Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Another Brave New Poly Pill in a Mono World

...Just take this pill, they say, and you can live longer. What pill? A POLY pill is what pill. Not a red or blue pill a polly pill.
You couldn't make this up!
It has of course been pushed in the news, and there's some weird doublespeak shit going on, as usual.
Well, I have looked on a mainstream so-called 'independent' news site and it says:

"The polypill: Medicine's magic bullet

"The capsule costs pennies, contains a simple cocktail of medicines, and halves the number of strokes and heart attacks. Doctors want to hand it out in the first mass medication for the middle-aged in Britain. So why are the big drug companies so uninterested?" (emphasis mine)

Yet over here, here we read: Big Pharma's Latest Insanity? A "PolyPill" Combining Five ...
" (NaturalNews) What do you get when you combine cholesterol medication, three different blood pressure drugs and aspirin into a single pharmaceutical pill? If you believe the drug company that funded its own study on this chemical cocktail, you get a wonder drug that has all the "benefits" of five different drugs with no more side effects than a single drug!

That's the story from Bangalore, India, anyway, where 2000 citizens of India were recruited into a clinical trial to test these drugs. The use of low-income citizens in developing nations as guinea pigs is now a common Big Pharma practice, by the way. It's cheaper than using Americans as guinea pigs, and the risk of lawsuits from harm or death is much lower in such countries.

According to the results of this study which was funded by the pharmaceutical company hoping to sell this drug, the study subjects taking the five medications in combination had no more side effects than those taking each medication individually.

And thus, it was declared that the more pharmaceuticals you take, the safer they become!"

So did you see the contradiction? Most mainstream news reports pretending that big pharma are against this pill, whilst we find behind the scenes so to speak using '3rd world brown people' as guinae pigs, the pharmaceutical industry are funding it. Of course they are, because world-wide use of a pill taken by people -- made to feel fear about their health even when they are healthy via big pharma-sponsored advertizing etc -- for life, will bring in huge vast profits for them. Along with their other disease-mongering pills they push for all manner of 'problems' like blushing....and whatnot! More and more 'diseases/disorders' seemingly made up every business year!

Yes making out that the might of the pharmaceutical corp. inc. hate 'this darned wonder pill'. Yeah...a pill that is being pushed to everyone worldwide...hmmmmm. This is their spin.

Meanwhile in this polypill hype, no mention is even whispered of prevention of the diseases, this poly pill is supposed to prevent, through natural lifestyles of good food, exercise, and seeing through the mono world's hype...........Not a mention, which is why I am mentioning it.
It is the promotion of symptomatic medicine--which genuine medical people say was warned about and condemned in medical school, and as we see they now have graduated into pre-emptive profit mode!


  1. Terrifying. Not only their supreme arrogance and certainty while there are all sorts of side effects froom these drugs, and the interactions of them on a large population could be very devastating. A lot of alt doctors think the statin drugs cause cancer. And the use of third world people just makes me furious. Thanks for the reporting, Zezt

  2. Could be true
    but I'm so paranoid about taking pills
    I terminated my therapy sessions two years ago.
    I'm trying to deal with my little things, I should say, bravely: alone... not ways work.
    But I keep myself super busy to avoid the void.

    In the 60's and 70's they experiment with so call new "pills" in poor populations in 3rd world countries, now days they just thrown in the market without any shame all for the profits.

    Muz I love your blog.