Sunday, 7 December 2008

A dream I had last night

My dream started off (well what I remember) seeing a beautiful purest white foal lying down in the long grass at the edges of a fenced off pasture. and am mesmerized by its beauty.
Then I am in the pasture, and meet a man there who is doing work with material.

I believe he owns the young horse. He is working on some fabric, and needs help holding two ends together. So I help. As I do this my nose comes close and touches the hair on his head, and I breathe in its scent, and I find this very erotic.

A vehicle arrives, with a trailer attached. and I think I see a big brown bear on it, and this man accompanies it down, and as it gets near I recoil from it, but then notice it is a woman who looks bear-like. Her facial expression knows my surprise, and assures me that this often happens and she is amused. And they walk past.

I am still with the man, and we look at the white horse now running about the field with other horses, and I say how great it would be if it could run free. But all around the field are busy roads with traffic, and we agree the young horse wouldn't have a chance with all that danger around,

Later, I am walking along a country road and am passing individuals who are kind of sneering at me, and they seem part human part animals. One woman with a short brown skirt, I can see her pubes very thick growing down her thighs.

I then see these group of men in strange clothes, spaced out from each other, across the path, singing in harmony a very haunting Pagan-like song....


  1. Fascinating images in you dream
    I felt like I was inside with such vivid discriptive way.

    We are where our dream are on
    my little fuzzy faun friend


  2. This is a very interesting dreams. Very intriguing images indeed. I can feel being right next to the coal and sensing the deep being in the present. Thanks so much for sharing Man

  3. THANKS C.I. and OZ, I am glad that my dream has moved you in mysterious way ;)
    Look foreward to sharing other interesting ones, and hearing yours too. I really love hearing others' dreams, etc