age Armageddon? by Monica Sjoo : “The most frightening aspect of the New Age is its adoption, and perpetration, of a mishmash of the reactionary, patriarchal occult traditions and thinking of both east and west, all of which have in common a hatred of the Earth, authoritarianism, racism and misogyny.” (p.85)
Icke bases his theories of a global conspiracy of Jews/elite cum Reptilians, which ‘post- Ayahuasca -trip’ become, ”holographic projections that have no soul”, on a known forged document called The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, the same book Hitler and the Nazis got much of their inspiration from…

I very much do not trust David Icke, especially his supposed use of Ayahuasca to spread his nature-hating, and paranoid, propaganda. Inducing his audiences, and further afield, through his clever-honed stage shtick, to distrust nature and see it as an illusion, and thus not really to be that concerned about. For if reality, nature, is ‘illusion’, and somewhere else—in Icke’s head-trip—is the ‘real reality’ of “infinite love”’, then why should people care about what happens to the trees, insects, animals, land, waters, air—it’s all a projection that is made by our fear! What an ugly vision, and this makes me think that maybe Icke is a plant, pardon the pun, for to carry on with his paranoia even after Ayahuasca…..? Though if you listen to the beginning of his talk (linked above) he does say this, which is really the only thing he says that makes sense; that he believes “where you are” [in your own mind] when you take an entheogen is where you will go. So if you are in a good place you will have a heavenly experience, and if in a bad place you may see demons, and so on. But he doesn’t seem to apply that insight to his own experience i.e., that his previous paranoia (mental set) about ‘reptiles’, and the sinister nature of the ‘Illuminati controlled world matrix’- may have been where he ‘was’ before he drank the Ayahuasca. But no, I have heard that he preaches about the ‘voice’ at all his talks as though it is some kind of revelation as to the ‘true’ nature of reality. He is of course free to do that, but I am free to challenge what he puts out.

Also, I have heard from others who have experienced Ayahuasca that if he is telling the truth about his experience it is a ‘one-off’ as generally most experiencers have had a true sacred experience that brings them closer to nature in all its sacredness (I would be interested if anyone has had a similar experience to David Icke’s?)
My psychedelic experience has given me insight into polarity, and how it is vitally different from dualism. With duel~ism (wordplay) there is the usual presumed battle between supposed oppo-sites, a famous patriarchal ‘conflict’ being ‘light’ versus ‘dark’ and vice versa, and this is really mindsets conceptualizing ‘entities’ abstracted from a dynamic process. For you cannot have light without dark. You cannot have ‘3 dimensionality’ without the ‘other’ be it ‘infinite love’, the great ‘Mystery’ or whatever you want to call ‘it’.

Here is a stronger critique of David Icke: “David Icke is a dangerous madman. A thorough expose of Icke and of the malign brand of New Age racialist fascism he peddles is to be found on Public Eye, the website of the very reliable Political Research Associates (it is funded by the U.S. labor movement and foundations), and which--under the tutelage of the excellent Chip Berlet--monitors extremist, racist, anti-democratic, violent, and cult-like sects and movements.”

Theosophy, which has had much influence in bringing about the New Age movement, was founded by Helena Blavatsky , who also claimed to be in contact with a supernatural form of communication she called ‘Mahatmas’, and she came up with a theory of “root races”, the myth which inspired the Nazis’ will for the bringing about of a sixth root race of the ubermenschen, or Nordic supermen.

Helena Blavatsky

Theosophy also had connections with the Eugenics Movement, which formulated a pseudoscience designed to weed out and/or maintain the ‘inferior’ humans from the ‘superior’, which, as John Taylor Gatto shows, is, in essence, the intention of the ‘education’ system.

