Friday, 21 November 2008

Going Further In

See, the faeries, or daimons, want us to go deep, because it's only us going deep will bring us back to nature. And nature is the faeries and animals and plants and insects home like its our home. So they want us to explore all we can.
So this aint no twee faery ride, but the real thing.

Originally a faery wasn't a twee Disney-like affair but human sized--though of course you have all sizes, of course. They can also be giants.

Our modern culture, with its institutions of 'Religion' and 'Science' has made sure that the faery realm/daimonic realm has been suppressed, and so this deep mysterious presence is made alien to us. For we are indoctrinated into mechanistic-materialistic science with its frantic consumerism.

Even kids now get bored in nature. They want what the flashy gadgety techno culture has on offer, and what is cool to have. So weird-shaped old trees full of life, and faeries, lose their hold on the imagination of the young enculturated minds...

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