Thursday, 2 December 2010

Dr Andrew Weil's Cat: Psychedelics&Psychosomatic Medicine

Just a short while earlier, I found out about the video below of a talk by Dr Andrew Weil from here: The Telemorph Dr Weil's recommended talk was the first one I clicked on, and have been blown away by it! What he is talking about is very interesting, and important for everyone to know about.

He says how what interests him regarding psychedelic research is not just the psychological experience they can inspire, but also how they can affect the combination of the physical and the mind or psychological, which is what psychosomatic actually means, and thus heal physical diseases.

He relates one of his own experiences with LSD where his previous long supposed allergy to cats was instantly resolved after a cat jumped on his lap during an LSD experience. His patterns of thinking and feeling about cats was deeply changed and he never got allergies in their company again! Hence this form of healing challenges the orthodox mechanical-based one that focuses primarily on physical symptoms, and which is mostly promoted, and the only one really available, for many people. However our mental, emotional, and spiritual aspect of being are therefore left out of the orthodox medical establishment's profit-based equation.

There is so much valuable information here, and how it will become accepted entails each one of us understanding the utter importance of this information and, with passion, sharing this information and demanding that these deeper forms of healing become available for everyone.

Psychedelic Science in the 21st Century - Andrew Weil M.D. from MAPS: Psychedelic Science on Vimeo.

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