Friday, 21 November 2008

Join me in the faery woods, and let us explore

Hello and Welcome to my very first Blog intro~~~

I welcome you into the faery woods to come and play and dance and sing chant laugh and weep and leap and dive, and all that you can express. Which is what being a human animal here in planet earth is all about isn't it? ;)

I want this space to be organic, like a wood, and filled with spirits.

I want to explore a wide range of subjects, and always seeing connections and new connections forming like tendrils from stems, and the mycelium of mushrooms, and magic mushrooms, because remember we are entering the faery wood and magic mushrooms are prolific here ~~~

So can I look foreward to your company then? I hope so, and that it will be fruitful...


  1. ...

    I cannot
    wait for
    more of
    your posts
    the Indian