Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Matrix notes: exploring interconnectivity of evil doings

This is notes about the interconnected evil racket the power wielders do.

I have recently been watching videos about how the Big Pharma have the medical institution and psychiatric/psychological institution under its evil wing, making sure it pushes its dangerous drugs in steady supply. Making VAST profits from them, and hiding information of the dangers of their drugs, even from ‘trials’. And how all these institutions will use millions of animals, torturing and murdering them, so as to pretend they are doing proper research. I.e., they exploit animals and humans and all species and Nature for their expanding ‘profit’ system!!!

In order to make more and more money from their drugs, they have concocted ‘diseases’ myths. For example, ‘mental illness diseases’, which are a complete myth, where their victims have to keep taking their dangerous ‘medication’ (dependence) for long periods of time and even for life, which can seriously injure, and kill, and cause violence, and suicide.
By 'myth' I in no way mean that people do not
manifest diverse forms of distress, and 'unusual' behaviour which may also inlude visionary experiences, but am saying that there exists no proof that these behaviourse and experiences are diseases as is claimed by the pharmacracy (Szasz).

Psychology Test - Are You Normal?

They have concocted diseases/disorders for millions of children, in schools, foster homes, etc, such as ‘ADHD’ etc., (thus, diverting attention away* from the actuality of their brutal sytem designed to mindcontrol people to their self-destructive, and all-species destructive, and Nature destructive way of life!) where they threaten parents to make sure their children take their dangerous drugs, and force children in their ‘care’ to take them so as to numb natural emotions.

Psyhiatry Fraud

Psychiatry Fraud - Free videos are just a click away

They have concocted ‘HIV/AIDS’ myth amongst the Gay communities, the Millions of poor peoples in Africa, and now more and more children in ‘developed’ world are being diagnosed as ‘HIV positive’ and put on their drugs.

Meanwhile, these same people/perps/rulers cause uninhabitable living conditions for millions of people in the ‘underdeveloped’ world, Africa, which is real cause of the multiple diseases. And instead of admitting and addressing to THAT root cause, they divert attention away by calling the results of their ecocides and genocides crimes, a disease process called HIV/AIDS, where 'HIV' is proclaimed to cause 'AIDS', which they THEN make more and more money from the more disease and deaths their evil drugs and lack of REAL care do!!!

Deconstructing the Myth of AIDS

Same with the political ‘Mental Health’ scam. Instead of admitting to the vile evil matrix they have imposed on millions and millions of people, which is oppressive and is root cause of much psychological distress. They divert attention away from their doings, by calling the results of their doings a disease called ‘mental illness’, and then making yet MORE money by pushing their evil drugs, which cause MORE disease and violence and deaths.

The same evil mindset causes wars to make profit. And in Iraq and many other places are continuing to carry out ecocide and genocide using such weapons as depleted uranium, etc. Not even concerned about the effects of these evil concoctions on their own troops – the youths, etc., - fighting their evil wars/invasions!!! But not their children, or relations, oh no!

War is a Racket

This evil mindset/people will inject their troops with a combination of god knows what (maybe as their cover for what’s to come), and then spray them with depleted uranium, and god knows what. When their soldiers naturally get ill, diseased, and dying, they divert attention away from the real root causes of what they have done/are doing, and they pretend that what the ex-veterans have got is ‘Gulf War Syndrome’, and ‘psychiatric conditions’! Then they promote psychiatric medication to ‘cure’ the ‘problem’, the disease they have made-up, which will add to their diseases, but from which they will profit from!!

Then we have the ‘Free Market’ and ‘Big Food’, for examples; where heartless mindless profit zombie corporate people push crap food filled with chemicals, sugar, salt, fat, chemicals, etc., all set to make the people eat more and more getting obese, and harm the one who ingests it, including the millions and millions of children they seduce into eating this evil garbage, by putting cartoon characters, and celebrities, they themselves sponsor, and make, onto the cereals packets, etc., and drink cans, and Coca Cola, and Pepsi, etc etc.

When the diseases come the same mindset diverts attention away, by blaming ‘obesity’, ‘lack of exercise’, which are true, but divert attention away from root problem which is their Big Food racket!
Then come diseases! And in U.S., and the U.K. , and other places, if the so-called National Health Service becomes privatized, the cost to maintain and cure health is vastly expensive. And more and more people fall into severe debt which of course causes stress and dis~ease.