In the UK, U.S., Europe, and virtually all over the world, there is a compulsory ‘education’ system! (In commas to point out it is not authentic education). Gatto, in his book The Underground History of American Education exposes the origins, machinery, design, and intention, of this institution of ‘education’ that begins in Kindergarten, through school, college, university, and so forth.
Gatto was a teacher in a tough school in New York City, Harlem, for twenty six years, but found that his attempts to inspire his students natural creativity was blocked by those he has called ‘The Management’, and this became such a burden for what he wanted to achieve with his students that he felt the need to resign, then he continued researching deeper into the question of why his enthusiasm for inspiring students, and their creative spirit, was suppressed by the very system supposedly set up for their education .Here are Gatto’s “Seven Lessons" learned from his experiences:

"These are the things you pay me to teach":
1. Confusion. 'Everything I teach is out of context. I teach the unrelating of everything.' (p. 2)
2. Class position. "That's the real lesson of any rigged competition like school. You come to know your place.' (P. 3)
3. Indifference. 'Indeed, the lesson of bells is that no work is worth finishing, so why care too deeply about anything?* (p. 6)
4. Emotional dependency. 'By stars and red checks, smiles and frowns, prizes, hon-ors, and disgraces, I teach kids to surrender their will to the predestined chain of command.' (p. 7)
3. Intellectual dependency. 'Of the millions of things of value to study, I decide what few we have time for, or actually it is decided by my faceless employers.... Curiosity has no important place in my work, only conformity* (p. 8). Gatto says this is 'the most important lesson, that we must wait for other people, better trained than ourselves, to make the meanings of our lives.' (p. 8)
6. Provisional self-esteem. 'The lesson of report cards, grades and tests is that children should not trust themselves or their parents but should rely on the evaluation of certified officials. People need to be told what they are worth.' (p. 11)
7. One can't hide. Surveillance is an ancient imperative, espoused by certain influ-ential thinkers (such as Plato, Augustine, Calvin, Bacon, and Hobbes). All these childless men ... discovered the same thing: children must be closely watched if you want to keep a society under tight central control.' (pp. 11-12) (Dumbing us down: the hidden curriculum of compulsory schooling)

Gatto discovered that the modern forced ‘educational’ system we all are familiar with today began in Prussia, in the early part of the 19th century, where reluctant families were threatened by the military, with bayonets at the ready, to send their children to State schools. The State owned the children, as was written in the legislation. “The Prussian mind, which carried the day, held a clear idea of what centralized schooling should deliver: 1) Obedient soldiers to the army;2 2) Obedient workers for mines, factories, and farms; 3) Well-subordinated civil servants, trained in their function; 4) Well-subordinated clerks for industry; 5) Citizens who thought alike on most issues; 6) National uniformity in thought, word, and deed.”
Prussian forced schooling was seen as a success by a host of countries whose leaders travelled there, even from as far away as Japan, to see how they could introduce this system themselves.
The Gestapo, and SS, were also modelled on the efficiency of the Prussian State Police.
Compulsory ‘education’ demands separating children from their mums, parents, and loved ones, and friends, and once rounded up in a Kafkaesque building, many children will suffer bullying, both from other students, and from the staff who, using various psychological techniques, train them to blindly obey authority, and not think for themselves. Millions of children are now drugged in schools, falsely ‘diagnosed’ with bogus labels such as “Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder” (‘ADHD’), and generally there is also massive psychiatric drugging of poor, disadvantaged, and foster care children, in the United States!
This so-called ‘education’ system is a meticulously designed compulsory training system, for young minds, with the specific purpose of suppressing the imagination and creativity, and the justification for this is so that the economy is assured of a constant supply of subservient productive ‘consumer’ robots who will not make too much trouble with their assigned slots in the capitalist society, nor with the inevitable consequential damage done to nature, ecosystems, other species, the web of life. The success of the conditioning is to make people actually blind to the consequence of their actions. They are trained not to question authority, and if so to direct their questioning energies towards the wrong sources rather than the root causes.
This Management, the planners, funders, makers and maintainers of this system, in order to justify this abuse, of millions of children and youths through the generations, counted on myths to support their belief they were doing right, and Darwinism features prominently.

