Friday, 25 December 2009

Magical Christmas Day Walk

I went for an early morning walk today on Christmas Day. We have had our first white Christmas and/or Solstice for many years.

Me and Cinderella went for a walk in a local park. It is all white snowcovered ground, and misty, and enchanted light and I feel this deep sense of magic as I enter the park because as I look into the enclosed field where there are usually horses, I just see all white and in its midst is a small spinney, or wood, which is like some mysterious wood from Narnia, or a picture from some wonderful fairytale book or film.

I am mesmerized, but Cinderella, looks at me looking and seems to telepathically tell me with her eyes to get a move on because she is cold and wants to get to her sniffs (she LOVES sniffing smells)...

So we then go through the fairy woods and it is very intimate and full of nature spirits, birds singing, and warning, and squirrels taking chances for fun.

As we come out of the enchanted wood into the more open scenery it is amazing, all white, misty, vast and noone in sight. It makes me start acting strange~~chanting and dancing like snow shaman, or warlock, and I even run in a circle round bemused Cindy who finds it difficult to walk in the crispy snow, which breaks surprising her walking rhythm.

I am just over awed at the scene I am moving within.

If you can imagine looking at a card with a picture of a seductive scene of winter, and enchanted woods/spinneys lost in the mists of time encapsulated within themselves as musty organic livingly spiritual earthy sphere auras, and you are actually moving in that scene, and can walk infinite white spaces and enter these strange islands of earth livings green browns....? That is how I am feeling as I explore this Mystery, my face alight with a deep real smiles of delight

Several times the mist-veiled sun appears through the Birch tree branches and lights up this unfamiliar scene in subtle ways that made it of the most magical experiences of my life

Merry Christmas/Solstice ;)))