Wednesday, 26 November 2008

What is going on with the W~O~R~L~D?!

Most people, especially sensitive, will be really distrssed by what seems to be mounting destruction in our world. I say our, meaning not only us, humans, but animals, trees, insects, rocks, all species. And of course, not forgetting the ignored dimension by our religio--materialistic-mechanistic culture--daimonic reality. The deep world we have been cut off from via pernicious fear mongering by the religious institutions, and by the mechanistic institutions of Big Science.

What we have lost. Not only wildernesses, and space, and other species' whose home earth is also, and trees, and meadows.......But also, our sense of inner space. becoming more and more pushed to be filled with more and more. Flashed at us in quick fire edits. To get this that, to plug in to the glittering mulTI digital matrix of ever-increasing complexity. Don't be late, get get get. But where does it stop. Where do we stop, and get a breather whoooosh to look around, and see the space going fast. Our favourite wood, place, tree, before the man come round to chop it up for more 'real' estate.

What's this all mean. What is going on. Why am I here, where have I come from, where am I going?

What do we mean when we ask that. Why do we ask that?

It's because we also have been cut off from our roots with the land isn't it. because if we felt at home, with the land, and the organic movements of nature, the seasonal changes, and our body in relation to those changes, which include life and death, and the insight that death is in life and life is in death, then wouldn't we feel more attuned to nature?

But the manipulators have other plans. They use various forms of mindcontrol to keep us from re~member~ing our roots. They cut us off and them create false memories and forgettings. WE may have forgotten, but can see what they do recently by what they have done to indigenous people like the Australian Aboriginees, Native Americans, and so on. Amongst other abuse, making sure they take their children away so they can indoctrinate them and make them forget their own traditions. Below Buffy Ste Marie sings about that and more in one of the most moving
songs performed I have ever seen!

Buffy Ste Marie - My Country 'Tis of Thy People You're Dying

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