Charles Darwin

In a book Charles Darwin wrote in 1871 called The Descent of Man, he claimed that a very few humans were evolving and the rest were at a dead end.
Darwin was an extremely rich man, and had close ties with the elite/’the management’, “The Darwin family wasn’t just a wealthy family, they were among the supreme fortunes on planet earth, so rather than thinking of Charles Darwin as a scholar speaking to other scholars , your talking about a man who was in the inner circle of the the British Throne who had fantastic wealth, Galton [the Father of Eugenics] also, and spoke to Dukes and Earls and heads of industry,” so it is clear who Darwin means are the ones ‘evolving’? For this rich set all of their myth was a ‘science’. Of course such hubris didn’t begin with Darwin, he was just part of a pattern of imposed ideas throughout history which perpetuate this ongoing myth.


Gatto’s calculates that the timeline for this elitist idea of a division between a small group of superior people and a vast ‘mass’ of inferior people, begins for western civilization through the influence of philosopher Plato, wherein his book The Republic he categorizes people set into groups and claims that once born into a certain group they cannot move from it. “This is based on what some refer to as the “founding myth” but which is in fact “the founding lie”, (pseudos). This is that God has introduced different metals into the natures of people. There are men of gold, of silver and of bronze and iron. The latter are the labourers, the people who do the dirty work, for even the “perfect” Guardians who have a “vision of the Good” need people to clean up after them and to cook their meals. Those with bronze are the craftsmen, and other professionals.” An idea obviously influenced by the more ancient Indian caste system.

In the 15th century, we have theologian John Calvin preaching the dogma of predestination which asserts that people are damned before they are born, thus, if so, it is hardly worthwhile to assume any authority could truly help such people, therefore he proposed “Universal Schooling” which was meant as a ‘purgatory’-like place where the damned people could police themselvesCalvin says clearly that the damned are many times larger in number than the saved. The ratio is about twenty to one. There are too many damned to overwhelm with force. So you have to cloud their minds and set them into meaningless competitions with one another in ways that will eat up that energy.” [My emphasis]

John Calvin

Another philosopher, much admired in American academia, Benedict Spinoza, in 1670 published a very influential book titled “Tractate Religico Politicu” in which he repeated the seemingly ‘perennial philosophy’ that there were a much higher proportion of irrational people who needed to be controlled by the rational smaller elite, and recommended that “an institutional school system should be set up as a ‘civil religion.’ It’s a term you find common in early colonial writing because everyone read Spinoza, all over the planet. He said we need a ‘civil religion’ for two reasons. One, to eliminate official religion, which he says is completely irrational and dangerous.

Benedict Spinoza

And two, to bind up the energies of these irrational twenty to one and to destroy their imagination. In all but words said the same thing as Calvin, but Spinoza said it flatly. We have to destroy the imagination because it’s only through the imagination that the maximum damage is unleashed. Otherwise people can struggle against the chains, maybe even cause local damage, but they can’t do much harm to the fundamental structure because they can’t think outside of the box.” [My emphasis]

Carrying on this oppressive-elitist legacy into more modern times are the richies Andrew Carnegie and John D. Rockefeller who brought the Prussian schooling system of ‘education’ to American shores, and meanwhile they were both funding and being involved with Eugenics.

John D. Rockefeller

So all bases are covered in the justifying of their system, and ‘their’—the groups who presume they are superior and we are inferior--- own ‘self-worth’, by mythology, philosophy, theology, and ‘science’. And the sacrifice of countless young naturally creative unique minds to benumbing servility and consumerism is for the ‘divine right’ of the State, and further fortifying this psychosomatic blitz on the soul is the ever present mass media.

In the documentary The Century of the Self , its shown clearly that a group of men can choose to secretly do things to our minds and bodies because they see themselves as superior and us, the ‘masses’, as inferior, and note how this part of the jigsaw puzzle fits ever so snugly with the rest.

