Tuesday, 13 December 2016

The Abnormalization of Dissent

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  1. Clinton doesn't deserve the Residency either - but that's no excuse for embracing utter, unutterable vileness.

    Grow up and reclaim your nation from all these evil gangsters masquerading as saviours. Grow up and make yourselves into a great nation again - with radical change that we need to see now, before you all go under the tidal wave of history.

    The choice is yours - the final triumphal rise of the Fourth Reich or a brave new future where neither banksters nor oil men truly rule behind their ugly muppets. And amidst all this mayhem the central fact facing you has been lost in the rush - TRUMP LOST THE ELECTION BY THE AMERICAN PEOPLE BY MILLIONS OF VOTES.

    I won't bother to ask, "What can they be thinking", becuase frankly the rest of the world knows full well you brainwashed bunch on your poisoned, fracked-out continent don't do much of that at all. It still isn't too late to start.