Sunday, 8 March 2009

~~flowing emotional energies soul~~~~~~~

~~I always love the metaphor of flowing water for defining the flow of nature, and our bodies and souls~~~

~~~Dancing and singing and music are creative actions that very much reflect the action of flowing water, and soul, and energy, and spirit~~

Sacred medicine/psychedelics very much so inspires this sense of flowing. When you take it you, or I do for certain, have to sing, dance, make music, listen to music, laugh, flow emotions.

Breath seems to flow more.

I have actually researched this. I have audio taped me singing when 'normal', and when bemushroomed, and it is really noticeable the more breath I have chanting and singing when I am bemushroomed! And this has encouraged me to allow more letting go of breath in general day to day life too.

The metaphor of water has also been used to describe still, cut-off, water that can become stagnant and begin to stink.
Could this be likened to memories that have caused pain/trauma/a stink, and that stink effects our very sense of ourselves, and actions in the present? So that with flowing inspiration of sacred medicine the re~member~ed stagnant water dispersing in fresh wild currents?

I recently read two articles about this kind of remembering healing. One was a woman who had sacred medicine and remembered/lived again being a little girl in a shop standing at a counter, and an adult male stranger comes next to her and feels her up sexually. Her naive mind at the time had thought it was "a funny way to search" her. BUT the remembering of what really happened freed up her negative images she had of men in her life, and generally other problems. IE., she had forgotten that memory, but somehow its remembering had a dramatic effect on her worldview.

Another article was a man who was a serious alcoholic, and had tried different ways to get off his life-threatening habit. It was only sacred medicine that helped! He remembered something (which he doesn't share in the article), and simply remembering is the catalyst that at last helps him see through the self-destruction he is doing to himself, and those that love him.


  1. Interesting. You had shared some of these stories before with me. I have not featured many pro psychedelic works because that is not my focus. Although I did find an article about the studies being done with MDMA.

  2. Ohh.. I lvoe nAture! next i'm gonna go to a tropical island in South east china sea!! It really excites me a lot