Many people are totally dependent on Big Food, as they believe the means for them to grow their own food is diminished. And for many ‘ghetto’ dwellers who are forced to live in concrete hell holes there is not even a blade of grass. Natural food is made more expensive, whilst processed, junk food is cheaper and on ‘special offer’ at the various supermarkets which themselves have taken over the towns communities where people would have local markets to buy food and meet.

Big food also creates an infrastructure, and global catastrophe, that is detrimental for Planet Earth and human and animal and all-species community. Its use of pesticides mono crops, desertification (for wheat), genetic engineering, and so on, and its use of petrochemicals for its machinery, and transport for its products

Now that same mindset has moved into biotechnology, which includes genetically modified products/ Meaning they want more and more control, and to patent nature/creation itself, and make people even more dependent on their vile evil soulless scam. Even to the point of having to buy (Genetically Modified) GM’s seeds from them, and not being allowed to save seeds which of course is nature’s way. So these people/this cancer is anti-nature!
So what is this scam branch’s ‘diversion of attention’? That the problem manufactured by their economic oppression is starvation in the ‘3rd world’, and growing populations needing more food. But wait. The problems of starvations, impoverishment of soil, desertification, etc., is the very problem of this mindset’s actions over generations!
So yet again we see this pattern of increasing more and more dependence on that mindset’s power system, which means more and more money, profits, and power for them! And less and less and less freedom for us, and all animals, and all species, and all wilder~ness, nature.

*Last night, I got the insight to type, hieronymus bosch and genetic engineering, see, Will Genetically Engineered Foods Feed the World? Paul Goettlich ... “This article examines the premise that Genetically Engineered Foods (also known as genetically modified foods; GMOs; GE foods; Frankenfoods; and so on) are the answer to ending world hunger. I feel that asking if GE foods will feed the world is at best an illogical primary question. Even more so, the question itself is a tactic meant to divert public attention from the real problems — inequality, discrimination, selfish leaders, war, flooding and drought, snow and rain, extreme temperatures and more. The diversions are made possible by political contributions, and lobbyists and media consultants hired by the agbiotech industry, as well as their gifts and contracts to academia, which is presently in the dark ages with respect to honesty. No sector is without fault. And it is far easier to list the innocent than the guilty. “ (emphasis mine)

Matrix Summary:

Patriarchy/male supremacy is roots. The Occultocracy/Cryptocracy: Religion, , and ‘Philosophy/Science’ are its branches with which it secretly manipulates!
The malesupremacist mindset with its misothery (hatred and contempt for animals), misogyny, racism, homophobia, and fear and hatred of Nature lurks beneath all its isms and institutions and corporations.
In modern times we have CORPORATIONS, which are basically gangs of ruthless males and females whose god is PROFIT and POWER. ‘G.O.D.’ = Gold, Oil, Drugs!


  1. As for big food, here in the US, Corn and Sugar are subsidized in the US, making junk food and junk cereals really cheap, and grains in general cheaper. Big Pharma is messed up bigtime, but I am aware the problems in psychiatry(overreliance on medication and unsubstantiated claims) are only a symptom of a much larger problem in our society. They really slanted those studies or picked out the favorable ones when going for approval for their drugs. It was well known then that the new antidepressant drugs caused suicidality, apathy, and in some cases psychosis, but most of this was hushed up. The drug companies have admitted to a lot of this, but use confusing wording so as to protect themselves and at the same time generate an air of respectability.

    This is an example of the kind of doublespeak they employ:
    It is believed this medication works by decreasing the amount of a certain neurotransmitter in the brain. Studies of schizophrenia have found evidence of increased amounts of said neurotransmitter in the brain and it is possible this medication may help to correct said imbalance.

    OF course when that info comes from the doctors mouth, all of the "believed" and "possible" are left out, whereas there is absolutely no evidence whatsoever.

    Oh, it makes me so frustrated!!!

  2. And I FEEL you OZ!!
    Yes they are masters of SLY when it comes to using language. Using it to cover their tracks.
    Hope you saw the video I present called Psychiatry Fraud? It's good because as this woman speaker-for-the shrinks who draw children into this massive profit-making corruption (who speaks really bad. Wonder if theres a disorder listed for THAT ;)) OVER her mousey sphpeak we get info that exposes such false lingo. Lingo that is accepted as some kind of authority.
    You know Oz, it is really simple. It is for people to wake the fuck up to what is going on. Hopefully people like us may help encourage this.