Nephew of Sigmund Freud, and acclaimed Father of Public Relations, Edward Bernays, used his Uncle Siggy’s psychoanalytical techniques to secretly control masses of people. Believing that the ‘masses’ were irrational [that word again!] and needed secret guidance, Bernays was sought to covertly employ psychological techniques to induce people to buy products they didn’t need, hook women onto cigarettes, and make people accept warfare, etc., “"If we understand the mechanism and motives of the group mind, it is now possible to control and regiment the masses according to our will without their knowing it," Bernays argued. He called this scientific technique of opinion molding the "engineering of consent."
Bernays' publication, Crystallizing Public Opinion, was Nazi Germany’s Reichsminister of Propaganda, Joseph Goebbels’ favourite book, and he put it to practical use!
“One of Bernays's favorite techniques for manipulating public opinion was the indirect use of "third party authorities" to plead for his clients' causes. "If you can influence the leaders, either with or without their conscious cooperation, you automatically influence the group which they sway," he said.” [My emphasis]

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder
Mental illness is in the eye of the controller,
Evil is in the eye of the victim.”

Connected with all these schemes of control over children, from Kindergarten through their ‘education, and carried on for us, as adults, via mass media and ‘politics’, lies the omnipresent myth of mental illness, and this myth has even infiltrated the ‘education’ system whereby children deemed not efficient enough for the demands of enforced indoctrination are stigmatized with fictitious ‘disorders’ such as ‘ADD/ADHD’ (The ADHD Fraud: How Psychiatry Makes Patients “Of Normal Children”, by Fred A. Baughman). There are no authentic scientific medical tests to support such ‘diagnoses’, but regardless, millions of children have been coerced to take the ‘medication’ for their supposed ‘condition’ nevertheless, as is the same for adults.
In this two part video, Dr John Breeding links the psychiatric establishment with the evil machinery of the Nazi regime : “the philosophy and practices of psychiatry underscored and undergirded the dynamics which went with the Nazi’s Final Solution”, and this was itself deeply associated with the philosophy, masquerading as science, of Eugenics, and the idea that the ‘superior’ people could be improved and the ‘inferior’ people weeded out.
As stated, all of these schemes are, of course, systems of control, and probably the oldest form of control over us, and consciousness in general, has been the war on entheogens which is first presented allegorically in the biblical Book of Genesis.

One of the best interpretations, I have read, of the biblical story of the Garden of Eden, is explored in John Lash’s essay titled, The Oldest Taboo in the World about the ancient patriarchal taboo of not allowing Adam and Eve access to the entheogenic fruit . Lash explains that this ‘taboo’ was not like the usual kind of taboo where the subject regarded as taboo is to be left alone, but is yet still known about. Rather, the taboo of Genesis is a taboo about a taboo. For the reader of the story is not told of the object of the taboo directly (though of course symbols, and other literary devices point to the real identity of the Forbidden Fruit) (J.M.Allegro), but uninitiated readers, and participants, are diverted from knowing this by being told the ‘taboo’ was disobedience to ‘God’—i.e., the patriarchal authority who have expropriated this far more ancient tale which was benevolent. So, we mustn’t even know what all the taboo is about is the essential point! And ever since we have been kicked out of Paradise so has the natural abundant world been under attack by the Management, or the elite groups who do ‘know’, the same groups we keep seeing through throughout this exploration spanning many generations, the same mindset who takes it upon itself to hide away its cunning manipulations from other people considered inferior, irrational, and in need of controlling.

There still is a war on entheogens! And like the Genesis tale all forms of propaganda has been made against entheogens albeit in a more ‘open’ way, though they mess with our imagination just the same of course. They for example reduce the sacredness of entheogenic experience using scientismic explanations—the new religion—as supposedly the ‘truth’ of what reality is.


