Saturday, 1 May 2010

Charles Shaw ~~ EXILE NATION

I cannot recommend this video enough! Not only the video, but also the book which Charles Shaw--the author--has made freely available to be read online. Please checkout all links.

Inside Exile Nation

Charles Shaw
In this interview Exile Nation author Charles Shaw discusses the ins and outs of the drug war, activism, the prison industrial/criminal justice complex, replacement economies, corrections and rehabilitation, addiction and PTSD therapies using psychedelic and shamanic plant medicines, and the significance of Burning Man culture for the disenfranchised. Introduced and interviewed by LA radio personality and political commentator, Cary Harrison, creator of Reality Check, where Charles was head writer, 1999-2001.

Read Exile Nation exclusively on Reality Sandwich.
"Exile Nation: Drugs, Prisons, Politics & Spirituality" | Reality Sandwich

Begin with Chapter One - "Dead Time":
Exile Nation: Chapter One, "Dead Time" | Reality Sandwich

You can also see video of Charles' talk, "The (Not-So) Secret History of the War on Drugs":
The (Not-So) Secret History of the War on Drugs | Reality Sandwich "