Friday, 25 September 2009

Mobile Fixation-'mind inter-face'


Why their precious mobiles of course!

Even in beautiful parks, on beautiful days you see girls all ages, mothers with kids, dogs, alone....older women, you see men with dogs, alone, children, looking down at mobile technological devices.

Sitting down on a bench, lying on the grass. Walking on pavements.

In the pouring rain (the classic was the other day. The rain was really coming down and their was a girl at a bus stop. She had a thin jacket on, no umbrella. In one hand she had a cigarette which she sheltered from the pouring rain with her fingers as she took drags, and the other she had her mobile which she was looking down at, and eventually put to her wet ear.

You see them at bus stops, waiting to cross the road. On BICYCLES! EVERYwhere! Totally fixated on their mobiles...

Everywhere I go now I see people looking down?

They also talk constantly into them too. Chitter chatter chitter chatter, looking down looking down chatter chitter ad nauseam

Would be cool they could read a book called Cracking the Cosmic Egg which says how constantly chattering to others, or in the head, ties you to 'consensual reality'. You have, in other...words, no space for seeing, feeling, touching things in other ways other than chitter chattering about your little world. Your little box of reality. No observing the wonder of the natural world. the language of other animals, of the birds, trees, the wind~~~

Would they care if you told them? Or would they say '...what?' as they had been rudely interupted from their beloved mobile fix?

I remember when I first had LSD trips and there were occasions I got to observe people walking about city streets, and in parks. Most of them looked very stiff. Not looking right or left, up or down or round. Like androids, and frantically going from a - b, in a rush to.........? Not looking and feeling this amazing world and sensing timeless time.

Now of course Mr techno got em good!


  1. I know what you mean. I get stuck in my own programming as well. I think all of us do, it's to be expected. The challenge is in changing that. =)

  2. Mr ojjthomas I am surrrPRISED at you!

    lol. Your are allowed cause you are so interfused ;)))