Above, I chose to focus on new age conspiracy guru Davd Icke because he and his ‘reptiles’ have seeped into the modern imagination mixing with the reports of the ‘Greys’abductions creating a paranoia. An underlying folklore.
I could mention Alex Jones who has interviewed David Icke thus further mixing up his more ‘nuts and bolt’ style of conspiracy theory with Ickes similar ordinary-conspiracy world-world facts and figures, but lingering there in the background, like a big elephant in the room, implications that reality is illusion, and the elite cum reptilians are soulless holographic projections as is the sun, moon, even the entire universe, and there is no escape in death, no sir.

There is Dr Steven Greer, and David Wilcox too that come to mind. These two don’t usually talk about psychedelically-inspired ‘voices’, nor ‘ascended masters’, rather they both speak about ‘insiders’ , people in the know of what is really going on behind the scenes, telling them extraordinary information—which most, if not all, doesn’t come true, and we are never told who these insiders are, yet their gullible followers make excuses for their ‘mis-takes’ when things they said are going to happen because an insider told them so doesn’t happen etc, and will defend them till the death, blind to their bullshit, and buying their books, attending their talks, promoting them. Of course these ‘insiders’—whoever they are—are as provable as Icke’s trip experience, or Madam Blavatsky’s ‘Mahatmas’, ‘Masters of Wisdom’, ‘Ascended Masters’.

Our state of affairs is completely reminiscent of the Guru/followers, and cults, phenomenon of the late 1960s and 70s etc, when as the romantic notion of the purity of the gurus, and zen masters, and cults, etc., were questioned, and cult leaders began to get more and more exposed, the followers would still make out that their masters were beyond criticism. This is a very interesting thing to study, and could shed light on the more modern New Age conspiracy ‘gurus’ who are doing the same shtick, up on stage, and promising their starry-eyed followers what they want to hear and making piles of cash at the same time.

This is not to say I am some hard-boiled physicalist who will not believe in nonordinary events, but rather I am very critical when people, especially rich people, and well-known, money-making, speakers, preach negative beliefs, and/or keep manipulating peoples hopes. People can be easily manipulated when they are needy, and some of these characters smell the desperate desire to believe and like the grifters they are, grift.

So it is time to become more critical and wake up, but also, even more especially, to look with Imagination. I personally feel that the bodymind inspired with the creative inspiration of entheogens can see clear through false games, and that is a reason for entheogenic awareness being the controlling mindset’s greatest fear! Hence also the reason the patriarchal writers of the Garden of Eden tale went to so much trouble to try and demonize the imaginative symbolism, and metaphor, primally associated with sacred fruit of the Goddess.
Their ploy now is to reduce entheogenic experience—via mass media, propaganda, and scientism-- to a physicalist mechanical explanation of meaninglessness, and therefore an attempt to desacralize our relationship with sacred medicine, and ecstatic, and integrally intelligent, loving, participation with sacred nature.

So what do we do? Is our energy looking for an ‘evil other’ taking away a deeper source of energy we need? Just saying that the Illuminati, are one factionof a series of secret occult groups, and these include Jesuits, and Zionists, and Satanists etc, so what are you gonna do? They are supposed to belong to an elite pile of cash that is beyond the imaginings of most peoples, and are protected by weapons that are lethal, ‘non-lethal’, and secret and very dangerous. So what you gonna do?

Have energy needed to actually see what is wrong, take responsibility, and all the while re-gathering, and re-membering our freedom for living how we choose to live, and ecstatic sacred relationship with earth, community, and how we feel.
Instead of drowning in the non-ending rabbit hole of conspiracy theory revelation, is it possible to grasp the interconnecting significance of these ‘jig saw pieces’ presented here as being the real blockages to authentic creativity, and to engage energy to challenge and radically unblock?

Conspiracy theory;


The myth of mental illness;

War on Entheogens.

In a recent video talk which included Ralph Metzner, he was recalling those early days in the 1960s when he and Tim Leary and others were experimenting with psychedelics, and he admitted that then they didn’t realize the extraordinarily ancient relationship humanity had with entheogens like he does now.
So we do, and with indigenous peoples can see what is being done to Mother Earth, and explore ways to help resolve this terrible crisis: