Sunday, 14 December 2008

Everything you ever wanted to know about psychedelics

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2008 World Psychedelic Forum: Panel discussion with Doblin, Mckenna, Pendell & Harrison

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I cannot recommend this talk enough! Not only the actual talk, but its presenter Max Freakout's introductions, and summing ups, are crucial to hear! Because he questions the mental health myth and its relationship with the emerging psychedelic healing, and other great insights, such as so-called 'bummers'/bad Trips, are the ones we often learn from the most. He speaks from experience, hence the name.

Here are some of the subjects talked about, and audience members also ask some great questions, and share deeply interesting insights.

Part 1 of the panel discussion from the 2008 World Psychedelic Forum, called "Everything you always wanted to know about psychedelics, a conversation between experts and users" featuring Rick Doblin, Dennis Mckenna, Dale Pendell and Kathleen Harrison. They discuss potentiating magic mushrooms with MAOIs, spiritual growth and psychotic episodes, integrating psychedelic experiences, Dennis Mckenna's psychotic episode/shamanic initiation in La Chorrera, schizophrenia and LSD, using psychedelics frequently at low doses, using LSD to treat cluster headaches, psychedelic drugs as painkillers, opiate addiction, MDMA and opiates, Kratom addictiveness and its use for overcoming addictions.

Part 2 the second installment of the 2 part panel discussion from the 2008 World Psychedelic Forum. The expert panel discusses the chemical composition of Kratom, use of the leaf vs extracts, the analgesic properties of Kratom and Salvia Divinorum. Determining the toxicity of drugs, laboratory testing of drugs on animals, avoiding fear on psychedelic trips, being open to the psychedelic experience, LSD to assist in openness, why bad trips should not be avoided, being convinced that you are dying/going crazy on a trip, keeping energy moving on a trip, getting headaches after a trip, the importance of keeping your body hydrated, using cannabis alongside psychedelics, the importance of diet before a trip, remembering psychedelic experiences afterwards, stating your intention before embarking on a trip, different varieties of Ayahuasca sessions, and the balance of masculine and feminine energies.



  1. This was an excellent podcast. I am optimistic that one day psychedlics will one day be embraced once more and used for their healing potential.
    It was great to hear all the stories about uses for pain relief, for depression and other ailments.

  2. Same here Oz. This is one of the best talks I have listened to regarding the vast subject of psychedelics. It is really exciting.
    I particularly am over the moon that Max Freakout, and others are talking about the myth of mental illness, and how we now will go far deeper when psychedelic healing is now accepted by mainstream culture.
    We have been in a stagnant state sich the power-weilders foolishly prohibited psychedelic experience/nature. We can all not allow that to happen again. Nature depends on us to heal the rift we have between our soul and our organisms and nature and animals...