Saturday, 5 September 2009

Tripping In Magical Wood Space

How do you Mean?

We are born from/out of/in/of mother nature. So partaking of her sacred fruits and going spiritually deep is commensurate with going spiritually deep into nature.

Now, Quantum Mechanics (QM) discovered that when they 'look' into sub-microscopic nature, things get very weird. It is a world of "uncertainty" and "probability". A world where a 'particle' can be a 'particle' @ one 'moment' and/or a 'wave' depending on the consciousness/observation of the observer~~~on measurement.

But what some interpreters of this QM world interpret is the idealistic (and reductionist) understanding ~ in modern garb ~ that 'reality' doesn't exist/is illusion, thus denying what is right in front of their eyes, and felt and touched by their senses in the macroscoping world, nature. Where there is macro there will be micro. Can you have one without the other?

((Wow))) when you think~~~~ Hubble Telescope/universe~~the unimaginable vastness of the universe. The a~maze~ing galaxies, spirals, etc, and they look like 'dots/points/particles' from distances in the universe depending how far away the observer is, never mind the planets!

So~~~ you zoom out ..out...out and see a dot, and then zoom in and in, closer and you see galaxy. Zoom in, more more, you see Earth, closer~~~~the wonderful blue sphere. It is spinning, but it seems serenely still...? Then...closer closer through the clouds and to the land in a wood~~a magic wood, you are tripping ;) ~@~()~

You are surrounded by life~~sounds, the whole woods and air is full of aliveness. You observe the ground and see all kinds of life going on ever so little insects going about with the most delicate wings, and patterned designed bodies, and legs. Everywhere you look is life. And even the wood itself, and the rocks and stones and plants are full of patterning and are breathing and flowing ( Currently, science is only beginning to take consciousness seriously. Jeremy Narby says that we see things with the mind but 'we' don't know how~~~especially when the experience is psychedelic!
My nature is alive, breathing, flowing and so is nature (got a reminder then of this psychedelic therapy session I read about where the recipient suffering alcoholism, and self-destructive self-image, sees a rose all wilted and dead~looking, but later in session~when feeling healed and glowing~the rose looks to him alive and blooming)

Events seems to happen with deep meaning, rhythm and synchronicity.
Anyhow, I zoom even deeper and 'go' into the subatomic realms/layers and some 'thing' is and isn't, some things are and are not. 'Things' go backward in time, and happen before they do. There is no cause and effect. What happens 'here' happens ages away @ the same time!

I shut my eyes and I see all kinds of patterns flowing and exploding and as I keep looking at these patterns soon they metamorphosize in landscapes, animals, and complex structures. I feel my shape changing and I become an animal, a bird, a tree, another person, a group of people, Earth, the universe. I lose all sense of anchorage of who I 'am'~~~my sense of identity, 'ego'. My nature is nature, changing flowing expanding fractalling spiraling, in ecstasy.

~~@(~~)~Gradually the ecstatic climax wanes and I 'come to myself' and I look around and observe the magic wood and how light interweaves in dark toned shapes of trees , flowers, leaves, stones etc. A pregnant darklight. I feel like dancing for the sheer joy of it all by the gurgling brook of clear flowing water full of life ~~ water for all wildlife and I laugh, giggling in playful rhythm with the gurgling~~~~~A bird flies suddenly out of the shrub twittering and startles me ~~ ~~

I am reading about Luciano Pietronero : "Fractals allow Pietronero to paint a very different sort of picture - one in which the irregular distribution of matter that we see around us never evens out into a smooth structure, but repeats itself at ever grander scales. Fractals are familiar enough: we see them in the branching of trees, the curves of coastlines, lungs turbulence and clouds. No matter what scale you look at them, fractal patterns look the same. Think of broccoli: a tiny branch looks much the same as the whole vegetable. Zoom in or zoom out, the structure looks the same ~ exquisitely detailed, never smooth. fractals can be beautiful to look at, but when it comes to galaxies it may be a subversive kind of beauty."
"The most profound question in physics today is how to unify the really small with the really big ~~and when it comes to matter's scale, fractals may turn out to be a key ingredient. According to Laurant Nottale, the distribution of matter in the universe is fractal because space~time itself is fractal."

I see tiny flies dancing flying in sun beams just for the joy of it. A worm's head protrudes from the underneath of the most delicately veined skeletal leaf, and a snail clothed with spiral shaped shell moves minutely amongst the earthy~rich decay.
Fractal galaxies, coastlines, trees, clouds~~~and fractals when I shut my eyes journeying in in in in and hear all the rhythmic sounds of nature.

There's really only one thing that matters, and that is to have a relationship with nature in deep ways so that you don't see it just as an object.
In order not to see 'it' just as an object~as for example you would see someone as a sex object~is if you feel it (pardon the pun).
To treat a person as a sex~object, is just being self~ish
To see a tree just as a commodity is not feeling, observing, tree.
When we take psychedelics, the sacred fruit of the Goddess, the feelings~~~the feelings are ecstatic~~~

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