Thursday, 4 December 2008

From Organic to Cronic

I bought a cook book several years back. A top nutritionist co wrote it. I learnt that the 'peasant' diet in the Middle Ages was nearly all organic!
I also remember a documentary series one of the team from Monty Python made, where he said he would reveal 'real history'. He said that it wasn't true the myth that Medieval peasants washed rarely, that they regularly bathed, had healthy hair and teeth. Rather, he claimed, it was the very rich aristocrats and even royalty who had the bad rotten teeth, owing to the fact of their preference for fine foods.

Now the situation is reversed. It is usually the middle classes and rich who can afford organic, and bio dynamic food, whilst the poor have to do with fast food McFood which causes bad teeth, obesity, bad skin and hair and a whole lot of diseases waiting to happen!

And the rich-owned mass media helps this situation along. Even for the littlest of tots, making sure they ingest the highest amounts of salt, sugar, fat, and chemicals.

Many youths are told it is cool to eat fast food. And many of their 'cool' celebs do same--and get paid well to do. And then the same ones who promote this, and act so surprised the kids teeth are rotten claim they have a solution: fluoride in the drinking water!! Poison


  1. The problem with the expensive organic stuff is sometimes its not always more earth friendly. Getting tomatoes from halfway round the world isn't friendly, poisoning the rest of the world for yourself, and they do call WholeFoods Whole Paycheck. Most people, like you and me pick and choose what we can buy organic. I never buy processed stuff, rather make dinners using the raw ingredients- cheaper and better that way too and healthier.
    I need to get a water filter out here..

  2. I still feel organic is best even if from abroad due to their not using pesticides on their crops etc, which is beneficial to their land and encourages that.
    But I also am aware that local produced food is best, and The Unicorn shop is working towards that, and also dealing with close countries for out of season veg and fruit.

    WOW is it difficult to get water filters where you are...?