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NDAA = 9/11: Reason Obama signed it on '31st December 2011'

Several weeks ago after finding out about the U.S. Government's intention to pass NDAA HR 1540, which gives them and their military the power to detain Americans, and people round the world, without any legal representation or trial, inspired me to do a numerological calculation of the abbreviation NDAA, and this is what I found:

Counting the letters of the alphabet we find that N is the 14th letter,

so we add 1+4 = 5 (because compound digits are usually always added up to form a single digit).

D is 4 and then A is 1.

So the first calculation I did was therefore 5 + 4 =9 and leaving the AA as two ones side by side we get NDAA = 911; 9/11!

If we add all the letters together (though again adding the compound number 14) it goes
5+4+1+1 = 11.
Therefore NDAA can either be calculated as 9/11 or 11!

The fascist bill is often presented as NDAA (H.R. 1540). So what is the numerological sum of the latter part?

H is the 8th letter,

R is the 18th so we then go (always dropping the zeros) 8+ (1+8=)9+1+5+4+0= (2+7=) 9

So, if you calculate NDAA as 11, then you have the 9 in the HR 1540 part, again suggesting 9/11.

Now let us checkout the day President Obama signs the NDAA:

31st December 2011 ~~~ 31/12/2011~~ 3+1+1+2+2+0 11.

So like we did with NDAA, we leave their 'master number 11' standing, and as usual drop the

zero, and we get, 9/11, or 11 if we add the two ones together. EXACTLY the same

calculation as for the NDAA numerology which may be the reason that day was specically chosen to suit their occult demands!

Hence this underlying numerology links the two 'events' and shows me a reason he would choose that day to sign this fascist bill which further destroys the Bill of Rights in a deliberate "chain of tyranny".

The Number 11 in WWI

Let us compare this 11 phenomena with the First World War.


Very often World War One is abbreviated as WWI, and if we apply a numerological calculation to this, we find: W is 23rd letter, so we add 2+3 = 5, so two Ws comes to 10, and plus 1 = 11

As was explained in an earlier blog, the number 11 is apparently the hidden occultist elite's power or master number, and so it will be seen prominently--by those who are savvy enough to see it--at such bloody events as 9/11, and as can be clearly seen, World War 1.

For example, it is so that WWI was ended on the 11th minute, "at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month" of 1918 with the German signing of the Armistice ("at the 11th hour" refers to the passing of the 11th hour, or 11:00 a.m.)"

The 11 emphasis cannot be ignored.


Who chose that number to represent such an important ending to the First World War so that the number 11 would feature so prominently?

On Remembrance day this 11 ritual, minute, hour, day, month, is strictly adhered to by millions when people are to be silent to remember the war dead. For who does this ritual really serve?

Let us take a closer look at the date of the ending of WWI then:

Because the 11s are 'master numbers' in this elite's occultism we shall leave them standing as it were and just count the date of the year:

the 11th minute, 11 th hour, on 11/11/1918 1+9+1+8= 19 = 10 (we drop the zero) and this leaves a number 1 (combining minute, hour and date like this): 111111111

11s all over 9/11

The WTC took 11 years to build.

The Twin Towers' architectural design resembled a very large number 11.

New York was the 11th State in the Union.

Both towers had 110 stories, and you know what 'they' do with zeros right? They don't include them so you got two 11s there, right?

9/11 happened on the 254th day of the year which equals....? 11!

'First plane' to hit the North Tower of the World Trade Centre was Flight American Airlines 11. AA suggests another 11 emphasis

Building 7 which 'fell' had 47 stories which adds up to....? 11!

Now, the excuse OF 9/11 was to 'retaliate' and attack Afghanistan. Guess how many letters that name has...just count before you read on...11, right?

Afghanistan is attacked on 10/7/2001. Now let us get rid of the zeros, and we are left with 1721, and when we add them up guess what? we get number 11.

Remember the other building hit on 9/11? the T H E P E N T A G O N. 11 letters.

Another plane crashed in Shakesville? how many letters it got...? 11?

The President presiding over the nation that fateful day who was watched by billions of people in the famous classroom scene was called 'George W. Bush': 11 letters

This is a sample, but I hope you can see this recurring pattern of the number 11 being prominent throughout 9/11 as it is in the ritual 'ending' of the First World War, and its remembrance every year since. Who is wanting the number 11 to be ritually affecting our minds?

Aleister Crowley and the number 11 as the "number of magick"

I have explored in a previous blog, it appears that Aleister Crowley, self-proclaimed "prophet of the new aeon" has a powerful influence over the cabal behind these bloody rituals, etc, and this is what Crowley has to say about the number 11:

"Firstly", 11 is the number of Magick in itself. It is therefore suitable to all types of operation. "Secondly", it is the sacred number par excellence of the new Aeon. As it is written in the Book of the Law: "...11, as all their numbers who are of us." "Thirdly", it is the number of the letters of the word ABRAHADABRA, which is the word of the Aeon. The structure of this word is such that it expresses the great Work, in every one of its aspects. "Lastly", it is possible thereby to express all possible spheres of operation, whatever their nature. " [source]

The Chain Of Tyranny
Underlying all the so-called changes of governments there lurks this ongoing power behind the scenes which uses propaganda and the occult, with all the violence, to control us, and that the more gullible we are to what they are doing the more power they will have over our consciousness, and the more confused we will be regarding our own sense of power and what we can do to radically end this corruption.

This video below gives fairly good detail of how 'they' have been busy even before 9/11, which was their major lynch pin false flag event to fast~track their agenda, but it does not include how The Patriot Act was already prepared before 9/11, and the recent SOPA, which is intended to censor political dissent, as well as fuck-up how we creatively share all kinds of information.

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