Friday, 26 December 2008

The Toxic Pope Machine

Should we throw our arms up in the air with shock and horror that this 'ex-Nazi' Pope Benedict claims in his Christmas speech, to his followers, that homosexuals are a greater threat to humanity than the destruction of the rain forests?!

Well no! It is typical behaviour of these Popes, stretching all the way back in time to the beginnings of the Christian Empire. The Christian Hall of Shame

As you will see when you study the long line of his predecessors and their morality, then it makes sense this Pope is carrying on the bad work!

But, looking at what this man says reasonably makes no sense whatsoever. He is trying to say that 'homosexuals' (a term itself made up in the 1950s as a form of pseudo segregation from the other imaginary divide, the 'blessed' 'heterosexuals), or gays pose a threat to the world? How come? Wouldn't it be better more people chose to be gay (not that you always can) so as to ease the increasing rise in world populations. But did the old fool mean that? Is it some 'evil' against 'God' he means?

We do know that his 'God' is reported to be homophobic, hence 'his' leaders and followers (some of them). But erotica is never black and white. We are erotic beings with imaginations, and who knows what can happen in certain charged circumstances.
And I would always far see two males kissing and more than tearing bits out of each other. Yet some homophobes become panic-stricken to see two males even kiss.

I remember this TV documentary I saw where they had these two males kissing each other in public in specific places, at bus stops etc. And then people that saw them doing that were interviewed by the presenter. And some of the reactions, even from a few of the women were incredibly hostile, and ,from some men, murderous! You could see the disgust in their eyes. it turned me on. And I nurture that.

So the toxic pope machine rides on it appears, spreading fear and hatred.

Especially, gay young boys being brought up Catholic, God help em, will suffer 'righteous' abuse and maybe worse because their Pope feels the same way. Some of them will hate themselves for being so 'destructive' to society, and many may take their own lives because of the speech of the man on the throne.

Here is his email address. Why not send him some words and tell him what you think?


  1. The teachings of Jesus are perverted by idiots like this, trying to control freak everything and put a moral spin on it. It's disgusting. It' just them trying to control everything and say their prejudices are ok. It's really messed up we even have this stuff nowadays.

  2. Well yes, quite! Except of course that obviously the Pope did no such thing. If he had said that gays do more harm to the world that the destruction of the rainforests then I'd have agreed with him. Alas, no!

    The world's big problem at the moment is not a rising population but an ageing population caused by a collapse in the bithrate (caused by, amongst other things, the increase in homosexuality). This is now causing a rapid drop in Anglo-American house prices and an enormous "credit crunch" and recession, which will in turn lead to a huge number of job losses and hardship for many people.

    And all because the West couldn't be fucked (literally!) to keep the system going!

  3. hmm... I love pope john paul! benedict sucks

    p/s: i'm sorry if my words is not appropriate

  4. Montague, homophobia, and persecution of people classed as 'different' and 'unnatural' is always associated with the patriarchy (which the Pope(s) represents), and accompanies their other fears, and hates, and persecutions--against women/misogny; against animals/misothery; against dark skin/racism; against poor people/classism, and add to this their fear of the 'common people' having access to entheogens.
    So the point is that it is not JUST 'homosexuality'. It is more about their POWER to control. Their myth is about control and always has been. This is why the Popes embraced Nazism as they did!

  5. horror, the evil devilsmile.